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Pattaya Floating Market Admission Ticket - Flat 25% off

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Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

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Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

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Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

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  • Pattaya Nightlife encompasses tracing Gulliver’s Walking Street, Cabaret Show, the Horizon Bar, KAAN Show, Pool Clubs, Mixx Discotheque and several more. When the sun sets down, the island turns lively, with a wide array of happening places where you can make a grove at the electrifying music. 

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    KAAN Show Admission Ticket (Flat 20% off)

    Explore the unforgettable nightlife in Pattaya with friends and family. Dance the night out in The Pier Disco Club, 808 Nightclub, Lucifer Disko TK and more. For music-loving ears, Candy Shop is the place to be and if you are a pool lover, Marine Disco is your treehouse. 

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    Visit Club Insomnia for the best of energies and DJs. Witness international dancers in club Lima Lima. The list does not end here. Hit the spacious dance floors at Discotheque Endorphin, shake a leg at What’s Up A Go-Go and witness mind-boggling levels of entertainment at Baccara A-Go-Go.

    Hit the Airport Club and for a glamorous night of Jacuzzi and great beer. Along with this, there is Iron Club, Beer Bars, The Thai Alangkarn Theater Show, Beach Road Soi 7, the luxurious Siam@Siam Design Hotel and several more spots that will simply open up a new world of fun, frolic, and entertainment for you.

    So, what is the wait for? No place will brighten up the nightlife like Pattaya. Hurry up.

    Here is the list of best Pattaya nightlife places:

  • 01Watch Pattaya Cabaret Show

    Watch Pattaya Cabaret Show
    A visit to Pattaya is incomplete without enjoying the nightlife and the nightlife in Pattaya is not whole until you have watched the Pattaya Cabaret Show. There are three main places where the cabaret shows are performed in Pattaya.

    Highlights: Alcazar Cabaret Show, where 400 ladyboys give a stunning performance of dance, drama, music and comedy, Tiffany Cabaret Show, which was the first to popularize transvestite cabaret in Pattaya with its dazzling performance, lighting effect and music and Thai Alangkarn Show, which showcase the multifaceted Thai culture to the tourists. 
    This activity is considered as one of the best things to do in Thailand. 

    Watch the mesmerizing performance of gifted artists, witness great choreography and theatricals and enjoy the captivating lighting effect and music.

    Location: The three shows are located in North Pattaya, Chonburi.

    Timing: Shows start From 6 PM daily except for Thai Alangkarn Show which is open only Thursday to Tuesday

    Price: INR 710 per person
               Bhat 310 per person
    Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

    Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

    NNNNM41 Ratings

    h1 HourlPattaya


    Starting from


  • 02Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

    Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off
    • h1 Hour
    • lPattaya
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • BeMyGuest
    About the Activity:

    "Give your eyes a treat with KAAN show"
    - Witness a new mixture of live action and world-class cinema stage performance with top-notch technology in Pattaya. The show invites you to witness a spectacular tale inspired by classic Thai literature, creatively adapted into 75-minutes of ceaseless wonder.
    -With this, you can take a sneak peek into the thrilling world of Thai traditions and mythology, which welcomes you with open arms.
    - This show is going to b
    ring together an extraordinary cast and crew of more than 600 professionals who will not fail to amuse you!.
    - Get ready for a show like never before, which will put under a spell with its mindblowing 
    choreography and stunts.

