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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages With Flights
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Ladakh Winter Tour Package
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Camps in Ladakh

Camp Whispering Camps, Camp Redstart, Nomadic Life Camp, Nature’s Nest Camp, Pangong Retreat, Tsomoriri Camps, Camp Martsemik La, Wonderland Camp, Golden Mark Camps, 100 Sky Camp and many more.

With the incandescent beauty of the snow-capped mountains and the beautiful lakes, Ladakh has been calling travellers from all around the globe. Moon Land for some and Mystery Land for some Ladakh has never ceased to make globetrotters fall in love with this place. Not just the mountains will take your breath away but also the camps in Ladakh, culture, monasteries, and stupas there will just take away all your worries away. Meet the local people and try some of their Ladakhis cuisine which is something different from the usual.Include these highlights in your Ladakh trip itinerary for an unforgettable journey.

There is no doubt that camping in Leh Ladakh is the best option while you are looking for some outdoor activities in Leh Ladakh. Whether you are planning to camp in the wild or just under the sparkling night sky camping will always give you some best experiences. Be it going on a road trip, bike trip or trekking you will obviously head out for camping in this magical land. A lot of you might be surfing the web looking for some camping options in Ladakh.

Here are some of the best places for camping in Ladakh:

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Camp Whispering Camps

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As the name goes this is one of the best Luxury camps in Pangong Lake for that perfect camping experience under the clear night sky. Nestled amidst the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik,  Whispering Camps has been considered as a heaven for the thrill seekers and the adventurer and it is one of the best camps in Ladakh.

Offering some of the spectacular view of the mountains of the Changchenmo range to the north you will feel like staying at this place forever. Spend some time staring at the reflection of the mountains as the shimmering water of Pangong Lake slowly changes its colour from bluish to greenish. Camping under the stars with the magical view is the best thing to do in Leh Ladakh tour.

Amenities: Camp Whispering camp is located at 14,200ft. There are 15 special tents with en-suite facilities of cold running water in each tent, confronting delightful Pangong Lake. Also get a chance to admire the décor of the tent with boutique style stylistic layout.

Location: The Camp Whispering Camps is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik, Ladakh.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 5720 per adult.

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Camp Redstart

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When in Ladakh all you want to do is explore the whole place to its core. So while you are here this time make it best one while staying on a comfortable camp. Offering a garden, Camp Redstart is the ideal place for you to start with your Ladakh travel. 

And the most of all you will have that perfect view of the 180-degree view of the mountains and the beautiful lake. With comfortable beds and clean and warm beds all you have to do is just enjoy. You will also have a very wonderful staff attending to all your demands during your stay.

Amenities: The camps are very well maintained and equipped with all the state of art facilities for day to day use. There are new luxurious and spacious Deluxe Tents with attached bath. You will also have a free parking lot while you are staying at the camps.

Location: Camp Redstart is located at Pangong Lake, Spangmik Village, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Price: The approximate price starts from 4500 per adult.

The best way to reach Leh is by taking an exciting road trip to Leh Ladakh and en route the most beautiful destination in the world.

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Nomadic Life Camp

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Nomadic  Life Camp is arranged in Ladakh eastern Changthang locale around 1500 feet from ocean level. It is close Tsomoriri Lake and beneath Korzok town at an elevation of 5,080 ft in Ladakh and is one of the biggest of the high altitude lakes in Ladakh. This camps in Ladakh is around 240km from Leh. 

The Nomadic Camp is one of the standard Tso Moriri camps in the staggering environs of Tsomoriri Lake. The camp shows the fundamental and the state of art facilities for day to day world. The camp offers a scope of pleasantries to its visitors like a restroom, cool running water, and restorative office.

Nomadic Life Camp Tsomoriri presents 20 tents which are partitioned as a single and twofold sharing premise. Each of the tents is all around named with all civilities and additionally flawless and clean and are close to Tsomoriri Lake.

The Nomadic Life Camp is situated at Tsomoriri in Ladakh.

The approximate price starts from Rs 2860 per person.

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Nature’s Nest Camp

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If you are looking for something more different than the usual then Nature’s Nest Camp is the perfect camping option for you in Pangong Lake. Nature's nest camp is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake offering some of the best view of the snow capped mountains with the vast shimmering lake. 

This is another best camps in Ladakh which has been opted by a lot of people around the world. Wake up to a beautiful clear blue morning and enjoy a cup of hot tea while you stare at the distant mountains. And the best part here is the Pangong Lake where you can witness the beauty of the lake as it slowly changes its colour.

