Skydiving in Bali

Skydiving in Bali is a must-have in every travellers' itinerary. Imagine jumping off a plane in Bali and flying thousands of feet in the air! It is as incredible as it sounds. Everything below you will appear small, and the thrilling experience will take your breath away. The parachute will open after about 20 seconds of falling, and you will be blissfully gliding through the air towards Earth, leaving the clouds behind.

In short, Skydiving in Bali is a visual retreat. Opt for SkyDive Bali in your Bali tour packages for an adrenaline-rushing yet memorable experience. SkyDive Bali provides Tandem Skydiving from a height of 10,000 feet under the guidance of a professional and experienced instructor. Prepare for the rush as you leave the plane and fall to the ground. Believe us, the fun is worth the fear.

If you are not mentally ready to Skydive from a plane and yet want to experience the thrill of plummeting through the air, you can also indulge in Indoor Skydiving in Bali inside Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park at the Trans Studio Mall. Expect to feel the speed and thrills of Skydiving in a simulator that propels you up in the air! It is an apt activity for couples, individuals, or families seeking some adventure.

Places For Skydiving in Bali:

1. SkyDive Bali: Opt for Skydiving in Bali for once in a lifetime experience. Here, you can enjoy Tandem Skydiving under the guidance of a professional and experienced instructor. Firstly, skydivers will be strapped into a harness that will connect them to their Tandem Instructor.

After that, the jump takes place from a height of roughly 10,000 feet along with the instructor until both the instructor and the skydiver reaches a distance of 4500 feet, at which point they both free fall.

Location: Kuta, Southern Bali, Indonesia

2. iFLy Bali- Indoor Skydiving: Located inside Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park at the Trans Studio Mall, iFLy Bali offers the actual sensation of Skydiving in Bali in an indoor setup. You will get the opportunity to fly for a few minutes within a wind tunnel without the need for wings or a parachute. And it will undoubtedly provide an adrenaline rush.

You will be given all of the necessary equipment, including a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, and earplugs. In addition, you will also get a Flight Certificate which you can flaunt.

Location: Jl. Sunset Road No.555, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

Best Time For Skydiving in Bali:

Skydiving in Bali is a year-round tourist activity. However, the best time depends entirely on your interests and preferences. The peak season for skydiving in Bali falls between April and October. During this time, the place enjoys the dry weather. There is also less humidity at this time. You will experience clear skies, which provide you with pleasant weather conditions for skydiving in Bali. The period from December to March enjoys the wet season in Bali. It is the off-season for skydiving in this destination.

Things to Remember When Skydiving in Bali:

1. Weather: The weather is one of the most crucial elements to consider on the day of your jump. The fact that it's a little foggy won't have much of an impact on your leap. If it's too cloudy, there's a chance of rain, or there's a chance of significant weather changes, don't go Skydiving.

2. Easy Clothes: We recommend wearing comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing during Skydiving Bali. It will make your whole experience much better.

3. Light Shoes: You'll need lightweight sneakers that allow you to raise your feet and land gently on the ground quickly.

4. Light Breakfast: Before you jump, have a light breakfast/lunch, so you can relax and enjoy Skydiving the most!

5. Avoid Wearing Accessories: Wearing necklaces or earrings is not recommended, and long hair should be tied back.

6. Follow Instructions: Before the leap, your tandem instructor will give you a crucial briefing. You'll learn about the needed body position for escape as well as the position you'll need in freefall. It is crucial to follow all the given instructions for your safety.

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Bali Skydiving FAQs

Is it safe to skydive in Bali?

Yes, skydiving in Bali is absolutely safe. All the professional instructors ensure your safety during the flight. However, it is best to avoid the activity if you have a physical disability, heart problem, or serious medical condition. Pregnant women should also not take part in this activity. It is also advisable not to skydive when the weather is too cloudy or rainy. If you are still concerned about safety, Bali Indoor Skydiving is one of the best places to experience the activity before going straight for an outdoor one.

Is there any age limit for Skydiving in Bali?

Yes, there is an age limit for Skydiving in Bali. For outdoor Skydiving with SkyDive Dubai, one needs to be above 18 years and less than 70 years. In Indoor Skydiving, one needs to be above three years and less than 70 years.

What is the weight limit for Skydiving in Bali?

Yes, there is a definite weight limit for Skydiving Bali. One should not fly if their weight is above 100 kilograms.

How long do you spend in the air when skydiving?

You spend about 5 to 6 minutes in the air during skydiving experience. Around 50 seconds of that time is spent in freefall, while about four to five minutes is spent on the parachute riding down. The duration of skydiving also depends on various factors, like height, weight, and equipment used.

What equipment is used for skydiving?

There are various equipment used for skydiving in Bali. It includes a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, and earplugs. If you are doing a tandem skydive, you will get a skydiving system along with the other equipment.

How many types of skydiving can we enjoy in Bali?

You can enjoy three types of skydiving in Bali. It includes indoor skydiving, outdoor skydiving, and tandem skydiving. Outdoor skydiving offers an authentic experience of flying from the sky. On the other hand, indoor skydiving allows you to dive in a sky-like atmosphere in an enclosed setting. If you want to skydive with your partner or best friend, you can enjoy tandem skydiving. Tandem skydiving allows you to fly in the sky while being strapped with your partner. It is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you must have with your close ones.

What should you avoid before skydiving In Bali?

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol or drugs 24 hours before your experience of skydiving in Bali.
  • Do not jump on an empty stomach or after a heavy meal to prevent lightheadedness.
  • Skip wearing tight clothing like jeans and wear comfortable sweats, a cotton T-shirt, and sports shoes for easy movement.
  • Do not skydive if you have heart problems, lung issues, asthma, or back problems.
  • Stay away from skydiving during pregnancy.
  • Refrain from skydiving on cloudy or rainy days or when significant weather changes are expected. 
  • Wear a helmet and stay safe to avoid any injuries.
  • Do not go against the instructions of diving instructors.

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