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  • 01Quad Biking In Bangalore On The Sporty Phoenix

    Quad Biking In Bangalore On The Sporty Phoenix
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3458314
    • 400

    About the activity: 

    Quad biking in Bangalore on a 200cc sporty phoenix ensures that you will experience the most thrilling ride of a lifetime! the dirt road and the roar of the engines await their rider patiently as you take on the rugged terrains of the road ahead of you! Bikers need not rest, ever, and the city may not allow you to ride as fast as you can, but here at the dirt race track, its a whole different love story between the sporty phoenix bike and the rider! An exotic and wide range of quad bikes are made available to you and your friends, so, do not waste time, so you can head on !

    Grab your friends and biker gang and head onto the exciting grounds of the track to fly, ride and float past all the mud, dirt and sand, leaving the world behind!  The right way to experience the powerful but easy to drive machines is by trail all the way!The manly, crazy trails are abundant with natural earth and soil making the experience more adventurous and exciting for the biker in you! Sit enthusiastically on the seats and revv up your engines, roaring high to go skimming through the rough terrains of the tracks for a fun and adventurous ride! 

  • 02Play Arena Combo Activity Package at Bangalore

    Play Arena Combo Activity Package at Bangalore
    • h3 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN516 ratings
    • Amith
    • 342
    Exclusive Combo Package available only on Thrillophilia.
    About the Activity:
    • Get ready for a day filled with loads of activities in one of the best arenas in Bangalore.
    • Either go with your co-workers of just go with your family, as there is a lot to experience.
    • Choose the package as per your convenience for either six or four activities from around 15 activities available, some of which include bowling, virtual golf, air hockey, archery, climbing wall, rope course, quad bike, and many more. 
    • The activities time start from 10.30 AM in the morning and ends at around 10 PM in the evening, giving you enough time to enjoy and rejuvenate in the experience. 

  • 03Enjoy Gokarting in Bangalore

    Enjoy Gokarting in Bangalore
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7982408

    About the activity :

     This weekend, unleash your racing genes and head for an exciting experience of gokarting in Bangalore with your friends and family members too! Unleash the tensions of the week onto the race track and revv up your engines on the same tracks that house championship games and corporate events for the professionals as well. Relive the days of speeding on your bike or car on an empty and safe road, only this time; it will be faster, better and way more fun!

    The gokarting centre had excellent training facilities for you to explore and indulge in the true feel of a race car driver. Professionals teach you the experience and tricks of driving in a car safely on the road and enjoying to the maximum with your friends and family on this thrilling ride!

  • 04Laser Tag, Bangalore

    Laser Tag, Bangalore
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6247446

    About the Destination:

    Sprawling over an area of 3500 sq ft, the laser tag, Bangalore arena is a delightful one. Easily accessible, it is located right in the center of the bustling Jayanagar in Bangalore. The settings are ideal to bond with friends and corporate members as well as have fun get-togethers and have parties.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Feel the enthusiasm as you dive into a rip-roaring game of laser tag in Bangalore. The nature of this activity is such that it can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. It is most fun when in a group of 4 to 12. During this experience, you will be propped with laser vests and gun and will have to beat your enemies by shooting them. The winning team is the one who garners the most points. Setting the pace is the scientifically made dark area and the glow strips. This is a great way to de-stress, get entertained and bond with your fellow mates and yes, shed some calories in the process too!