    Variants available:
    - SKY ZONE in the uppermost level of the venue offers spectacular views of our spellbinding show. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the action as you sit back in your comfy 53 cm wide seat. - Available from Tuesday until Sunday.
    CLOUD ZONE is situated in the middle of the theater, offers similar viewing and audio experiences to the Star Zone. - Available from Tuesday until Sunday.
    Ocean Zone boasts an intimate unobstructed view of the stage. The close proximity to the action offers an up-close-and-personal experience that really makes you feel that you are part of the show. Available from Tuesday until Sunday.
    - Star zone is our VIP zone, located in the middle of the theatre, which gives the most complete all-around cinematic view of the entire stage. - Available from Tuesday until Sunday

    *NOTE: The show does not take place on Mondays.
    Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday, 7:30 PM

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  • 04Alangkarn Pattaya Show

    The Thai Alangkarn Theater Show in Pattaya is the largest epic culture theatre in Pattaya which presents nightly the most mesmerizing and award-winning cultural performance of Thai myth and history. The Alangkarn Theatre is a splendidly designed gigantic theatre with a capacity of 2,000 seats.

    It is the most popular live culture performance in Pattaya with a Hexa stage large enough to include a band of elephant performers on stage and some of the most breathtaking stage scenes to ever be seen including pyro technique fireworks. 
    This is an amazing place where you can enjoy the Pattaya nightlife and should top your bucket list.

    The Thai Alangkarn Theater Show in Pattaya has an option for dinner and show with a full Thai and International buffet after the performance.

    Location: Sukhumvit Rd, Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District

    Timings: 6:00 PM onwards. Open daily except on Wednesdays.

    Starts from INR 775
    Starts from Baht 342
  • 05Learn the Ancient Art of Muay Thai

    Muay Thai, also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” is the national sport of Thailand. It is a hand-to-hand fighting technique developed by Thai people a thousand years ago to defend themselves from invading countries. If you will ask locals about what to do in Thailand? They will ask you to 'go and learn some Muay Thai'.  

    Tourists from all around the world visit this country to get the training on Muay Thai. Thailand has more than 60,000 professional Muay Thai fighters, providing lessons on the same.

    Muay Thai became widespread internationally in the 20th century when practitioners from Thailand began competing in kickboxing, mixed rules matches, as well as matches under Muay Thai rules around the world.

    Location: Every city of Thailand has umpteen training camps, providing lessons on Muay Thai to the visitors. Cities like Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, etc., are the major destinations for Muay Thai lovers.

    Price: Starts from INR 6,500. 
    Starts from Baht 2800

  • 06Mixx Discotheque at Walking Street

    Mixx Discotheque is easily one of the best nightclubs in Pattaya when it comes to interiors and design. This place, which has been one of the hot favorites of party animals in Pattaya for a long time now, it has two clubs, in which guests can sit and enjoy their drinks along with the scintillating dance performances of the Russian beauties, Thai women and well-known DJs where you can enjoy the best Pattaya nightlife.

    Rouge Club and Cyrstal Palace are the two clubs of this place. 
    Add this activity to the things to do in Pattaya itinerary.

    Highlights - This joint is preferred by Russian tourists mainly because most of the girls who perform here are from Russia. Due to its high maintenance, the club charges its guests more than what its contemporaries charge; however it is worth every dime, as services are of top class here.

     - Walking Street.

    Price - Starts from INR 270 beer
                Starts from Baht 120 per beer
  • 07808 Nightclub

    When there are so many nightclubs around, it is difficult to make a mark. However, 808 Night club has made a mark for itself in the Pattaya nightlife industry, by staying true to its tagline, “first class clubbing”. The club is home to performances from internationally acclaimed DJs and there is never a dull moment here as the party goes on all through the night.

    The club provides excellent and non-stop music and drinks for its guests. 
    This is one of the best places to visit in Pattaya.

    Highlights - The dancing areas are designed stepwise so that people find it comfortable to enjoy among their own groups. Also, there are 3 bars here at strategic locations, so that guests don’t have to hunt or stand in a long queue for getting their drinks.

     - Situated right above the nightclub of Candy shop (both are managed by the same group), right in the beginning of Walking Street.

    Timings: 8 PM - 4 AM

    Price - Around INR 220 per beer.
                Baht 98 approx.
  • 08Horizon Bar, Hilton

    True to its brand name, Hilton Group’s Horizon Bar is luxury and elegance personified. Situated on the 34th floor, this bar provides an excellent view of Pattaya city, especially when visited after sunset.