Amenities: There are very beautiful Deluxe Cams which are all designed for modern day use. You will also have attached bathroom to each of your tents which are very well cleaned and hygiene. The dining area hall is also very well maintained and you can taste from different varieties of food.

Location: Nature’s Nest Camp is located at at about 14,200 feet on the bank of the world’s highest saltwater Lake Pangong.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 5100 per person.

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Pangong Retreat

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You have not properly enjoyed camping in Ladakh until you stay at Pangong retreat in Ladakh. Pangong Retreat is a perfect boutique withdraws set confronting the heavenly Pangong Lake in Spangmik Village. With the staggering all-encompassing perspectives of nature's skilled landscape, this camps in Ladakh is a heaven for the adventurers around the globe. 

The Retreat offers you an agreeable settlement giving you essential conveniences enabling you to appreciate a really one of a kind involvement with nature - the brilliant grass, the nightfalls, the mountains and the Pangong Lake and this is one of the luxury camp in Pangong Lake.

Amenities: There are 25 liberally dispersed, peaceful and noteworthy agreeable tents here which require an impeccable excursion. The tents effortlessly rest up to three and four with isolated beds. These tents join the solaces of an extravagant remain with the advantages of natural air

Location: The Pangong Retreat is located at a distance of about 150 kms away from the Leh city facing the Pangong Lake.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 4000 per person.

Road trips are nothing short of thrilling adventures lived on the road. Treat yourself with one of the best road journey of Delhi to Leh Ladakh for your next vacation.

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Tsomoriri Camps and Resorts

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While you are camping in Ladakh you would definitely want to spend your vacation on a comfortable camp. Tsomoriri Camp and Resort is situated close Tsomoriri Lake in the Changthang territory at an elevation of 15,080 ft in Ladakh. In this camp, one can find medical facilities and with be well taken care of the people individuals who might be influenced by High height ailment other than emergency treatment.

Furthermore, staff of resort is proficient in providing you with all these facilities. Camping at this beautiful location with the magical view is a
must do activity in Ladakh.

There are  05 Rooms and 15 connected choice tents fulfilled with all fundamental and in addition contemporary pleasantries like cold running water in each tent, confronting delightful Tsomoriri Lake. Every one of the tents are one end to the other jute floor coverings and boutique style décor on the walls.

The Tsomoriri Camps and Resorts is located near Tsomoriri Lake in the Changthang area.

The approximate price starts from Rs 4000 per person.

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Camp Martsemik La

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Another best camps in Pangong Lake which is a must try for you in Pangong is Camp Marstemik La. Martsemik Camping Resort is an extravagance rose and Hut camp at Pangong Lake offering unparallel perspectives of the encompassing mountain ranges, a great perspective of Pangong lake or an adventurous bike trip.

Martsemik Eco Resort gives you an all-encompassing view of the Ladakh which will encounter a perfect serenity while unwinding at Camp Martsemik La.

Amenities: There are 34 carefully named tents with joined restrooms. The rose settlement is very much named with all the advanced offices with private open joined washrooms and a private verandah that is a perfect place to appreciate the timeout at the center of the day.

Location: The Camp Martsemik La is located at Pangong Lake Road, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir 194201.

Price: The approximate price starts at 4,500 per person.

Leh to Pangong Lake trip is a journey that everyone who arrives in this heaven takes to see the most beautiful lake in the country, Don't miss out to visit this surreal place when you are in Ladakh.

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Wonderland Camp

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Wonderland Tourist Camp is another best camps in Pangong lake which is a perfect getaway for you. The camp is located in Pangong Lake in the heart of little town spangmik . The camp is unmistakable remains on a lifting range giving best perspective of the Pangong Lake and mountain. 

The camp is managed by a team of proficient, expert and benevolent individuals, camp gives pleasant environment and are furnished with all the present-day luxuries. With this magical view from the camps, camping at this location has become the best activity one must do if planning for Leh.

Amenities: Designed in a way where one can sit and appreciate the stunning perspective of the bordering mountain and celebrated Pangong Lake. The camp has every one of the conveniences for a casual remain. The luxuries incorporate room benefit, 24-hour front work area and dining serves delightful sustenance.

Location: Wonderland Camp is located at Spangmik, Pangong ( 153 Kms from Leh), Leh

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3859 per person.

If you are the adventure seeker and planning to visit Leh, then here is the list of all the adventure activities of Leh Ladakh that you must add to your itinerary.

