Lucifer Disko Tk Overview

Lucifer Disko Tk is a vibrant nightlife hotspot, known for its pulsating music and energetic atmosphere. Located in the heart of Bangkok, this trendy club attracts both locals and tourists alike.

This is yet another famous nightclub located on Walking Street in Pattaya and is a must to add to any Thailand itinerary, offering an electrifying experience for those seeking a taste of the country's lively nightlife scene. The club offers great and uninterrupted music from the time it opens around 9 PM till it closes (around 5 am the next day) for its guests.

Highlights – There are 2 areas of enjoying the music here. The area at the front is quieter, where a live band plays Western music and where salsa dance performances take place. From here, you can also get to see the nightlife of Walking Street. The area at the back is noisier with rock music at its full flow, performed by well-known DJs. The club is relatively huge; however, it gets jam-packed during weekends. So you need to come as soon as it opens to get a good view of the girls and performances.

Location – Walking Street. The huge neon logo of the club makes it easily identifiable.

Price – Close to INR 230

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