Hatten Wines Farm Overview

Hatten Wines Farm, a renowned winery nestled along Bali's North Coast, offering captivating landscapes across 35 hectares. Immerse yourself in its meticulously curated vineyards and premium wine selection. Since 1994, Hatten has revolutionized winemaking in Bali, boasting popular brands like AGA White and Pino de Bali. Witness the innovative processes at their laboratory facility, producing up to 5000 bottles daily.

Wine farms in Bali are quite famous and among them, and Hatten Wines Farm stands out because of its breathtaking scenery. This attraction is located along the North Coast of Bali, and it is an exquisite attraction to visit with our Bali packages. Sprawling across a land of more than 35 hectares, Hatten provides a good time for the visitors with presenting the properly curated vineyards and they never run out of the supplies and of course the wine brewed here is of premium quality.

Hatten Wines has been evolving since 1994 in Bali, broke the rules of traditional viticulture and winemaking. The new trials and testing have helped Hatten to become a solid winemaking company.

Highlights: AGA White, AGA Red, Alexandria, Hatten Wines Rose, Tunjung, Jepun Sparkling, Pino de Bali are the most famous wine brands produced in Hatten. They are made of different types of grapes that have different origins. The local people of North Coast of Bali built their houses around the vineyard as some of the workers live near the Pergolas.

The main processes of winemaking happen in the laboratory facility with a capacity up to brew up 5000 bottles a day.

Location: Jl. Raya Seririt-Gilimanuk, Desa Sanggalangit, Bali.

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