    Every day from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

    Duration of the Activities: 12 minutes game time and 8 minutes of briefing 

  • 05Bengaluru Drag Fest 2019 Round - 1

    Bengaluru Drag Fest 2019 Round - 1
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN311 ratings
    • Raghavendra
    • 450
    About the Activity:
    Event dates: 15th and 16th April, 2017, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
      • Experience sheer thrill at Bengaluru Drag Fest 2017 in a private airstrip at Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd, Hosur just 40 kms away from Bangalore.
      • Drag Racing is the oldest form of racing for motorists wherein two racers compete with each other for a said amount of distance, and the first to reach the destination wins the race.
      • The participants will be provided with specially designed automobiles and motorcycles that are used for this type of races.
      • In this race, there is a short straight course that needs to be covered from the standing start to the finish line, over a measured distance of most commonly 1320 ft (402 m). 
      • Two participants line up at a drag-strip with a signaled starting line. Upon signal, they both accelerate down the 0.40 km long two lane straight-paved track, where their elapsed time and terminal speed are recorded. 
      • The one who covers the distance in the shortest time wins the race.
      • Electronic timing and speed sensing systems are used to record the race and measure the results.

      • It is a legal event which will be held under FMSCI, which is the governing body for Motorsports in India.

      • There are multiple variants available;

      • 1) Early Bird Ticket for Standing Area at Rs.450/- for one day
      • 2) Early Bird Ticket for Seating Area at Rs.950/- for one day

      • 3) Ticket for Standing Area for Day 1 & 2 Together at Rs. 700/-  
      • 4) Ticket for Seating Area for Day 1 & 2 Together at Rs.1700/-
    • 06Play Paintball In Bangalore, Near Bannerghatta Road

      Play Paintball In Bangalore, Near Bannerghatta Road
      • lBangalore
      • NNNNN39 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 3563256

      About the Destination:

      • Paintball in Bangalore at Bannerghatta is a fun way to escape the everyday routine and stress! With hectic schedules and time constraints, it is often difficult to head out of the city for a long getaway. However, the fun factor need not be missed out on at all! Within the city limits of Bangalore and in close proximity to the various economic hubs is a well-equipped facility at Bannerghatta.
      • Paint Ball is a thrilling activity that can get group spirits and excitement on an all-time high! Strategically located, the facility is easy to access and is also well equipped in terms of infrastructure and safety.
      • A game best played in groups, Paint Ball is an activity that has fun, thrill, adventure and strategy all mixed in one! Get your adrenaline rushing as you indulge in shooting your opponents with colored capsules! Work as a team, shoot your paintball guns with style and escape being a target in a game that is designed as much more than just fun!
      • It doesn’t simple end here. This is a fabulous chance for you to bond with your team mates! Close pals, office teams and new friends – this game is sure to draw you closer! Inch towards success in a game where winning will be an obsession!

    • 07Big Banyan Tree Cycling in Bangalore

      Big Banyan Tree Cycling in Bangalore
      • d1 Day
      • lBangalore
      • NNNNN27 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 3054054

      About the Destination:

      The ‘Dodda Alada Mara’ or the Big Banyan Tree has been in existence for over four centuries and is now a major tourist attraction near Bangalore. Spreading over 3acres, this gigantic Banyan Tree is a testimony to the bygone era and is one of the unique sites to visit near the Garden City of India. Also, the fact that is located only 3km from the Manchanbele Dam, it highly makes for a quick weekend destination for the city dwellers.

      About the Activity:

      Assembling at the decided meeting point by around 06:30 in the morning with your bicycles and get ready to embark on a rustic yet enthralling Big Banyan Tree Cycling, Bangalore. Let the fun and excitement grow more and more as you start pedalling towards your destination!

      As you can expect very thin traffic during the tour, the stretch of 32km can be covered up easily and with less chaos. On arrival at the Dodda Alad Mara, get some rest and explore the surroundings at your own pace. Post this, a delicious breakfast will get you reenergised for the return journey. Once breakfast is done, get back onto your cycles and start pedalling back to the starting point of the tour and conclude it on a delightful note!

