Leh to Nubra Valley: How to Plan a Road Trip - 2024
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Leh to Nubra Valley

The road trip from Leh to Nubra Valley is one that is at the top of every adventurer’s bucket list, and for good reason! Packed with adrenaline, beauty and stunning views of the Himalayan, Zanskar and Karakoram range, the journey is something right out of dreams.

Nubra Valley, housing Diskit, Turtuk, Panamik, and several other untouched places, is a biker’s delight. There are countless places to explore, along with richly colored traditions of the locals which have been a subject of fascination for several travelers.Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Nubra Valley on Leh Ladakh tours for an unforgettable experience.
The 5-hour long journey to Nubra Valley from Leh will take you through Khardung La or Wari La (depending upon the choice of route), two of the world’s highest motorable roads. The ride may be bumpy at times, but the mountain views overshadow everything else, leaving you spellbound. Mountains, culture, and adventure in the air - Is there anything better? Truly one of India’s best kept secrets, Ladakh will beckon you back into its bountiful realm on your Leh-Ladakh trip.
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Quick Facts

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Leh to Nubra Valley Valley Distance: 160.3 km (approx. 5 hours journey)

Leh to Nubra Valley Valley Route Map & Road Conditions.

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Route 1: Leh to Nubra Valley via Khardung La

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1. From Leh, head north-east past Din Brothers.
2. Take a slight left from the Omni Van Taxi Stand, past the SBI ATM on the left-hand side.
3. Take a slight right to pass by the SSP and FRO on the left-hand side.
4. Turn left onto Khardung La road.
5. Turn right to stay on Khardung La road, and pass the Khardung La Gompa on the lefthand side.
6. Take another left.
7. Turn right to pass by the Hotel Rimo on the right-hand side.
8. Turn left onto Charasa road.
9. Turn left to stay on Charasa road.

You will reach the destination, Nubra Valley.

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Route 2: Leh to Nubra Valley via Wari La

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This is the ideal route for those who’re feeling up to an adventure as well a challenge. It is a more difficult and much lesser known route from Leh to Nubra Valley. The route via Wari La is not only more daunting but also more time to consume compared to the Khardung La route.

The road is not used a lot and is broken in certain places. You will essentially be driving on dirt and rocks, occasionally, even water. This road will be closed in June due to heavy snowfall at the Pass. Bear in mind that is it not one of your regular high altitude passes.

Perched atop 17,400 ft., Wari La pass is very difficult to navigate. Especially the last 20 km of the pass is very, very steep. In addition to that, you have several water crossings awaiting the trail.
There are no villages here to stop and snack at, until Sakti, which you can reach only after having crossed Wari La. 

That said, there’s little else that compares to the thrill of crossing the infamous Wari La Pass! You get starkly different terrains and views to boast about, along with an adventure of a lifetime.
If you’re a skilled biker, and not faint of heart, the Wari La Pass route, being one of the best places to visit on your Leh trip, is definitely something to consider.

Some might even choose to take the Khardung La route to Nubra, and the Wari La route to return to Leh. 

1. Ride from Leh to Taktok.
2. Continue along Taktok to Pangong Tso via Chang La. Pangong Tso lake is a beautiful lake cradled right between India and Tibet, which is visible on the other side. 
3. From Taktok take the road toward Khalsar.
4. Once you’ve crossed Khalsar, take the road leading to Agam village.
5. From Agam village, you’ll reach a fork in the road, with the left one leading to Shyok village, and the right one heading towards Wari La. Take the right one.

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Best time for Leh to Nubra Valley Trip

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The best time to travel to Ladakh is ideally during summer and spring - May, June, July, and August. Starting from mid-October to March, the cold really begins to set in, and people go into hibernation to escape it. Also, Nubra Valley remains inaccessible during winters (upto March) due to heavy snowfall and accumulation.

Come summer, the valley begins to blossom, greeted by the first apricot flowers of the year! In April, a few accommodations start to function, but food junctions continue to rain shut in most places. From May to August is when the valley really blooms and welcomes travelers with beautiful, cloudy skies and a patchwork of floral colors making its face.

The months of September and early October, although a bit colder than summer months, are also viable for taking a road trip from Leh to Nubra Valley, especially if you wish to escape the mainstream tourist crowd. The autumn colors outshine everything else, and there’s the much-required serenity, travelers often chase. Another upside is that, since September - October is less touristy, you’re likely to land a much better deal at hotels and camps! 

