Pandawan Beach Overview

Pandawan Beach is a tranquil haven in Bali, boasting pristine sands and azure waters. Tucked away from the crowds, it offers a peaceful retreat for beach lovers. Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, it provides breathtaking views and opportunities for relaxation. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, or simply stroll along the shore, soaking in the serenity of this hidden gem.

The mysterious beach found on the southern Bukit Peninsula islands, Pandawa is one of the greatest destinations for leisure lovers and adventurers to include in the Bali vacation package from India. Part of the Indian Ocean, the beach is isolated amongst the enormous limestone cliffs that overshadow the waterfront making it even more magnificent.

The tales of the beach depicted through the statues of legends from the Mahabharata including the 5 Pandawas better known as Pandawa Lima in Bali are found on the cliffs. The beach gets its name from the same.

The ocean water painted in blue and green is as clear as a crystal and tourists who visit here enjoy a variety of activities and adventures. From swimming along the rising tide of the Indian Ocean on a bright sunny to heading out on an exploratory voyage in a kayaking expedition, the beach doesn't stop to delight the visitors.

Individuals with high surfing skills can also practice some of the best surfing experience here but nothing beats a soothing walk amidst the serene atmosphere of the beach and enjoying a picturesque sunset while relishing some delicious delicacies of the region.

Looking at the boost in tourist activities near the beach, a number of food stalls and snack counters have nestled their business in the vicinity of the beach serving a variety of scrumptious seafood. Since the beach was quite recently opened for public visits, the place comes off as a breath of fresh air and regular Bali visitors as well as first-timers should check it out.

All in all, white sand, crystal clear water, tons of activities to do, loads of food to eat and more, the 1 km long Pandawa beach has to be on the bucket list for your next Bali trip. Additionally, the beach is long with a lot of rich history and tales to tell, perfect for a true explorer.

How To Reach

The distance between Bali Airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport) to Pandawa beach is about 19 kilometers. Visitors can choose several options to travel from the airport including a taxi service which is available right outside the airport and will drop you at the beach in about 30 minutes.

You also have the option to choose a town car with is more comfortable or self-drive but the most affordable and quick option is to take a taxi. Remember to visit the between 7:00 AM in the morning and 7:00 PM at night at these are the best times to enjoy the Pandawa beach. 

Best Time To Visit

Between July and November is the best time to visit the Pandawan beach. During this time the white sand sparkles, the shore is brimming with clear water and the atmosphere is bright and sunny allowing visitors to enjoy a number of activities including surfing, kayaking, and swimming among others.

Other Essential Information

-Location: Pandawa Beach, Badung - South Kuta, Bali

-Timings: Open 24 hours a day, every day except Nyepi

-Price (for locals and for foreigners): IDR 15k

Tips for Visiting Pandawa Beach:

1. The beach is long and exploring it all the way can be tricky. If you are visiting Bali, to get the most of Pandawan beach, stay somewhere close.

2. Carry water because the activities on the beach can really tire you down. You must remain hydrated.

3. Apply enough sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun tan.

4. Carry a change of clothes and wear comfortable, loose clothes. The beach will entice you to indulge in activities like swimming and you must be ready for it, so carry extra clothes.

5. Stay longer and enjoy the sunset. It's alluring.

6. Try the local seafood sold on the food carts and snack shops on and near the beach. 

Places to eat at Pandawa Beach:

Looking at the growing rate of tourists visiting Pandawan beach, a lot of restaurants and food courts have started their service here. 

1. Roosterfish Beach Club - Providing a bewitching view of the ocean, the Roosterfish Beach Club serves some of the best seafood, continental and Italian dishes. Visitors can also enjoy various cocktails and beer too. Open between 10:00 AM in the morning to 7:00 PM, the restaurant is a must-visit for individuals who like to enjoy their meal with a view. 

2. Pandawa Breeze - A casual restaurant cum bar found right on the coast of the Pandawan beach, Pandawan breeze is acknowledged for it's fine selection of cocktails and great hospitality. The place offers great cuisines including seafood at affordable rates and has grown in popularity for the impeccable hostility they have been delivering for years. 

3. Oka warung pandawa- Delivering a mesmerizing view of the Padawan beach, Oka warung is a restaurant famous for the variety of seafood options it delivers. Nestled on the shore, the place is better enjoyed with family and friends. Additionally, the food here is delicious and doesn't attempt to put a hole through your pocket. If you are on the Pandawa beach, this restaurant shouldn't be missed.

4. Lalique - One of the few restaurants that are open till late night, Lalique is always occupied with visitors. The restaurant holds a shack style construct and delivers a variety of international cuisines including local food. Open between 11:00 AM in the morning to 11:00 PM at night, the place is perfect for late-night cravings. The place also provides outdoor seating and holds a good collection of alcoholic beverages.

