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About Phra Nakhon

Phra Nakhon is an old city in Bangkok. It is one of the 50 districts of the beautiful Bangkok districts and it is a central one. About 80 kilometres to the North of Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Siam is a prosperous international trading port. Offering one of the best tourist places in Phra Nakhon, the place is going to leave you mesmerised.


The modern city of Bangkok surrounds the ruins of the old city. The city kept flourishing until it was taken over by the Burmese. The old city now is an archaeological site which host monasteries, temples, statues and palaces. The city kept flourishing until it was taken over by the Burmese. The old city now is an archaeological site which host monasteries, temples, statues and palaces. Archaeological temples inside the Central Park of the ruins have elaborate pavilion and domes. Boat trips around the park to view the temple are a chanting experience. It is surrounded by enriching nature on all sides. It is famous for its greenery, museums, temples, universities, and palaces. According to the history of Phra Nakhon, it was once an Amphoe, the second administration of Thailand named Amphoe Chana Songkhram. With landmarks like Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace. If you're looking for a new favourite getaway, look no further than Phra Nakhon.


Phra Nakhon is a filled with lots of cultural heritage. It hosts many festivals in the Khao San Road which is the town centre. Tourist places in Phra Nakhon are an absolute delight for all those who wish to unwind and relax from their busy schedule. It is absolutely the right kind of place for a weekend getaway. It is like mini Cambodia with ancient beautiful structures that entice you. Being ardent Buddhist you will find many Buddha idols and statues here. This being a picturesque location you will find many locations to take stunning photos. This place is easily reachable from Bangkok. You will find many trains from Bangkok that leave half hour once from the railway station. Many tourists visit this place and explore its natural wonders and attractions making their trip a memorable worthwhile one.

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Phra Nakhon FAQ's

Things to do in Phra Nakhon:

  • Cycle through the streets of Phra Nakhon: One of the most thrilling activities you can indulge in while you’re exploring the city of Phra Nakhon is discovering it on a cycle. There are numerous initiatives taken hold of the localites themselves that lead cycling groups around the city. The trip starts as early as 4pm and groups are taken through the various temples and canals and given a proper guide about the place. Evening cycling trips become even more special as you watch the city twinkle in the yellow-red lighted background.

  • Explore the landscapes on a boating tour: One of the best parts about Phra Nakhon is that it has a lot to offer in terms of experiences. You can go trekking, cycling and even boating to explore the deep-rooted landscapes of this place. Discover the stunning landscapes with a different perspective. Take a boating trip that typically starts from the island of Rattanakosin all the way to Chao Phraya river and sail through the beautiful canals of Wat Kuhasawan. There is much more to this place than meets the eye and realize just that on the boating trip.

  • Visit the Giant swing: The Giant Swing is one of the star attractions in Phra Nakhon. One of the oldest and the most extra ordinary temples, the structure speaks of a thousand words and memories. The place features glorious murals and carved teaked doors that will leave the visitors awe-struck. The courtyard holds approximately 156 different images of the great Buddha.

What will you like Phra Nakhon:

  • Thai art appreciation at Bangkok National Museum: The Bangkok National Museum is situated in the north-western region of the city and is one of the largest museums in the whole of South-East Asia. The place showcases some of the most beautiful Thai art that dates back to the times of Neolithic rule along with various other Asian-Buddhist arts.

  • Go palace hopping: There are numerous palaces in and around Phra Nakhon which you should most definitely visit. For instance, the Grand Palace built by King Rama I or the Dusit Palace and admire the architectural beauty that stands strong in the place even after so long.

What is the best time to visit Phra Nakhon?

The best time to visit Phra Nakhon is also the busiest time there. People wanting to take advantage of the dry season visit this beautiful land between the monsoon seasons.

Dry season: Being the best time of the year to visit and explore this alluring city stretches long from the months of November until April.

This starts from the end of May and goes up until November. If you enjoy the rains and want to be in Phra Nakhon and experience the wet showers then this is the ideal time.

How to reach Phra Nakhon?


Phra Nakhon is easily accessible and various means of transport are available from different parts of the world to get tourists to this beautiful exotic location. This place is ideal for one-day trips, weekend getaways, and weeklong trips.


  • Trains: On reaching Bangkok, you have many trains leaving to Phra Nakhon every half hour at very cheap rates. The journey is about 2 hours and is a very pleasant ride.


  • Flight: The major flight carrier is Thai Airways. Many international flights land at the Don Mueang International Airport from all around the world.

Which are the best places to visit in Phra Nakhon?

  • Phraya Nakhon Cave: If you love visiting caves then you should make it a must visit to this place. This will definitely give you a lifetime experience. The caves are very beautiful and the deeper you go the more you will love it. These astounding caves surrounded by lovely beaches are a bonus.


