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Situated on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, water sports in Pattaya is what lure people from across the globe to visit this exotic island. The azure sea water and rich marine life cannot be missed here. Dive in and swim with a school of colorful fishes, snorkel on the surface of the bright blue water, ride a jet ski on the rippling waves of the endless sea and sit on an inflated banana and take a bumpy ride with your family or friends. There’s no dearth of water sports tours in Pattaya for the adventure seekers! Take a speedboat ride to the Koh Larn Coral Island or cruise your way in a glass bottom boat through the cyan-blue sea waters. Wakeboarding is another emerging sport in Pattaya where you step on a board, hold tight the rope that pans out from a speedboat that traverses you around the ocean!

Flying aboard is another sport that calls out for all the adrenaline junkies. In this sport, you are strapped to a board which then shoots into the air over the sea at some feet above the surface. A 20 minutes session of the flying board is provided in Pattaya and in that 20 minutes, you are completely pumped up for taking another round! The marvellous diving sites in Pattaya especially the Island of Koh Larn, also known as Coral Islands are best explored on a snorkelling excursion. You will have around 2 hours of underwater fun where you will witness the magical world of the ocean. Water sports in Pattaya is never a complete trip without scuba diving and sea walking. Under the careful supervision of the PADI instructor, you will learn some underwater hacks of survival, right from breathing from your mouth and not nose to releasing pressure through your nostrils to break the air bubble.

Start your trip from Pattaya and reach Samae San Island for indulging in exhilarating dives and swimming. Pattaya has many other dive sites such as Shark Fin Rock, Koh Chan, Hin Chalam and Koh Chuang for a chaos-free diving experience. Pattaya is a diving paradise with many such off the track dive sites and you are generally taken from 5 meters deep to 40 meters deep underwater. Sliding over the unstoppable waves of the Indian Ocean and learning the art of balancing on the surface water is what you do in Kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is one of the watersports in Pattaya that needs at least a day’s training and a maximum of 3 days training to master the sport. It is not for the faint-hearted and needs serious learning to avoid mishaps. Pattaya is a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean and it is the watersports capital of Thailand. For unique experiences at economical rates, we recommend heading to Pattaya and no place else!

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Snorkeling in Pattaya, Book @ 26% off & Get 1500 Cashback Featured
Snorkeling in Pattaya, Book @ 26% off & Get 1500 Cashback



Being a beach destination, Pattaya is pretty famous for its beaches. But another feature that is equally famous in all of Thailand and the rest of the world are the diving sites here. With some of the most amazing reefs and coral features in the region, the island of Koh Larn, literally meaning Coral island is a hub for water sports in Pattaya, where you can take on activities related to parachutes, sea walking,  jet ski, and snorkeling. Enjoy this 7-hour activity on Koh Larn and feel the ultimate adventure that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else, be it in Thailand or outside.About the Activity:Get picked up from your hotel in Pattaya at 08:30 AM  and arrive for your Parachute activity, followed by an exciting sea walking activity.Following this will be a jet skiing activity. You will then be taken to Turtle Island beach (Hard Tien beach), where you will enjoy your seafood lunch.The afternoon will be dedicated to basics and a full-fledged experience of Snorkeling.After about 2 hours of fun in the water witnessing beautiful coral formations, you will begin your return to Pattaya for your drop off at around 3:30 PMWater Activities included:- Sea Walker Underwater Walk (30 Minutes)- Parachute (4 Minutes)- Snorkeling (30 Minutes)- Jet Ski (5 Minutes)

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52 Ratings

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Flyboard Pattaya, Book Flyboarding in Pattaya @ 40% off Featured
Flyboard Pattaya, Book Flyboarding in Pattaya @ 40% off


A popular water sport and adventure activity with an immense amount of adrenaline rush that one can experience, Flyboarding is a sport not for the fainthearted. You are strapped to a board which then floats over the water with the help of a jet of water shooting out of the board. This activity brings to you the opportunity to experience a unique sport in a 20-minute session in Pattaya, Thailand.About the Activity :Get ready to feel adrenaline rushing through you while you take part in this extreme water sport of Flyboarding.Get picked up from your hotel for your slot and head on over to the venue, a beautiful setup on a private beach with tents and a comfortable lounge zone with Wifi.You will be given a safety briefing by trained instructors and a short training session for beginners before you gear up to start your Flyboard journey.Enjoy 20 minutes of gravity defying exhilaration, and learn to fly 2-4 meters over the water with a 100% guarantee after the first lesson and a few minutes of training with an experienced Russian speaking instructor.Conclude your activity at around 6:00 PM and get dropped back to your hotel.This unique activity is suitable for both experienced boarders and beginners. Equipment: Original brand new style Zapata Racing flyboard Operational Hours:  daily 8:00 AM-6:00 PM

