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Traveller Tales from Mulshi


Gautam Deshpande

19 December 2015

Went with my family..It was lovely experience doing all the activities and spending some quality time with my family after such a long time....The weather was so awesome as well..It was so relaxing and


Priya Embranthiri

16 April 2016

Such huge and comfortable rooms with all kinds of amenities to make your stay totally comfortable. We decided to drive to this place from Pune one weekend. We had the most relaxing time and the perfect...

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Tara Sharma

16 November 2015

The rooms are so cozy and comfortable. Every window in the room gives you a beautiful view. This has to be one of the best weekend escapes. Would love to visit again.

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  • 1466153095_13179168_1556057708022175_7909177157290977539_n.jpg
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Deeptimay Varman

15 May 2016

Went with my family, it was a peaceful and relaxing vacation for us.. really enjoyed the time and place as well.


Chidambar Nambeesan

01 May 2016

No doubt Mulsi is the best place to stay away from the crowd amid in nature’s lap, yes there are mountains, a bi waterbody and greenery all around.For us the camping was quite easy on the flat ground.


Vedanga Sethi

11 March 2016

Must go destination and perfect place for family gatherings and reunions! Had a lot of fun being here amidst nature and beautiful environs! :) The activities were also perfectly organised and the tents...


Mangala Menon

03 March 2016

The most interesting thing about the place was the exotic weather and elegant scenes, clicked some awesome snaps with my cousins.


Gautam Shah

22 February 2016

Mulshi has always been my Go To destination when I want to escape the city and go to the nature for comfort. Camping here and overlooking the backwaters is truly magical! The activities also kept us en


Minakshi Devar

06 February 2016

Mulshi is about 30kms from the city of Pune, on the way to Lavasa. We were around the dam area in the day and moved over to a camping and star-gazing site in the night. We cooked food with the organize...

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