    • 08BREAKOUT - Real Life Escape Games, Bangalore

      BREAKOUT - Real Life Escape Games, Bangalore
      • h1 Hour
      • lBangalore
      • NNNNN80 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 7223710

      About the activity:

      • Prep up for a fun-filled experience with real life escape games ! 
      • Participants are required to team up in teams of 2-5 members. The teams will then be locked in the themed rooms. 
      • The real challenge begins now! the teams will now have exact sixty minutes to observe and identify the clues given to them in their respective room.
      • The team that is able to solve the mystery faster than the rest will be declared winner. 
      • Delight in a refreshing and engrossing experience with rest of your group members! 
    • 09Monkey Town Art and Music Festival

      Monkey Town Art and Music Festival
      • d2 Days
      • lOoty
      • NNNNN37 ratings
      • Divya N Chugani
        Divya N Chugani
      • 4,300
      About the Activity:
      • Monkey Town is not simply another music festival, it is a complete package of music and art within nature's support. 
      • Head to Monkey Town for an ideal blend of soul-mixing music, traditional dance performances and visual exhibitions in the queen of hills taking in the freshest of air, and the greenest of getaways in Ooty.
      • Girish and the Chronicles, Ledge13, Mushroom Lake, Space Is All We Have, Kuru Circus, Kuru Psy, Mind Map, Rock Paper Scissors, Cosmic Resonance, Farfetch`d, Gorillas In Groove, The Void, The Monkey Biscuits, Bedford Blues, 204, DJ Permian, DJ Seretonin Naad are some of the great artists performing during the two day fest.
      • Apart from the musical concert, you can also indulge in the various art and craft workshops like handicrafts made from recycled products, hand pan, percussion and drumming, didge workshop, healing hut-the yoga workshop, and many more.
      • This two day fest will be held on May 27th and 28th, 2016, between 11 AM to 11 PM at Accord Highland, Ooty.
      • You can engage yourself in various workshops until 2 PM which is when the live performances start.
      • You can also avail the exclusive camping packages which includes camping for 2 days along with other exciting offers.
      We have two packages for camping :
      Package for 2 - 4300 INR
      Package for 4 - 7600 INR


      Line Up for the Festival is as Follows:

      The Void

      Gorillas In Groove

      Cosmic Resonance



      DJ Permian

      Space is All we Have

      DJ Seretonin Naad


      Mushroom Lake

      Rock Paper Scissors

      Kuru Circus and Orchestra

      Bedford Blues

      Ledge 13

      The Monkey Biscuits

      Girish and The Chronicles

    • 10Wine Tour with Barefoot Grape Stomping

      Wine Tour with Barefoot Grape Stomping
      • h1 Hour
      • lBangalore
      • NNNNN396 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 5124230
      • 750

      About the Activity:

      • Arrive at the grape stomping venue at 10.30 AM, and begin stomping in the vats or large tubs filled with grapes placed on the lawn.
      • Enjoy the stomping experience synchronized with the rhythm of music, and the 1 hour and 45 minutes long experience is underway. You can do stomping for 45 minutes and after that indulge in the one hour wine tour.
      • Amble through the vineyards and savour a few glasses with friends during the much-awaiting wine tasting tour.
      • Get accustomed to the process of wine-making, and differentiate different wines like a true connoisseur.
      • You can select any time between 10:30 AM and 04:00 PM to indulge in the activity.
    • 11Colonial Church Cycling Trail in Bangalore

      Colonial Church Cycling Trail in Bangalore
      • h5 Hours
      • lBangalore
      • NNNNN35 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 2116569
      • 2,000
      About the Activity:
      • Experience the magic of Bangalore in a 12 KM colonial cycling tour, this guided trip allows you to see Colonial culture in Bangalore.
      • Meet your trip guide at St Andrews church around 07:00 AM and get geared up to experience cycling like never before. 
      • Pedal your way past remarkable colonial architecture and top attractions like St Mary’s Basilica, St John’s Church, Holy trinity Church and many more.
      • Visit the St Andrews Church for a pipe organ recital and take a walk through its rich history and significant culture around.
      • During the tour enjoy the delicious colonial brunch at Koshy’s which is the best part of the trail.
      • The trip ends at the St Andrews church at around 12:30 PM.



