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    Ladakh Trip

     Image Credit: Prabhu B Doss - Flickr

    From enjoying the sights of the Leh Palace to exploring the Tsemo Fort, or trying out pan-Asian cuisine, there are numerous things to try in Ladakh. When you ride on a camel in the Nubra Valley, enjoy the scenery around you and relish the exotic riding experience offered by a camel.

    Visit the Thiksey monastery, embrace the intriguing atmosphere and offer your silent prayers. Go for a yak safari or an enthralling bike tour and savour every moment to its brim. Be ready for such specials moments and much more on this Ladakh trip.

    Things to do on your Ladakh trip:

    1) Visit to Pangong Lake

    Image Credit: Prabhu B Doss - Flickr

    Some parts of this lake are in Tibet and China. Covering a total surface area of 600 square kilometres, this lake remains frozen during the winters. Being a saline water landlocked water body, the brackish water of the lake ensures that there is not much aquatic life. You can find a handful of crustacean species and a lot of exotic birds around the lake.

    There are a plenitude of gulls and ducks that visit the peripheries of the Pangong Lake. If you are visiting during the summer you can see rare species such as Brahmin ducks and bar-headed goose. Out of all the things to do in Ladakh, exploring the habitats around the lake takes you to the areas where endangered wildlife such as Kiang and Marmot thrive.

    2) Visit Magnetic Hill

    Image Credit- Rohit Ganda- Flickr

    Also called the gravity hill, this region has magnetic properties. The magnetism is potent enough to pull vehicles uphill. Even the passing aircraft increase their elevation from the ground to escape this magnetism. Many people believe that there is indeed an invisible force pervading the Magnetic Hill.

    Located on the national highway connecting Leh, Kargil and Srinagar this place is about 11,000 feet above sea level. It is a popular spot for tourists given the legend behind it. When on a trip to Ladakh you could be the next one attracted to the Magnetic Hill not because of its magnetic properties but astonishing scenery as well!

    3) Biking Trip around Ladakh

    Image Credit: Prabhu B Doss - Flickr

    Biking is a creative way to explore the amazing backdrops of Ladakh. It is an adrenaline rushing activity and the trails here are considered to be the Holy Grail of all biking trails during your Ladakh Trip. You will be thrilled to bits as you pass through high mountain passes on your bike. The views from these high-rise regions are simply breathtaking. Be in awe and admiration at the unique ecosystem that pervades such regions.

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    Reclaim your energies as you pass through the Lahaul Valley and cocooned by a wealth of nature-architected splendours. Cool your nerves and settle down in excitement with hot momos and thupka soup at a road side eatery. Enjoy the biking expedition and feel the free-spirit inside you come out in undulating form.

    4) Cycling on Khardung La

    Image Credit: Elroy Serrao - Flickr

    The Khardung La pass is considered to one of the highest roads in the world. Located at 5,633 meters, this route is the gateway to the beautiful Nubra Valley and cycling in this routs is a must on a trip to Ladakh.

    Your cycling begins from Leh and you will cover a distance of around 40km. The final 15km to the pass really needs some cycling skills and can take you a considerable amount of time to cover! But once you get to the road of the Khardung La, the effort is worth it. You are treated to amazing views and most of which are fascinating as well as equally captivating.

    5) Visit Thiksey Monastery

    Also called Thikse Gompa, this is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located about 18km east of Leh and is situated at an altitude of 3,600m. A 12 storey building, there are many items pertaining to Buddhism: paintings, ancient scriptures, swords and statues.

    Built in the 15th century, the assembly hall of this structure is the primary attraction. Inside this wall, there various murals depicting the Wheel of Life. Within the complex, you can also visit the Tara Temple and see the 21 images dedicate to goddess Tara within the building.

    6) Go for Yak safari

    Yak Safari

    This is amongst the most exotic safaris on a Ladakh Trip. You will explore the scintillating landscape of Ladakh on a yak. Be mesmerized as you visit lakes, glacial valleys, waterfalls, rivulets, snow capped mountains and forests sitting on a yak.

    Weighing around a ton, its wide hips, strong and curved horns and the fur-covered body make one of the stunning mammals to witness in Ladakh. Ride on these beasts, explore some of the highest places of the earth and enjoy the alluring charm of Ladakh.

    7) Camel Safari at Nubra Valley

    Image Credit: Karunakar Rayker - Flickr

    Might sound hard to believe, but camels or the ship of the desert are also a major source of transportation to navigate some parts of Ladakh. Since ancient times, camels have been deployed in action along with Yaks for people to traverse high ascents.

