30 Places To Visit In Pune For Kids Day-Out!
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Day Outs In Pune
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Best Experiences Near Pune

Places for Kids in Pune

Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Rajgad Fort, Lohagad Fort, Mulshi Lake and Dam, Della Adventure Park, Imagica Snow Park,Torna Fort, National War Museum,  Mahatama Phule Museum, Joshi’s Museum Of Miniature Railway and many more.

Boasting of a number of tourist attractions, Pune houses more kid-friendly entertainment sectors than any other city in India and hence there is no shortage of places to visit for kids in Pune. Children have always had a fascination for adventure parks, and Pune, with its multiple amusement sectors, is just the way to go.

There is no dearth of things to do in Pune for kids. The heritage monuments that scatter Pune, such as the historical forts and monuments, are objects of abject awe and wonder. These monuments serve both befitting educational as well as cultural visits for kids.

Take a trek to Rajgad Fort or take a tour of the Shaniwar Wada- one is spoilt for choice here. From rolling green hills to open banks to lush verdant landscaped gardens, Pune does not deprive one of idyllic picnic and camping spots. Velhe, Bhor, or the Mulshi Dam area are some other the greatest spots for camping in Pune.  Enjoy a fun time with your kids under the stars, or visit one of its amusement sectors- this city caters to all tastes.

Here is the list of places to visit in Pune for kids: 

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Explore All (42)
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Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is a 300 year old mansion at the heart of Pune, frequented for its splendid architecture. Once a seat of the Peshwa governance, this historical structure was constructed by Peshwa Bajirao himself.

The mansion, however, was destroyed during a fire in 1828, and what remains now as a tourist attraction is the bare ruins of the place. To inform the public of the Wada’s rich heritage, a Light and Sound Show has been set up among the ruins. The show takes place twice every evening in two languages- Marathi and English.

Address: Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

Timing: 08.00AM- 06.30PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is Rs. 5 for Indians and Rs. 125 for foreigners. However, this does not include a ticket to the Light and Sound Show, which costs an extra Rs. 25 for all visiting.

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Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace was built by Sultan Mohammahad Shah Aga Khan III during the famine of the 19th century, to provide food and shelter to the poor. This destination is of national importance and is one of the vitally important cultural Places to Visit in Pune for Kids.

The masterfully sculpted edifice is well known for its architectural brilliance as well as its historical significance. The Palace was also where Mahatma Gandhi with his wife, Kasturba Gandhi, Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu were held as prisoners during the freedom struggle.

In their memory, the Palace grounds houses two memorials for Desai and Kasturba Gandhi, as well as a museum showcasing personal items that once belonged to Gandhiji. In 2003, the monument was declared to be of national importance.

Address: Nagar Road, Samrat Ashok Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Timing: 09.00 AM- 05.30 PM on all days of the week.

Price: Rs. 25 for Indians and Rs. 300 for foreigners.

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Located at an elevation of 4,600 feet, the Rajgad Fort is an idyllic stoppage point for history and nature lovers alike. Although the fort was supposedly built during the Medieval Period in India, it is mostly associated with the Maratha Dynasty, being the birthplace of Shivaji’s Son.

Apart from its historical and cultural significance, Rajgad is popular among tourists and locals for its lush green setting. The Fort is a perfect destination and comes under kids entertainment places in Pune one can also arrange picnics with friends or family, and is also a popular trekking destination.

Address: Balekilla Road, Pune, Maharashtra 412213

Timing: The Fort is open throughout the day, on all the days of the week.

Price: There is no entry fee to visit the Rajgad Fort.

Camps And Treks Around Pune Explore All (13)
Explore All (13)

This red colored palace is one of the most prominent attractions in Pune that you must add to your bucket list when you are visiting Pune. The place was built by the father of Shivaji, Shahaji Bhosale with the intention to revive the recently destroyed city of Pune in 1630 CE. However, the original structure was completely demolished in a series of attacks that befell Pune and now the structure that stands was only a part of original Lal Mahal once.

The new Lal Mahal was thus rebuilt in an entirely new way near the Shaniwar Wada in Pune. When visiting the Lal Mahal, tourists can see a great collection of oil paintings that showcase various events in the life of Shivaji Maharaj. There is also a statue of Shivaji’s mother Jijamata and there is a popular place for recreation for kids at Jijamata Garden. Lal Mahal is also famous as the place in history where Shivaji Maharaj cut the fingers of Shaistekhan, the Mughal invader when he was trying to escape from the Lal Mahal.