Here you can check some best treks in Ladakh to experience the true adventure in Ladakh.

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How to Reach from Leh


By Bike/Car

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When traveling to Nubra Valley from Leh the entire bike/car ride will take you about 5 hours, considering that you’d want to stop at Khardung La for some exploring. You can hunt for bike rentals in Leh, which aren’t difficult to find at all. There are more than enough rental options to choose from, though the rates may be non-negotiable. 

If you’ve rented a bike up to Leh, you might have to leave it back at your hotel, and rent another one from Leh to travel to Nubra. If traveling to Leh on your own bike or in your own car, then you’re free to travel to Nubra and other places in the same vehicle and enjoy the bike trip in Ladakh

If you’re unsure about rental options, contact your hotel operator/manager. He will arrange it for you. Though the idea of riding a bike along the beautiful roads of Leh sounds tempting, it is not for beginners. It is recommended only to people who’ve experienced riding on rough roads.

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By Bus

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The best and most practical way to reach Nubra Valley from Leh is by road, due to the lack of railheads and airports in the area. You can find a shared cab, hired taxi or bus from the Leh airport to take you to Nubra Valley comfortably. There are public buses which ply regularly to and from Nubra Valley.

These buses can be boarded from Jammu Tawi, Srinagar, Leh, and a couple more places. All buses heading to or from Nubra must cross the mighty Khardung La Pass, where travel permits need to be obtained by submitting photocopies of relevant documents.

Check out the Ladakh images which will make you fall in love with this place.

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By Shared Taxi

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You can find plenty of transport options from Leh airport as well as the Leh Bus Stand to travel to Nubra. That said, if you want to travel from Leh to Nubra Valley at your leisure, a better option is to opt for a shared taxi. They are considerably more convenient compared to buses, given that they’re faster and more comfortable. The fare per person is usually around INR 400. 

Here we have the List of adventure activities in Ladakh that you can enjoy during your Ladakh trip and make it memorable.
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Things to Know during Leh - Nubra Valley Trip


Petrol Pumps on Leh-Nubra Highway

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Considering that Nubra is about 150 km away from Leh, it is important to have prior knowledge about the fuel requisitions and petrol pumps en route Nubra in order to avoid any glitches. It is advised to stock up on fuel at Leh itself, and carry enough petrol for the journey. 

If you somehow run out of petrol along the way, there is a petrol pump at Diskit. You can refill your tanks here. Bear in mind that this may be the only petrol pump you’ll find in Nubra valley. There are no petrol pumps in Hunder, Panamik, Turtuk or any other villages there. One tank full of petrol from Leh will suffice you unless your plan is to continue right up to Pangong Tso.

When you visit Pangong Lake in Ladakh, it is something that you can't miss during your trip which gives you experience camping in this region. Here are some best camps around Pangong Lake with comfort like a luxurious hotel.

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ATMs on Leh -Nubra Valley Highway

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It is strongly recommended to carry a good wad of cash with you from Leh itself. There are only two working ATMs in Nubra Valley - one in Diskit and the other in Pratapgarh. While Diskit and Pratapgarh do have ATMs, it wise to keep these options open only for emergencies or as a last resort.

While it is natural to want to carry as little cash on hand as possible, the lack of sufficient ATMs in Nubra Valley demands that you carry enough cash. Make sure that all your cash is never in one single place. That way, if you misplace one of your bags, you will be left with enough money for safety and emergency.

Manali to Leh guide is what you'll need if you're planning a trip to Leh-Ladakh.

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Ladakh Bike Trips Explore All (47)
Explore All (47)

Mechanics on Leh-Nubra Highway

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It is widely recommended that you pick up on some skills before starting your bike trip in order to enjoy the journey comfortable. There are a few mechanics available through the ride, though. While you may find a mechanic to help you out, it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve, just in case. You also have the option to hire a mechanic for the entire journey, depending on your budget. In dire times, a mechanic will definitely come in handy, and you will not have to go hunting for one. You will find plenty of mechanics in Leh, but you’ll have to patient with them, as there will be many bikers around. Beyond Leh, it might be very tricky to find mechanics when you need them.