    This Pattaya attraction tends to get too crowded during weekends; hence it is better to book your seats in advance. Take your cameras along with you, as you can capture some exciting images of the Pattaya city line during the night hours from this bar.

    Highlights - There are 3 private dining rooms in this bar and guests can choose one of them for a superior quality experience. During sunset hours, there are promotional offers where you get one cocktail free when you buy one. Ginger Vodka is a must try here.

     - Just around 1km from Walking Street. 

    Timings: 4 PM - 12 AM

    Price - Around INR 850 per bottle of wine.
                Around Baht 375 per bottle of wine. 
  • 09Club Insomnia

    If there is one place to enjoy Pattaya nightlife where guests are entertained by high-voltage music and light shows all through the night on all days of the week, it is Club Insomnia. The ambiance in this club is very energetic and you can see a large number of international tourists having a whale of a time here.

    Highlights - As some of the world’s reputed DJs play scintillating techno music plays on in the background, the dance floors of this stylish night club is open for guests. Colorful laser shows add to the exuberance of the atmosphere in this club. The bar is located on the ground floor with the dance club above it.

    – Walking Street.

    Price – Around INR 330 to INR 440 per beer
                Around Baht 145 to Baht 198 per beer   

    However, every day, you can avail 50% off on your drinks during happy hours (10 to 12 in the night).

  • 10FFlic Cliff & Pool Club

    FFlic Cliff & Pool Club is one of those restaurants that provides you great food, greater ambiance, enjoyable experience and a stronger desire to come back. Enjoy your dinner by the pool right in the heart of Pattaya city. This is considered to be one of the best places in Pattaya if you want to enjoy pool parties.

    Highlights - Located atop a cliff by the Cosy Beach, this place offers various options where you can enjoy your drinks. There are a swim-up bar, a large bar and a mini bar where you get bottled beverages at affordable rates. There is enough parking facility for guests here. For its great quality of food and drinks and highly hospitable staff, this place has earned the reputation of guests within a short span of time.

    – Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri

    Price – Around INR 200 per beer and a minimum of INR 2000 for food
                 Around Baht 87 per beer and a minimum of Baht 872 for food

  • 11Candy Shop

    If you are looking for a club that has one of the best music bars in Walking Street Pattaya, Candy Shop is the place to be. The live bands that play excellent music here attract lots of people – both local and foreign. These internationally popular bands perform some of the best hip hop & RnB numbers that mesmerize the young and energetic guests at the bar.

    The ambiance is great, music is soothing, customer service is excellent and overall experience is enjoyable at this club.

    Highlights - This is the only open-air club on Walking Street. It has got a beautiful patio area, where you can sit and enjoy your drinks as you watch the crowds buzzing by Walking Street. Try out their excellent varieties of cocktails as well.

     - Only open bar, so it is unique and easily accessible on Walking Street.

    Price - Around INR 150 for a beer.
                Around Baht 65 for a beer
  • 12Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

    Bars are what define the nightlife of Pattaya. All the upmarket hotels in and around Pattaya have well-furnished bars that have state of the art technology in them. Siam@Siam Design Hotel is one of them. The bars at this high scale resort contain unique features and facilities, which blow your minds away. Oozing with luxury all around, this hotel is perfect when you want to celebrate an important event in your life.

    - This is the first wet bar in Thailand. The Roof-Top Sky Bar located on 24th and 25th floors is a must try in this resort. As you sip exotic champagnes, beers and other varieties of cocktails, you get to enjoy a panoramic view of Pattaya right beneath you. There is a theatre at this bar which airs classic English movies. Don’t miss to enjoy cocktails by the swimming pool when you are here.

    Location – Tambon Nong Prue, at about 4min from the Art in Paradise Museum.

