Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh Travel Guide: How to Plan a Trip in 2024
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Chandigarh to Leh 

The road trip from Chandigarh to Leh is one that graces the bucket list of almost all adventure lovers and bikers. A dreamlike journey weaving through scenic routes, towered by mighty Himalayan peaks,  whispering rivers, and cavernous, misty valleys await you. 

There are a couple of different ways to take a road trip to Leh, but the route from Chandigarh and Manali remains the most convenient and beautiful of them all. Winding through various remote villages of Himachal Pradesh you can rest assured that your drive will be just as breathtaking as your destination. 

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The route from Chandigarh to Ladakh plunges you into the world of offbeat, rustic hamlets, ancient monasteries, high altitude mountain passes, whistling valleys, and tall Himalayan peaks. Explore the natural splendor of Nubra Valley, Khardung La Pass, Hemis National Monastery, and countless more! 

Here’s a detailed guide to ensure a seamless experience of Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh Tour:

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Best Time to Visit Leh

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Winters in Leh-Ladakh are bitterly cold with extreme temperatures. During winters, many roads and highways are shut due to high accumulation of snow, making them accident prone. However, if you can brave all of that, the beauty of Leh in winters is second to none! 

One of the most exciting excursions is trekking on the frozen Zanskar river, also known as the Chadar Trek. The frozen lakes of Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri are stupendous sights to behold. The temperatures plummet to as low as -35 degrees Celsius during these months, so warm layers are indispensable.


The most ideal season to visit Leh is summer, when the weather conditions are cool and pleasant, unlike cities. Average temperatures range between 15 to 27 degrees celsius. Almost every place in Leh and Ladakh is accessible during summers, especially places which are shut during winters.

Majority of high altitude treks and expeditions are also held during summers when trails are considerably easier to navigate.

Pacify your adrenaline rush in Ladakh featuring some of the most adventurous terrains in the world. Choose from a wide range of Leh packages and kick start your adventure.

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How to Reach Ladakh from Chandigarh

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Fly to New Delhi from Chandigarh and then fly to Ladakh from Delhi-
When traveling from Chandigarh to Leh, one option is to board a flight from Chandigarh to Delhi and catch a connecting flight to Leh. From Leh airport, you can share or hire a cab to wherever you wish to go.

Chandigarh to Delhi: 1 hour
Delhi to Leh: 1.5 hours
Total travel time: Approx. 3 hours

Fly to Srinagar from Chandigarh and then fly to Ladakh from Srinagar-
Another option is to take a flight to Srinagar, from where you can board another one to Leh. From Leh airport, you can hire or share a cab to reach Ladakh.

Chandigarh to Srinagar: 1 hour
Srinagar to Leh: 1 hour
Total travel time: Approx. 3 hours

Take a train to Jammu from Chandigarh and then fly to Ladakh from Jammu-
Board a train from Chandigarh to Jammu, and then board a flight to Leh. The nearest railways station to Jammu is Jammu Tawi Railway Station, and the only train plying between Chandigarh and Jammu is the Jammu Tawi Express. 

The train ride takes about 6.5 hours. From Jammu, the flight to Leh will take about an hour, from where cabs and buses can get you to Ladakh.

Take a bus to Manali and then take a bus to Ladakh from Manali-
There are frequent direct buses plying between Chandigarh and Manali every day. The State Transport Buses (HRTC) are cheap as well as convenient. The entire journey takes about 9 to 10 hours, so we suggest taking an overnight bus to Manali. 

There are direct buses from Manali to Leh, so the best option is to share a bus from Manali which will land you at Leh. Another quick option is to board a bus from Manali to Jammu, and then board a flight to Leh.

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Leh Road Trip by Car or Bike

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If you’re someone who prefers new adventures and road trips over everything else, the road trip from Chandigarh to Ladakh is the big daddy of all road trips! Navigating numerous hairpin bends, thrilling ascents, and descents, and mountain passes is an experience that no other can come close to. 

Distance: 580 km approx

Best Time to Visit for Road trip:

Summer and spring seasons are ideal for a road trip from Chandigarh to Ladakh. Winters and monsoons should be avoided, as the roads become more prone to landslides and accidents are common. Summers also have cool and mild climates that ensure that you can enjoy the road trip to the fullest. 