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Golden Mark Camps

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If you are looking for some more camping option near Tso Moriri Lake then Golden Mark Camps are another great option for you. Golden Mark camps are situated toward the southeast of Leh in eastern Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, at a street separation of 215 kilometers (134 mi) from Leh in the town Korzok and it is one of the best camps near Tsomoriri lake.

Korzok is on the Ladakhi segment of the Changthang level in the midst of snow pinnacles that are the wellspring of water to the lake. Get a chance to soak in the beauty of the region while you camp at the Golden Mark Camps. Also, meet the friendly local people and learn about their unique culture.

There are 6 camps with connected lavatory and 16 camps with basic shower. Every one of the camps is pitched close banks of the Tso Moriri. All the camps are equipped with modern day facilities. There are also 24 hours running hot and water services.

The Golden Mark Camps are located to the southeast of Leh in eastern Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir.

The approximate price starts from Rs 2700 per person.

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Explore All (47)

100 Sky Camp

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If you are looking for some luxurious camp stay in Ladakh then 100 sky camp is the perfect option for you. The camp is a perfect waterfront camp with some amazing views of the surroundings.100 Sky  Camp is a perfect paradise situated on Spangmik Leh, Ladakh. 

Get an opportunity to catch the beauty of extravagance tents which have dependably been an imperative piece of our way of life. Wonder about the sumptuous excellence of nature ,investigate the stunning joy of Spangmik,Pangong Lake and trekking in Ladakh.

Amenities: All the rooms of the camps are very well built and well maintained. There are attached bathroom and 24 water running water facilities.

Location: The 100 Sky camp is located at Pangong Lake Rd, Spangmik, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 4600 per person.

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Camp Watermark

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Camp Water Mark is situated in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik. Camp Water Mark is arranged at around 14,200 feet on the bank of the world's most astounding saltwater Lake Pangong. 

This camps in Ladakh offers the fundamental and essential office to its visitors. The Camp offers a scope of offices to its visitors with attached bathroom, cold running water, and medical facility.

Amenities: The Camp has around 15 exclusive tents. Every one of the tents are all around kept up perfect and clean and are confronting Pangong Lake.

Location: The Pangong Camp is situated at Spangmik town close Pangong Lake.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3000 per person.

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Norling Camp

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For those of you who are still waiting for that perfect camping option in Tso Moriri which falls under your budget then Norling Camp is the perfect option for you. This is another one of the best camps around Tso Moriri Lake which is a must try for you. You will never be disappointed while you visit this camping site. Offering some of the stunning views of the mountains of Leh and the famous Tso Moriri lake this will be your best ever camping experience. 

The Norling Camp offers perfect accommodation in Karzok Gömpa. This Camp is arranged in Tsomoriri which is a standout amongst the most delightful and charming vacationer goals in northern India. The Norling Camp offers an invigorating mix of comfort and balanced atmosphere that gives an inviting retreat for the guest.

The rooms of the property are all around outfitted, breezy and richly planned remembering prerequisites of current voyager. The mix of warm hues and fine upholstery makes each room welcoming while very much arranged insides and enhancements make visitors remain agreeable. The rooms have perfect and clean washrooms with supply of hot and cold water facilities.

Norling Camp is located at Karzok, Tsomoriri Lake, Ladakh.

The approximate price starts from Rs 3500 per person.

Planning a vacation? Know ahead the best season on visit in
our weather guide of Leh.

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Jeep Safari Explore All (48)
Explore All (48)

Highland Camps

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As the name recommends Highland Camps is arranged in the Highland district (Lukung Village) of Ladakh close wonderful Pangong Tso. This is another best camps in Pangong Lake which is a must try for you while you are visiting Ladakh. 

Marvel at the sight of the amazing beauty of the region while you stay at the highland camps. Offering some of the best sights of the mighty mountain and the soulful Pangong Lake you will end of totally in a different world while you stay at these comfortable tents.

Amenities: There are total 10 deluxe Swiss Camp which are all very well built with all the state of art facilities for a modern day to day use. With each of the tents there are attached bathroom with 24 hours running service of cold as well as hot water.

Location: Highlands Camps are located at Pangong Lake Rd, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 2,800

Here is the ultimate guide of renting a motorbike in Leh if you are looking forward to renting a bike after reaching Leh.

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Nomad Camp Pangong

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While you are off to one of the most beautiful place on earth, you would definitely want to stay at the best place. Nomad Camp Pangong is another best camps in Pangong which will definitely make your vacation a special one.

