Diamond Beach Overview

Nestled on one corner of the Nusa Penida island, Diamond Beach is one of the most unexplored regions in Bali. The crystal white sands of Diamond Beach Bali are interrupted only by the bright blue waves that lap along its shore. Although swimming can be dangerous here, the beach offers the ideal setting for a picnic or a romantic walk.

Explore the beauty of Diamond Beach with our Bali trip packages from India, a secluded paradise tucked along Nusa Penida's eastern coast. This pristine white-sand beach with velvety blue sea on Nusa Penida's eastern coast. Although unknown to most, it is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Bali is hidden away in a corner of the Nusa Penida shoreline.

The pristine beauty of Diamond Beach Nusa Penida- which shines quite literally like cut diamond in the sun- stems largely from the fact that the beach was inaccessible up until 2018. Since 2018, a staircase has been cut out of the cliffside that lines the beach, making it accessible from the Nusa Penida car park.

One of the best ways to spend time at the beach would be to spread a mat on its golden white sands and enjoy a lazy lounge under the sun. Diamond Beach, however, is not suitable for swimming. Every wave has a lot of coral and small pebbles in it, which may be pretty uncomfortable. You can cool down in the water if you are quick enough and go in between the waves.

Diamond Beach is best known for its viewpoint, which is quite conveniently located atop the cliff, and does not require a hike down. Commanding resplendent views of both Diamond Beach and the neighboring Atuh Beach, the Diamond Beach Nusa Penida viewpoint is definitely one of the most photographable spots in Bali.

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• Hike along the hills to reach the pristine white beach nestled at the bottom, waiting in all its tranquil glory
• Spend your morning lounging on the clean white sands of Diamond Beach Bali, disturbed only by the regular crash of the waves
• Take a few arresting photographs at the Diamond Beach Viewpoint, renowned for its panoramic views of the Nusa Penida coastline
• Enjoy a stunning sunset from the beach, watching as the bright orange and yellow of the setting sun blends seamlessly with the turquoise of the waters here

How To Reach

To travel to Diamond Beach, one has to first make their way to Nusa Penida. The island does not feature an airport of its own, so the only way to reach it would be by boat. Here are some of the routes that one can take to Nusa Penida:

  • A speedboat ride from Sanur Beach 
  • A traditional Indonesian boat ride from Kasumba Village
  • A boat from Pessinghani Village, Bali
  • A ferry from Padang Bai Beach, Bali

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit would be during the sunset hours. While the beauty of the beach itself is absolutely spectacular, its bright shades are further enhanced during the enchanting golden hours. It can also make for an excellent romantic visit, if you are traveling with your partner.

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Other Essential Information

Accommodation near Diamond beach:

  • The Penida Bambu Green: The Penida Bambu Green is a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly villa on the island of Nusa Penida. Each cottage is constructed from indigenous bamboo and has a rustic yet attractive feel.Visitors may bathe in their big infinity pool while admiring the amazing mountain views from their location on a tiny hill.
  • AuthentikNusaPenida: Consider AuthentikNusaPenida if you want to take advantage of Nusa Penida's beautiful natural surroundings. This Airbnb in Nusa Penida is nestled in a beautiful forest, allowing guests to commune with nature. Guests may stay in one of their eco-friendly tents, complemented by WiFi, ensuite toilets, and a large outdoor swimming pool.
  • Tropical Bungalow Nusa Penida: This Airbnb home, perched on a spectacular cliff, rises above the waters and provides unrivaled panoramic views. The open-air cottage is set amongst hundreds of palm trees, allowing visitors to be one with nature. The property is also located just by the shoreline, making it one of the most romantic stays in Nusa Penida.

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Diamond Beach FAQs

Is there a car park at Diamond Beach?

Yes, there is a car park just above Diamond Beach. The stairs leading down to the beach start from the car park itself.

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Does Diamond Beach remain open throughout the year?

Yes, the beach does remain open throughout the year. However, it is always advised to check the tide timings and avoid the beach during high tide.

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Are there any restaurants or rentals at Diamond Beach?

Although there are no rentals or restaurants located directly on the beach, one can avail the services of the local warungs by the beachfront to satisfy their hunger pangs.

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