Map out your trip well in advance, and begin your adventure from Chandigarh. Below is a suitable route map that you can follow.

Route Map:

Chandigarh - Manali – Rohtang – Gramphu – Kokhsar – Keylong – Jispa – Darcha – Zingzingbar – Baralacha La – Bharatpur – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La – Lachulung La – Pang - Tanglang La – Gya - Upshi - Karu – Leh

After you reach heaven on earth, rush into exploring the best tourist places and activities of Ladakh and gather some memories which will last a lifetime.

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Places to Visit During Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh Trip



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One of the most effectively planned cities in India, Chandigarh is essentially the heart of Punjab and Haryana. City life and peace are two essentially contrasting concepts, but Chandigarh completely busts this notion. The city is steeped in rich history, while a melting pot of cultures can be experienced here. The barbed backdrop of the Shivalik Hills stand guard over the city. 

On your Chandigarh to Ladakh excursion, you can visit the famous Rock Garden of Chandigarh if you’re short on time. If not, there are countless other wonders, natural as well as otherwise, that will be a delightful experience. With such commendable landscape and culture, the city also ranks low in terms of crime rates!

The most amazing hotels in Leh offer luxuries of urban cities and views of raw, untouched beauty. It helps you explore the insights of Ladakhi culture and beauty in its own way.

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One of the most idyllic and frequented hill stations in India, Manali sees and increase in footfall with each passing year. Home of the mighty Himalayas, Manali is the hottest pick when it comes to adventure sports and activities like trekking, mountaineering, paragliding, skydiving, and skiing.

A junction of various Indian and Tibetan cultures, Manali welcomes tourists, both foreign and Indian alike, with a warm embrace. Crown of the Kullu valley, Manali reigns at a boggling altitude of 2,050 meters, and has a cool, pleasant  weather throughout the year, save monsoons 
and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Manali to Leh road trip packages will enchant your life for months to come with its magical and ravishing memories. A journey where you ride at your own speed.
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Rohtang Pass

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If you’re planning to embark upon a roadmap to Ladakh, make sure you pay Rohtang Pass a visit, no matter how short or long your trip is! It is the most sought after adventure destination in Himachal, second only to the stunning Solang Valley. Sitting at a staggering altitude of 3,978 meters, the journey to Rohtang pass is riddled with marvellous natural wonders that will leave you hypnotised. 

It has also been one of the most popular filming destinations for Bollywood since ages - from Jab We Met to Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Note that to travel to Rohtang, you need to obtain a permit which will cost somewhere around INR 500 - 600 and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

A tour of Ladakh is an adventure and at the same time gives you an insight into the religion and culture of the local people. Book our tour package of Leh Ladakh road trip to enjoy the best of the place.

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Right below the Manali-Leh road, Keylong is a common overnight haunt for many travellers and bikers. Distinctly different from Kullu and Manali, the very air here smells of adrenaline and adventure! If you’re short on time, a few places you can ever in Keylong are Kardhang Monastery, Baralacha La Pass, Shashur Monastery, Suraj Tal, and Pin Valley National Park. 

Despite being famous amongst adventure seekers, Keylong remains blissfully less crowded than the streets of Manali, affording you complete serenity and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Planning a Ladakh trip from Kolkata, Checkout: Leh Ladakh Tour Package from Kolkata

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A quaint little village nestled in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh, Jispa is one of the least explored travel options. As understated as the village is, it is ideal for explorers and solo travellers seeking solitude and respite from the bustling city streets.

Home of the gurgling Bhaga river, Jispa is only about 20 km away from Keylong. There are several Buddhist stupas which mark the village landscape, while the Jispa Rural Housing Museum gives you a refreshing insight into the life and ways of the residents 
and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Buckle up for an adrenaline filled Leh Ladakh bike trip package and drive past a fascinating landscape. Experience the thrill during Ladakh Road Trip & reward yourself
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Another rustic hamlet by the Bhaga river in Lahaul, Darcha is a commonly heard name amongst avid trekkers. Serving as the base camp for the fairly challenging Padum trek, Darcha sits at an elevation of 3,360 meters. The landscape of the village is woven together by a handful of dingy settlements, tent camps and stone huts, dominated by the stunning wreathe of Himalayas. 