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Mobile Network Connectivity

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Mobile network may seem a bit difficult to come by. There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling to Leh. Only postpaid connections function in Leh. No prepaid connections will work. Also, you will likely get decent network coverage in only a handful of places in Ladakh. The network seems to dwindle as you reach Khardung La Pass, and beyond the pass, it completely disappears.

The signal shows signs of revival only once you descend from Khardung La, and reach either Diskit or Hunder. BSNL also works well in Hunder, Sumur, and Turtuk. Furthermore, there’s no mobile network along the Nubra valley - Pangong Tso route, although you can find decent BSNL connectivity at Lukung, Pangong Tso. To sum it up, you will have a hard time finding decent mobile connectivity, so it’s recommended to inform your near and dear ones before crossing over from Leh to Nubra Valley. 

In case of emergencies, there are villages in Leh which have satellite phones. BSNL phones have the widest mobile coverage, and Airtel is a close second. With regards to internet connectivity, the speed is limited to 2G. 3G network is very hard to come by. Although you can always use the wifi connections in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. 

There are also a few cyber cafes. Bear in mind that electricity is a luxury here, but most villages and cyber cafes will have generators.

There are plenty of camps in Nubra Valley for a peaceful stay during your trip.

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Medical Facilities

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You can find basic medical facilities and amenities in Leh city. The famous Sonam Norphel Memorial Hospital in Leh carries modern equipment and medical facilities to aid patients. En route from Leh to Nubra Valley, there are little to no medical facilities, so an extensive first-aid kit is advisable to carry.

There are also decent medical facilities available in Nubra valley. Diskit also has a well-equipped hospital where one can easily get basic medical aid.
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Ladakh Jeep Safari Explore All (48)
Explore All (48)

Food Joints/Places to Eat between Leh and Nubra Valley

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While Khardung La may not have many options, there are plenty of dhabas, restaurants and eating joints in Leh, serving piping hot, delicious food. You also have the option of enjoying your meals in your hotel’s or camp’s restaurant or eating out in dhabas or homestays. There might be little to no options for eating at the mighty Khardung La Pass, so it is recommended that you carry enough stock. 

Diskit, Turtuk and Hunder will have more than enough options to explore, though. Nubra valley houses a lot of food joints, especially in Diskit. Gyantse Restaurant is one of the most famous eateries in Diskit, famous for the savory Chinese food that travelers have come to love.

Most of the restaurants and dhabas serve mouth-watering Tibetan as well as Chinese delicacies including the iconic momos and Thukpa, a delicious Tibetan dish. The Rangyul Guest House in Turtuk is famous for Balti dishes.

One of the many wonderful activities that the landscape of Ladakh offers its guests is river rafting. Rafting in Ladakh is one of the most adventurous activities in Ladakh.

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Places to Visit and Things to do in Nubra Valley


Diskit Monastery

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Diskit Monastery is arguably the oldest and grandest Buddhist monastery in Nubra Valley. Dating back to the 14th century, the monastery overlooks the vast stretches of the Shyok river plains. Distinguished by the 100-foot tall statue of Maitreya Buddha that sits atop the ancient gompa, it is one of the most frequented tourist destinations of Ladakh.

The monastery commands incredible panoramic vistas of the entire Nubra Valley. One can also admire the numerous frescoes and murals that the monastery fosters. Presently housing over a hundred monks, the monastery beautifully symbolizes the beliefs, traditions, and culture of Ladakh.

Check out here the list of all the places to visit in Ladakh that you must visit on your vacation.

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Camel Safari at Hunder Sand Dunes

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When it comes to the Himalayas, snow is the first thing that comes to minds. But there is a whole other world tucked away amidst the lofty mountains - a desert! As hard as it may be to believe, Nubra valley houses a beautiful desert called Hunder, with sand dunes that overshadow the likes of Dubai’s!

Famously referred to as ‘The desert in the sky’, these sand dunes are cocooned right between Hunder and Diskit, flanked by snow-clad peaks and glaciers. Hunder has the privilege of being part of the old Silk route, and is famous for the sea buckthorn plants that dot its face. The iconic camel ride in these sand dunes is absolutely unmissable!

You can check the most beautiful Camel Safari in Ladakh which give you a experience of Desert in the Sky. 
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Explore All (112)

Quad Biking at Hunder Sand Dunes

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If snow is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Himalayas, then the stunning Nubra valley has a surprise for you. Flanked by mighty snow-covered peaks and glaciers lies the magical desert of Hunder! The desert is starkly different from Rajasthan’s famous sand dunes, yet is equally appealing.

