Harbor Land Pattaya Overview

HarborLand can be considered as an ultimate destination for kids to visit in Pattaya. It is an amusement park that is loaded with all sorts of top quality rides and slides that are designed as per international standards with top notch safety. The amusement park has a separate section for toddlers, slides, rope courses, zip lines, sports arena and more.

A musing tourist attraction in the heart of Pattaya for kids and adults alike, Harborland Pattaya is a great destination to spend a day of fun and laughter during your Thailand tour. This indoor amusement park is spread across the 6th and 7th floor of Harborland and is open from 10.30 AM to 8.00 PM every day. The playgrounds here are classified into different zones; some exclusive for kids, some exclusive for adults, and most of them for both. The park has the tallest slide in Asia which is also the star attraction here.

In the Little Bike playground, kids can learn to ride and race push bikes and in AdventureLand they can enjoy ziplining. Little Land is the Creativity Block Playground which is exclusively designed for kids and has blocks of all possible shapes and colours for the little ones to come up with innovative structures. Zones like Laser Battle and Laser Combat are huge draws amongst the younger and adults where groups of friends combat each other using the virtual reality SMG guns provided by the park. Activities like skating, jumping, and rappelling in the respective zones - RollerLand, Jumpz, and Deep are a delight for both the young and elder ones.

HarborLand Motorcity is another interesting zone here where kids are given basic lessons on driving a car and on successful completion are issued certificates too. There are also many racing circuits here in different challenge levels to catch up on some action.

HarborLand Pattaya is air-conditioned making it a great spot to hang out on any day away from the blazing sun. Also, the play equipment here are of European standards and are well-maintained to ensure everyone’s safety.


• Enjoy a fun-filled day with kids, friends, and family at the best indoor play park in Pattaya.
• Slide-in Asia’s tallest indoor slide.
• Cross the obstacles in your path jumping at Jumpz.
• Rappel up the 10-metre wall at Deep with all safety precautions.
• Skate like a pro with friends at Rollerland.
• Combat and challenge one another with laser beams at Laser Battle and Laser Combat.
• Let your kids zipline and indulge in other adventurous activities at Adventureland.
• Spend hours building structures and vehicles with blocks and amidst colourful balls in the ball pool at Little Land.
• Allow kids to balance and ride pushbikes at Little Bike.
• Participate in all the fun-filled rides like swings and train rides at Wonderland.
• Race through the world-class racing tracks at Motor City.
• Let your kids have their driving lessons at the HarborLand Motorcity.

Other Essential Information

Places to Visit near Harbor Land Pattaya

1. Sanctuary of Truth: This magnificent wooden construction made out of exquisitely carved out of teak wood looks like a perfect amalgamation of a Buddhist and Hindu temple and a bewildering castle. The building's high roof and the wooden walls that are decked with beautiful carvings and sculptures are a sight to hold. This place has a serene aura that can leave tourists spellbound.

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2. Jomtien Beach: Stretching for about 6 kms, Jomtien Beach has a relaxed vibe with a sparse crowd and cleaner water as a topping. You can laze around in the warm waters of the beach or get your adrenaline rushing with windsurfing! The shoreline is home to some of the finest restaurants so that you can embark on a great culinary trip too.

3. Pattaya Floating Market: A perfect place to experience the riverside living of native Thai people, this market is home to about 345 shops spread across 4 sections. The market has items from wood carving, handmade products, Thai wear that one might want to take back home as souvenirs and eateries selling delicious Thai food. The market also hosts amazing cultural shows every afternoon.

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4. Ko Larn: Also referred to as Coral Island, Ko Larn is the largest island near Pattaya that is also a popular hub for water sport enthusiasts. The azure waters of the sea, the huge cliff clad with dense trees, the sight of the speedboats and banana boats making their on and off the shore, making this island a true tropical paradise.

5. Art in Paradise: Located within Esplanade Shopping Mall, this art gallery in Pattaya has a fascinating collection of 3D paintings that indeed play tricks with your eyes. Tourists can stroll through the pictures and click as many pictures as they can!

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6. Mini Siam: This tourist attraction near Bangkok is a sprawling park with more than 100 miniature creations of iconic attractions around the world like the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty.

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Places to shop near Harbor Land Pattaya

1.Bua Khao Market: Open in the mornings from seven until dusk every Tuesday and Friday, this market bustles with closely jammed shops selling everything one can think of from fresh produce, pets and plants to fashion apparel and home decor. There are also several eateries selling street food.

2.Central Festival: This shopping mall is a flagship shopping destination in Pattaya that is open from 11.00 in the morning to 11.00 at night. With many international brands, entertainment centres landscaped gardens and water bodies, and fine dining restaurants in a lavish floor area, this mall is a perfect place for shopping on a sunny afternoon.

3.Pattaya Night Bazaar: This market is air-conditioned and has a well-organized layout with lines of shops selling every possible thing that you can think of at a fraction of the price that can cost you elsewhere. If you are looking for a street shopping experience sans the blazing heat and clumsy humidity of Pattaya, this place is the best bet!

4.Central Marina: Spread over 3 floors, this shopping mall has a good mix of shops selling local and international brands, a play area for kids, restaurants, and a six-screen cinema theatre. Live bands also perform here to keep the guests entertained.