Straddling the border of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, Darcha enjoys the beauty of both states. Once again, the Bhaga river emanates lovely music for your senses, while the nearby massifs chaperone your alpine adventures throughout your trip or trek and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Have the thrilling jeep safari tour from Manali to Leh which gives spectacular views of mountains, high passes, lakes, monasteries and much more.

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Zingzing Bar

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Flanked by Jispa one side and Sarchu on the other, Zing Zing Bar serves as a small pitstop for travellers on their way to Leh. Since travellers halt here only for refreshments, it is yet another paradise for seekers of solitude and offbeat destinations.

If you’re planning an overnight stay, you can opt for a multipurpose shack or a tent for a truly magical night under the stellar night ceiling. Perched at an altitude of 4,270 meters, Zing Zing Bar is the world’s highest roadside bar, and breaking here for tea or coffee is almost obligatory on your journey from Chandigarh to Leh.

Leh Ladakh, the majestic cold desert situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir boasts of one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Leh is dotted with beautiful attraction & is a popular destination for adventure buff and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

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Baralacha La Pass

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Standing at a dizzying altitude of 4,890 meters, the Baralacha La Pass is housed in the Zanskar ranges. In the Tibetan language, the word ‘Baralacha’ refers to ‘a summit pass where crossroads meet’. This is also the origin point of the roaring Bhaga river.

Another stunning marvel here is the emerald coloured Suraj Lake, which carries majestic reflections of the surrounding beauty, albeit a tad warped. During ancient times, the Baralacha La pass was used as a trade route connecting Spiti, Zanskar, Lahaul, and Ladakh 
and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Wondering what places to visit in Ladakh in June, July and August? Here is a complete guide answering all your questions.
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A popular and important stop on the Leh - Manali highway, Sarchu is seated at an astounding elevation of 4,290 meters. With Baralacha La guarding the south and Lachulung La on the north, Sarchu was once a trade route, an offshoot of the magnificent Silk Route. 

Now, however, it is the starting point for several treks to the Zanskar region of Ladakh. While the terrain is hostile and weather conditions extreme, Sarchu is the perfect place for camping, mountaineers, trekkers and adventure junkies to hone their skills. Follow our road guide of Manali to Sarchu and have a hassle-free journey and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

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Explore All (60)

Gata Loops

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About 25 km away from Sarchu is the stupefying location en route the Leh - Manali highway - Gata Loops, the centre of countless scary ghost stories. Thriving at an altitude of 4,667 meters, it is the gateway to Nakee La, one of the Ladakh’s highest motorable passes.

Legend has it that a ghost haunts these roads, and coerces travellers to give cigarettes and water bottles as offerings. Even now, many people have been offering cigarettes and water bottles in a small hut near the pass, regardless of whether or not the ghost even exists 
and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh trip.

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Lachulung La

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The glory of Khardung La Pass overshadows that of several lesser known, but equally stunning passes of Ladakh. Lachulung La Pass is one such understated destination. Reigning at a mind boggling altitude of 5,059 meters, Lachulung La shares territory with Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

The pass also severs the picturesque Tozay and Tsarap Chu valleys, and is accessible only during the summer. If you do plan to pay Lachulung La a visit, make sure you’re well acclimatised to the high altitude, and have a portable oxygen cylinder with you for emergency situations 
and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

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Since Ladakh is a land of record-breaking wonders, it comes as little surprise that Pang, the world’s highest army transit camp is a part of Ladakh. Perched at an astounding 4,770 meters, Pang is stretched across the different terrains of Sarchu and Leh, each as incredible as the other. 

Army forces stop here while journeying to and from China and Pakistan. Considering the extreme high altitude, proper acclimatisation is a must. The Indian army stationed here is every ready to help in case of emergencies, but proper acclimatisation makes short work of AMS and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

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Tanglang La

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At an elevation of 5,328 meters, Tanglang La is a breathtaking high altitude pass in Ladakh. It is a smooth drive, as the road turning south from Upshi, towards Tanglang La Pass is a well paved one. Brilliant landscape with a skyline of majestic snow clad peaks and misty valleys await you en route Tanglang La. 