    Price - Starts from INR 4,700 
                Starts from Baht 2072
  • 13The Pier Disco Club

    This is one of the best places to party all night in Pattaya with friends and family. If you love electronic music, you will never regret your decision of coming here. The place is quite spacious with standard interiors. There are balconies where you can enjoy your drinks as you watch the performances of live bands, DJs and beautiful Thai women that happen across the 6 stages here.

    Highlights – The laser show in this night club is the best you will see on Walking Street. Customer service is excellent here and the prices are affordable; hence the place has been regarded as one of the top 5 nightclubs in Pattaya.

    – Right at the center of Walking Street.

    Price – Around INR 408 
    per beer
                 Baht 180 per beer

  • 14Beach Road Soi 7

    There are lots of bars on Soi 7 on the Pattaya Beach Road. These bars are the cheaper cousins to the famous and posh night clubs in Walking Street. Most of these are beer bars which offer great service to guests at affordable rates.

    Highlights - Since they are closer to the beach, the bars on Soi 7 are highly preferred by a wide range of foreign tourists who come here from different parts of the world. There are at least 50 bars on this road. Along with dance floors, excellent DJs playing non- stop the music, great choices of beverages in the form of beers and cocktails, most of the bars also have pool tables with beautiful Thai women who will give guests company, provided you pay for them.

     - Close to the famous Pattaya Beach.

    Price - Starts from INR 250 per beer
                Start from Baht 110 

  • 15Marine Disco

    Marine Disco is the biggest and oldest (been around for 30 years) nightclubs in Pattaya and Walking Street area. The club is located on the first floor of Dollhouse bar and guests can get into the club through an escalator that is located right at the main entrance.

    Highlights - The pub is so huge that there are 7 pool tables here that occupy around 33% of the club area. One can find a huge stage where a live music band plays almost twice a week, during weekends. On other days, this stage is used as a big dance floor for guests to showcase their dancing skills. Foreign tourists are the main clients of Marine Disco. You can find a lot of freelancer girls working in this bar, with whom you can make gentle advances, based on your requirements.

    – Right in the center of the Walking Street, it is hard to miss this place.

    Price – Entry fees is INR 1140
                 Entry fees is Baht 500

  • 16What's Up A-Go-Go

    Walking Street in Pattaya is filled with many gogo bars to provide you unlimited entertainment. What’s Up A Go-Go is one of them. The bar with its incredible interiors and excellent choice of drinks & girls are easily one of the top-rated bars by people who want to enjoy Pattaya nightlife.

    Highlights - One of the marked features of this bar is that it is very bright and done with amazing shades of light, whereas most of the other bars in this area are dark and shady. Also, the girls here are considered to be top-class and they perform exciting and interesting shows every 30 minutes in the bar for guests. You can get seats around the dancing stage and Jacuzzis for better views.

    Location -
     Just about 10m from Soi 15.

    Price - Around Rs 270 per drink
                Around Baht 120 per drink
  • 17Baccara A-Go-Go

    This is one of the swanky bars in Pattaya and guarantees you unlimited entertainment as it has the largest number of girls when compared to other bars on Walking Street. The interiors are stylish and the music flows non-stop, giving you a great deal of excitement. The girls who perform various dances and serve you drinks are very friendly and keep on changing, thereby giving you a lot of variety.

    Highlights - There are two floors – ground-floor being the common area where guests get to witness exciting performances form girls and an upper floor which is more private and where girls offer private services. The highlight is the glass floor on this upper floor that offers a free view of the happenings going on upstairs.

    Location -
     You can find this nicely sandwiched between Soi Diamond and Soi BJ on Walking Street.

    Price - Starts from INR 285 per beer
                Starts from Baht 125 per beer

  • 18Beer Bars

    Beer Bars are one of the longest standing landmarks of the Pattaya nightlife. If you are a bachelor and have been to Pattaya, you would definitely know what they are. As the name indicates these are small bars that are found all over Pattaya selling cheap beers to attract guests and visitors.

