Discotheque Endorphin Overview

If you are a discotheque lover and want to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya in its fullest form, you should visit Discotheque Endorphin. This is one of the premium nightclubs in Pattaya and has been designed by the European brand Endorphin, which has been the mastermind of many awesome casinos in the US and UK.

With its neon lights, retro beats, and energetic atmosphere, it's a journey back in time. Amidst the nostalgia, consider elevating your Thai adventure with budget friendly Thailand tour packages. These packages ensure you explore the rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and indulge in the electrifying nightlife without breaking the bank. Discotheque Endorphin becomes a memorable highlight, perfectly complementing the allure of affordable travel experiences in the Land of Smiles.

Highlights – The lights are constantly changing in this night club and you get to enjoy the best DJs in town here. Also, the sound system in Discotheque Endorphin is the best that you can find in Pattaya as the audio system here uses more than 100000 watts of power. There are 3 spacious dance floors here and shows performed by internationally renowned artists during certain seasons.

Location – Walking Street, No. 139/15. Like all other bars, this is also open all through the night.

Price – Around INR 1,150 for a pack of 6 beers.

       THB500 for a pack of 6 beers.

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