It is one of the most favourite pit stops on the Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip, and affords a breathtaking view from every vantage point. It is also quite close to Sarchu and Upshi.

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Neighboured by the colossal Indus River Valley, the village of Upshi is perched at an altitude of 3,609 meters above sea level. Also famous as the highest abode of civilisation in India, Upshi is one of the most thrilling cycling destinations in Himachal. The route from Upshi to Tso Kar is a favourite amongst cyclists. 

Part of a former trade route, the most alluring part of the village is the natives who are extremely welcoming, and happy to accommodate and look after guests. For a remote Indian village, the literacy rate of Upshi is pleasantly surprising.

Check out the list of things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip will help you plan your trip better and enjoy it more. 

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Home of the natives and the origin point of Chang La Pass, Karu is one of the most exotic places on the journey from Chandigarh to Leh. The route to Hemis Monastery also stems from Maru. As soon as you zoom past the junction, the scenery takes a stellar turn, dotted by mighty mountains, glistening streams and yawning valleys. 

Turned away from the mundane city life by the bordering lofty peaks, Karu also houses the revered Army Goodwill Public School, aimed towards expanding awareness and literacy amongst the natives and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Searching for which is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh by road on a bike? Don't worry here is our guide to reveal all your answers for your Ladakh trip.

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The end goal of your road trip, the beauty of Leh remains unmatched. Leh is the home of three different mountain ranges, namely the Himalayas, the Zanskar, and the Karakoram, with ribbons of the mighty Shyok, Zanskar and Indus cutting through. Marked by the presence of countless fluttering prayer flags, monasteries and rustic hamlets, Leh is a world apart. 

With stunning natural wonders like the Magnetic Hill, Khardung La Pass, Pangong Tso and Nubra Valley, Leh is a place that feels like home, even when you visit it for the first time.

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Things you Should Know for Chandigarh to Ladakh Road Trip


Petrol Pumps

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When planning for a road trip from Chandigarh to Leh, fuel and petrol is one of the most concerning factors. Since road tripping across Manali to Leh is a widely sought-after activity, it is imperative that you consider the number of petrol pumps and stops along the way to ensure a smooth ride. 

There are majorly just 4 petrol pumps on the way, but it is a advisable to carry extra fuel along. Though fuel may be available in a handful of villages along the way, you can never be sure about the quality. Mark these petrol pumps for your road trip -

-Manali Petrol Pump

-Kandi Petrol Pump

-Karu Petrol Pump

-Leh Petrol Pump

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Something else you should take into account while planning a road trip from Chandigarh to Leh is the number of ATMs en route. So far, only Manali, Keylong and Leh are equipped with ATM centres. No ATMs can be found in the passing villages. It is recommended that you carry most of your money in cash form, which eliminates the hassles of looking for ATMs.

Withdraw your money either in Chandigarh itself, or in Manali. You will find these three ATMs along the way, but the one in Keylong is in dicey conditions, and may not always be working. Once you reach Leh, you can find SBI, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and AXIS Bank ATMs there.

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Make a list of mechanic shops on the way from Chandigarh to Leh when planning your road trip. To avoid breakdowns, ensure that your vehicles are in good working condition. If, however, you do face problems, you can find mechanic shops in Keylong, Sarchu, Marhi, Khoksar, Darcha and Upshi.

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Chandigarh to Leh Itinerary


Day 1: Chandigarh to Manali

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Your adventure begins from Chandigarh, which sits about 300 km away from Manali, your first stop on the Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip. You can opt for either an overnight bus journey to Manali in a Volvo, or opt for a car or motorbike. If you’re driving or riding though, take caution not to speed along these roads, even if it means you’ll take longer to reach. 

Once you reach Manali, hopefully early in the morning, check into your hotel / hostel, and spend the rest of the day exploring after a hearty breakfast. If you’re feeling adventurous, indulge in activities like river crossing, rock climbing, rappelling or day hikes around.  

Distance: 300 km

Travelling time: 8.5 hours, approx.