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58 Ratings

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Skydiving in Pattaya | Book Pattaya Skydive @ Cheapest Price Featured
Skydiving in Pattaya | Book Pattaya Skydive @ Cheapest Price



Offering a wide variety of watersports, snorkelling options, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops, Pattaya is an ideal destination for everyone. The fancy nightlife of Pattaya enchant you and will leave you awestruck. Skydiving in Pattaya is one of the activities that you cannot miss to book.What To Expect:Jump From a Height of 13,000 Feet:Challenge yourself and be a part of an expedition where you get to jump from a whopping height of 13,000 feet. If you are scared of heights it is not for you. It is time to test your courage with skydiving in Pattaya.Get an Immense Adrenaline Rush:The rush of adrenaline during Pattaya skydiving is unmatched. Getting high above in the sky and jumping from that height requires bravery. Are you brave enough? Put your limits under observation with skydiving in Pattaya.Experienced and Trained Instructor:The instructors who are there to take care of you are trained for the activity and will make sure that you are completely safe. The instructors are licensed and are full of knowledge that you need while Skydiving,World-Class Safety Measures:Pattaya skydiving is full of adventure and with adventure, the best part is it is safe as well. Missing skydiving in Pattaya is like missing an opportunity that you will regret for a lifetime. Book the activity now to skydive with safety.Know Before You Go:Reaching There:You can opt for private or public transport to reach the destination.Package Types:- Skydiving in Pattaya (For 1 Pax)- Skydiving in Pattaya (For 2-3 Pax)- Skydiving in Pattaya (For 4+ Pax)- Skydiving in Pattaya With Gold Camera (For 1 Pax)- Skydiving in Pattaya With Gold Camera (2-3 Pax)- Skydiving in Pattaya With Gold Camera (4+ Pax)- Our sales representative will get in touch with you after you make your booking to confirm your preferred time slots.- Children under the age of 18 years are not allowed to go for skydiving in Pattaya.- Make sure you are wearing sneakers or sports shoes.

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31 Ratings

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Scuba Diving in Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2500 Cashback Featured
Scuba Diving in Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2500 Cashback



About the Activity:Feel relaxed with the relishing scuba diving in Pattaya, the cold water will keep you mesmerized and in bliss.Get picked up from your hotel at Pattaya at 08:00 AM and meet your instructor at the diving center.You will be transferred to the sites via a boat and listen to the instructor about the day's activity before you get into action.The best sites to go for scuba diving in Pattaya are the Koh Rin pinnacles, Koh man Wichai, Koh Klung Badan and Koh Phai as well as the three wrecks HTMS Khram, HTMS Kood and the HTMS Metaphon.The instructor will guide you throughout the activity, dive into the unaltered depths of Pattaya which is considered as one of the prominent islands in Thailand.Post lunch, get dropped off at your hotel.Know before you go:Pick-up & Drop-off location: From & To hotels of PattayaPick-up & Drop-off timings: 8 AM - 2:30 PMNumber of Dives: 02 with PADI certified instructor OR 01 with PADI certified instructor (As per the option bought)Meals included: Lunch

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26 Ratings

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Kite Surfing Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2100 Instant Cashback Featured
Kite Surfing Pattaya, Book Now & Get 2100 Instant Cashback