Villas at Pandawa Beach:

To enjoy the Pandawa beach in its entirety you'll need to stay as close to the beach as possible. Residing near the beach are some of the most extravagant villas with top-notch accommodation for large groups of family and friends. 

1. Pandawa Beach Villas & Spa - Established on the coast of the Pandawan beach, the Pandawa Beach Villas & Spa is a luxurious resort with some of the best indulgences in Bali. The top amenities of the place include a spa, massage, airport shuttle service, horse riding among others. The place holds lavish two and three-bedroom villas accommodating anywhere between 4 to 6 guests. The villas also come with a private pool, garden view, and bath. 

2. Pandawa Cliff Estate - Nestled amidst the cliffs of Pandawa the Pandawa Cliff Estate holds a rich collection of villas segregated into The Pala, Villa Rose, Villa Marie, and Villa Markisa. All villas come with enormous living rooms and bedrooms that can easily accommodate large groups.

The villas also come with separate spa rooms, children's rooms, and pool among others. Apart from superior accommodation, top-notch amenities including TV, private bath, pool, spa, and massage are Pandawa Cliff Estate's top qualities. Guests can also hire multiple villas at the same time at the Pandawa Cliff.

3. Sohamsa Ocean Estate - Established at the waterfront, Sohamsa Ocean Estate provides a luxurious accommodation option through it's spread of Villas and high-quality amenities. The villas are divided into Villa Soham and Villas Hamsa with five and four-bedroom options subsequently. Each of the villas come with a living room, dining area, terrace, guest room, and master room. Top amenities of the villas include a private swimming pool, TV, security at all times, Gym, Spa and more. The villas can accommodate up to 10 guests making it perfect for large families and a group of friends. 

Water Sports At The Pandawa Beach :

Visitors enjoy a number of activities including water sports at Pandawa beach. The guides on the beach are experienced and help tourists enjoy these ventures. 

1. Kayaking: The low tides and calm atmosphere of the beach serves perfectly for an amazing kayaking experience. There are several water sport guides on the beach that are experienced and well trained who help visits with all the necessary gears for Kayaking. A fun activity enjoyed best with friends, Kayaking at Pandawa beach is a must-try. 

2. Surfing: Although the tides at the beach can sometimes rumble, expired surfers can take this as a challenge and enjoy a great time surfing against them. Surfing at Pandawa Beach is also available near the beach at minimal rates.

3. Swimming: The crystal clear water of the beach serves as the perfect spot to take a dip into the ocean and enjoy a soothing bath. Under guidance, swimming here can be appreciated by everyone from kids to adults. 

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Pandawan Beach FAQs

Is alcohol allowed on Pandawa Beach?

Yes. In fact, a lot of vendors sell alcoholic beverages like beer at the beach. However, it tears down to your conduct. If your drinking causes trouble to other visitors you might have to stop. Otherwise, if it is in an orderly manner, drinking at the beach should not be a problem. Still, if you don't want to drink outside on the beach and yet want to enjoy the alluring view of the beach, you can also go to the bars near the beach that offer a terrace view. There are some bars and restaurants that serve until late at night as well.

Is Pandawa beach couple friendly?

Yes. The beach is less crowded and is very clean and clear which welcomes families and couples to have a good time here. It is spread across 1 km with a number of food courts and restaurants by it, visitors can also choose to tour these places and enjoy a good dish with an excellent view of the beach. Additionally, the beach is open 24 hours a day but to actually have a romantic time, the best time to visit the Pandawa beach is around 5:00 PM just before the sunset. The place is quiet and serene and couples can relish a private time at the beach.

Is Pandawa Beach less crowded?

Yes. Compared to other beaches in Bali, the Pandaw beach is less crowded. The beach was recently opened for the public and there are very few people who know about it. The tides are also not very high on the beach which makes it better for families with kids to enjoy it. Visits can also admire a number of activities here including kayaking and swimming. Surfers will also find this place interesting and are able to enjoy a good surf in solace.

Are washrooms available at Pandawa Beach?

Yes. The washrooms are not exactly on the beach but close to the beach. Visits can either choose to visit these washrooms or they can also go to the restaurants that are present on the beach.

Is Pandawa Beach clean?

Yes. Since it is not occupied with a lot of tourists, the beach doesn't get dirty. The place authorities and local vendors also contribute to keeping the beach clean. Additionally, it is not just the waterfront but the water itself that is crystal clear. However, it is also upon us to keep these places tidy and not litter around.

Are ATM facilities available?

Yes. In the vicinity of the beach, there are a ton of ATMs available. Additionally, many restaurants and snack shops near the beach take credit cards as well. So, you should not be in any trouble. However, it is always important to carry some extra cash when traveling in a foreign country.

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