Places to Stay:

-Happy Camping, Solang Valley

-Tentsville Camping

-Into Wild Himalayas Camp, Manali

-Forest Resort Stay Experience, Manali

-Tirthan Camp, Jibhi

-Himalayan Cottage Stay Experience, Kullu

Checkout & Book: 
Leh Ladakh Holiday Packages From Pune

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Day 2: Manali to Jispa

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Leave Manali after breakfast, and head towards the village of Jispa via Rohtang Pass. Sheltered in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, Jispa promises a truly delightful and serene stay, with the mighty Himalayas as your backdrop, and the gurgling Bhaga river for company.

At a distance of 20 km from Keylong and 7 km from Darcha, Jispa offers you the opportunity to explore several ancient Buddhist stupas. For an overnight stay, you can opt for a hotel or camp in Jispa, but we suggest camps for a truly rustic experience.

Distance: 138 km

Travelling time: 4.5 hours

Places to Stay:

-Himalaya Home Stay

-Hotel Ibex

-Yak Hotel

-Hotel Padma Lodge

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Day 3: Jispa to Sarchu

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It is an important halt en route Manali, as its staggering elevation of 4,290 needs getting acclimatised to. Flanked by the Lachulung La and Baralacha La Pass on either sides, the challenging terrain of Sarchu is the start point of several treks. 

Distance: 113 km 

Travelling time: 6 hours

Places to Stay:

-Goldrop Camp, Sarchu

-Himalayan Routes Camp, Sarchu

-Dorje Camps

-Adventure Camp, Sarchu

-The Apple Tree Lodge & Cafe

-Mulkila Adventures

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Day 4: Sarchu to Leh

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Sarchu is the border that cleaves the two states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The ride from Sarchu to Leh is a picturesque one, and the final milestone before arriving at Leh.

Distance: 260 km

Places to Stay:

Hotel Omasila

The Grand Dragon Ladakh

Nubra Organic Retreat

Nomadic Life Camp

Pangong Retreat

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Must Visit Places in Ladakh


Khardung La

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Amongst the world's highest motorable roads, Khardung La, perched at an astounding altitude of 17,582 ft., is the most frequented destination in Ladakh. The pass is a beautiful doorway to the valleys of Nubra and Shyok. Laden with a fusion of dirt and ice, the journey is a treacherous one, but nothing that mindful driving or riding can't avoid. 

Owing to the extreme high altitude, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a frequent phenomenon. It is also the route used to carry supplies to Siachen Glacier.

Location: Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Distance from Leh: 40 km

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Shanti Stupa

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A massive white domed Stupa nestled atop 11,841 ft., the Shanti Stupa is one of the most graceful man made structures adorning the face to Ladakh. It was built by a Japanese Buddhist called Bhikshu in the year 1991, and stands as a symbol of peaceful ties between Ladakh and Japan. 

Spanning two storeys, the stupa houses Lord Buddha's relics, along with his stunning idol. You can find illustrations of the birth and death of Lord Buddha here and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Location: Shanti Stupa Rd, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Distance from Leh: 5 km

Ideal for trekking, Leh offers wondrous but strenuous treks blending together a combination of picturesque views and adventurous thrill. Here are the best treks in Ladakh for an outstanding experience.

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Pangong Lake

At a dizzying altitude of about 13,943 ft. sits one of the most idyllic lakes of India. Pangong Tso, translating literally to ‘high grassland lake’, is spread over 140 km and shares territory with India and Tibet. Pangong Lake is one of the most popular spots in Ladakh. The lake has been a famous location for several movie shootings, besides being a great natural wonder. 

The clear, azure waters of the lake carry beautiful reflections of the surrounding hills. Camping around Pangong Lake is also famous among travelers.

Location: Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

Distance from Leh: 225 km

How to reach: Leh to Pangong guide.

Where to stay: Pangong Lake Hotels.

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Nubra Valley

Irrespective of the number of times you've been to Ladakh, Nubra Valley is one of the most unmissable places to visit! At a distance of about 150 km from Leh, the beautiful Nubra Valley marks the confluence of the river Shyok and Siachen. 

It also links Ladakh to the Karakoram Ranges, with the famous Siachen Glacier gracing the north.The best Nubra Valley Camps will open up a world filled with gorgeous mountain sceneries, gurgling streams, lush valleys and ancient monasteries in the distant, all call out to you to come and live in this paradise and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Location: Leh

Distance from Leh: 150 km

How to reach: Leh to Nubra Valley

Where to stay: Hotels in Nubra Valley.