    Snow City

    This indoor snow theme park garners plenty of visitors who aim to escape in the scorching heat by entering a snow house that spans an area of 12,500 sq. feet. The unparalleled experience of playing, sliding and throwing snow at each other can be achieved in the middle of a tropical town and you do not have to travel to the mighty Himalayas, neither have to wait for the winters. The freezing hall offers a number of crazy slides and rides with skiing and rock climbing activities. Snow city is the first indoor theme park in the city which is open 365 days maintaining a temperature of minus 5 degree Celsius. The crazy snow box, various virtual snow animals, snow parties and snow slides are some of the features which lure visitors into trying this freezing hangout location.

    Location: Jayamahal, Fun World Complex, Opposite TV Tower, J C Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560006

    Best Time to Visit: Summer season.

    Price: INR 600 per head.

    Timings: 10 AM to 8:30 PM on all days of the week.

    Average time required to visit the place: one-time entry is for 45 minutes.

    Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 30 KM.



    If you remember the classic Sholay scenes then you will be amazed to see the rocky mountains of this town that is situated around 50 KM from Bengaluru city and Sholay was originally shot here. 

    From Silk farming to Mysore-Pak, from leading into the huge Hanuman statue entrance to the Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary; Ramanagara is one of the places to visit in Bangalore to enjoy heaps of activities like camping and trekking, and also an abundance of sightseeing option. 

    The iconic rock elevations where the dacoit Gabbar was filmed in the cult classic Sholay can be visited during the day where you walk and climb some steep elevations of approximately 400 staircases to reach the top where you will find a temple as well. 

    These rock elevations are of Ramadevara Betta Hill which is a part of Ramadevara betta Vulture Sanctuary.

    Location: Mysore Road, Ramanagara, India

    Best Time to Visit: Winter season (November to March)

    Price: Ramadevara Betta hill can be visited by paying an entry charge of INR 25 with a separate parking charge.

    Timings: The gates of the sanctuary open around 9 AM and closes by 4:30 to 5 PM.

    Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 55 KM



    Bheemeshwari is a short distance hideaway in the Mandya district of Karnataka and is situated around a hundred KM from the city on the banks of river Cauvery.  This picturesque is visited mostly for fishing and angling as it is an ideal destination to indulge in such activities. 

    It is home to Mahseer, the tropical game  fish along with schools of other fishes and that is why it is called “the angler’s paradise.” Wedged amid the Shivanasamudra falls and the Mekedatu falls, Bheemeshwari lures travelers with its mesmerizing natural beauty. 

    Sangam in Bheemeshwari is the confluence point of river Cauvery and river Akravati which enables many water activities such as boating, rafting, coracle rides etc. Kokrebellur Pelicanry is another attraction is Bheemeshwari which one of the five most famous pelican breeding habitats in the world. It is one of the famous sightseeing places in Bangalore that is a ‘must-visit’ location.

    Location: 100 KM on the Kanakapura road from Bangalore.

    Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season or post-monsoon, winter season.

    Average time required to visit the place: one or two days.

    Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 100 KM.


    Dodda Alada Mara

    The sprawling branches of a Banyan tree has captured a land of over 3 acres in Kethohalli village, making it one of the unique sightseeing places in Bangalore. This 400-year-old Banyan tree is stated to be the second largest tree in the country and the first largest in Karnataka. 

    A thousand aerial roots hanging out from this tree covers a circumference of over 250 meters. Dodda Alada Mara is a well-maintained and well-kept secret of Karnataka which is properly fenced and protected with cemented seats placed beside it for the visitors to enjoy the magic of nature. 

    The interesting fact about Dodda Alada Mara is that it stands erect on the thousand aerial root without having the main root as it died out of some natural diseases in the past.

    Location: Tavarekere Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Best Time to Visit: Evenings are ideal to spend at Dodda Alada Mara to enjoy cool breezes and a blazing sunset.


    Timings: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM on all days of the week.

    Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 26 KM.

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