The miraculous fusion of two different terrains in Nubra is an experience that cannot be missed! The rich sand dunes of Hunder has perfect for quad biking and camel rides. The ideal window for enjoying the Hunder sand dunes is from May to October when the hospitable weather of Ladakh with clear views guarantee to leave you spellbound. 

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Samstanling Gompa, Sumur

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Sumur is one of the most shaded and rustic villages of Ladakh, harboring the beautiful Samstanling Monastery. Set against the incredible canvas of lofty peaks and valleys, the monastery, adorned with gold, red and white, speaks of the rich Ladakhi traditions.

It sits about 120 km away from Leh and can be reached from Sumur village, which is about 45 minutes away. A lush canopy of trees overlook the monastery, and countess fluttering prayer flags surround the place. The monastery is currently home to 50 monks, and several beautiful murals of Lord Buddha.

It is one of the lesser known monasteries of Ladakh but is seeing an increase in footfall every year.
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Yarab Tso Lake

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Ladakh’s best kept secret and nestled in the laps of Nubra Valley lies the pristine Yarab Tso lake. At a distance of only 15 km from the Diskit region, the sacred lake is shaded in the Sumur village and is accessible only by foot. The trek to the lake begins from Panamik Village and requires about 20 - 30 minutes of ascending up the mountain.

The untouched, unpolluted waters of the lake bear striking reflections of the surrounding snowy peaks - a view that remains etched in the heart for years! Considered as a highly sacred site, it is not allowed to swim, wash or take a dip in the waters of the lake.

Here is the Manali to Leh bike trip which gives you a chance to explore the real beauty of Ladakh and Manali.

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Turtuk Village

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Turtuk is a pristine, untouched little village along the banks of the river Shyok, cradled by Nubra and Baltistan. It is the northernmost village, beyond which lies the Pakistan-occupied region of Kashmir. 

Turtuk sits in the laps of Nubra, essentially untouched by the crutches of commercialism, and remains untouched by the wheels of time. The natives are warm and welcoming, and the land is home to numerous apricot plantations.

New to travelers, the village remained entirely off the path of tourism right until 2010. The inhabitants speak fluent Balti, a linguistic amalgamation of Persian and old Tibetan. The ‘village divided by a border’ is essentially a journey back in time.

There is no doubt in that camping is the best option while you are looking for some outdoor activities. Here is the list of some of the best camps in Ladakh.

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Panamik Village

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Panamik is a beautiful little village in Nubra Valley and is known widely for its sulfur hot springs, which are believed to have great health benefits. Sitting in almost touching proximity to the Siachen glacier, the village lies about 150 km away from Leh.

Neighboring the Indo-Tibetan border, the village is a convenient base for the trek to the 250-year-old Ensa Monastery. An absolutely unmissable place when visiting Nubra Valley, make sure to buy some of the famous Kashmiri carpets, Pashmina shawls and woolen socks which the village is famous for.

Check out the best Manali Leh jeep safari which will give you an adventures feel during your journey.

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Maitreya Buddha

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The iconic statue of Maitreya Buddha atop Diskit gompa can be seen from miles away. Overlooking the beautiful Shyok river, which snakes its way towards Pakistan, the statue is home to some unmatched views of Ladakh. The statue was built in the year 2006 for three purposes - protection of the home village, prevention of war with Pakistan, and for promotion of world peace. The hall guards stunning states of Shakyamuni Buddha and Guru Rinpoche.

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Hotels in Nubra Valley


Hotel Sten-Del

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One of the most elite hotels in Nubra Valley, Hotel Stendel is famous amongst travellers. Certified with an ‘A’ grade, the hotel prides itself on its 3-star amenities and hospitable staff. Equipped with 22 well-furnished rooms, the hotel also fosters a beautiful lawn, famous for outdoor meals. The in-house, multi-cuisine restaurant is applauded for its excellent delicacies, prepared by professional chefs.

If you need feel like your home then check out homestays in Ladakh.

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Lchang Nang Retreat

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Set amidst the picturesque mountains and valleys of Ladakh lies a little piece of heaven known as the Lchang Nang Retreat. Famously known as ’The House of Trees’, the hotel is embraced by a canapé of elm, apricot and apple trees, while the gurgling river Siachen flanks the western territory.

