Serengan Island Coral Farm Overview

Serengan Island Coral Farm is a vital conservation initiative established to protect and restore coral reefs. Situated off the coast of Bali, this farm employs sustainable practices to cultivate various species of corals, helping to enhance marine biodiversity. Visitors can explore the farm's facilities, learn about coral conservation efforts, and even participate in coral planting activities, contributing to the preservation of Bali's marine ecosystems.

The islands of Bali have a wide collection of rare marine species and corals are astonishing among them. Explore vibrant coral reefs on various islands during your Bali trip. Serangan Island offers you the best views of the sea which is filled with surfers and fishermen but below the surface, there is something unique everyone will get amused to watch.

There are rows upon rows of metal racks that give space for multi colours corals to grow perfectly. It is one of the coral farms operated by Bali Aquarium and the coral reefs grown up here have gained international reputation now.

Highlights: You can visit the farm during low tides since you can swim between the racks easily and watch closely how each coral behaves. Acroporas, Euphyllia etc are some of the major coral species found here. Divers and snorkelers from different parts of the world arrive here to spend ample time among the rare species. Each type of coral has separate behavioural aspects. Some will grow only in darker water and in deep and some others grow in some other conditions.

Thus Bali Aquarium has multiple farms set up around the island that let grow the corals in their own suitable conditions. Workers will go to the deep and collect or care the corals every day at low tide. The Royal Blue Acropora tenuis is a brilliant type of coral and it is quite famous.

Location: Serangan beach, Serangan Island, Denpasar, Bali

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