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Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri, meaning ‘mountain lake’ is tucked away in the quiet bounds of the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary in Ladakh. Reigning at a marvellous height of 14,835 ft., Tso Moriri is one of the lesser explored lakes in Ladakh. The lake adopt severals shades of blue throughout the day, while the reflections of lofty snow clad peaks leave you spellbound. 

Spanning about 25 km in length, the lake sees is an ideal offbeat spot. As the wetland is officially known as the Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve, pitching tents or any other option for camping or staying there is prohibited.

Distance from Leh: 220 km

For Perfect Blend of Romantic Trip, Checkout: Leh Ladakh Package For Couple.

Where to Stay: Best Campsites in Tso Moriri.

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Magnetic Hill

Arguably the most mysterious and fascinating place in Ladakh, Magnetic Hill is a hill that defies the rules of gravity! There’s a sign board on the road which asks visitors to put their cars in neutral mode, after which, the car starts moving by itself! 

Even more mystifying is the fact that the same thing happens when you turn your car in the uphill direction - it starts ascending! It is one of the rarest natural wonders in the world, where you literally can’t tell reality from illusion and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh road trip.

Location: Leh, 194101

Distance from Leh: 26.7 km
Checkout & Book: Manali to Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Delhi

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Royal Leh Palace

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Placed atop a staggering hill, the architecture of the famous Royal Leh Palace is well in line with that of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Built in the 17th century, the palace spans nine stories, and commands breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges. 

Built with stones, wood, mud and sand, the palace’s brilliant architecture ensures that the extremities of weather leave it untouched. The palace, now in ruins, used to be the finest building of its time, and traces of its grandeur can still be found etched across the walls.

Location: Namgyal Hill, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Distance from Leh: 2.2 km
A Detailed Travel Guide For Mumbai to Ladakh

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Tso Kar

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Also known as the ‘White Lake’, Tso Kar Lake is one of the three beautiful alpine salt water lakes in Ladakh. It is known as ‘White Lake’ owing to the deposits of salt that lines its shores. Cradled in Rupshu Valley of Ladakh’s Changthang region , the lake sits at a dizzying 15,280 ft.

Home to a diverse range of wildlife and bird, Tso Kar Lake is one of the most underrated tourists destinations of Ladakh, making it ideal for explorers. You can spot Brahmini ducks, bar-headed geese, kiangs and several other species haunting the vicinity and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Location: Leh

Distance from Leh: 153 km
Suggested Read: Here is a Guide For Delhi to Leh Ladakh

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Lamayuru Monastery

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One of the greatest monasteries in Ladakh, Lamayuru Gompa is located at an altitude of 11,520 ft., about 127 km away from Leh. This grand structure falls enroute Srinagar - Leh highway, and harbours nearly 150 Buddhist monks. 

Believed to be Ladakh’s oldest monastery, the five storey monument opens up to incredible views of the snowy neighbours, while a beautiful village unfolds its beauty in full glory. Although only parts of the edifice remain intact, it has lured thousands of pilgrims and devotees over the years.

Location: B.P.O Khaltse, Ladakh, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194106

Distance from Leh: 115 km 

Lamayuru to Chilling Trek takes you through beautiful and challenging trails, giving you splendid mountain peak views of Ladakh. If you have time and the inclination to be part of a classic and beautiful Ladakh trek experience, the trek from Lamayuru to Darcha is an option also worth considering. 

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Alchi Monastery

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Tucked away in the hearts of the village Alchi in the lower parts of Ladakh, Alchi Monastery can be traced back to the 11th century! The temples Lhakhang Soma and Lotsabha Lhakhang are the primary attractions of the monastery, which also houses an ancient, skilfully carved painting which is the last one of its time. 

The unique architecture also carries subtle traces of the Kashmiri style. The wall paintings inside the monastery speak of spirituality and religion, along with stories about Hindu and Buddhist kings that ruled over Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh and this is one of the best places to visit on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Location: Alchi Choskor, Alchi, Jammu and Kashmir 194106

Distance from Leh: 66 km

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Shey Monastery

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Part of the stunning Shey Palace, Shey Monastery sits at a distance of about 16 km from Leh, and falls on the way to Hemis and Thiksey Monasteries. Dating back to 1655, the housing palace of the monastery is believed to b the summer haunt of the royal family of Ladakh.

