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    Guide to Rafting in Ladakh 

    Experience begins from Phey and finishes off at the conjunction between Indus and Zanskar rivers, completing in Nimo. With three main rivers around, can you ignore the sense of adventure in Ladakh? Rafting as we speak of it is an adventure sport, just as trekking in Ladakh is, which is loved by all and done by many.

    You have Leh providing the River Indus for excitement, Nubra with the River Shayok for adventure and Zanskar with River Zanskar for the thrill of river rafting experience, where else would you find such a plethora of options served to you?

    Flowing from the lions mouth

    Aptly given the name Singhe Khababs, the river Indus very well spreads herself high from the beginning of June till the end of August, so if you want to raft in her waters and have the experience of a lifetime, you now know when to do so. There are various river rafting deals to avail off, right from a one-day adventurous session to a week long fun filled experience.

    While rafting on the Indus you would come across breathtaking spots and landscapes as well, such as the high cliffs (fit for trekking ) that house the Buddhist monasteries, the terrains along the Zanskar range and the spectacular volley of flora and fauna along the river Shayok, what more can you ask for?

    Popular rafting destinations around Ladakh by thrillophilia

    1. Phey to Nimo
    2. Upshi to Kharu
    3. Upshi to Nimo
    4. Phey to Saspol
    5. Phey to Indus via Zanskar at Nimo
    6. Nimo to Alchi
    7. Alchi to Khaltsey via Nurla

    A little about the popular routes for you to know

    1. While you are on the majestic Phey to Nimo route, be prepared to pass the most beautiful mountainous regions, you could opt for hot air ballooning to view the mountain tops as well. You would also see small hamlets and age old decaying monasteries along the way as the rapids flow through the valleys. The river rafting in Ladakh experience begins from Phey and finishes off at the conjunction between Indus and Zanskar rivers, completing in Nimo.
      Difficulty level:  The route would be fit for those who are experienced with Grade II or III rapids, the easy ones that is.
    2. When you river raft on the Upshi -Kharu route, be prepared for a lengthy ride down the waters, but the rapids are easily manageable. You start out at Upshi and would head westwards to finally reach Kharu. One can even enjoy rock climbing on this route, if treading the waters isnt an option.
      Difficulty level: The rapids between the two points would be of grades I and II, and along the line somewhere you could encounter grade III rapids as well, but seldom.
    3. The next route we would talk to you about would be the Phey - Saspol route. As mentioned the river rafting experience starts at Phew and ends at Saspol. While you are on this route to river raft, ensure you soak in the panoramic landscapes which pass by. You could have a camping in Ladakh experience by the night to soak in the adventures of the day by a bonfire.
      Difficulty level:  With this experience the difficulty levels is not that much, rather most say it is a relaxing experience.
    4. The Kharu to Spituk route is best for those who want to try river rafting or experience the fun and thrills for the first time. The route begins at Kharu and culminates at Spituk, a little ahead of Leh,
      Difficulty Level:  Easy and very good for the ones who want to start out for the first time, and finally,
    5. We would also suggest the Saspol - Khaltsey route. This is a route which requires the tough and brave at heart, for it has challenging rapids, especially between Khaltsey and Saspol, even at Nurla as well. The river rafting experience ends at Khaltsey, which is around ninety kilometers before Leh.
      Difficulty Level: The level for this river rafting route wouldnt be for beginners and amateurs. It is strenuous and tough to achieve, only experienced river rafters should be on this wild ride.

    So if you are in a mood for the ultimate adventure while travelling around Ladakh on the yak safari, you know now what beckons your desires!!


Rafting in Ladakh