  • Wat Phra Si Sanphet: Wat Phra Si Sanphet is the loveliest historically important temple in old Ayutthaya. Its three large chedis and numerous smaller ones give it the name King's Temple. This is one of the most impressive sights in the ruined city.


  • Wat Ratchaburana: Also known as the “monastery of royal ruins”, this Buddhist monastery is a must visit. This archaeological temple has 2 crypts that hold a lot of historic importance. Being adorned with wall paintings is one of the national historic sites.


  • Wat Mahathat: A Buddhist temple in Phra Nakhon is also known as the “Temple of great relics”. Wat Mahathat was also the residence of the Supreme Patriarch or leader of the Thai Buddhist monks. This is also one of the best places to visit when in Phra Nakhon.

Which are some best resorts to stay in Phra Nakhon?

Being a very beautiful place, it has loads of staying options. Coming here you will find a lot of enticing and luxurious resorts that will set the exact mood for a perfect getaway. If you are planning to stay for a week or a day this place has much accommodation offers that suits everyone's needs. A few best resorts include:


  • Chillax Resort: Located in Khet Phra Nakhon will offset the best ever experience for any guest visiting Phra Nakhon. Rooms with extensive Jacuzzis and private pool offer a very nostalgic experience for all its visitors.


  • Navalai River Resort: A riverside resort with stylish exclusive rooms with open-air restaurant, a hot tub and a rooftop pool looking beyond infinity is the perfect location to unwind during your getaway.


  • Villa Phra Simeon: This urban style boutique hotel situated in the heart of historic Bangkok, with its historic building is promising its guests a very contemporary and heritage-rich stay in Phra Nakhon.

Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Phra Nakhon?

Bangkok is a paradise for budget food eaters. It is one of the best places in the world for amazing exotic food. From its street style Pad Thai to exclusive restaurants you will find a lot of choices to fill up your hungry palette.


  • Khao Neow Dam Sangkaya: A tiny little stand on the street corner of Silom Sol, this place serves the best ever black sticky rice pudding.


  • P’Aor Kuay Teow Tom Yum: This restaurant serves a lot of varieties but it is famously known for its signature dish- Tom Yum Soup with Jumbo Prawns and Noodles. You will have your stomach full in few dollars.


  • Wattana Panich Kuay Teow Neua: Located on the Sukhumvit street, this stall sells the best beef broths. Their Chinese style broth is very famous in the whole of Bangkok and people throb the area to get a cup of it from their huge pan of broth.


  • Looks in Thongchai: One of the major Street food in Bangkok is the grilled roll meatball. This still on the end of Soi Rambuttri specially makes their meatballs over a bed of charcoal and serves them with a spicy sweet sauce.

What are the best public transport modes to commute around Phra Nakhon?

Commuting in and around Phra Nakhon is quite easy with public transport. Easily available cabs, trains, and buses will help you visit all the important locations in the city.


  • Mass Transit: Bangkok is the only city in Thailand to have an above-ground (BTS) and underground light-rail (MRT) public transport system. Using this you will be able to visit all the important locations at pocket-friendly prices.


  • Taxi: Bangkok has the most formal system of metered taxis. Although other cities have growing meter networks at times prices are set in advance or require negotiation.


  • City Bus: Bangkok has the largest city-bus system in the country. These city buses will give you a guided tour of the whole city at low prices.

Which are the best places for shopping in Phra Nakhon?

No holiday experience is complete without a little shopping. There are a few places in and around the city where you can shop for yourself and take back gifts to your loved ones.


  • Pahurat Textile Market: Also known as Little India, this place is ideal to satisfy all your fabric needs. You will find some good quality fabrics and clothes here that you can afford easily. This market is not for those who are looking for high-end and sophisticated glamourous stuff.


  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: Being one of the largest markets in the world, you will be able to find a lot of fabrics, clothes, souvenirs that you can take back home for your loved ones. Being a shopaholic, all you have to do being here is Bargain. The more you bargain the more profitable you will be at the end.


  • Art and craft village: Here you will find a lot of arts and crafts that relate to the cities beautiful culture. Almost all the farmers in Phra Nakhon are usually trained in folk arts and crafts. Coming to this Village you can get your hands on some exclusive handicrafts.

Which are the famous historic monuments in Phra Nakhon?

The kingdom of Thailand has a very long and rich history attached to it. Being a place of archaeological wonder, you will find a lot of historic places in Phra Nakhon that will intrigue you.

  • Pom Phra Sumen: This historic site is a riverfront Fortress. This astounding masterpiece was built in 1783. With an optional bunker and white exterior, this fort oozes our history of the city. This is open from morning to evening on all weekdays only.


  • Democracy Monument: It is a public monument in the centre of Thailand. The history associated with this building is that it was erected to commemorate the Siamese revolution of 1937. This is opened to the public all through the week from morning till evening.


  • Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall: This is one of the least maintained public buildings that looks very elegant. Being a palace it is open for public all throughout the week.

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