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    Also referred to as the valley of flowers, Nubra Valley is amongst the enchanting valleys in the world. As part of things to do in Ladakh, on a camel safari through this region, you will explore the spectacular landscapes on a camel back. There are numerous double humped camels, also called as Bactarian camels that transport visitors through this valley.

    8) Volunteering in Ladakh

    You can take part in volunteering programs conducted by non-profit government organizations in Ladakh. These organizations look for volunteers either on a temporary or permanent basis to carry out daily tasks. You can be part of their activities during your Ladakh trip.

    In your own small way you can make a large difference to the lives of the local people. Some of the NGOs are taking efforts to preserve the unique cultural identity of the people that is getting changed due to Western influence. You can participate in such cultural restoration programs and also understand how the people here carry out their daily lives.

    9) Snow Leopard Sighting at Hemis National Park

    Photo Credit- Tambako The Jauguar- Flickr

    Although this park has numerous species of wildlife and birdlife, the snow leopard is the prime attraction. This is an endangered species and primarily thrives in high-altitude regions. There are more than two hundred snow leopards and you can go on jeep safaris as part of things to do in Ladakh to spot these imposing animals. Unlike other predators that hunt based on hunger, this predator kills many preys at once and stores them to be eaten over a period of time.

    10) Rafting & Kayaking in Indus River

    The best time for this activity is between June and August. There are numerous rafting and kayaking tours conducted on the Indus River during this time. Originating from Pakistan, this river flows through some parts of Northern India and also offers quite a few exhilarating rapids for rafting and kayaking.

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    While on a rafting expedition, you can also witness and enjoy the stunning views along the riverbanks. Well, if you are in the mood of extreme fun and adventure, you can opt to cruise through rapids called Alchi and Khalsi.

    11) Eat at German Bakery

    Image Credit: Daniela Hartmann - Flickr

    Called the Pumpernickel Bakery, it is amongst the top places to visit and sample mouth-watering coconut cookies, muesli cookies, walnut cakes, caramel cakes, choco Danish pastry and lots more. The bakery is best known for its Tofu curry. The interiors of the place are decked in traditional Ladakhi columns giving it a regional and rustic appeal.

    Given that the bakery opens early, you can spend splendid time sampling various food items in this bakery. Located on the Old Fort Road in Leh, this place is a treasure trove of culinary delights to savour as part of your Ladakh Trip.

    12) Visit Druk White Lotus School

    Located in Shey, this school is an award winning educational institution. The school imparts education and is also focused on retaining and enduring the strong cultural identity of Ladakh and its people. Besides academic education, students are also spiritual education in the form of religious discourses.

    Lessons of Tibetan Buddhism holds the most primal place in the course of learning. In addition to Ladakhi, English is also aptly spoken within this institute.

    13) Visit Tso Moriri

    Image Credit: Prabhu B Doss - Flickr

    Located in Changthang and amongst the high altitude lakes in Himalayan region, Tso Moriri is oligotrophic water body. The best time to visit the lake is during the summer.

    Home to many endangered and rare species of birds, one can easily spot black necked cranes, bar headed geese and such rare birds here during your trip to Ladakh. The forests around the lake are home to the Tibetan gazelle, Himalayan blue sheep, marmot and several such species that are native to this region. If you go deep into the jungle adjoining this lake, you might spot snow leopards and Tibetan wolves.

    14) Hangout at Lala's Art Café

    Outside this art café, there is a small mud-brick town house that exudes an old world charm. To get to the café, one has to climb the stone steps leading to it. A combination of gallery and café, the open roof terrace of this retreat serves delightful Italian coffee.

    There is also a small section within the premises, where international artists and photographers display their works. Sometimes cultural concerts and debates are also held in this cafe.

    15) Go for Trekking in Markha Valley

    Image Credit: kevin - Flickr

    The Markha Valley is a remote stretch of land cocooned by gigantic mountains. This terrain offers Ladakh trip trekking enthusiasts the time of their lives. The spectacular scenery, rugged terrain and sightings of blue sheep and ibex along the way make it for a memorable trek.

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    The trekking trail passes through the Hemis National Park and along the way you will come cross several streams and rivers. You can climb through gorges and walk beside barley and mustard plantations. Along the way you can also visit a mystical Ladakhi village, nestled quietly amidst divine setting.

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    Regale in the exhilarating experiences that Ladakh presents you! On these high-altitude regions, satiate your cravings for adventure and thrills. Visit forests, villages, mountain passes and valleys. Go on camel and yak safaris, dine and eat at popular restaurants and bakeries, visit art cafes and savour the offerings of this unique world. 

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