About the Activity:Indulge and learn the adventurous Kiteboarding activity in the seas of Pattaya. Travel to the location and get briefing about the activity procedures. There are two types of tickets available with us. Choose the appropriate option as per your convenience and availability and experience the best out of it. 1 Day Kite Boarding Discovery If you can't spare 3 days, then we offer a 1 day discovery course which will give you a basic skill level and good understanding of kiteboarding and the equipment.. Enjoy the satiating experience of kite surfing course and make unforgettable memories.  Start this adventurous activity at around 11.00 AM after reaching the Blue lagoon Kite-boarding School, Pattaya. Slide over the waves of Pattaya beach and get guided by a certified instructor. End this exciting activity at around 01.30 PM.3 Day Beginner CourseIf you are a beginner you can avail a three day course, where you'll study the art of kite surfing. With this course we teach new riders all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to kiteboard in a responsible and competent manner. The aim is to ensure that you are independent as a new kiter so that afterwards you can go away and practice safely. As any experienced kiteboarder understands, accidents can and do occur, but are generally the result of rider inexperience, negligence and lack of kite knowledge. We feel that this course offers the required time needed to achieve the goal of independence. We also understand that each student varies in their learning style ability and experience. Thus, our instructors are trained to adapt lesson plans to suit the student/s levels. The three day course includes DVDs, full set up gear and other merchandises.You will be provided with the latest kites, boards and accessories for students. Boards : Depending on your weight and skill level we use either of the tried and tested Airush Square 1, 2 or 3 boards. These boards are a bi-directional design with enough volume to prevent the board being an issue when you are learningKites: We use 2 line trainer kites, then progress onto short line small inflatible supported leading edge kites. as your skill level improves we move onto larger more powerful kites. we have large square one and squre 2 boards.Location: The center is situated at the Jomtien Beach at the BlueLagoon Sports Club about 10 km south of Pattaya
Very Good

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38 Ratings

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2 Days Scuba Diving Course in Pattaya Featured
2 Days Scuba Diving Course in Pattaya



About the Activity:Discover the fun hidden in Scuba diving with this two day Scuba diving course in Pattaya for all who are above 10 years old.Get picked up from your hotel in Pattaya location, the course starts at around 08:00 AM and ends at 04:00 PM both days.During this course, your diving will be limited to a 12 meter depth and you will dive with a PADI professional.Also, use either of the two methods of learning viz. PADI e-learning or the diving course. E-learning is designed for those who want to save their time and wish to do only one day diving course.Before getting into the real adventure, some fun filled diving would be provided to make you feel comfortable in water.A swimming test will be conducted by the instructor and then you will be provided with diving gear for exact adventure to begin.  The course now moves to the dive boat out to the coral reefs of the Pattaya dive sites to give you chances to use your knowledge and skills you have already learned in the classroom and swimming pool.The first dive of the day is a fun dive, no real skills just diving, this allows PADI scuba diver to relax and try your buoyancy and finning.On the second dive of the day  rehearse some of the skills you learnt in the pool as you cruise PADI scuba diver along the coral reef, with most dives lasting about one hour. Know before you go:Pick-up & Drop-off location: Hotels in PattayaPick-up & Drop-off timings: 8 AM - 4 PMHow long does it take: Diver training is based around a 2-day scuba lesson, 1 days classroom, and pool with knowledge reviews. 1 day out on the boat making to fun dives for training around the local coral reefs. You diving lessons are based around an 8am to 4pm schedule.1st Day: 3 Mini Dives in Swimming pool2nd Day: 2 Dives around local reefs to a maximum depth of 12mWhats Involved:2 Days Training3  Knowledge Reviews3 Training Videos3 Mini Skills Dives2 Open Water Dives

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

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3 Islands Hopping Tour with Snorkeling - Flat 25% off Featured
3 Islands Hopping Tour with Snorkeling - Flat 25% off



About the Activity:- Take a day out and hop on to most amazing 3 islands of the Pattaya. Get picked up at 8 in morning- Start off at Koh Pai to stroll down undisturbed natural beaches and a relaxing swim. After this, visit Koh Rin – one of Thailand's best diving and snorkeling spots, boasting underwater canyons and splendid corals and indulge in multiple fun-filled activities.- Hop off at Koh Ling and get acquainted with its main inhabitants: Thai Samae monkeys after Koh Pai. - Not just this, enjoy a fresh flavorful Thai buffet on the boat, join the dance party as you cruise back and more - all included on this relaxing Pattaya day cruise!- By 4.30 PM, you will be returning back to your home after a fun-loving day.Know before you go:Tour Timings: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PMTransfers: Shared transfers with hotel pick-up & drop-off from Pattaya hotelsThai Lunch Meal is includedIslands Covered: Koh Pai, Koh Rin, Koh Ped

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37 Ratings

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Pattaya Top Attractions

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People Also Ask About Water Sports in Pattaya

  1. Where can I do river rafting in Pattaya? Is it safe? What is the grade of rapids?

    River rafting is not available in Pattaya, however, you can indulge in this action-packed activity in Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai. Yes, rafting here is safe, as the organizers ensure all safety measures are in place.