The highlight of Shey Monastery is the mighty copper-gold statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha, the second largest in Ladakh. The walls and sculpture carry carvings related to Lord Buddha’s meditation.

Leh - Manali Highway, Shey, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

River rafting in Ladakh evokes thrill like no other. Settled in the lap of Himalayas, the difficult terrain has two swift rivers- Indus River and Zanskar River and have a thrilling experience of once in a lifetime.
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Hemis National Park

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Named after the famous Hemis Monastery, Hemis National Park sits in the northernmost reaches of Ladakh, with the river Indus gracing its periphery. Spread over an area of 4,400 sq. km., Hemis National Park is the largest one in South Asia and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Home to a vast variety of wildlife, over 200 snow leopards thrive within the park. Other commonly spotted species are blue sheep, the great Tibetan sheep, Ladakhi urial, bharals and many more and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Location: Karu market Leh Ladakh, Karu Jammu and Kashmir, 194101

Distance from Leh: 33.2 km

The Ladakh Safari provides a culturally rich experience through an area which remains a mystery to most of us and get a chance to explore the beauty of the region.

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Namgyal Monastery

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Namgyal Tsemo Monastery is an 15th century old monastery founded by king Tashi Namgyal, who was a staunch Buddhist devotee. It was built in order to safeguard the valley again evil spirits. Though most of the once glorious, brick red structure now lies in ruins, it retains enough charm to captivate visitors. 

The colossal, three storeys tall statue of Maitreya Buddha is the sight that lures in devotees and renders them speechless. The shrine also features magnificent idols of Manjushri and Avalokitesvara, along with numerous manuscripts and old paintings which remain well preserved.

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Spituk Gompa

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Another stunning wonder tucked away in the mountainous nooks of Ladakh, the Spituk Monastery is perched atop a hill by the Indus River. Founded by Od-de, the elder brother of La Lama Changchub, the monastery hosts the Gustor Festival every year. 

Falling en route the Leh - Srinagar road, the enormous complex shelters a colossal statue of goddess Kali. With roots in the 11th century, the gompa currently houses about 100 monks! If you’re a history buff or a Buddhism enthusiast, you absolutely must visit this place and also making it a must place to see on your Chandigarh to Ladakh road trip.

Location: Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194104

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Sangam Point

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The magical confluence of the rivers Indus and Zanskar is often referred to as ‘Sangam Point’. You can easily make out one river from the other owing to their slightly different, though equally beautiful, colors. This breathtaking sight can be admired en route the National Highway 1 linking Leh and Srinagar. 

In fact, you can even dip your toes in a river rafting experience in the Zanskar river, which also makes for one of the most exciting and unique treks - the iconic frozen Chadar trek.

Location: National Highway 1, Leh - Srinagar road

Distance from Leh:
Approx. 450 km

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Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

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Lodged at an attitudinal range of 12,000 ft., the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is shrouded in countless folklores and myths. Rumor has it that a demon, who terrorised the local village and its inhabitants, was banished by Guru Nanak, referred to by the locals as Nanak Lama. 

The ‘Pathar’ or boulder that the temple centres around is believed to be the the very stone that killed the demon. Dating back to the 16th century, the Gurudwara remains under the care of the Indian Army. 

Location: NH 1D, Phey, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Distance from Leh: 24 km

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The Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame is a stellar museum erected in the honour of those brave Indian Soldiers who lost their lives defending the country during the Indo-Pak wars. Falling en rout the the Leh-Kargil road, the two storeys tall museum exhibits the various arms and weapons used during Kargil Wars.

Another section of the museum is dedicated to the amenities and apparels that the Indian Army based in the Siachen region was provided with. The place speaks strongly of patriotism, and is enough to touch the hearts of visitors, both Indian and foreigners alike.

Location: Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Distance from Leh: 4.2 km
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Thiksey Monastery

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Sitting at an altitude of 11,811 ft., the vibrant exterior of Thiksey Monastery complements the surrounding landscape very well. It is one of the largest monasteries in Ladakh, but what sets it apart from the rest is the striking resemblance it bears to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. 

