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  • There are ways to do certain things the usual routine way, and then there are smart ways to those same things, more efficiently. By efficient, we are talking about no time-wasting, to-the-point concepts and interesting methods to do the same activities that usually would have taken more time and effort. Team building too can be done with routine team exercises, tests and games. And it could also be done through a smart process, which is way more efficient.

    Let us have a look at some tips to build highly efficient teams :

  • 01Evaluate the Rankings

    The first step has got to do with ranking on a scale of 1-10, where 10 would be the highest and 1 would be the lowest. Gather the entire team and ask them to anonymously give their ranks to the questions of 'How good are we as a team?' and 'How good are we required to be as a team?' Finally total these ranks.
  • 02Bridge the Gap

    Upon evaluating the ranks, considering there are differences in the two ranks, we move on to bridging this gap. Ask each member to anonymously list two key behaviors which he feels need to be imparted into each of the team members in order to better the team work. Now list these on a flip chart and have the team to unanimously pick the one they feel would have the best result on the team.
  • 03Get Feedback

    Next, have every team member have a one-on-one talk with every other member for a couple of minutes, in order to get a feedback on a positive change or two that needs to be made by that individual to help the team work more efficiently. Finally, let each person select a behavior to focus on making better.
  • 04Monthly Follow Up

    Follow this up with monthly review meets, where team members check on each other and suggest to each other of how to continue their mission on improving themselves individually as well as a team player, based on the feedback from the session.

    While participating in this process, the person requesting for feedback should not critique or judge it, but must merely be a good listener and the person giving the suggestion must do so with an eye on the team betterment and nothing else.


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