Parasailing in Bali

Looking for some thrill in your life? Why not try parasailing in Bali? There is so much that beautiful Bali has to offer. The combination of sun, sand, and sea, makes Bali a must visit. It has the beauty to make every wanderer enjoy to the hilt. Bali is the ideal travel destination in the world, thanks to its long winding coastline. An expansive list of adventure sports is possible in Bali. Whether you are a novice at water sports or a thrill junkie, there is something for everyone in Bali. Parasailing tours in Bali are organized extensively here. Bali’s water sports activities are all bunched under various packages.

The packages are priced at approximately INR Rs.3000, Rs.6000 or Rs. 9000. The difference between these packages depends on the number of activities per package. Some of the water sports activities included in the packages are Rolling Donut, which is something that makes every trip to Bali worthy of your time and money. It is easily the number one water sport. It involves moving across the clear blue water with an inflatable boat that is shaped like a doughnut. This doughnut is pulled away by a speeding boat which makes for an insanely thrilling ride.

If you ever visit Bali, do not miss snorkeling there. It is a hugely popular water sport in Bali. It involves heading into the depths of the plush clear sea and getting yourself introduced to the wonderful marine life of Bali. If you are lucky, you can even spot shipwrecks amongst the coral reefs. Another extremely popular water sport in Bali is Jet Skiing. A Jet Ski rides through the waves. The fresh breeze that will flow through your hair is sure to make your experience memorable. If Jet Ski isn’t enough to get your adrenaline pumped, try Surfing. Instructors will, of course, teach you the fine line between floating on the surfboard and ending up in the water. It is a huge favorite amongst enthusiasts. Surfing schools are also available to teach you the advanced skills needed to succeed. Water Skiing is simply gliding on water over a ski board with a power boat pulling you through at great speeds. As you cut through the water, you can experience the landscape of white sandy beaches passing by. It is yet another popular water sport in Bali and also counts among the most thrilling ones.

A newer sport picking up pace amongst the younger enthusiasts is fly fishing. It is an apt sport for non-swimmers. It involves riding a flat rubber boat through the air and being pulled by a speedboat. Another rising water sport is the banana boat ride. Bali’s fun waters ensure you can have the time of your life along with your friends. A giant banana-shaped boat lets you stuff in 4 passengers along with a professional guide who will show you the best Bali has to offer. Any water sports activity is incomplete without trying out Scuba Diving. You put on the diving gear and plummet into Bali’s enchanting waters discovering corals and amazing marine life. For the ones who love the thrill of going underwater, scuba diving lets you explore Bali’s blue waters more closely and lets you get enamored by the stunning ocean floors and Mola Molas.

River rafting helps tourists to reach higher levels in testing your adrenaline and conquering the fear of the rapids. The rivers are unforgiving and hence you need to understand the level of caution as well. The backdrops of tropical forests add to the gorgeous river rafting experience. Lastly, Parasailing is simply flying up in the air as the speedboat speeds along. A fantastic experience along Bali’s beaches can leave anybody breathless. If you are trying this with a partner, then the enjoyment is doubled. Parasailing in Bali is a fantastic experience indeed. If you ever think of going to Indonesia, arrange for parasailing tours in Bali. Here you just need to trust the chute you are wearing to unfold correctly as the harness tied to the speedboat will be tugged at full speed.

Parasailing in Bali is conducted with proper safety features enabled. The part after getting launched into the sky is the flight itself. Being hundreds of feet in the air allows you to seep into the magic of Bali’s coastline. Dolphins plunging themselves at sea, fishes moving in groups and sharks eyeing their prey are just some of the spectacles to witness from up above. This is a good time to have a video camera around. Make sure it is attached to your harness though.

The descent is the next part, as you are being slowly lowered to the ground, you wonder if you could enjoy the moment more with time never stopping. The same way that you are taken above, the same way you are brought back down. You can decide if you want to sink into water or land on a dry sandy coastline. In case you are dropped into the water, fear not, your jacket will protect you from drowning and the parasailing personnel will come to get you on a boat. You can always arrange for parasailing to be part of your honeymoon itinerary or simply contact the multiple online companies that arrange for parasailing to be done at affordable and hassle-free means.

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