Steeped in Buddhist culture and religion, there are several myths and lores that surround the gompa. There’s also an interesting legend that tells the story of how the gompa was built. Explore the blend of Ladakhi and Tibetan culture

Location: Thiksey Villay, Leh Manali Highway, Thiksey, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Distance from Leh: 18.5 km

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Diskit Monastery

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Diskit Monastery is a beautiful jewel on the face of the barren Nubra Valley. The oldest and grandest monastery in Nubra, the monastery is nestled at an altitude of a boggling 10,308 ft.. The most alluring facet of the monastery is the gigantic, 100 meters tall statue of Lord buddha that graces the top. 

Dating back to the 14th century, the statue was inaugurated by His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama. The monastery fosters several Tibetan and Mongolian scripts along with shrines. Legend has it that an evil Mongol demon who once haunted the monastery was killed here, and that its bodily remains are concealed within these walls.

Location: Nubra Valley, Leh

Distance from Leh: 116.2 km
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Hemis Monastery

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The most remarkable of all monasteries in Ladakh, Hemis Monastery sits atop a mountain near the western banks of river Indus. Built in the 17th century, the monastery is home to several beautiful paintings or ‘Thangkas’, which are featured majorly during the famous festival of Ladakh , the Hemis festival.

The architectural brilliance of the place has also captivated tourists over the year. Two massive idols of Lord Buddha and Guru Rinpoche are seated inside, and several devotees and tourists pay homage to them. The rich and unique Ladakhi culture is mirrored inside the walls of this stunning monastery and is one of the best places to see on your Chandigarh to Leh road trip.

Location: Hemis, Leh, 194201

Distance from Leh: 40.9 km
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People Also Ask About Ladakh

  1. How can I reach Leh from Chandigarh?

    1. By road: You can drive a car or hire a cab from Chandigarh to Leh in order to cover 785 kms in between and reach Leh in 2 days. This journey usually takes about 20 hours and 35 minutes of total driving time.

    2. By Air: You can travel from Chandigarh to Delhi via bus or cab which takes about 7 hours and then board a flight of 1 hour directly to Leh, reducing your total travel time to approximately 8 to 8.5 hours.
  2. What is Leh famous for?

    Leh attracts travelers from all over the world due to the scenic beauty of calm mountains, tranquil valleys and crystal clear lakes. It houses the most celebrated Buddhist monasteries and cultural sites in India such as the Shanti Stupa, Spituk Gompa, Deskit Gompa and Thiksey Gompa among others.
  3. How far is Chandigarh from Leh?

    Chandigarh is 785 kms from Leh by road. You can easily cover the distance from Chandigarh to Leh traveling through Himachal Pradesh by car in about 2 days.
  4. How much will a trip to Leh from Chandigarh cost?

    Cost of a 7 days and 6 nights Leh tour package to Leh, Ladak with camping ranges from INR 19,000 to INR 27,000 for one person on average. This covers your meals, stay, transportation and a guide for your trip. You can choose from several packages according to your needs from Thrillophilia to get the best deal.
  5. Which are the best places to visit in Leh?

    1. Shanti Stupa: Stunning white dome of this pilgrimage center can be easily seen from afar on your trip to Leh. You can admire the natural beauty here surrounded by pristine silence which will give you a sense of eternal calm.

    2. Leh palace: Magnificent architecture of this royal palace attracts several tourists who come here to admire the marvelous charm of this place. You will  be amazed by the ancient jewelry and praise-worthy paintings which are more than 450 years old featured here.

    3. Hall of fame: This is a museum constructed by the Indian Army to commemorate the brave heroes of the country who sacrificed their lives to restore peace in the country and ensure the security of every Indian.

    4. Spituk Monastery: The Buddhist monastery is quite famous in Leh and a must visit when you are traveling from Chandigarh to Ladakh. It hosts a two day Spituk festival which is organized by the Gelukpa order of monks; this festival also features a special mask dance by the priests who celebrate it every year.

  6. What is the best time to visit Ladakh?

    April to June or the summer season is the best time to take a trip to paradise in a traveler's world. Weather during these months is pleasant and cool with average temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degrees making it ideal for a journey from Chandigarh to Ladakh.
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