Ayung River Overview

Visit Bali’s longest river named Ayung, that originates right at the northern mountains and flows through the forested city. The river, as it flows through the Ubud region, breaks into rapids, making it a popular spot for rafting in Indonesia. The current here is gentle, and the river flanks with cliffs adorned with elaborate rock carvings depicting epic scenes.

The longest river in Bali, Ayung is renowned for its quiet beauty. It flows 68.5 kilometers from the northern high mountains to Sanur, passing through Bangli, Badung, and Gianyar. Flowing through clefts between sheer, rocky cliffs, Ayung forms a truly mesmerizing site to behold while travelling with Bali trip packages from India. Traveling along the river, one also comes across reliefs cut across the rocky mountain walls, depicting elaborate scenes from Mahabharata.

The river's maintenance owes much to the local dwellers that live along the area. Ayung River has a strong bond with Balinese people, particularly in rural areas. The Ayung river is best known as a whitewater rafting site among tourists, and is probably the most renowned spot in Bali for the sport. The flow here is moderate and the rapids gentle throughout the year, making it well suited for those absolutely new to the sport as well.

The rapids here range from Grades 1 to 3, and come with the added bonus of absolutely resplendent views. The cliffs surrounding Ayung in this region are also embedded with a few small waterfalls, adding to the charm of your experience.

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• Whether new to the sport or a seasoned expert, you can now make the best of Ayung as you embark on a rafting adventure in the Ubud river.
• Admire the stunning green scenery that passes you by as you travel along the river.
• Keep an eye out for the elaborate reliefs depicting mythological scenes that adorn the rocky cliffs on either side of the Ayung River.
• Splash through the little waterfalls that adorn the rocks along the Ayung as you travel along on your rafting boat.

How To Reach

The Ayung River section best suited for rafting is located just 20 kilometers away from central Ubud. The only way to access the region would be to hire a car or a scooter, and you can easily reach the river in about 1 hour.

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Best Time To Visit

Owing to its gentle current, the Ayung River remains fit for rafting sports throughout the year. However, we would suggest visiting during the drier months, between April and September, just to make sure that your expedition goes off without a hitch.

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Other Essential Information

Things to keep in mind while rafting in Ayung River

  • Appropriate clothing to enjoy rafting: Like any adventure sports, rafting requires one to wear loose fitting clothes, preferably of cotton. Since there’s nearly every chance of your shoes getting wet, sandals or waterproof shoes would be a better option than sneakers or other clothed footwear.
  • Physical Fitness: Although rafting in Ayung does not require much expertise, having a minimal level of physical fitness would be recommendable. Rafters can always prepare themselves with a mild exercise routine in the days leading up to the rafting experience.
  • Sitting position: For the sake of balance, rafters are meant to sit at the very edge of the boat rather than at the very center.

Places to eat near Ayung River:

  • Sumbar Hidup: A traditional cafe, Sumbar Hidup serves a range of generous meals at pocket friendly prices. The vibe here is rustic, casual, and the Padang dishes are to die for.
  • Terracotta: Set across the lush green fields of Ubud, Terracotta combines traditional dining with views. The fare here, which combines a whole range of international and Indonesian delicacies, are prepared with the utmost finesse. Terracotta also features a pool with provisions for poolside dining.
  • Temuku Ubud Restaurant and Bar: Serving a range of traditional Indonesian meals and cafe-food, Temuku Ubud caters to every kind of taste and customer. The outdoorsy vibe at the restaurant significantly enhances the experience of dining here. The restaurant also features a well stocked bar and beverage menu.

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Point of Interest for Ayung River
Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the most adventurous experiences one can have in Bali, and it is nowhere better enjoyed than in Ubud-Ayung. The gentle rapids of the Ayung River makes it ideal for rafting sports. The rapids here are graded between Levels 1 and 3, making it a good fit for first timers as well as intermediate rafters. Several operators offer training sessions for first time rafters at Ayung, such as Sobek Ayung River Rafting, Bali Payung Rafting, and Mason Adventure Rafting.

Mahabharata reliefs

Mahabharata reliefs

One of the most interesting sights one passes by while rafting through the Ayung are the stone carvings across the cliff walls. Several of the carvings reflect elaborate scenes from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, and are believed to have been done by the local villagers.



Occasionally, one comes across small waterfalls along the river as they raft through, although most of these cascades do not have a name. Despite their size, the waterfalls add much to the scenic beauty of Ayung river.

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Ayung River FAQs

Do I need prior expertise for rafting in Ayung?

No. Being fairly gentle in its flow, the Ayung River is a perfect rafting spot for first time rafters without prior expertise. However, those trying the sport are expected to have a minimal level of physical fitness.

Are there any timings for visiting the Ayung river?

There are no strict timings for visiting the river. However, rafting tours only operate at specific hours, and should be inquired about prior to the visit.

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How much time does a rafting session take in the Ayung River?

The length of your rafting adventure would depend entirely on the package you opt for. However, typical sessions generally tend to last about two to three hours, including the instruction session.

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