    There is more than just cheap beer to these bars. There are pretty girls too and you must be careful about what you expect from them because you have to pay the bills for your wishes.

    Highlights - These bars are characteristic of their pink neon lights that flash right from midday onwards.

    Location - All over Pattaya and especially areas around Walking Street, Second Road, Beach Road and Soi 6,7 and 8.

    Price - Starts from INR 220 per beer
                Starts from Bhat 97 
    per beer
  • 19Gulliver’s Walking Street

    Gulliver’s is one of the reputed restaurant chains in Thailand. They are known for their excellent American cuisine. If you are looking for a place that serves good food all through the night and a place where you can enjoy a game by the pool table, Gulliver’s Walking Street is the place where you have to be.

    Highlights - Great choice of food, especially Thai & American cuisine styles, all kinds of drinks including drought beer available here, excellent customer service & great entertainment when you visit as a group. Opens only by 3pm and you can pay money to the lovely Thai women who serve you here, if you want them to play along with you. It offers indoor and outdoor dining areas. You can bring your own Scotch bottle too. Try out the steaks and Irish coffee here.

    Location -
     Walking Street.

    Price - Close to INR 200 for a beer.
                Baht 87 for a beer

  • 20Planet Earth Beach Club

    Image Credit :
    This is one of Thailand’s best open-air pool clubs. There are parties almost every single day with different themes. The entire club is situated around a big swimming pool which is constructed in a shady area.

    Highlights There are different sized beds available in the pool which you can get on a first come-first serve basis free of cost; however you can pay for the same and pre-book it if you need to book beds for a group. You can relax by the pool and have drinks along with your friends and family when you come here. Do not miss to enjoy the pool under LED lights.

    - Off Jomtien Beach Road on Soi 15.
    Timings - The bar is open from 11 AM to 11 PM.

    Price - Entrance fees is INR 450
                Entrance fees is Baht 200
  • 21Soi Buakhao

    If you want to run away from the madness of Walking Street but don’t want to lose out on your share of fun during the nights in Pattaya, come to Soi Buakhao, the quieter sister of Walking Street. Though the place is not as busy or buzzing with bars and pubs like Walking Street, Soi Buakhao has its own share of night clubs that offer guests full value for money.

    Highlights - Since it is located in close proximity to most of the tourist sites in Pattaya, Soi Buakhao is an instant hit among foreign tourists. There are lots of hotels here offering cheap yet quality accommodation and other services to guests who are looking for affordable options.

     - Totally about 1.5km in length, this area is located between Central Pattaya & South Pattaya Roads.

    Price - Starts from INR 156
                Starts from Baht
  • 22LimaLima

    One of the exclusive discotheque areas in Pattaya, Lima Lima is a modern nightclub that offers great music and a brilliant ambiance for its guests. There are a couple of spacious dance floors where guests can let go of all their inhibitions and dance till they have had enough of it.

    This nightclub has already partnered with many international music giants like Bob Sinclair, Prodigy, Blake Jarrell and many more. The club’s inauguration was in style as it was launched by a performance from TIESTO, the world’s leading DJ today.

    Highlights - Lots of international dancers perform at this nightclub and this is something that you wouldn’t notice much in other clubs.

    Location - Bali Hai Plaza, towards the end of Walking Street.

    Price - Entry fee 
    INR 450 
                Entry fee Baht 196
  • 23Discotheque Endorphin

    If you are a discotheque lover and want to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya in its fullest form, you should visit Discotheque Endorphin. This is one of the premium nightclubs in Pattaya and has been designed by the European brand of Endorphin, which has been the mastermind of many awesome casinos in the US and UK.

    Highlights - The lights are constantly changing in this night club and you get to enjoy the best DJs in town here. Also, the sound system in Discotheque Endorphin is the best that you can find in Pattaya as the audio system here uses more than 100000 watts of power. There are 3 spacious dance floors here and shows performed by internationally renowned artists during certain seasons.