    High quality safety gear is provided and experienced guides are there to keep you safe. Although, you must follow all safety instructions given during the briefing. The river features grade 3 and grade 4 rapids which are ideal for both beginners and seasoned participants.

  2. How much will it cost me to do scuba diving in Pattaya? Can I have photographs clicked during scuba diving?

    Although the prices for scuba diving packages in Pattaya differ according to the organizer and inclusions, a basic scuba diving course will cost you at least 1,000 Baht. Yes, it is possible to get your photographs clicked during diving in Pattaya. Most of the diving institutes here provide photography and video recording facility which are included in the package.

  3. What is the best time to visit Pattaya for water sports?

    Pattaya features a number of exciting water sports, and the best time to visit Pattaya to enjoy these activities is between the months of November and April. These months offer favourable weather conditions for most of the water sports with the calm sea and negligible probability of precipitation.

    These months are considered best for activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, etc. Whereas, to indulge in white water rafting, July to February is the most recommended time of the year.

  4. What are the best water sports in Pattaya?

    Scuba Diving: Dive deep inside the waters crystal clear waters of Pattaya, and intermix with the underwater marine world, which will blow your mind.

    : Fly with a board on the waters of Pattaya, and feel the adrenaline pump up with this exciting water adventure, which is just one of its kind.

    Kite Surfing: Enjoy one of the best water sports in Pattaya, Kite surfing, with which you can sail on the turquoise waters and feel the water bullets tickle all over your face.

    Snorkeling: Looking for something refreshing and with fewer equipment? Try out the refreshing session of snorkeling with which you can take a close look a the wonders of the marine world.

    Ski Boarding: Ever dreamt of skiing on the waters? Well, here you can witness this unique adventure, which is just way beyond one's imagination and will cool off each and every segment of the body.

    Wakeboarding: Don’t let the grip go! Hold on to the rope tucked with the speed boat, with which you can take the tour of the water, at the gushing speed!

    Windsurfing: Coming to Pattaya and missing out on surfing is just out of question. Sail on the waters, and let the wind and water, take you to the unexplored regions.

    Jet Skiing: Feel the heart-skip its beat, with the rapid speed of the Jetski. Explore the shimmery waters of Pattaya, and go sprinkling all over with the electronic jet-ski.

    Parasailing: Take a look at the lure of Pattaya from high above the ground, while you witness one of the most exciting adventures of Pattaya, Parasailing. With this activity, you can sail in the air, at an altitude of 2000-3000 feet.

    Banana Boat: Why known as a banana boat? Famed for its unique shape, like that of banana, this nerve-wrenching aqua activity, is just perfect for the thrill-seekers and with this, you can cover all the segments of water.

    Under Sea Walk
    : Explore the unexploited waters of Pattaya, and take a close look at the colors of aquatic life. With this amazing activity, you can witness the unusual and intermingle with the water world.

  5. What water sports in Pattaya are for 1 hour or less?

     The water adventures to try in Pattaya are – 

    1. Speed Boat Ride: A speed boat ride to the Pattaya Coral Island promises you both an exciting and thrilling experience to treasure for the rest of your life. Daunted by beautiful islands and fantastic beachfront, Coral Island is a perfect pick for your leisure and rejuvenation. 

    2. Pattaya Scuba Diving: Relish the blissful adventure of Pattaya Scuba diving under the deep blue shimmering water. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, you have a trained instructor to guide you at their best efforts. 

    3. Island Hopping: A luxury cruise ride to Thailand with giving you the best of all island-hopping experience. While you enjoy your island-hopping adventure, do not forget to relish on some Thai and Italian cuisines served on board. 

    4. Kite Surfing: Pattaya kite surfing adventure trainers equip you with all the necessary skills, basic knowledge, and the essential gears to enjoy this Pattaya water adventure. 

    5. Snorkeling: Featuring amazing coral and reef features deep down the water table, Pattaya promises you an unrivaled snorkeling experience on your go. 
  6. Which are the best beaches in Pattaya for water sports?

