Village Of The Deaf Overview

Experience the unique Village of the Deaf in Bali, where the Bengkala community communicates solely through Kata Kolok, a sign language never spoken but demonstrated. Discover this extraordinary village in northern Bali, home to a large population of deaf individuals. Witness their atypical sign language, distinct from international or Indonesian sign languages. Explore the rich culture of the Deaf Village on your Bali journey.

A unique attraction in Bali, people will find it difficult to believe even it exists- I am talking about the Deaf Village in which a community called Bengkala uses sign language to communicate with each other. Kata Kolok is the name of the special language which is never spoken but demonstrated. The talk of the deaf is an atypical sign language free from international or Indonesian sign languages. Visit Bengkala, a northern Bali village which houses a large population of deaf people. Explore this fascinating destination with exclusive Bali tours from India.

More than seven generations of Bengkala have been occupying deaf people. This particular situation or status quo happens due to the presence of a geographically centric recessive gene called DFNB 3. But the villagers believe that they are suffering from a serious curse from the past. Rather separating the deaf residents, the villagers started using the sign language and thus adopted a deaf lifestyle.

Highlights: Sign language will be taught to the kids those who can speak and hear but in order to make the aware of equality, the elders start this in the younger age. Deaf students learn together with hearing students and the teachers use the sign language as well as speaking simultaneously.

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