Pattaya Sheep Farm Overview

Pattaya Sheep farm is one of the biggest sheep farms in Thailand and a perfect destination to enjoy a day trip with family. It is often described as a petting zoo, a playground, and a feature park all rolled into one. The farm also houses a wide variety of exotic animals apart from sheep, such as Alpacas and Sika Deer.

Pattaya Sheep Farm is one of the best sheep farm attractions in Pattaya. It has an extensive area that allows the tourists on their Thailand tour to enjoy themselves with their family and friends all day long. Several tourist zones in the Pattaya Sheep Farm are particularly made for the fun and enjoyment of the family. Apart from the sheep, the Pattaya Sheep Farm also contains animals of different species with whom you can enjoy your Pattaya trip by walking, feeding, and touching them closely.

The presence of Dutch-style windmills, numerous barns, and a tiny lake is the pinnacle of the Pattaya Sheep Farm. The distinct opportunity to mingle with the animals with plenty of photography spots and souvenir shops draws most of the attention of the tourists. Pattaya Sheep Farm also offers an enormous restaurant and food stalls to hungry visitors if they desire to spend their entire day here. You only have to pay 500 Baht as an entrance fee and relish the whole day among the animals.

The Barn Steak House offers some of the famous Thai dishes to the tourists, including lamb chop, barbecue pork ribs, and steak sandwiches. There is also a Floating Market at Pattaya Sheep Farm where you can shop from a great collection of clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. Boat rides along with shopping are also quite famous in this area. The Bird Land is worth visiting to witness the performances of different species of birds. Thus, it is an attractive rural area built for entertainment and imparting information about the variety of farm animals.


• Pattaya Sheep Farm is the largest sheep farm in Thailand that offers interaction with several farm animals such as sheep, alpacas, and sika deers.
• Pattaya Sheep Farm is a family destination where you can enjoy playing trapshooting, balloon lucky draw, and doll shooting.
• One of the famous attractions for kids in Pattaya Sheep Farm is the Fairy Tale City where they can dress up like a prince or princess and enjoy around the and of castles and dwarf houses.
• The Pattaya Sheep Farm offers meeting, feeding, and touching the farm animals closely.
• The family can capture the moments of this fun-filled vacation around vibrant farm scenery.
• The Pattaya Sheep Farm also features a Bird Land that showcases thousands of birds roaming freely.
• The Bird Show at Pattaya Sheep Farm displays the performances of different species of birds.
• If you are in the Pattaya Sheep Farm, do not miss a chance to have a delicious meal at Steak House.

Other Essential Information

Things to do at Pattaya Sheep Farm:

  1. Animal Farm: Animal Farm is one of the greatest experiences for animal lovers. It allows the tourists and visitors to enjoy the happiness of feeding the animals and presenting knowledge of cleanliness and safety measures of these farm animals at all times. The farm is covered with trees providing a shady atmosphere to spend time around nature all day. Your kids will have a fun time touching and playing with the farm animals closely in the Animal Farm.
  2. Game Zone: Game Zone is like heaven for young children who can trap shoot the dolls with darts from a distance and win exciting prizes at the balloon lucky draw. The kids will love to explore a large wind house where they can climb and slide on the giant slides and jump and play with excitement on a trampoline. The most prominent thing to do in the Game Zone is to witness the spectacular views of the entire Pattaya Sheep Farm in a Ferris Wheel.
  3. Fairy Tale City: This area marks the imagination of fairy tales experienced by all in their childhood. The Fairy Tale City is a complete transformation of the farm into a fairyland with castles, dwarf houses, a giant bean plant, and a giant dragon fighting a prince. The parents would love to capture their kids by posing as a prince or a princess amidst the unbelievable world.
  4. Bird Land: Bird land is a place in Pattaya Sheep Farm where you will find almost all the species of bird in one place. The birds are allowed to roam freely in the Bird Land. Visitors feel mesmerized to take selfies with all the cute and beautiful birds inside their cage. Feeding the birds is a great activity for children and tourists in the Pattaya Sheep Farm.
  5. Bird Show: The Bird Show is another place in Pattaya Sheep Farm where you can witness the show of different bird species like tiny parrots and smart hornbills. You will be astonished to see their cuteness and their talent. The show takes place five times a day, i.e., 10 am, 12 pm, 1.30 pm, 3 pm, and 4.30 pm.
  6. The Animal Show: The Animal Show organizes fun and interesting activities performed by farm animals like pigs, goats, sheep, and geese. They perform their skills to make the guests glued to this section of the Pattaya Sheep Farm. The competing fun games in the Animal Show make you cheer for these lovely creatures. 

Places to Visit in Pattaya Sheep Farm:

  1. Fairy Tale City: The Fairy Tale City is the latest zone in the Pattaya Sheep Farm that garners the attraction of people. You can roam around in the fictional town while listening to the fairy tales, imagining yourself as a character in the story. The zone is perfect for all age groups as it inspires creativity and imagination. Therefore, this place is a complete recall of the favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales for the tourists.
  2. The Barn Steak House: Another well-known place to visit in Pattaya Sheep Farm is the Barn Steak House that offers distinct menus. The most famous ones are from the steak menus made from quality materials and presented in a delighted manner. The Barn Steak House also offers catering services for both big and small gatherings with their Thai buffet, steak menus, or set box, as per your choice.
  3. Pet Farm: The Pet Farm is the largest pet farm in Thailand. The pets in this section of the Pattaya Sheep Farm consist of animals like a pony, peacock, turkey, rabbits, ducks, tortoise, geese, alpaca, donkey, mini pigs, giant chicken, Sika deer, sunbird, and Albino buffaloes. Here, you can learn various things about them while feeding and playing closely with them. 
  4. Floating Market at Pattaya Sheep Farm: The Floating Market at Pattaya Sheep Farm is an ideal place to enjoy relaxation under the heat while sipping some of your favorite drinks. The Floating Market offers everything for sale, from traditional sculptures and wooden handicrafts to art and silverware. The market has canal-side food stalls that sell delicious delicacies from all over Thailand. It also features a network of footbridges and wooden boardwalks that allows you to wander around the market. Several cultural and dance performances take place in the Pattaya Sheep Farm and the woodcarving museum displays a substantial collection of hand-carved sculptures. Therefore, enjoy your sweet time taking photographs at the sunflower field.

