15 Road trips From Pune: Updated With Fastest Route Map
Road trips from Pune includes Kamshet, Pawna Lake, Mulshi, Lavasa, Khandala, Panchgani, Kolad, Lonavala, Matheran, Malshej Ghat, Alibaug, Bhandandara and many more. 

One of the most loved parts of being a Puneite is the possibility of embarking on a road trip from Pune to some of the most glorious and most-visited places in Maharashtra. Being a youth-oriented city, road trips near Pune pose as an ideal getaway plan, especially on the weekends.

Your road trip could be anything because Maharashtra in itself is very surprising. From beach destinations to forests, to trekking trips and religious trips one can venture out to several places in Maharashtra easily accessible from Pune.

For one day trips to an entire weekend, there are several places that can be visited. Alibaug is famous for its beaches and is a preferred spot for couples and friends. If you enjoy natural beauty then Matheran and Mahabaleshwar is a must-visit site.

In summer, you can drive to the twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala and visit various points. For adventure activities visit Kolad and Bhandardara which are raw and unexplored. Maharashtra is a treasure trove and has some of the best places to be explored on road.

Here is the list of some best road trips from Pune:


Kamshet (50 Km From Pune)

Kamshet (50 Km From Pune)

Kamshet had been this quiet virgin beauty of Maharashtra all the while. The self-effacing beauty now is a popular place for adventure lovers. One road trip from Pune worth taking is coming to Kamshet in search of self.

The drive is short and the planned activities can be done in a day. Kamshet also is a great place for youngsters and couples to come and explore.

Distance from Pune: 50 km

Things to do here: Without any doubt, the place is known for adventure sports like paragliding, trekking and cave exploration.

How to reach: Located in the western side of Pune the drive takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from the smooth and silky NH-48.


Mulshi (50 Km From Pune)

Mulshi (50 Km From Pune)

Not very far from Pune, Mulshi is quite famous for the Mulshi dam over the Mulshi River. Mulshi is still in its beginning stage of gaining popularity but offers breathtaking views of the valley. Spending time in the valley is the best thing to do here.

You can have a good time at the classy cafes and hotels located here. The drive is pleasant and short, which makes it a trip worth taking for a day.

Distance from Pune: 50 km

Things to do here: Visit the Mulshi dam and the River. Click photos and spend time picnicking.

How to reach: Located West of Pune, you have to take the Mulshi Paud road to reach here.


Pawna Lake (56.3 Km From Pune)

Pawna Lake (56.3 Km From Pune)

Pawna Lake promises stunning sights that will hold your attention. The lovely vegetation, glistening waters and the running road, all present for a must-visit point from Pune. You can sit here in silence and enjoy the calm presence of the lake, or make it a hot picnic spot amidst music and dance. Whatever your reason is to visit the Pawna Lake, this place is surely worth it.

Distance from Pune: 56.3 km apart

Things to do here: Click pictures, picnic and sitting in silence

How to reach: One has to drive south of Lonavala on Mumbai Pune highway till Kamshet. After that take a right turn and keep going for 15 km through the narrow road to reach the lake.


Lavasa (60 Km From Pune)

Lavasa (60 Km From Pune)

Credited as the first planned hill station, the planning of the hill station draws inspiration  on the Italian architectural town of Portofino. You will find lots of terraced houses, parallel streets, colorful houses, and wooden architecture.

You can visit the Mutha River and experience a host of water sports activities here. Lavasa’s construction was stopped mid-way because of environmental violations. Despite this, the town of Lavasa doesn’t stop to amaze for its sheer beauty and architecture.

Distance from Pune: 60 km

Things to do here: Visit the Mutha River and engage in watersports or opt for a quiet boat ride here.

How to reach: Located in the western side of Pune, you can reach here via Temgarh Lavasa road.


Khandala (70 Km From Pune)

Khandala (70 Km From Pune)

Often denoted as the twin of Lonavala, Khandala came into limelight after the famous song “Aati kya Khandala”. Khandala is very famous for its breathtaking spots and views. It is not very far from Pune, but spending a day or two here should surely be a priority. It is a good idea to drive to Khandala if you have your weekends free.

Distance from Pune: 70 km

Things to do here: There are many points and places that can be explored here. Some of the must-visit places in Khandala are Duke's Nose, Tiger's Leap, Amrutanjan Point, Karla & Bhaja Caves, and spending quiet time at the Bhushi Lake

How to reach: Located West of Pune, one can easily reach the place in no time by taking the Pune Mumbai expressway.


