Monster Aquarium Overview

Monster Aquarium Pattaya is a collection of several rare animals from Thailand and all over the world that lets you come close and interact with them. It is one of the best excursions for both adults and children. The place offers so many things to do that you will need more than a day to enjoy all the activities. 

Monster Aquarium Pattaya features six different zones, namely, Aquarium Zone, Reptile Zone, Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities, Fish Tunnel, and Food Court. The animals in Monster Aquarium Pattaya include an albino crocodile, iguanas, snakes, peacocks, porcupines, armadillos, monster fish, two-headed turtles, and several other animals. If you're planning to book a Thailand tour package, consider including Monster Aquarium Pattaya in your itinerary for an unforgettable experience. Explore the wonders of these six zones and enjoy the captivating wildlife along with the convenience of on-site dining at the Food Court. 

The tourists love to enjoy feeding fish and walking through the underwater tunnel in the Monster Aquarium Pattaya. The animals are so unique that you would want to click pictures with them and cherish them for a lifetime. Therefore, you should undertake this beautiful journey of witnessing exotic sea creatures and some rare wildlife.

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• Monster Aquarium Pattaya is a collection of various rare animals from all over the world.
• The place has six attractive zones like Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities, Aquarium Zone, Reptile Zone, Fish Tunnel, and Food Court.
• The most prominent attraction of the Monster Aquarium Pattaya is the underwater tunnel that lets you walk through it and enjoy feeding fish.
• One can get a chance to get close to these rare sea creatures and mammals and interact with them.
• You will have a chance to glance at the rear sighting of the two-head turtles and albino crocodiles.
• The Food Court Zone of the Monster Aquarium Pattaya offers some delicious foods and energy drinks.

Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Monster Aquarium Pattaya

1. Pattaya Snake Show- Pattaya Snake Show allows you to learn about these slinky and slithering creatures closely. The show displays some of the most poisonous snakes in the world, handled creatively by experienced personnel. The thrilling and enthralling performance of the pythons, cobras and jumping snakes will leave you jaw-dropping. Apart from these snakes, you can also see some magnificent reptiles and creepy crawly creatures.

2. Hello Van Gogh- Hello Van Gogh is a fabulous interactive gallery of well-known artists. Tourists from all over the world come to Hello Van Gogh to experience the chilly halls, nice music, and the soul of some great impressionist artists. The work of Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet are presented in art galleries that depict the story of different periods of the life of the artist. 

3. Sukhawadee- Sukhawadee is one of those structures that is considered to be the legacy of the Thai Kingdom. The pastel colours of the Sukhwadee Mansion are worth admiring. The interesting thing about the Sukhawadee Mansion is the Chinese Figure that is believed to be the hailer of good fortune. Although the place does not allow you to take pictures inside it, you can capture the beautiful sceneries inside your memory and cherish them for a lifetime.

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4. Hat Krathing Lai Seashore Park- Hat Krathing Lai Seashore Park, as the name suggests, is a beachside park in Pattaya. It is a great place suitable for sitting, walking, cycling, and exercising. However, you are not allowed to swim on the beach as the water is relatively muddy. The visit to the park during the weekend gives a refreshing feel to work hard for the entire week.

5. Wat Sawang Fa Pruettaram- Wat Sawang Fa Preuttaram is the beautiful temple of Lord Buddha in Thailand. The temple is adjacent to the enigmatic backdrop of trees and a tiny stream flowing nearby. The bell-shaped primary hall contains the sculpture of the Reclining Buddha, the image of the attitude of Nirvana. Thus, it is a great place to witness the real tales of magical spells learned by Prince Sithon, the son of King Athittayawong of Panchanakhon.

6. Wat Nong Ket Yai- Wat Nong Ket Yai is a monastery in Thailand. It enshrines a very effective Erawan Buddha. The incense in the Wat Nong Ket Yai is very powerful, so you can see several pilgrims in front of the monastery every day. The surroundings of the temple are so peaceful that guests can emerge into the calm and relaxing feeling of the monastery. 

7. Asian Spicy Garden- Asian Spicy Garden is an incredible plethora of spices that are used in traditional, kitchen, and aesthetic medicines. It is one of the largest museums of spices in Asia, which traces the history of the spices that appear to be on our plate today. The place also allows you to learn about the ancient devices that are used to grow, process, and obtain the final product.