People around the world visit this place to enjoy its stunning beauty with the mountains and the Pangong Lake. The best thing about this camp is that the beautiful Pangong Lake is just at a walking distance. One can enjoy the changing color of the Pangong Lake which make it all more beautiful. Nomad Camp Pangong is one of the best camps in Leh Ladakh.

Amenities:  All the camps are well built with all the state of art facilities. There is an attached bathroom with each of the room with hot and cold running water. One can also get a private parking lot while you are staying at the camps.

Location: The Nomad Camp Pangong is located at Pangong Lake Rd, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3500 per person.

Jeep safari from Manali to Leh is indeed the best way to explore and discover the magical beauty of both these enchanting destinations along with your loved ones.

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Yak Camp Tsomoriri

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Image Credit : yakcampladakh

There is yet another camp in Tso Moriri if you are looking for comfortable camping and lot of adventure activities in Ladakh. This is another best camps in Leh Ladakh Is just perfect for you. Yak Camp is arranged on Tsomoriri Lake 240 Kms from Leh in the Korzak village at a height of 4,595 m. The Yak Camp is a standard Camp in the excellent environs of Tsomoriri close Lake. 

The camp offers the basic and essential office to its visitors. The Yak Camp is situated at Tsomoriri in Ladakh. The camp is equipped with attached washroom, cold running water, and medicinal facilities.

The Camp has around 20 tents partitioned into Single and twofold sharing premise. Every one of the tents is all around kept up flawless and clean and are close to Tsomoriri Lake.

The Yak Camp Tsomoriri is located on Tsomoriri Lake in the Korzak village.

The approximate price starts from Rs 3300 per person.

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these mountain passes in Ladakh will make you fall for them when you discover them on your next road trip to Ladakh.

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Explore All (21)

Nubra Ethnic Camp

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Nubra Ethnic Camp is one of the most exclusive camps in Nubra Valley. Featuring approximately 20 tents equipped with the best amenities in the region, the camp provides its guests with a fantastic experience of camping in Nubra Valley. Fresh, organic produce, buffest meals, regular electric supply, sophisticated bedding, and a well-trained staff make staying at Nubra Ethnic Camp a memorable experience which also makes it one of the best camps in Leh Ladakh.

The camp managers also provide their guests with an extensive sightseeing itinerary of Nubra valley which includes activities like camel safaris as well as trips to local attractions like Diskit Monastery, Samstanling Monastery, Yarab Tso Lake, and Panamik among others.


Free wifi
24-hour electricity supply 
Electric Blankets
On-call doctors and medical aid facilities

Location: Nubra Valley, Hunder, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 3700 to 6000 per night 

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Chamba Camp Thiksey

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Chamba Camp Thiksey is one of the most luxurious camps in Leh Ladakh. Chic and sophisticated, with modern amenities that make camping in Ladakh seem like staying in a five-star resort, Chamba Camp Thiksey aims to offer its guests the best of all worlds. The majestic landscape of Ladakh serves as a backdrop to the luxurious tents of the camp which are equipped with royal beds, comfortable décor, modern amenities and serviced by 24 hours of electricity. 

Guests can choose from the Luxury Suite Tents and the Presidential Suite Tents, both of which are equally appealing options. There are plenty of dining options to choose from and the friendly nature of the staff only adds to the joy of the stay. There are many
hotels in Leh which you can check out for your comfortable stay.


King size wooden beds
Modern Heaters
En-suite bathroom
Round-the-clock hot and cold water

Location: Thiksey Naga,

Price: INR 4000 to 6000 per night

Explore Ladakh images and pictures of famous tourist attractions of Ladakh and explore the beauty the place beholds with these beautiful 

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Double Humped Camp Hunder

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Featuring 10 deluxe tents fitted with modern amenities, the Double Humped camp in Nubra Valley offers some of the best camping accommodations in Ladakh and is one of the best camps in Leh Ladakh. Camping in Nubra Valley is a wonderful experience, with its beautiful grasslands, grandiose attractions, fresh winds and majestic mountain scenery. The camp provides its guests with luxurious tents equipped with attached bathrooms and first aid kits. 

There are several good dining options available in the camp premises, and the management also provides its visitors with entertainment options like traditional folk dances and music in the evening.  Visits to local attractions and enjoying
festivals of Ladakh in festival time are also provided by the camp.