Lonavala (70 Km From Pune)

Lonavala (70 Km From Pune)

One of the most famous hill stations in Maharashtra, Lonavala is a beautiful spot to visit on weekends. The drive to Lonavala is replete with natural beauty and mesmerizing spots. completely enjoy Lonavala as a getaway, you need to spend a weekend here. For couples and friends alike, one can have a great time in Lonavala. You can de-stress from anxieties in this beautiful town of Lonavala, the half-brother of Khandala.

Distance from Pune: 70 km

Things to do here: Stay calm at the Kune Falls and let nature do the talking, have a fun ride at the Della Adventure Park or visit the various points that Lonavala is famous for.

How to reach: Head straight on the Bengaluru Mumbai highway after which you can take recourse at the Mumbai Pune Expressway.


Panchgani (100 Km From Pune)

Panchgani (100 Km From Pune)

One of the most preferred places for residential schools, Panchgani is also a very popular hill station. Many points can be visited for its panoramic views and mesmerizing beauty of nature. Panchgani is also famous for its strawberry farms and state of the art medical centers.

Distance from Pune: 100 km

Things to do here: Visit the famous points Sydney point, Tabla Land, Parsi point and Devil’s kitchen to have a great time

How to reach: Located in the South of Pune, drive your vehicle on NH 48 to cover the distance in 2.5 hours.


Kolad (110 Km From Pune)

Kolad (110 Km From Pune)

The Name Kolad has not been too much in the books of tourists, but Kolad now is a popular destination for a Punekar to take an enjoyable road trip from Pune. Like Kamshet, Kolad is very famous for its adventurous activities and wildlife reserves. If you are looking at experiencing a weekend that will boost your adrenaline, then Kolad is an accessible trip that you can take from Pune.

Distance from Pune: 110 km

Things to do here: A great place to take on adventurous activities like Kayaking, parasailing, river rafting, and rappelling.

How to reach: You will have to head in the west direction and take the Bengaluru Mumbai highway followed by the Mumbai Pune Expressway.


Matheran (120 Km From Pune)

Matheran (120 Km From Pune)

Matheran is the smallest hill station in India. The drive to Matheran is mainly through the reserve forest. The greenery here is unmatchable and due to this, Matheran is one of the most preferable places for road trips from Pune in monsoon.

Matheran enlivens Parisian culture and still has a lot of British effects left in it. The valleys and hills, the enviable spots to click pictures and the wonderful places to munch your favorite food, Matheran is one of the favorite spots for a road trip from Pune.

Distance from Pune: 120 km

Things to do here: You can visit several points here like Louisa point, Monkey point, embark on the toy train, join your hands in the famous Bhishma Pitama temple and click innumerable pictures and videos

How to reach: You should head west from Pune. Half of the drive will be on the Pune-Mumbai expressway.


Malshej Ghat (120 Km From Pune)

Malshej Ghat (120 Km From Pune)
Image Credit : Flickr

One of the best road trips from Pune, Malshej Ghat is a true beauty full of scenic waterfalls and carpets of green strewn on your way. In the last part of the drive, you will drive through the Bhimashankar Wildlife reserve which is your experience with the best side of nature.

The roadside is full of waterfalls and greenery and is a treat to the eyes. If you plan to take road trips from Pune in Monsoon, then the Malshej Ghat is unmissable because the lush green vegetation looks richer in rains.

Distance from Pune: 120 km

Things to do here: This place is a photographer's wonder, so don’t miss out on visiting these waterfalls and click many pictures

How to reach: North of Pune catch the NH 60 to reach the Ghat in 4 hours.


Mahabaleshwar (125 Km From Pune)

Mahabaleshwar (125 Km From Pune)

Situated at an altitude of 4400 meters, this Hindu Pilgrim hill station is placed in the center of the Koyna wildlife sanctuary. Mahabaleshwar is a wonderful getaway and can be visited over the weekend mainly because of its tourist’s spots and temples.

That part of the trip will be a sight to behold. A very popular spot for couples and newly-weds Mahabaleshwar sure deserves an entire day of your time.

Distance from Pune: 125 km

Things to do here: visit and roam Mahabaleshwar visiting places like Arthur’s seat, Needle-hole point, Wilson Point, 3 monkey point and Krishnabai temple.

How to reach: Head south-west from Pune and catch NH-48.


Alibaug (150 Km From Pune)

Alibaug (150 Km From Pune)

Your long road trips from Pune will be incomplete without visiting Alibaug. Famous for sea-facing bungalows and concept of weekend homes, Alibaug has the most happening beaches and historical sites. It also houses a large Jewish community and a lot of streets and monuments depict the Jewish culture here. Alibaug also boasts of having many medieval forts and naval bases from the time of Shivaji – the warrior.

