Max Muay Thai Overview

Max Muay Thai is also known as "the art of eight limbs", and has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. Watching a match of MAX Muay Thai boxing is considered to be one of the most exciting experiences for visitors of all age groups. The fights are held in the Max Muay Thai stadium and organized between local fighters. 

During your Thailand tour, spend an evening watching one of the iconic sports of Thailand, the Muay Thai, at Max Muay Thai theatre. Muay Thai is a form of Thai kickboxing and is known to be one of the world’s most exciting forms of martial arts. It is known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” as in this form of boxing, there are eight points of contact in fists, elbows, knees and feet.The authentic fights will give you a glimpse of the spirit of respectability among the Thai fighters, and also their undisputable passion for the sport, in which they display sheer grit and tenacity. The Muay Thai fighters showcase power, aggression and speed along with sportsmanship, humility and respect throughout the fight. You will not only find Thai local fighters in the matches but also some of the world-renowned international fighters.The stadium is the only professional stadium in Pattaya where several MAX World Championships are held. 

Choose between a weekday or a weekend match and participate in the event of your choice. The stadium holds several events from which you can choose, such as the Muay Thai battle with six fights, Muay Thai fighter with five fights, and The Champion Muay Thai where four boxers fight for the championship title. 

Feel the excitement grow as you gradually become a part of the stadium full of noise and bright lights with people shouting and making their choice of the fighters they want to support. The excitement will increase further when the entry of the fighters is announced by loud music, and they enter with spotlights on them, wearing long robes. Learn about them from the giant screen displays giving their statistics. Feel fascinated watching them perform the two traditional rituals accompanied by traditional music before the match begins. Watch the fighters pay respect to their trainers in the Wai Khri ritual, and demonstrate their techniques and skills in the Ram Muay ritual, before proceeding to start the fight.

Participate in the fight by roaring with the crowd and cheering for your favourite fighters as they go on an electrifying battle. Feel like jumping off your seat with excitement as you watch the match proceed and then finally come to an end. Return to your accommodation with the excitement still in your heart. 


• Visit the MAX Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya to experience the most exciting and unique event of Pattaya.
• Feel excited while entering Pattaya’s only professional martial art stadium, which hosts authentic Muay Thai matches.
• Explore the stadium were fighters of international fame gather to show their expertise.
• Be thrilled to watch a real Muay Thai kickboxing live match at the MAX Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya.
• Watch one of the different events - Muay Thai battle, Muay Thai fighter or The Champion Muay Thai.
• Take pride in visiting the stadium, which hosts the MAX Muay Thai World Championship belt.
• Cheer the international and Thai fighters as they compete with each other in this thrilling match.

Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Max Muay Thai

1. Rubberland Rubber Museum: Explore an amazing world where everything is made of rubber. Stroll through The Jungle, where you will find all animals of the Thai tropical forests made of rubber and then explore the underwater life made of rubber. Foodies will feel delighted while entering the next section, Thai Sweets, where they will find famous dishes in rubber form. Visit Inspiration to be inspired by some creative rubber designs and purchase some rubber items to carry back home. 

2. St. Nikolaus Church: The unusual St. Nikolaus Church, with its unique style of construction, will mesmerise you with its spectacular beauty. You can pay your respect to St. Nicholas of Flue, the Swiss saint during your visit to this place. 

3. Sukhawadee House: Located at Naklua Beach in Pattaya, Baan Sukhawadee or Eden House is a storehouse of religious statues of different religions such as Thai, Christian, Roman, Egyptian and many more. Visit this place to get a glimpse of holy images from different religions such as Lord Buddha at birth, King Taksin the Great, King Chulalongkorn the Great, etc. Take a stroll in the peaceful surroundings of the place with a variety of botanical plants.

4. Tree Town: Tree Town is a place you should visit at night and spend some time. You can stroll at the place or take a look at the items being sold at the night stalls. You can also grab a bite at one of the local eateries and taste the local delicacies, and enjoy the bustling ambience of the place. 

5. Beach Road: Take a stroll along the wide, palm-lined path of the Beach Road in the evening to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset in the sea. Feel the sea breeze touching your face while you walk or stop at one of the street vendors to check out their wares. Proceed to the other side of Beach Road if you want to have food at some restaurant or do some shopping at the local shops. 

6. Pattaya Beach: Spend some time on Pattaya Beach and indulge in water sports such as jet ski, parasailing, diving or a ride on a speedboat. Have an enjoyable meal at one of the floating restaurants and check out the shops on the shore.  

7. Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum: Feel Thrilled finding some odd exhibits at this museum known for their displays of curious facts and interesting inventions. You will be surprised to see a real shrunken human head, a mask made from human skin, a model of the 1937 Jaguar that’s actually a motorboat etc. Children will be attracted to visit The Infinity Maze, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, Ripley’s 4D Moving Theatre, and Tussauds Wax Museum.

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8. Gems Gallery Pattaya: Visit the world’s biggest jewellery and gem centre, at Pattaya and take a look at amazing pieces of precious stones such as red sapphires, dazzling diamonds, zircon and many more. Learn more about the gems, such as how they are processed and studded in pieces of jewellery. Check out their vast selection and feel tempted to own one or two. 

