Mimosa Pattaya Overview

Also known as the City of Love, Mimosa Pattaya is an aesthetically pleasing outdoor shopping mall with an oriental European touch. The visitors can experience the vibrant Thai lifestyle in this beautiful shopping complex while strolling across the streets. Apart from this, one can also witness the renowned Lady Cabaret Show, Art Gallery, and the Aquarium in the Mimosa Pattaya.

About Mimosa Pattaya:

Mimosa Pattaya is a replica of a city that depicts a beautiful French-German town and includes a cultural interest, a pleasant day out, and, most importantly, a lot of shopping. It is located just across the road from the Ambassador City Jomtien hotel, making it a convenient addition to your Thailand tour package. It's also considered as a Symbol of Love, and it has a particular Renaissance-era flair, whether it's the quaintly styled walkways or the gorgeous canal that runs between the bustling commercial lanes. 

The mall's centrepiece is a musical waterfall that also serves as the platform for a 45-minute Tiffany-style ladyboy performance. When they're not performing, the glamorous performers can be spotted posing for pictures with visitors all over the grounds. You'll also get to see Pattaya's most popular attraction, the Mimosa Cabaret Show, which contains small musical adaptations. Another intriguing attraction is the Marine Monster, which features strange-looking marine critters and gorgeous birds. There is a nominal price to explore some of the excursions and attractions around Funland Amusement Park, and there is something for everyone, from a petting zoo for the little ones to a 6D cinema for children and teenagers. Pattaya has a vast array of apparel, jewellery, Thai handicraft, gadgets, and souvenirs, but no specific brands, and you can find a similar assortment in one of Pattaya's many marketplaces. There are a wide range of food options available. 

A vast food court offers a variety of low-cost international foods, but the park also includes a number of independent bars, bistros, and restaurants. There is a plethora of French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Thailand cuisine, as well as a variety of desserts and snack selections. So, all in all Mimosa is a boutique shopping mall, entertainment hub, and multicultural dining centre that is more than just a tourist attraction. Mid afternoon is the finest time to visit Mimosa since the vibrant colours are heightened by the setting sun and it's also the best time to shoot really stunning pictures.


• Get a chance to immerse yourself in the midst of the French-inspired architectural marvels of Mimosa Pattaya.
• Stroll across some of the elegant shops that deal with locally made items that you can bring home as souvenirs.
• Relish the authentic Thai cuisine at the local restaurants.
• Get a chance to witness the most sought after Mimosa Cabaret Show.
• Capture impeccable snaps of the colourful and picturesque buildings.
• Get amazed by the quaint pathways and picturesque canals.

Other Essential Information

What Not to Miss at Mimosa Pattaya:

  1. Lady Cabaret Show: The Lady Cabaret Show is one of Mimosa Pattaya's main attractions. But it is not for children below 18+. It is an hour-long spectacle that features a ‘Tiffany’ styled dance performance by the glamorously costumed performers. When they're not performing, they pose for photos with tourists all throughout the market. Do not hesitate to tip them graciously. The shows begin at 17:00, 19:00, and 21:00 and run for nearly an hour. The performance costs around 300 THB to attend.
  2. Art Gallery: Mimosa's Art Gallery looks a tad bit like Paradise's Art Gallery.This is an excellent place to start if you're searching for some artsy touristy items. Bring your artist friends to this location to admire the beauty of this place.
  3. Monster Aquarium: The Marine Monsters, a tiny aquarium in Mimosa Pattaya with a variety of aquatic species, is well worth a visit. It has large tanks of vibrant fish, as well as a reptile house and a small zoo with farm animals and owls.
  4. Shopping: Mimosa is a fully functional shopping mall with a boutique feel. Around the area, there are about 300 stores, including boutiques and restaurants, selling a variety of products such as toys and handicrafts, souvenirs of all sorts, apparel, and jewellery.
  5. Funland Amusement Park: The youngsters have their own separate part of the entertainment. Funland Amusement Park has a petting zoo as well as a 6D movie presentation. A few tours and shows have additional fees. Your kids will have an amazing time here.
  6. Dining & Restaurants: Apart from the many individual bistros, pubs, and a handful of small restaurants within the retail complex, there is a huge food court. The culinary course is multi-cuisine, with options for French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. There are several snack bars as well as dessert parlours. Some have a pleasant ambience with views of the canal or water fountain.
  7. Renaissance Architecture: Mimosa Pattaya dubbed the "City of Love," tries to replicate a romantic ambience with charming pathways, lounging places, and its own canal. The scenery is stunning, and it is a great place to snap some Instagram worthy shots. The buildings, which are constructed in the ancient timber frame form, are painted in bright and attractive colours to resemble Renaissance architecture.

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Places to Visit Near Mimosa Pattaya:

  1. Pattaya Floating Market: Pattaya Floating Market will definitely not discourage you, whether you want to enjoy delectable Thai cuisine or purchase souvenirs for your friends and family. The cultural performances, on the other hand, are a highlight, and they are completely free. Both Thai and foreign tourists can enjoy the lovely scenery of Pattaya Floating Market by riding a sightseeing boat to view the way of life of Thai people on two riverfronts. 
  2. Jomtien Beach: The turquoise ocean, calm white sand, romantic strolls, and vistas of the glittering metropolis are all highlights of Jomtien beach. When you've had your fill of sunbathing and relaxing, take a stroll along the beach with your partner and check out some of the fantastic shacks serving delectable Thai cuisine. 
  3. Columbia Pictures Aquaverse: Aquaverse is a fantastic, realistic entertainment site that offers limitless opportunities to have fun surpassing your wildest expectations. Get ready for a brand-new adventure as your favourite Hollywood characters come to life as you slide onto the silver screen for the trip of your life. 
  4. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: Themed and fantasy gardens are the main attractions at Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. With daily cultural shows, restaurants, and lodging, as well as a large section showing individually themed gardens, the entire region feels more like a theme park than a tropical garden. A stroll around the botanical gardens is like taking a trip across the world. 
  5. Pattaya Dolphin World: Pattaya Dolphin World is best renowned for its dolphin displays and is habitat to a handful of rare Irrawaddy "smiling" dolphins. The dolphins play, jump, and execute a variety of tricks and behaviours that add to the enjoyment of the presentation. At the Pattaya Dolphin World & Reservoir, you may interact with the dolphins, feed them, take pictures with them, and learn all about them from specialised trainers. 
  6. Underwater World Pattaya: Explore Thailand's first contemporary aquarium, which houses over 5,000 sea creatures from around the world. Don't miss the family-friendly koi feeding experience. If you're feeling brave, go diving with sharks and manta rays for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Pattaya's marine conservation facility will undoubtedly be a hit with the whole family! 
  7. Tiger Park: Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a selfie with unchained tigers inside the cage at Tiger Park Pattaya. Tigers can be hugged, kissed, played with, and photographed. All of the tigers born and nurtured here are loved by the professional staff and raised in an atmosphere that allows them to enjoy their lives with people.
  8. Love Art Park, Pattaya: Love Art Park Pattaya is a massive sculpture show with a sensual concept that will definitely make you blush! The exhibits are beautifully illuminated in the evenings, making it especially worthwhile to visit after sunset. You'll be astounded by Korean artists' abilities to weave narratives into each of their creations. The statues vividly depict the issues of male and female love, and in some ways, you will recognise yourself in them. 
  9. Sanctuary of Truth: With its beautifully realistic engravings of elephants, people and sceneries, mythical tales and deities, the sanctuary is arguably best defined as a testament to Thai artistry. It's a one-of-a-kind structure in the globe that celebrates philosophy, art, culture, and spirituality without being affiliated with any particular religion.

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Places to Stay Near Mimosa Pattaya:

  1. Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya: Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya, situated just about 0.3 km away from Mimosa Pattaya. is an ocean-view hotel with a poolside bar. There is an outdoor pool as well as a children's pool on the premises. A water slide and a 24-hour fitness facility, as well as a water spa, are among the other recreational options. 
  2. Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya (Ocean Wing): Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya (Ocean Wing) is about 0.4 km away from Mimosa Pattaya. Balconies are accessible from every room. The on-site spa facilities are available to those who want to relax. Thai massages and massages are two of the services offered.
  3. Lemon Grass Retreat: This laid-back hotel is located on the Gulf of Thailand's Jomtien Beach, 3 km from Pattaya Floating Market and 1 km from Mimosa Pattaya. Warm rooms with balconies, as well as a restaurant, bar, and outdoor pool, are available at this seaside hotel.
  4. The Mangrove Hotel: Set on the azure beaches of Roebuck Bay, the famous Mangrove Hotel is a bayside retreat with unsurpassed style and service. The outdoor pool is available all year. There is a restaurant on-site, as well as a luxurious rain shower in every room. Seating space is included in certain rooms for guests to unwind.
  5. Olive Tree Hotel: Olive Tree Hotel features casual rooms in a light-filled hotel with an outdoor pool, a bar, and a restaurant with views of the sea. This hotel is a popular choice among tourists looking for some peace and quiet.

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Mimosa Pattaya FAQs

What can we buy at Mimosa Pattaya?

  • Mimosa Pattaya has an extensive collection of Thai traditional clothing and apparel.
  • Antique jewellery and handicraft are also a good purchase
  • Thai silk, exotic Thai spices and Thai souvenirs are a great buy too!

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What is special about Mimosa Pattaya?

Mimosa Pattaya also called the ‘the city of love is a colourful, creative and unique place where shopaholics can have the most incredible shopping experience. This is a very picturesque location with vibrant and colourful surroundings. The structures of this place are French-inspired. There are also a handful of restaurants and the place also hosts very beautiful and engaging cabaret shows. A day’s trip to this place can be extremely fun.

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How do I get to the Mimosa from Pattaya?

Mimosa, best known as the city of love, is located opposite the ambassador hotel in the Sukhumvit highway, about 9 kilometres from the south of Pattaya road junction. Rented scooters or cabs are the best choices to get there. Tourists can also get white baht buses at very affordable prices from the highway.

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How far is Mimosa from Pattaya?

Mimosa is at about a 9-kilometre distance from Pattaya road junction. Tourists can easily get rented cabs or white baht buses to reach mimosa at reasonable prices.

What is the best time to visit Mimosa Pattaya?

Mimosa Pattaya is the most sought-after destination in Pattaya and remains busy throughout the week. The most preferable timing to visit mimosa is late afternoon or evening as it's a relief from the humidity of Thailand and tourists can best enjoy the colourful and vibrant backgrounds in the setting sun. This is the perfect time to click beautiful pictures too. The shops also remain open.

Why is Mimosa called the city of love?

The mimosa in Pattaya is a very famous tourist attraction in Thailand for it has a European theme. With white villages and colourful buildings, and with many high-end boutiques for shopping, beautiful walkways and canals. It’s all designed to mimic a European village. It’s called the city of love as it gives a very romantic vibe and is perfect for a splendid evening with your loved ones!

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