    With a wide array of alluring beaches, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya beach and Wong Amat beach are well-suited if you are here for aqua adventures. At these, beaches you can witness scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boating, and various other water sports which will pump up your adrenaline.

  7. What are the best water sports in Pattaya for couples?

    If you are a couple on tour to Pattaya, here are some water adventures you should never miss on – 

    1. Kite surfing: Indulge in kite surfing water adventure with your partner and create a bunch of unforgettable memories to share for the rest of life. 

    2. Flyboarding: A popular activity amongst Pattaya water sports, flyboarding is a sport meant for a sports-hearted individual. Here you are strapped by a board floating over the water surface by a jet of water shooting out from a board. 

    3. Speed boat ride: Take a speed boat ride to the Coral Island and explore the beautiful islands that line along your path. 
  8. Which beach is best for snorkeling in Pattaya?

    Marking its place in one of the best water sports in Pattaya, snorkeling is experienced by a remarkable count of tourists. Moreover, Jomtien Beach is the best beach to witness this aqua activity, with which you can unveil the wonders of the world beneath the waters.

  9. Is it safe to do Scuba diving in Pattaya?

    Yes, scuba diving in Pattaya is absolutely safe and can be witnessed by any novice. Apart from this, it is also accompanied by trained professionals in case of an emergency, you can ask for their aid. Also, the only thing to keep in mind is that in this activity you will go deep inside the water, so if you have certain breathing issues then this activity should be avoided.

  10. Do we need to know how to swim for scuba diving in Pattaya?

    Well, the answer is NO. You need no swimming skills to experience this adventure, and if you are touring the zone, then missing out on this exceptional water sport is just something you will regret later.

  11. What are the things to carry during water sports in Pattaya?

    Skipping out the Pattaya water sports is something one must not dare to miss as most of them give once in a lifetime experience and are just amazing. When you have planned to go for the aqua adventure, make sure you are equipped with the essentials which include, sunglasses, shorts, loose T-shirt, sports shoes, non-slippery slippers, and various other things you think are needed.

  12. Can I wear spectacles while doing Sea Walk in Pattaya?

    Yes, in some of the adventures you can wear spectacles, while in others you cannot. But it is advised to skip this part as this can blur your vision and you can even end up in a state of discomfort.

  13. What is the minimum age required to do water sports in Pattaya?

    In most of the water sports in Pattaya, there is no age limit, while in aqua adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, and various other there are certain age requirements which is one should at least be 10 years old.

  14. What is the ideal duration for a holiday if I want to do various water activities in Pattaya?

    If you are up for a double dose of adventures, then make a visit to Pattaya in the months from April to December, as this is the most ideal duration to make the best of aqua adventures. To be more specific one must visit the beaches in the early morning so that you will be accompanied by amazing backdrops

  15. Are there any famous water parks for water activities in Pattaya?

    Yes, there is a remarkable count of water parks in Pattaya, where you can spend a time of leisure, enjoying the water rides, and various other things of recreation which are there in its premises. Cartoon Network Amazone, is one of the best and most frequented parks.

  16. Is it worth visiting Pattaya for water sports?

    Absolutely Yes, a visit to Pattaya, will be a plush of amazing experiences and here you witness a whole lot of unique experience. Something which you must not miss is the water sports of Pattaya, as they are just perfect to pump up the mind and soul.

  17. Is there any water sports for kids in Pattaya?

    Yes, there is a whole lot of amazing water activities for kids, they can slide down from the slides of water parks, and to much surprise here the kids can even enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and various other water adventures.

  18. Can a non-swimmer indulge in water sports in Pattaya?

    Yes, Pattaya water sports are for all, be it a trained swimmer or a non-swimmer, both of them can enjoy the aqua adventures. Whether you wish for scuba diving, surfing, banana boating, or any other adventure, all of them can be witnessed by you.

  19. What happens in cases of any medical emergency during water sports?

    In the case of a medical emergency, most of the operators have a first aid kit with which the basic assistance can be given. But in the adverse conditions, you will be taken to the nearby hospital, so that you are properly examined.

  20. Can I do Flyboarding in Pattaya? Do I need to have any previous experience to do Flyboarding?

    Yes, you can enjoy flyboarding in here, which is one of the most impressive water sports in Pattaya and can be witnessed even with zero knowledge. All you need to do is make sure you hear each and every instruction of the trainer and then you are ready to go!