Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”) Overview

Popularly known as the Buddha Mountain, Khao Chi Chan, a large hill with an image of Buddha carved on it in gold. It attracts tourists globally as it is the world's largest carved stone Buddha on a giant limestone hill. This creativity is also known as “Phra Phuttha Maha Wachira Uttamobhas Sassadam,” which translates to “Buddha with brightness and sublimity.

A stunning landmark of Pattaya, the Khao Chi Chan amazes visitors during their Thailand trip with its beautiful carving and Lord Buddha’s enlightenment pose. Popularly known as Buddha Mountain, it features a 109 m tall golden Buddha image carved on a mountain cliff. The cliff is situated amidst a lush park and a pristine lake filled with lilies and lotus. The place offers a tranquil environment and stunning surroundings and is a preferred picnic spot amongst locals. 

Khao Chi Chan also houses a small temple and many small shrines which are visited by local Buddhism devotees for offering prayers. You can also see monks roaming around and seek blessings from them. 

Khao Chi Chan’s Lord Buddha statue was built in 1996 in celebration of the golden jubilee of the King’s reign. Buddha’s image was first engraved on the cliff using lasers and then it was filled with 24-carat gold. The statue was created in Sukhothai style and features a cross-legged seated Buddha with one hand in his lap and the other resting on his knee. It depicts the enlightenment pose of Lord Buddha.

The sparkling statue is visible from far and reflects the sacredness of this beautiful country. The place attracts a multitude of tourists from across the world. It amuses them with the mystical elegance of the golden Buddha statue, the pristine surrounding scenery and the tranquil ambience.

Location: Soi Khao Chi Chan, Tambon Na Chom Thian, Amphoe Sattahip, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20250


• The place highlights a giant sculptural image of Lord Buddha carved on a photogenic cliff set along a beautiful lake amidst stunning surroundings.
• The statue was built to celebrate the 50 years of rule of King Bhumibol.
• The statue is 109 m tall and 70 m-wide and was carved on the rock with lasers and then filled with 24 K gold leaf.
• The statue displays Lord Buddha in the meditation position during the time of enlightenment.
• The place is surreal with spectacular landscapes and is a great destination to relish some peaceful and relaxing moments.

Other Essential Information

History of Khao Chi Chan:

The mountain of Khao Chi Chan was once a rocky outcrop near a Buddhist Temple. It resulted from mining by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. In 1996, Somdet Phra Yannasangwon, the supreme patriarch of Thailand, suggested this large Lord Buddha image. It was etched on the rock with laser technology. The artists did the carving work at night to get the right effects of darkness and laser lights in the sketch. Afterwards, they filled in the whole Buddha etching with gold leaves. The project was planned to commemorate the King’s golden jubilee, but it later became a place of interest for tourists. 

Places To Visit Near Khao Chi Chan: 

1. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: Boasting a collection of different themed sections, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is the largest botanical park in South East Asia. It houses a wide variety of plants and flowers, including orchids, palms, and cycads and is landscaped on different themes. The French Garden, the Animal Sculpture Garden, Stonehenge garden, Butterfly Hill, Bonsai garden, Italian garden, Desert Rose garden, and Bromeliad display garden are a few of the gorgeous attractions of this stunning place. 

2. Columbia Pictures Aquaverse: An amazing destination for fun, adventure and entertainment, Aquaverse is Columbia Pictures’ world’s first theme and water park. Featuring various state-of-the-art rides, slides, and water adventures, this adventure park houses themed attractions based on the movies like Ghostbusters, Bad Boys, Jumanji, Hotel Transylvania and Men in Black. The adventure park offers different immersive zones, incredible attractions, a variety of food stops and retail locations. 

3. Jomtien Beach: Located only 3 km from Pattaya, this beach is an ideal destination for solitude and peace lovers. Quieter than other famous beaches in Pattaya, it is a hub of water adventures like windsurfing, etc. Other than sports, the area is loved for its beautiful and quiet ambience, stunning beachfront resorts, exotic seafood dishes and Thailand’s famous cultural cabaret shows, nightlife, and floating market.  

4. Ramayana Water Park: Nestled amidst a lush valley surrounded by hilly terrain, serene lakes, and the Silverlake vineyards, Ramayana Water Park is a place to enjoy a great combination of fun, thrills, and relaxation. From a Wave pool with a 160 m beach, a 600 m long Lazy River, 2 children’s zones, swimming pools, slides, an obstacle course, pool bars to a floating market, this park offers ultimate pleasures. 