Offering the peace and tranquility every traveller seeks, the simplicity and hospitality here is second to none, supported also by a cooperative staff. The retreat is open for visitors from May to mid-October only.

Find out the luxurious feel and comfort at the hotels in Leh which makes your journey more comfortable.

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Hotel Grand Nubra

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Another well known name amongst the modest range of hotels in India, Hotel Grand is a franchise of the Trip India Hotels. Fusing comfort and just the right amount of wilderness, the hotel is also famous amongst globe trotters from all over the world.

Carrying stunning views of the Karakoram range, the hotel is seated well in the laps of Nubra valley, and a bit far away from the main market, ensuring you nothing but the comforting silence and tranquility of the mountains.

You can explore the treks in frozen river for this, here we have a complete Guide of Chadar Trek which help the trekkers to beat all the challenges while trekking through the frozen Zanskar River 

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StepInn Nubra Valley

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Rooted in the philosophy and aim of making travel affordable, StepInn Hotel is a marvellous modern-age hotel, which also manages to retain the rustic charm of the mountains beautifully. It is a name likely to be on the ‘best hotels in Ladakh’ list, owing to the warm hospitality of the staff and excellent amenities that the hotel offers.

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Hotel Real Siachen

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Located about 115 km away from Leh, Hotel Real Siachen is one of the more modest hotels in Ladakh. Armed with commendable services and amenities, the hotel makes sure your stay is always happy and peaceful. With free Wi-Fi, 24 hour service and friendly staff, it is truly value for money.

Their rooms are spacious and well-furnished, while a handful of rooms also feature a spacious courtyard for some blissful moments of privacy. 

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Camps in Nubra Valley


Mystique Meadows Camp

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Lapped in Sumur village of Nubra, the Mystique Meadows Camp carries an assortment of eighteen Swiss cottage tents, five Mongolian yurt tents, and four standard rooms - all of which are spacious, clean and very well-maintained. 

The camp also houses an in-house kitchen, with chefs adept at cooking mouth watering delicacies ranging from Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian and Ladakhi cuisines. One of the most comfortable stay options in Nubra valley during your Leh-Ladakh road trip.

Find out the camps around Tso Moriri which give you the best feeling in hands of nature. 

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Apple Nubra Cottage

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One of the most exquisite camping sites in the Hunder region of Nubra, the Apple Nubra Cottage is set amidst beautiful apple trees and vegetation, against a backdrop of lofty mountain peaks.

The camp comprises of 20 Swiss cottage tents with private bathrooms, along with an exclusive Indian restaurant, and 24-hour front desk. In addition to this, the camp is also pet-friendly!

Find out the most adventurous bike trip to Srinagar Leh Manali which is the dream of every biker.
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Valley Flower Camp

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Tucked away amidst an incredible valley in the beautiful Sumur village of Nubra, the Valley Flower Camp is flanked by the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges of mountains. It is a luxury camp in Nubra Valley, embellished by the rustic touches of nature just when you need it.

Surrounded by a medley of floral colors in the summer season, the camp provides you truly postcard-worthy photos to take away. With a range of fifteen well-maintained tents, the Valley Flower Camp promises to have you keep coming back.

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Nubra Ethnic Camp

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Combining the elements of luxury wilderness, Nubra Ethnic Camp sits in the heart of Hunder village in Nubra. The tents are spacious and well-maintained, along with individual bathrooms with running hot and cold water for utmost comfort. The tents also come with a private verandah, ideal for those beautiful moments of privacy spent marvelling at the encircling beauty. Hunder sand dunes are about 20 minutes of walking away from the camp.

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Safety Tips and Guidelines

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1. Leh is at a very high altitude. It is imperative that you give yourself enough days to rest and acclimatize to the altitude, as well as the decreased oxygen content in the air. Take about two to four days to rest and explore in Leh before traveling to Nubra Valley. 
2. The mighty Khardung La Pass is at around 17,500 ft., making acclimatization of key importance. 
3. Also, make sure you are well hydrated, as water is the key to avoiding altitude sickness (which can be fatal if prolonged untreated). 
4. Make it a point to carry portable oxygen cylinders for emergencies. 
5. Carry Diamox (for Acute Mountain Sickness), again, in case of emergencies. 
6. Owing to the altitude, Ladakh is very cold throughout the year. Make sure you have enough layers to keep you warm. A down jacket or windproof jacket will be your savior. 
7. Visiting restricted places like Tso Moriri, Pangong Tso and Nubra Valley require a permit. Carry enough photocopies of the relevant documents to be in the clear.
8. Choose the Wari La route of traveling to Nubra Valley from Leh only if you’re experienced, confident, and not easily scared.