9. Louis Taasuad’d Waxworks: Explore the Wax Works with different themed rooms featuring over 100 wax figures of famous Pop Stars, British Royalties, well-known politicians, and other celebrities. Children would love visiting the Chamber of Secrets - A Harry Potter Room, Den of Horror to meet Dracula and others, Superheroes and villains such as Batman, Cat Women etc. 

10. Art In Paradise: Taking interesting photographs of yourself in the midst of amazing 3D paintings. There is a gallery of around 100 art pieces divided into ten themed sections where you will find paintings such as waterfalls, animals, past civilisations, optical illusions and reproductions of classic art.

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Places to eat near Max Muay Thai

1.Tequila Reef Cantina: Enjoy delicious Latin American Cuisine at this restaurant, located very near to Max Muay Thai Stadium. Some of the specialities that you can opt for in this restaurant include Roast Ribs, Yin Gong Rice with Soya sauce, Beef rolls etc. There is a small bar inside the restaurant where you can order delicious cocktails. 

2.Took Lae Dee at Foodland: An amazing place near Max Muay Thai Stadium where you can taste Southwest Asian delicacies is Took Lae Dee. Delight in having seafood and steaks at this restaurant.

3.Loaf: If you just want to have a mini-meal with some delicious coffee to gulp them down with, you can try this cafe. This afternoon cafe will offer you many choices of simple Thai and Western meals. You can fulfil your sweet tooth cravings by having a cake snack.

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4.Le Saigon Rooftop: This roof-top restaurant will delight you with its magnificent view. The cuisines on offer in this restaurant include Vietnamese, Western, and Thai. You will need to select from their three or four courses fixed menu. Some of the delicious dishes that this place serves includes roasted duck in orange sauce, stir fry spinach with cheese etc. 

5.Wine Bar@ Pattaya: If you are looking for a place that serves meals, along with drinks, you can visit this place where the menu mainly consists of Thai dishes. The ambience at this place is relaxed, with music playing in the background. Some of the recommended dishes include chicken and cashew nuts, shrimp with basil leaves, etc. The place is known for its amazing cocktails such as Mai Thai and also beer.Cascade Restaurant: Delight in having a buffet spread including Thai, Western, Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Walk into the restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner to enjoy your food at the all-day buffet.

Shopping places near Max Muay Thai

1. Terminal 21 Pattaya: Enjoy a shopping expedition in an airport-themed mall with a real-life aeroplane and a man-made beach in its exterior. The mall, keeping the essence of travelling, will offer you products from multiple countries in its over 250 retail shops with every level representing a different country. Classic airport signposts with airport attired personnel of that destination will greet you at each level and take you around the world in only a few hours. 

2. Harbor Pattaya Mega Fun Mall: If you have children travelling with you, they will surely enjoy visiting this mall where they can enjoy ice and roller skating, trampolining, arcade games and many more at the 13 indoor air-conditioned play areas. While children will have fun, adults can shop at the mall's various shops, till they are ready to rest and grab a meal at one of the cafes, restaurants or fast food joints at the mall.

3. Central Festival Pattaya Beach: Enjoy shopping at this mall with 370 retail shops, including a 5-floor central department store. The mall also has an entertainment complex where you can spend some time.

4. Central Marina Pattaya: Your shopping experience is incomplete without visiting this mall with a watchtower entrance and a spectacular ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling near it. You will be spoiled for choice in the shopping area with several retail stores spread over three floors. The mall also has a selection of eateries, children play area, as well as a six-screen SFC Cinema to provide entertainment.

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Max Muay Thai FAQs

What is the location of Max Muay Thai Stadium?

The Max Muay Thai Stadium is located at 42/100 Sukhumvit Rd. Moo.9 Nongprue, Banglamung, Chon Buri, 20150 in Pattaya city. You will find it placed between the South Pattaya Road Junction and towards the Central Road/Sukhumvit junction, near the King Power Pattaya. The place can be easily reached by taxi or a songthaew from Central Pattaya. You can also reach the place by taking a Baht bus and getting down at Pattaya Pannipa.

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What is the best time to visit Max Muay Thai Stadium?

The best time to visit Max Muay Thai Stadium is between 6 to 7 pm. To watch the ultimate boxing match, you can visit on a Sunday.

Is there a children's ticket fee?

The ticket prices for children are the same as that of adults. Only children who are below 100 cm tall can enter the stadium free. Ticket prices are 1500 Baht per person from Monday to Thursday and 2000 baht per person from Friday to Sunday.

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What are the timings of Max Muay Thai Pattaya?

The Max Muay Thai Stadium stages boxing matches from Monday to Saturday except for Buddhist holidays. The timings of the matches are: 

Monday to Thursday: 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Fridays and Saturdays: 6 pm to 8:10 pm 

Sundays: 6 pm to 8:20 pm.

Are all the fights real at Max Muay Thai Pattaya?

Yes, the fights at Max Muay Thai Pattaya are real fights full of excitement, thrill and power. Many renowned professional fighters participate in these Thai kickboxing matches, an enthralling form of Martial Art, to win against each other.

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