Distance from Pune: 150 km

Things to do here: The beaches of Alibaug are its highlight, so if you are a beach lover, you can sun lounge, attempt the various water sports activities. You can also see the stunning Alibaug fort and explore the Khanderi and Underi islands. Visit temples to seek temples especially the Kanakeshwar temple.

How to reach: The best way to reach Alibaug is by road which takes about 3 hours to reach. From Pune you need to head to the Bengaluru Mumbai Highway and then venture on the Pune-Mumbai expressway.


Bhandardara (170 Km From Pune)

Bhandardara (170 Km From Pune)

One of the dark horses of Maharashtra Bhandardara is emerging as the new destination for road trips from Pune. It is an untouched, pristine and a virgin territory that is becoming a favorite place for trekking and camping.

Bhandardara is a mystery box and when you unravel it you will find that it has a little of all. Greenery, magnanimous hills, tribal village, fresh waterfalls, and pure air. There is still a lot of rustic feel about the place with red thatched roofs, paddy and cotton farms. The Pravara River is a wonderful place to spend time here and is a treat for nature lovers.

Distance from Pune: 170 km

Things to do here: Bhandardara is a treasure, and has many beautiful spots like Arthur Lake, Wilson dams, Umbrella falls, Ratangad Fort and Amruteshwar temple that can be visited. Also camping and trekking here is gaining popularity.

How to reach: North of Pune, you will love the drive on NH60 and MH SH21


Shirdi (200 Km From Pune)

Shirdi (200 Km From Pune)

One of the most often taken Road trips from Pune is to the holy town of Shirdi. The pilgrim town of Shirdi is famous because of the Sai Baba temple located here. The drive to Shirdi will be on the busiest highways in Maharashtra, but if you do not belong to Maharashtra, we especially recommend you to take a trip there.

Distance from Pune: 200 km

Things to do here: Visit the Sai Baba temple to seek his blessings. People also visit Shani Shingnapur to visit the famous Shani temple here.

How to reach: You head North-east from Pune and take NH-60.


Goa (442.5 Km From Pune)

Goa (442.5 Km From Pune)

Goa is a destination for friends, lovers and even family. The beach, feel, nightlife and aura of Goa are unparalleled. Featured as one of the best destinations for long road trips from Pune, Goa is an addiction to many who make it a point to visit this place every year.

Unravel your inner desires by doing everything you ever wanted to. For some peacetime, you can visit the beautifully constructed magnanimous churches. The famous Baga beach and Calangute beaches promise a great time especially in the night when the shacks are blazing with music.

We strongly recommend that you include Goa as a must-visit destination for a road trip from Pune. It is one trip you will always want to live again and again.

Distance from Pune: 442.5 km

Things to do here: Enjoy nightlife by visiting pubs and disc, have local Goan Cuisine, go betting at casinos, lounge at the beaches and bring your adventurous side on tightening your seat belt for the daring water sports like parasailing, scuba diving and much more.

How to reach: Located West of Pune the routes are great for driving at AH47.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pune

  1. Where can I go for a weekend in Pune?

    If you are looking at places to visit within Pune, there are many options that can be considered like

    1. Shaniwar Wada Palace - 3.0 Km from Pune City Centre
    2. Parvati Hill - 8.3 Km from Pune City Centre 
    3. Aga Khan Palace - 5.9 Km from Pune City Centre 
    4. Vetal Tekdi - 9.5 Km from Pune City Centre 
    5. Pashan Lake - 11.9 Km from Pune City Centre 
    6. Lal Mahal - 3.2 Km from Pune City Centre 

  2. What are the best weekend getaways from Pune?

    Check out the list of best weekend getaways from Pune.

    1. Pawna
     - 64 km from Pune 
    2. Lonavala - 64 km from Pune
    3. Goa - 445 km from Pune
    4. Igatpuri - 241 km from Pune 
    5. Kamshet - 48 km from Pune 
    6. Khandala - 69 km from Pune
    7. Mahabaleshwar - 120 km from Pune
  3. Where can I go for a long drive in Pune?

    Within Pune too, serene and calm night drives, monsoon long drives are very famous. The best places within Pune to take a long drive are:

    -Sus gaon to Symbiosis College road
    -Lohegaon Airport road
    -Rangehills Road
    -Pimple Nilakh - Balewadi Road
    -University - Pashan Sus road
    -Pune Satara Highway
    -Deccan college road
    -Kasarwadi - Nashik Bridge Road
    -Pashan Bavdhan Road

  4. Which beach is near to Pune?

    The most popular and the closest beach to Pune is Kihim Beach. The water is deep emerald green and poses as the perfect destination for every traveler. The distance between Pune and the beach is 144 km and takes close to 3.5 hours to reach.

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