Attached bathrooms
First aid kits
Multi-cuisine dining

Location: Mani Junction, Nubra Valley, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 3000 to 6000 per night 

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Aryan Valley Camp

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Aryan Valley Camp is one of the most luxurious camps in Ladakh and offers its guests an unequalled experience of Ladakh’s majestic natural beauty. The location of this camp, far from the usual tourist routes, in the midst of Ladakh’s awe-inspiring mountains, is its best feature. 

The Indus river flows close by and the stillness of the region is undisturbed by tourist activities. The camp features several deluxe tents fitted with modern amenities which serve to make the stay a comfortable one. The 20 spacious tents come with twin or double beds, along with attached bathrooms.


Organic Farming
Attached Bathroom
Hot and Cold Water Supply 
Continental Breakfast
Modern Heaters

Location: Beam Lastang Dha Beema Mohalla, Lasthang Tahsil Khaltse

Price: INR 4500-6000 per night 

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Mystic Meadows Camp

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A wonderful place to go camping in Nubra Valley, the Mystic Meadows tent offers its visitors the choice of 8 swiss cottage tents, 5 Mongolian yurt tents and 4 rooms, all of which are equipped with modern amenities and have bathrooms attached. 

The location of the camp adds to the beauty of the stay experience- the camp provides its visitors the chance to indulge in a wide variety of activities in Nubra valley including treks, sightseeing, camel safaris, bike trips and more. Cultural shows are also enacted in the evenings for the benefit of the guests.

Riding through the criss-cross terrain on the magnificent path of Manali to Leh, you can enjoy your quality stay here.


Running hot water
Organic farming
On-call doctors
Multi-cuisine dining

Location: Nubra Valley, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 4000- 6000 per night 

Planning a road trip to Ladakh from Delhi? Here are the two routes which you can take for your memorable trip, one is Srinagar-Leh route and other is Manali-Leh route

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People Also Ask About Ladakh

  1. What are the best camps in Ladakh?

    Here is the list of best camps in Ladakh:

    1. Nature’s Nest Camp:
    Nestled on the bank of Pangong Lak, this camp offers mesmerizing views of lake and mountains. These modern camps have attached bathrooms and all other basic facilities.
    2. Camp Redstart: Camp offers panoramic views along with a garden. It is equipped with Luxurious and Spacious tents that offer the attached bathroom and private parking area.
    3. Camp Whispering Camps: One of the best camps for couples located at 14,200 feet, this camp is a retreat on the banks of Pangong Lake. Camp offers views of Changchenmo range and 15 fully equipped tents. 
    4. Mystic Meadows Camps: Located in Nubra Valley, it houses a wide range of 8 Swiss Cottage tents, 5 Mongolian yurt tents, and 4 basic rooms along with modern facilities.

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  2. What are the best budget camps in Ladakh?

    Hers is the list of best budget Camps in Ladakh are:

    1. Highland Camps:
    Located at the Lukung Village of Highland district, this camp provides beautiful views of snow-capped mountains and Pangong Lake. There are 10 Swiss camps equipped with attached bathrooms, running cold & hot water, and more.
    2. Golden Mark Camps: Located near Tso Moriri Lake, on the southeast of Leh. This campsite houses 6 Camps with connected lavatory and 16 more basic camps. Camps are loaded with basic amenities and beautiful views.
    3. Nomadic Life Camp: Located at 1500 feet from the ground, this camp is in eastern Ladakh nearby Tsomoriri Lake and Korzok Town. 20 Tents are available with restroom, running water, and more.
    4. Camp Watermark: Campsite offers 15 deluxe tents equipped with all the basic amenities. Camp also offers a scope of offices to the guests with private bathrooms, water, and medical facility.

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  3. Can I go alone for camping in Ladakh?

    Certainly, you can go for a Solo-Trip to Ladakh as Solo Tourist. The entire area is safe and the camps like Chamba Camp Thiksey and Nubra Ethnic Camp provide decent security as well.
  4. Which are the best luxury camps in Leh Ladakh?

    1. 100 Sky Camp: Amongst the best luxury camps in Ladakh, 100 Sky Camp is a waterfront camp with majestic mountains surrounding it on all sides. The tents here are extravagant, well built and spacious, and well maintained. All of the tents have private bathrooms attached to them, with a 24-hour running water supply and other amenities.

    2. Norling Camp: This is a great camp to enjoy camping in Ladakh. Located in Tso Moriri, the Norling Camp offers great views of the mountains as well as the Tso Moriri Lake. Great for a weekend getaway or a relaxing vacation, the camp exudes a serenity that is unmatched. All of the tents here have attached bathrooms with 24-hour running hot as well as cold water supply.

