Best Paragliding Tours in Thailand - 2020

One of the most popular sports in the tropical nation of Thailand is paragliding, which is defined as the sport of flying parachutes. There are some design modifications done to help the rider enjoy the flying experience and there is usually no grid framework with the canopy acting as a framework. Paragliding in Thailand is done not only along the beaches but also in the slightly mountainous terrains. Popular options for Thailand Paragliding include Chumphon, Khoa Pang, Phom Mateo Cape, Phuket, Khao San and many others. You can also pick from a whole range of other locales too.

Even though paragliding is done across the country it is advised that you check the costs before opting for the service. Paragliding in Thailand prices can differ largely during the tourist/peak season and even during the off season. In most of the places, you have to do paragliding with a rider for extra support and safety reasons. Of course, if you are a trained professional then you may omit the guide or rider, but this really depends on where you do paragliding. Not all places across the country permit the same and Paragliding in Thailand cost may differ also in this reference.

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  1. When is the best time to visit Thailand for paragliding?

    Paragliding in Thailand is open all across the year but it is ideally during the months from October to March/April because the wind supports the sport. Remember that when it comes to Paragliding the wind is extremely important and in Thailand the months from April onwards are monsoon, which means rain and thunderstorm.

    Thailand Paragliding in the slightly cooler months is best and the tourists can enjoy the most of good weather and glide from a good height.

  2. Which are the famous places for paragliding in Thailand?

    If you book and plan in advance not only will you get the best Paragliding in Thailand price but you can also avail some of the best locations across the country. Some of these are Chumpon, Khoa Pang where you can enjoy the sea and land views, then there is Sik Hiu, Khao Sadao which is popular with gliders across the world.

    Apart from this, there is the countryside Petchaburi, Khoa Dan, Loey Phu Rua, Phom Mateo Cape, Phuket and also Khao Son.

  3. How much does paragliding cost in Thailand?

    Paragliding in Thailand costs about 400-800 Baht on an average but this largely fluctuates depending on the time duration, the place where you are doing paragliding, etc. Paragliding in Thailand price also depends on the quality of the operator.

    There are some operators who provide an enthralling experience with better heights, equipment, etc. so it is important that you consider these factors too.

  4. Is it safe to do paragliding in Thailand?

    Paragliding in Thailand is actually very safe and you should ensure that you pick a vendor or provider who has a good rating. There are a lot of vendors providing paragliding services across the country and most of them are reputed and ensure the safety of travellers.

    Being a tourist-based economy, the safety of the tourists is paramount for them and hence you can be assured that you will get good service. But do check if the Paragliding in Thailand cost includes insurance and gets you safety gear to ensure that risks can be minimised.

  5. How is paragliding done?

    Thailand Paragliding is done the same way like the rest of the world and you can pick from different options. While parasailing is still popular there are umpteen mountain regions that provide you with an extremely good paragliding experience. Usually the process involves the tour operator or vendor picking you from your hotel and taking you to the paragliding spot.

    A guide will assist you in the rider and you can also take pictures, etc. Drop-off is also included in the package one you complete the sport.

  6. What is solo paragliding & what is tandem paragliding?

    Paragliding in Thailand also includes tandem paragliding which is basically free dying too including a foot-launched aircraft. There is not much of a difference between paragliding and tandem paragliding — which is ideally designed to help carry two people.

    In tandem paragliding an instructor and a passenger are strapped into the harness. Usually the paraglider is in the front and the guide on the back when it comes to tandem flights.

  7. What is the minimum age to do paragliding in Thailand?

    There is no minimum age for Thailand Paragliding but there are restrictions on the weight. This is implied because if a rider or glider is underweight there is a risk that the harness could be loose, which is a potential threat. In the same way, an overweight rider may also pose a risk because of excessive weight.

    It is for these reasons that instead of age restrictions the weight is more of a concern. Also, very small children rather than ones below 10 years are generally not allowed for the sport.

  8. What type of clothing is required to do paragliding in Thailand?

    When doing Paragliding in Thailand it is important that you wear comfortable and sensible clothing. This means that girls should avoid wearing dresses that may flare up or get stuck in trees or other places during the right. Ideally, you should wear comfortable pants, flat shoes and clothes that are skin-hugging. There is no norm or particular dress code otherwise but it is advised that you adhered to these simple regulations.

  9. What kind of medical arrangements will be there if someone got injured while paragliding in Thailand?

    Paragliding in Thailand is done keeping in mind the safety of the tourists and for this reason there are ambulances usually available instantly. Most operators do have spare vans specially designated to help carry an injured passenger to the hospital. Some of them also provide insurance to the tourists so you should check the options available before picking on.

    The hospitals in all major tourist destinations are well-equipped to handle such emergencies.

  10. Can I fly solo if I'm new to paragliding?

    There are some vendors who may allow you to fly solo if you have a paragliding certificate or have taken a course at their institute. Remember that most commercial vendors will not allow you to paraglide solo and a rider is compulsory or mandatory. Flying solo is an option only available when you do a course or training certificate at a particular institute.

  11. Is there any weight limitation for Thailand paragliding?

    Yes, there are weight limitations on paragliding in Thailand. This is implied because if a rider or glider is underweight there is a risk that the harness could be loose, which is a potential threat. In the same way, an overweight rider may also pose a risk because of excessive weight.

    It is for these reasons that instead of age restrictions the weight is more of a concern. Also, very small children rather than ones below 10 years are generally not allowed for the sport.

  12. Is there any chance of emergency landing while paragliding in Thailand?

    If there is an issue with the parachute or the weather changes course or even for other reasons, the guide or instructor with you has the knowledge of making an emergency landing. This can be done to prevent risks to the rider and also a potential threat to the equipment.

    Keep in mind that all vendors do have extra vehicles available that would be available in case of an emergency landing. There are certain spots where the paraglider can be safely landed.

  13. Can one capture his video while paragliding in Thailand?

    Most vendors do not allow you to carry your own camera or phone but they have provision for recording the same. Usually, the instructor will carry the camera and would record the same for a nominal amount. Once your ride is over, you can take the video recording from the vendor or they can also email the same to you.

  14. What are the basic things to keep in mind before Thailand paragliding?

    The most important thing to remember when you are doing paragliding in Thailand is to adhere to the instructions provided by your vendor. Keep in mind that safety guidelines should not be ignored for the sake of fun or you can potentially risk yourself and your instructor.

    Do not eat too much before gliding because it may cause nausea — try to eat at least a couple of hours before the sail. If you have some medical conditions do inform the vendor in advance so they can take required precautions.