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Places to Visit & Things To Do near Pattaya Sheep Farm:

  1. The Butterfly Corner: The Butterfly Corner is a beautiful and relaxing visit away from the hustle and bustle of the Pattaya Sheep Farm. It is the largest butterfly park in Thailand that offers breathtaking views of the million butterflies flying around a sprawling flower garden. The visitors can enjoy taking photographs in the serene atmosphere of Pattaya. 
  2. Frost Magical Ice of Siam: Frost Magical Ice of Siam lets the visitors explore the cold of the Arctic in a tropical country like Pattaya. The negative 10-degree temperature at the Frost Magical Ice of Siam creates an ice dome that contains fairy tales and urban legends from giant sculptures. It is entirely a world of fantasy made of white sand where you relax while sipping soda made from an ice glass.
  3. The Sanctuary Of Truth: The Sanctuary Of Truth is the largest wooden castle in the world. It is an unfinished museum that is a combination of a temple and castle based on Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. The statue of four-faced God Brahma at the rooftop signifies respect to father, mother, king, and the teacher. The museum focuses on the visual exhibitions of significant eastern religious concepts and the life cycle.
  4. Terminal 21 Pattaya: Terminal 21 Pattaya is a shopping airport that brings people from around the world under one roof. It is a new modern shopping experience designed in Market Street style and inspired by 6 world-class shopping metropolises. You will be mesmerized to have a glance at the 250-meter long runaway next to the replica of the beach.
  5. Mini Siam: The Mini Siam is a world of several prominent Thai temples and attractions like Phanom Long Historical Park, Wat Phra Kaeo, Ayutthaya, and Wat Arun. It is a miniature world that displays the famous landmarks of Siam and Europe. It is a perfect place for family sightseeing while discovering the miniature world in the land of Pattaya.
  6. Art in Paradise: Art in Paradise is a spectacular museum that enables visitors to enjoy the art of Optical Illusion. It is a fun-filled and lively place that allows you to cherish the moments spent in Paradise forever. The Art in Paradise features a magnificent collection of interactive 3D artwork and sculptures. The place arouses the inner kid in you to enjoy stunning experiences like never before.
  7. Lanpho Nakluea Market: Lanpho Nakluea Market is the largest fish market in Pattaya. The place offers an assortment of freshly cooked seafood. The market allows you to taste the unprocessed seafood at a reasonable rate. The place also features several barbeque stalls that cook your seafood on your demand. Hence, it is loved by both locals and tourists. 
  8. Tiffany’s Show: Tiffany’s Show is the first Transvestite Cabaret show in Pattaya. The spectacular performances at Tiffany’s show attract tourists from all over the world. It is a worth-visit place for people of all ages.

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Places to Eat near Pattaya Sheep Farm:

  1. Moom Aroi Nakluea: Moom Aroi Nakluea is one of the best seafood restaurants in Pattaya. The restaurant offers a boundless Thai-inspired seafood menu, live entertainment courtesy of a talented cover band, and a sea-facing view. The most famous dishes of Moom Aroi Nakluea are seafood som tam (papaya salad), spicy yellow curry crab, and three pages of shrimp dishes.
  2. Fat Belly Pattaya: Fat Belly Pattaya is an eatery and bar that serves Thai and Western dishes. Their fundamental focus lies on the quality of products and services they provide at reasonable prices. The exotic menu of Fat Belly Pattaya includes desserts, coffee, fizz, pressed juice, smoothie, and a lot more. 
  3. MK: MK Restaurants is the first suki chain restaurant to use suki pots at every table to make the eating experience of the guests memorable. Suki is a dish made from a high concentration of vegetables with quality cust of seafood and meat. The dish is lovable by all age groups. The MK Restaurants are also known for their extravagant services.
  4. Nong Bistro: Nong Bistro brings a higher standard dining experience with fresh dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. The presentation of the variety of Thai and European dishes are also relatively remarkable. The food also has a vast influence on the taste of Dutch and Belgian. 

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Pattaya Sheep Farm FAQs

How to reach Pattaya Ship Farm?

The Pattaya Sheep Farm is not directly connected with Pattaya. However, you can catch a train to Yanasangvararam and then reach Pattaya Sheep Farm in a taxi. You can also take a direct taxi or take your car to Pattaya Sheep Farm. The route to Pattaya Ship Farm goes through Chonburi-Pattaya Highway (also known as Highway 7).

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What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Pattaya Sheep Farm is during the morning when the place is less congested. It is advisable not to visit the Pattaya Sheep Farm during the afternoon as the weather is likely to be hot for participating in the farm activities. 

What is the location of the Pattaya Sheep Farm?

The exact location of Pattaya Sheep Farm is 73/8, Moo 3 Nong Hua Rad, 6 Pattaya City, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand.

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