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Places to eat near Harbor Land Pattaya

1.Orange Bar: One of the coolest places to hang out in Pattaya, this bar is located in the heart of Soi Chaiyapoon. Choicest menu of alcoholic drinks and cocktails, peppy music, and amusing show put forth by the bar girls make this a great destination to dine and have fun.

2.Loaf: Serving breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, this cafe-restaurant has a curated list of renditions like cakes, biscuits, salads, spaghetti, coffee and many others that are truly appetizing. The ambience is chic and the staff are friendly.

3.Took Lae Dee at Foodland: Serving Asian and Thai food, this restaurant is in Terminal 21 of Foodland and is frequented by tourists and locals for its wide choice of menu items, delicious food, friendly service, and very competitive pricing.

4.Khao Tom Prajanban: One of the best places to savour authentic Thai seafood, the no-miss food items here that can make you drool over this place are fried rice, grilled fish, barbeque king prawns, and steamed bass. The interiors are decked with orchid flowers which makes one feel like sitting and dining within a bouquet.

5.Pizza Plaza: Just as the name indicates, this restaurant is famous for its cheesy Italian pizzas. Other than pizzas, the desserts served here are sure to spoil you with choices. The atmosphere is cozy and the hospitality is warm.

6.The Reef Cantina (Old Tequila Reef): The best place in Pattaya to relish Mexican food, the margaritas, carnitas, chips, and salsa served here are yum and the service and ambience of the place are worth mentioning.

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Tips to Visit Harbor Land Pattaya

1.Always wear safety gear like helmets, non-slippery shoes, and knee caps as needed by the respective zone.

2.Wear comfortable clothing like pants and a T-shirt and footwear.

3.Kids should always be accompanied by an adult(>18 years) even in the kids’ zone.

4.Tickets can be booked at the counter or online. Always book in advance to avoid queues and to save time.

5.Parties can be booked here on prior notice.

6.Specially abled children can avail 50% price reduction on every Tuesdays.

7.Guests can avail Harborland’s babysitting services at an extra cost.

8.Membership cards with alluring benefits are available for regular customers.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Point of Interest for Harbor Land Pattaya


This fun-filled zone is all about jumping and is ideal for kids and children alike. All you need to do is jump and dunk the ball into the basketball hoop and get adventurous with the ninja course where you need to jump and find your way through the 9-obstacle path. There is a colour-jump place that is fun and ideal for kids.

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This rock climbing destination is air-conditioned and you get a hold on rappelling up the 10-meter high wall while the sweat and the sun are kept at bay. There are harnesses that ensure safety and so this zone on the 8th floor is where you could test your muscles. Only kids above 5 years are allowed to enjoy this activity.



 If skating on wheels is your thing, this air-conditioned world-class skating rink is just for you. Kids and adults can zoom through the rink on wheels and have a whale of a time. Even if you are a first-timer, there are railing around which you can hold to prevent accidental falls. The minimum age limit for this zone is 5 years.

Laser Battle

Laser Battle

This zone on the 7th floor of Harborland Pattaya is powered by Laser Tag, the world's leading laser tag manufacturer. It has more than 40 super-cool laser light games to keep you entertained. Kids above 3 years and adults can participate as the thick laser beam guides them with vision and instructions.

Laser Combat

Laser Combat

Get your tactics and hone your shooting skills as you handle the virtual reality SMG guns. This zone promises unparalleled fun when participating as a group activity and combat each other for a laser fight.

Adventure Land

Adventure Land

With ropes hanging all over, this children only zone lets kids zipline and ride cycles on the ropes. The kids are harnessed firmly and are equipped with all safety gear like helmets and knee caps to prevent any injury. There are more obstacles that the kids need to clear before reaching the endpoint. Only kids between 5 and 13 years are permitted here.

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Little Land

Little Land

A wonderland for kids and toddlers, Little Land is all about blocks. This zone has blocks of various colours and sizes that kids can use to construct so many things. Kids can even take their constructed block vehicles with wheels to the small slide area to get them rolling. There is also a mini slide and a ball pool to keep them engaged.

Little Bike

Little Bike

There are so many push bikes here that kids can balance, ride, and get a grip on riding pushbikes. This zone is located on the third floor and is air-conditioned to help them ride and play comfortably.

Wonder Land

Wonder Land

This fun in B floor has 6 mini rides that let the kids have the best time of the day. The amusement rides here include Happy Swing, Mini Rocking Tug, Swing, Circular Train, Junior jets, Jungle Carousel, and Magic Bike that are safe and promise ultimate fun for children.

Motor City

Motor City

This driving zone has many kid-friendly drive tracks classified as F1 Drift Racing, Driving School, Mini Circuit, Bumper Battle, and Zoo City that will help the kids learn to steer and ride. Kids will get their Harborland driving license after their lessons at the driving school.

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Harbor Land Pattaya FAQs

Why is Harbor Land Pattaya so famous?

Harborland is one of Asia’s largest indoor amusement parks and houses the world’s tallest indoor slide. There are more than 20 playground equipment that are spread over two floors of Harborland and are ideal for kids and adults alike. The playground equipment are of European standards and are maintained spic and span.

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How to reach Harbor Land Pattaya?

Taxis are the only option to reach Harborland Pattaya. The nearest bus station is the Pattaya bus station at Pattaya Nuea Road.

Is there any age limit to visit Harbor Land Pattaya?

No, there is no age limit to visit HarborLand Pattaya. There are also babysitting services available here at an extra cost so that parents can leave their infants and toddlers safe with the park staff

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