    3. Nubra Ethnic Camp: One of the most luxurious camps in Ladakh, Nubra Ethnic Camp has 20 wonderfully designed tents with some of the most modern amenities available. In addition to free Wi-Fi, you can also indulge in buffet meals here, which are made from fresh, organic produce. The camp also offers customised sightseeing packages.

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  5. Which are the best camps in Ladakh for couples?

    GOLDEN MARK CAMPS: When camping in Ladakh with your significant other, the Golden Mark Camps is the best place for an amazing camping experience. Situated in eastern Ladakh, it is at this camp where you can soak in the fresh mountain air, and if you are lucky enough, get a chance to experience snowfall.

    HIGHLAND CAMPS: Having a picturesque setting, similar to that in the movies, this camp is a great place to enjoy a vacation with your partner. Located in the Lukung Village near Pangong Lake, Highland Camps transport you to another world altogether. There are 10 deluxe swiss camp tents here, equipped with the best in class modern amenities for a comfortable and memorable stay.

    NOMAD CAMP PANGONG: For a great camping experience near Pangong Lake with your partner, this is one of the best camps to stay in. In addition to comfortable beds and great views of the lake, you and your partner can also enjoy lip-smacking delicacies here.

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  6. Are camps in Ladakh pet friendly?

    There are selected campsites that allow your pet to stay along with you. Some of the best pet-friendly camps are Royal Deluxe Camps, Imperial Eco Cottage, Lotus Eco Resort, and more.
  7. Which are the best camps in Ladakh for family?

    NATURE’S NEST CAMP: Located near Pangong Lake, this camp is great for a camping experience with family. Offering beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountain ranges, the tents here are well-managed, comfortable and have all basic amenities such as a private attached bath, running water and heaters. You can also enjoy delicious local food at the inhouse dining area of the camp. 

    CAMP MARTSEMIK LA: This is another one of the great camps in Leh Ladakh for families. Offering great views of Ladakh as well as the surrounding mountains, this camp has 34 tents with joined restrooms. You can also relax in the private verandas and soak in the tranquil ambience. 

    WONDERLAND TOURIST CAMP: Amongst the perfect getaway camps for you and your family, the Wonderland Tourist Camp is known for being a place where you can soak in some of the most panoramic views of the ever changing colours of the Pangong Lake. In addition to comfortable tents, there is a shared lounge space and a 24-hour front desk here.

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  8. Which are the best camps near Pangong lake?

    CAMP WHISPERING CAMPS: This is one of the best camps in Ladakh which is located near the scenic Pangong Lake. It is also a great camp for adventure and thrill seekers, and offers spectacular views of the mountains and the starry night sky. The camp consists of 15 tents with all the basic amenities required for a comfortable camping experience.

    CAMP REDSTART: Offering a comfortable stay with views of the Pangong Lake as well as a beautiful garden, Camp Redstart is a great place to enjoy camping in Ladakh. There are 15 well-maintained tents here, all of which are equipped with modern amenities such as attached bathrooms and cosy beds.

    Click Here to Book: Bangalore to Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

  9. What is the best time to visit Ladakh for Camping?

    The best time to go for camping in Leh Ladakh is between the months of April and June, when the region experiences the season of summer. It is when the snow from the cold winter months have melted, giving way to the stunning beauty of Ladakh.

    In addition to vibrant flowers and greenery everywhere, you can also enjoy trekking, hiking and summer festivals during this time. Additionally, it is during these months when you can camp near the lakes or monasteries, and experience the local day to day life here.

  10. What is Lowest & Highest Price Camps in Ladakh?

    The highest priced camp in Ladakh is the Camp Whispering Camps, where the price per adult for a night starts from INR 5,720. On the other hand, the Nomadic Life Camp is the lowest priced camp in Ladakh, with prices for an adult per night starting from INR 2,500.
  11. What are the essentials items to carry for camping in Ladakh?

    While camping in Ladakh, these are some of the essential items that you should carry:
    - A tent
    Sleeping bags
    Sleeping pads
    Camping pillow
    Flashlight/ headlamps
    Extra batteries
    Dry food
    First aid kit
    Pocket knife
    Power bank
    Mosquito repellent

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  12. Are camping sites in Ladakh safe?

    Yes, most camping sites in Ladakh are quite safe. However, it is advisable not to camp in and around the restricted areas in Ladakh as it is illegal.
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