5. Pattaya Floating Market: A reflection of rich Thai culture and traditions, the Pattaya Floating Market has four geo-cultural areas; northeast, north, central, and south. It houses more than 114 unique shops selling Thai art, handicrafts, food, fruits and other items. Other than shopping and food, this market is also a centre of attraction for its boat rides, regional performances and zip-lining. 

6. Underwater World Pattaya: A walk-through aquarium, the Underwater World Pattaya showcases a diverse range of marine creatures of Thai waters. Housing 105 m long acrylic tunnels, the aquarium is divided into several distinct zones, including the Coral Reef, Giant of Siam, Shark and Stingray, etc. It houses more than 2500 aquatic animals and offers different encounter programs, which allow visitors to feed or learn about these exotic creatures. 

7. Kaan Show Pattaya: The Kaan Show Pattaya is famous for splendid Thai mythology and folklore representations through world-class technology and a state-of-the-art audio-visual system. During this 75-minute show, over 90 professional actors and dancers enact 4 popular Thai stories. Its magnificent set, an 8-meter-tall animatronics robot, and glittering costumes also leave an impression on the mind and heart of all. 

8. Wat Yansangwararam: Dedicated to the Supreme Patriarch Somdej Phra Yanasangworn, Wat Yansangwararam is a place to soak in spirituality and serenity. The temple complex features a beautiful blend of the Indian, Japanese, Lanna Thai, Chinese, and Swiss architectures and impresses with its mystical aura and appeal. The main temple building has a replica of Buddha’s footprint, and the complex houses several gardens, monuments, a museum, and a large lake. 

9. Pattaya Dolphin World: Home to numerous friendly dolphins, Pattaya Dolphin World amuses its visitors with amazing shows and performances. Watch this beautiful marine creature perform some stunts or swim along with them in azure water at this amazing destination. Or, you can explore its other attractions like a zoo, toy museum, horse-and-carriage rides, ATV rides, restaurant and a bar. 

10. Big Buddha Temple: Wat Phra Yai or the Big Buddha Temple is famous for its golden 18-m tall seated Buddha statue. Set on Koh Faan, the Big Buddha temple is a revered holy shrine for Buddhism followers. Along with this giant Buddha statue, several Buddha figures in different postures, a staircase with golden dragons and seven-headed mythical snakes also add to the elegance of the place. 

Places To Eat Near Khao Chi Chan:

1.Mumaroi Restaurant Khao Chee Chan

A perfect place for all Thai food lovers, this restaurant offers a range of traditional Thai and seafood recipes. The ambience and the service of this restaurant make it one of the most preferred ones. 

2. Silverlake Wine & Grill Restaurant

One of the best Italian restaurants in Pattaya, it is known for its variety of ravioli, pizzas and salads. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, it also serves delicious chardonnay, white wine, grape juice and many fresh juices. 

3. Friday Everyday

With a motto to make every day a Friday, this restaurant serves a wide range of pasta, beverages and desserts. A perfect place to hang out with friends, it is indeed a chic and happening destination. 

4. GOSH Restaurant & Winery

Right from ambience to views, this restaurant is a genuine delight in all terms. Specializing in Italian recipes and wines, it serves a great variety to satisfy the foodie in you. 

5. Papillion Restaurant

Located by the sea, this restaurant serves French bistro-style cuisine for its guests. This Pattaya restaurant offers daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with its innovative a la carte menu and daily specials. Visit this restaurant to have a delightful treat while soaking in the breathtaking views of the ocean.

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Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”) FAQs

Why is Khao Chi Chan so famous?

Khao Chi Chan is famous for its enormous carved sketch of Lord Buddha in the enlightenment pose. The sketch is carved with laser beams on a rocky outcrop and later filled with 24 K gold leaves.

What is the best time to visit Khao Chi Chan?

The best time to visit the Buddha Mountain or Khao Chi Chan is early in the morning when the place is not overcrowded, or late in the afternoon to witness the amazing views of the surroundings with the setting sun.

Is there any entry fee for Khao Chi Chan?

There is no entry fee for Khao Chi Chan. Several donation boxes are placed at different locations around the park, where visitors can donate if they want to help in the upkeep of this beautiful site.

How to reach Khao Chi Chan from Pattaya?

You can reach Khao Chi Chan by either driving a car or by a hired taxi, a cab, a Songtaew (baht bus), or a motorbike taxi. This place is about 21 km from Pattaya, and you will reach there in about 20-30 minutes for around 500 baht (depending upon the hired vehicle).

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