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People Also Ask About Ladakh

  1. How do I get from Leh to Nubra Valley?

    There are two main passes that connect Leh to Nubra Valley- Khardung La and Wari La. These passes can be navigated quite easily via bikes, buses or cars. Rented cars and shared taxis also ferry people between the two places. It takes about 5 hours to travel from Nubra Valley to Leh and vice versa, considering that one would take adequate stops in between for rest.

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  2. What is Nubra Valley famous for?

    Nestled on the northern edge of Jammu and Kashmir, Nubra Valley is famous for its brimming orchards and scenic vistas. The Valley is often locally dubbed as the ‘Orchard of Kashmir’, with acres of farmland stretching along the mountainsides. The beautiful cold deserts in this region also makes a trip from Leh to Nubra Valley worth your time.

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  3. Is Nubra Valley worth visiting?

    The beauty of Nubra Valley’s natural landscape makes it an absolute must visit for all those travelling to Leh. Apart from its natural orchards offering a visual treat, the Valley is also known for its cold desserts, which can be navigated on local Bactrian camels. A trip from Leh to Nubra Valley is also recommended for those interested in exploring the famous Buddhist monasteries here, with the Diksit and Hunder monasteries being two of the most important structures of its kind in all of Kashmir.

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  4. How far is Nubra from Leh?

    The Valley is about 160 kilometers away from Leh. It takes around 5 hours to travel from Nubra Valley to Leh and vice versa, including the necessary stops required for rest

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  5. Is Nubra safe to visit?

    Yes, Nubra Valley is extremely safe to visit. However, it is best to avoid travel during rough weather, especially during monsoon showers or snowfall. Pack wisely and keep warm clothes with you at all times and book you stay at reputable places.

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    : Leh Ladakh Bike Trip From Delhi
  6. What is the best time to visit Nubra Valley?

    The best time to visit Nubra Valley is during the months between June and September. During this time, the weather here remains cool and pleasant, lacking any of the bite of the winter winds.