    Location - Walking Street, No. 139/15. Like all other bars, this is also open all through the night.

    Price - Starts from INR 455
                Starts from Baht 200
  • 24Airport Club

    As the name indicates, Airport Club is based on the theme of an airport and is one of the most entertaining bars in Pattaya. Once you enter the bar, you will get a first-hand feel of the busy Pattaya nightlife. The bar is crowded almost every day, so you have to book or rush if you want a comfortable seat to watch all the beautiful girls dressed like air hostesses who are waiting to serve you.

    Highlights - The interiors are swankier than most of the other night bars in Pattaya. Book a seat close to a Jacuzzi, so that you get to enjoy great dance performances from an awesome location.

    Location -
     Right next to the Iron Bar, towards the right on Walking Street.

    Price - Happy hours are 10 PM till 10 PM every day, so you can get a good deal on draft beers and various types of cocktails.
                Starts from INR 125 per beer
                Starts from Baht 285 per beer
  • 25Iron Club

    Located in the busy Walking Street, Iron Club is one of the biggest adult bars in Thailand and is one of the most entertaining too for those who seek spice in their lives. The soothing music of the DJs and the beautiful waitresses here are two of the most attractive features of this bar.

    The interiors are not too great, but the hospitality of these girls more than makeup for the same.

    Highlights – Visit the bar for its music and customer-friendly services. All your requests are granted with a smile by the girls working in this bar. Do not miss the Jacuzzi performances if you want ultimate excitement. Heineken beers are served chill, just the way you want, at this place.

    – Walking Street, just opposite to Soi 15.

    Price – Starts from INR 365

                 Starts from Baht 160
  • 26Lucifer Disko TK

    This is yet another famous nightclub located on Walking Street in Pattaya. The club offers great and uninterrupted music from the time it opens around 9 PM till it closes (around 5 am the next day) for its guests. If you want to enjoy Pattaya nightlife than this is a must-visit place.

    Highlights - There are 2 areas of enjoying the music here. The area at the front is quieter, where a live band plays Western music and where salsa dance performances take place. From here, you can also get to see the nightlife of Walking Street. The area at the back is noisier with rock music at its full flow, performed by well-known DJs. The club is relatively huge; however, it gets jam-packed during weekends. So you need to come as soon as it opens to get a good view of the girls and performances.

     - Walking Street. The huge neon logo of the club makes it easily identifiable.

    Price - Entry fee INR 455
                Entry fee Baht 200

Nightlife in Pattaya



Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)

The Sanctuary of Truth is an amazing wooden building right on the beach in the Northern part of Pattaya. The building has been under construction now for more than 20 years, and it might take another 15 years before it is finished. The Sanctuary of Truth is completely made out of wood, and all the delicate carvings are done by hand. Each of the four corners has a tower with figures from Thai, Cambodian, Indian and Chinese beliefs and legends.

: Visiting the Sanctuary you will join a tour group with an English speaking tour guide, who will be able to explain the concepts and ideas behind the building. Pass by the workshop and you can see a huge number of craftsmen working on the ornate sculptures, all of them hand-carved from wood.

Location: Naklua Road, Pattaya

Timings: Opens every day from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Price: INR 830
           Baht 365


Underwater World Pattaya

One of the most beautiful attractions and tourist destinations of Pattaya is the Underwater World. It is Thailand’s first modern aquarium where the visitors can behold the brilliance of the undersea life. The Underwater World is a 100-meter long underwater tunnel, showcasing around 500 species of fishes. Visitors can either dive with the sharks & rays with the experienced divers or they can indulge in feeding the Kois with a milk bottle in the Koi pond.

Highlights: The Underwater World also plays a prominent role in marine conservation. Hence, to educate the common people about the same, frequent school visits and education programs are being developed by the Underwater World. 

: INR 590
           Baht 260

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