Candy Shop Overview

If you are looking for a club that has one of the best music bars in Walking Street Pattaya, Candy Shop is the place to be. The live bands that play excellent music here attract lots of people – both local and foreign. These internationally popular bands perform some of the best hip-hop & RnB numbers that mesmerize the young and energetic guests at the bar. The ambiance is great, the music is soothing, the customer service is excellent, and the overall experience is enjoyable at this club.

The colorful ambience and friendly staff create an inviting atmosphere for visitors to indulge in their favorite treats. While exploring Pattaya's lively streets, don't forget to consider budget friendly Thailand tour packages, ensuring a memorable experience without breaking the bank. 

Highlights – This is the only open-air club on Walking Street. It has got a beautiful patio area , where you can sit and enjoy your drinks as you watch the crowds buzzing by Walking Street. Try out their excellent varieties of cocktails as well.

Location – Only open bar, so it is unique and easily accessible on Walking Street.

Price – Around INR 170

       THB 70 for a beer.

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