8. Dolphinarium Pattaya- Dolphinarium Pattaya is a unique marine mammal show of dolphins and seals. Live communication with them will fill your hearts with positive emotions for several days. You can watch shows with dolphins, take pictures, and swim with them. Therefore, it is a perfect holiday destination for kids.

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Places to eat near Monster Aquarium Pattaya

1. Korando's Bar- Korando’s Bar is a 24 hours new and modern bar and guesthouse located in the heart of Pattaya. It provides the services of All Live Sports and Pool Table free of cost. The fully refurbished kitchen of the Korando’s Bar provides delicious delicacies of Thailand and Western Food. 

2. MK- One of Thailand's suki chains, MK restaurant, has been serving its customers for more than twenty years now. Apart from enjoying MK's suki, customers also can cook their food at the table appealing to people of all age groups. The restaurant is very popular in Thailand, with over 200 restaurants across the country and 23 in Japan.

3. Mai Thai Cuisine- Mai Thai Cuisine provides a vast range of exotic and authentic Thai food made out of homemade recipes through generations. The diverse and flavorful menu of the Mai Thai Cuisine serves food for everyone, including vegetarian, mild, and hot. The most prominent way of preparing food in this restaurant is the use of herbs, spices, and ingredients. 

4. Fat Belly Pattaya- Fat Belly Pattaya is a bar and eatery situated in Nakluea 16 Alley. The bar and restaurant serve different Western and Thai dishes. Their primary focus is on serving the best quality food and service at an affordable rate. They even ensure that they do not include any MSG in their food.

5. Moom Aroi Nakluea- Moom Aroi Nakluea is a prominent seafood restaurant for both locals and tourists. The ambience of the restaurant looks like a local eatery with aluminium tables and an additional tiny table for ice cubes. The forty-page long menu consists of all sorts of seafood like crabs, prawns, lobsters, oysters, squids, mussels, clams, and scallops.

6. Mum Aroi Restaurant- Mum Aroi is one of the best seafood restaurants in Pattaya. Its Thai-inspired seafood menu, oceanfront view, and entertainment courtesy of a talented cover band make it the best restaurant for tourists and Thai people. Because of its thin, large dimension hugging the shores, diners can listen to the pleasant sound of the waves while feasting on the fresh crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and fish, prepared in a variety of styles.

7. Somtom Pa Nee- Somtom Pa Nae is a large informal open-air dining area with Thai people visiting from Bangkok. It is best known for its fair value, fare Isaan, and seafood. The restaurant is ideal for a large group of people with quick service.

8. Tree Tales Cafe- Tree Tales Cafe serves a creative style of European and Thai foods. The cafe offers two settings to dine: one is the air-conditioning comfort of the cafe, and another is the open garden in the tranquillity of nature. They also provide amazing homemade fruit and veggies drinks and a vast selection of coffee.

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Point of Interest for Monster Aquarium
Things to do in Monster Aquarium Pattaya

Things to do in Monster Aquarium Pattaya

1. Indoor Activities- Indoor activities in Monster Aquarium Pattaya are extremely fun and exciting. You can feed the fish and interact with some rare animals from around the world. You would be delighted to take pictures with them in this zone at Monster Aquarium Pattaya.

2. Outdoor Activities- Outdoor Activities consist of exploring the long tunnel with several exotic marine animals.

3. Reptile Zone- The Reptile Zone showcases the rarely seen reptiles of the world, including iguanas and albino crocodiles. People flock around this zone to get the sighting of the rarest representative of the alligator family.


4. Aquarium Zone- You will witness some dangerous sea monsters in the Aquarium Zone at Monster Aquarium Pattaya. The prominent animals of this zone are the Greek tortoise, two-head turtles, the chelidae, and the pond slider.

5. Fish Tunnel- Fish Tunnel is a 10 meters long tunnel with a glass bottom that allows the visitors to walk through them. On your way, you will find underwater inhabitants swimming near you. Thus, it is an exclusive experience for the tourists visiting this place.

6. Food Court- Food court is the most relaxing section of the Monster Aquarium Pattaya. You can head to this section to eat some delicious delicacies and enjoy energizing drinks.

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