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"the experience was awesome. The whole thing organized by Thrillophilia was great. Our tour operator Jigmet sir and the whole crew were 1 no. SHAMAAASS. Julley.
11 July 2019
We went for Manali to srinagar Bike tour. It was the best bike trip of my entire life It all started with the person named Shubham from thrillophilia who helped me in selecting the best trip and processed with my booking, all thanks to him! Without him I wouldn’t have been able to experience the best trip of my life. On arrival there, we met our tour guide Tani and our Mechanic Shashi about whom I have read a lot at thrillophilia reviews. These 2 guys were so supportive during the entire tour that no matter what happened they were always there to look after us. They always made sure we are safe and we are following them and there is no overtaking taking place. Tani, the tour guide, one chilled out person he is! Make sure you get him as your tour guide and Shashi as the mechanic as these guys will always make sure that they are there for you no matter what. And in the end, it’s all the Main man behind everything, Jimmy Sir. Thanks a lot Sir for making me experience the best trip of my life! Without you and your team this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for helping us out in every way possible. The roads here are difficult terrain to ride on. You gotta be careful. You gotta carry your gum boots during water logging which is the most difficult to cross. But these guys made sure that we were all safe and had sound health till we reached home. Not even a single person was hurt. Our group was a mixture of all age groups, I’m fact we even got to meet 2 people From the Indian navy as well. One mad kickass experience! Unbelievable. Reaching the worlds highest Pass, Khardungla Top, was the highest achievement of my life till date which happened on this trip! And if at all you wish to go, don’t forget to ask Tani and Shashi as your tour guide and mechanic, and go only through Jimmy Sir as he has the best team! Thanks a lot to everyone out there for which I thought the best way would be to write at thrillophilia reviews.
16 July 2019
We had a wonderful experience with Thrillophilia Out tour was Leh-Ladakh 6N7D, which includes Leh Sightseen, Nubra Valley Overnight Stay, Pangong Overnight Night. 1. First of all you should know that Thrillophilia doesn't have its own Travel Team. Thrillophilia actually linked up with several local Travel Agency. Once your Tour is booked Thrillophilia tagged one local Travel Agency for your Tour and that particular travel agency will take care of your entire tour. Our travel manager is Lobzang Tseldon. She is very helpful and you will not face any problem in your entire tour. 1. Hotel provided in Leh: Ladakh Heights. The hotel was very good,neat and clean.It is a new hotel so you don't found any pics in the internet. But lobzang will send you the pics of the Hotel. There is a canteen within the hotel where you will be having complimentary breakfast and dinner. Non Vegetarian please let Lobzang know that you want non-veg items as well.they generally prepare veg items only.but on request they will provide you omlette in breakfast and chicken/mutton in dinner. So if anyone wants to book Thrillophilia please ask Thrillophilia to tag you to the travel agency that offers non veg items too. The Hotel Ladakh Heights is a bit far from the main city but don't worry Lobzang will provide you car for visit to Leh market whenever required and she will not charge you for that. You will get a beautiful view from this hotel but if you want to stay near the main city you will not get any view from the hotel. 2. The stay at Nubra Valley was awesome. They have Royal Camp in Nubhra and it's is a nature-friendly camp. You will love it, I can guarantee you. 3. They stay at Pangong was okay. You can understand that at that altitude you will not get luxury.so the camp provided at Pangong was good for 1 night stay. Overall my experience with Thrillophilia was very good. We enjoyed a lot. Thanks a lot to Lobzang Tseldon for the wonderful arrangements of our tour.
"Trip was really awesome. I feel everyone should consider this trip at least once in their lifetime. My eyes were never tired of looking around at such beautiful and scenic views. I would like to extend my special thanks to Tour leader Mr. Jigmet Tandar. He is highly trained professional. The way he lead the tour made us have more fun. Thanks to the whole crew Jigmet, Stanzin, Wangyal, Kaushal, Tundoop. Made a lot of new friends. One suggestion to Thrillophilia team: Since this is not just any casual trip that anyone can go through please consider keeping a screening process for people who opt for it. This is one of the most extreme adventures where your body and mind will go through a lot of challenges, one can successfully complete this trip only if they are determined and well prepared."
03 June 2019
An exhilarating life-changing experience. If you are able bodied, a biking lover, a landscape / scenery admirer and a crazy adventure seeker, this is a must try for life. Our group of bikers were fun-loving yet very responsible riders. We became friends on the very first day and all of us enjoyed every moment, giving mutual respect at every instance, having each other's backs at every dangerous turn. Even elderly couples in the group made amazing memories with all the young folks! The Ladakhi food, the heritage site visits, the campfire dancing, the photos, the market shopping, the music, the hikes, the snow, even the adorable mountain dogs, furry yaks and double-hump camels, every-bit was amazing. The road team was extraordinary, specially Tani (captain) and Shashi (bike repairman). They were very friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and also helpful at every step. We had a truck carrying our luggage all along, running behind us all through the roads, making sure no one is left behind. Jigmet has a lot of local connections, so you will be well taken care of at camps and hotels (even Jain food, on request).
24 October 2020
I had a wonderful trip with Thrillophilia. Hotel provided in Leh was clean and good. All sightseeing places covered as per itinerary. The camping stay at Nubra Valley and near Pangong lake was awesome. We enjoyed a lot and overall experience was great.
Bhushan Gandhi Sham Valley Trek
The Sham Valley Trek was one of the most enjoyable treks I have undertaken in the last few years, and all the credit goes to Thrillophilia. The booking experience was extremely smooth and I would highly recommend this company for all your travels in the valley.
Ladakh was the place I always wanted to visit for a long time, But this time I get this chance by traveling with Thrillophilia because this platform offers the best/affordable/organized package compared to other websites...The itinerary was rich all places we visited were well-selected...A breathtaking place I've ever seen in my life...All arrangement on this tour was spot-on...
Vishwamitra Johar Leh Ladakh Package From Mumbai
Very interesting tour of my life! No place can beat Ladakh! I was in love with the place of the whole-tour...Our guide was nice, transportation was comfortable, the accommodations were nice so the food too...Overall it was a memorable experience...
Aashritha Mahajan Leh Ladakh Package From Mumbai
A tour to Ladakh was simply BIG WOW... Thank you for everything Thrillophilia... I highly recommend this tour to everybody...

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