Manta Point Overview

Settled off the Nusa Penida shoreline, Manta Point is a compilation of several offshore diving locations. As the name suggests, the Manta Point is where a large number of manta stingrays- one of the largest breeds of its kind- congregate. Avail the chance to dive into the depths of the deep blue sea and get ready to witness unobstructed views of majestic ocean creatures.

Manta Point, actually a collection of diving sites, is possibly one of the best diving sites to cover while travelling with our Bali tour packages, situated behind Tulamben's USAT Liberty shipwreck. Depending on the weather and the presence of the rays, the operators opt to dive in various locations along the shore. The Alfredis species of the Manta rays may be found all along Nusa Penida's west coast.

Some locations are more suited to observing a specific activity. Cleaning stations and feeding areas, as well as deeper walls and shallow plateaus, are all present. The mantas that may be observed here range in size from 1 meter up to 4 meters. If you wish to explore more aquatic animals, you'll be amazed by the great amount of blue spotted stingrays that frequent these waters in other areas. On the sandy regions or on top of fragile corals, hundreds of rays congregate. Sporting unique corals, these waters are also home to many turtles and nurse sharks.

While any qualified diver can visit this dive location, recent diving experiences prove to be helpful. The swell of Marina point, on the other hand, can make diving difficult or impossible for inexperienced divers. This diving spot is accessible from Sanur or Padang Bai on Bali's mainland. Trips to Manta Point are also available through Nusa Lembongan tour operators.

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• Observe the behavior of the manta rays- the way they swim, feed and prey in the deep sea
• Dive through the depths of Manta Point, admiring the magnificent aquatic creatures including turtles and sharks as they swim past you
• Admire the blue ringed stingrays that congregate near the reef houses
• Enjoy the beautiful views that pass you by as you travel to the dive spots on a ferry

How To Reach

You can get to Manta Point by boat from a number of ports in Sanur, Padang Bai, and Tanjung Benoa. The cost of a speed boat from Sanur port to Nusa Penida Island begins at Rp. 75.000. To add a bit of luxury to your trip, you could also opt for a cruise from Tanjung beach.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to dive at the Manta Point would be during the months of April and May. Although the manta rays can be spotted throughout the year, they tend to cluster more during these particular months. 

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