Lal Mahal, Kasbapeth area, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Best Time to visit: 
Tourists can plan their trip to Lal Mahal any time throughout the year in Pune.

Entry fee:
 The cost of entering the place is INR 3/ 0.046 USD Per Person.

 The timings for the mornings are from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and for the evenings, the timing is from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica is one of the most amazing kids entertainment places in Pune. This 130-acre Theme Park in Khopoli is a venture of the Adlabs Imagica. The theme park has an amusement sector, along with a water park and a snow park. Imagica Theme Park has a number of different amusement rides for visitors of all ages.

It has rides and attractions tailored especially for kids, such as a mini Ferris Wheel, a Merry Go Round, and a miniature Drop Ride. It also has a magic carousel, and rides themed after popular cartoon characters. For thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, the park also houses a number of drop rides, roller coasters, and pendulum rides.

It also has a number of indoor attractions, such as comedy shows, theatre shows and magic shows, which cater to both adult and child entertainment alike.

Address: 30/31 Sangdewadi, Khopoli-Pali Road, Near Lonavala, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203

Timing: The Park remains open between 10.30AM to 08.00PM on all days.

Price: Weekday ticket prices (Monday-Friday):  Rs. 1499 for adults


Lohagad Fort

Lohagad fort is one of the amazing places to visit in Pune for kids. This formidable fort is located around 52 kilometers out of Pune, Lohagad is an appointed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located at a height of about 3,400 feet, this fort is a popular destination for trekkers and nature lovers from Pune and Bombay alike.

The trek to this fort is fairly easy, making it a perfect attempt for first-time trekkers. Apart from the trekking trail, however, the Lohagad Fort prides in its cultural and historical significance. The Fort was once a treasury of Chhatrapati Shivaji, and boasts of splendid carvings and sculptures over its walls and doorways. It's most famous spot is Vinchu Kata, a range of hills that looks like Capricorn.

Address: Lohagad Trek Rd, Maharashtra 410406

Timing: 09.00AM- 06.00PM on all days.

Price: There is no entry fee required to visit the Lohagad Fort.

Camps Around Pune Explore All (14)
Explore All (14)

Mulshi Lake and Dam

Located around 35 kilometers away from Pune, this serene tourist spot is a perfect getaway for nature lovers, away from the bustle of city life. The peaceful lake is surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountain ranges on all sides, contributing to the beauty of the scenery.

The best activity to enjoy here is camping. One of the popular things to do in Pune, for kids, is camping. Given such a safe and spectacular setup, amidst the lap of nature, this site is frequently visited. Rent a cottage by the lake, have a barbeque or even a bonfire party- one is spoilt for choice here. The Mulshi Lake and Dam makes one of the best places to visit in Pune for kids if visited during the monsoon weather, although summers here are not too bad either.

Address: Mulshi Lake, Nandivali, Maharashtra 412108

Timing: 09.00 AM- 06.00PM on all days of the week.

Price: There is no entry fee required to visit the Lake and Dam.

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Della Adventure Park

Della Adventure park is one of the amazing kids entertainment places in Pune. This adventure park is a thrilling entertainment sector tailored for extreme sport enthusiasts. Bikers can have the time of their lives riding Dirt Bikes, Quad Bikes, and Buggies through slush filled tracks.

The Park also houses the country’s largest Swoop Swing and the longest Flying Fox. Apart from this, Della Adventure Park also houses live gaming options such as a live version of PUBG using paintball. Della Adventures is a round-the-season park open in all weathers, and is especially thrilling during heavy rains.

Address: Lonavla, Kunegaon, Maharashtra 410401

Timing: 11AM-09.00PM on all days.

Price: The regular day pass at Della Adventures is Rs. 2360. However, there are a number of passes and discounts that one can avail here.


Imagica Snow Park

A venture of the AdLabs Imagica adventure parks, Imagica Snow Park is the largest snow-clad theme park in India. Sprawling across a vast area of 15,000 feet, this Snow Park is maintained at a constant temperature of -5 degree Celsius, and provides a befitting adventure experience for people of all ages.

With its real time snow experience and fun opportunities, this snow park is one of the most entertaining Places to Visit in Pune for Kids. The Park is coated with real, edible snow and include snow sport equipment such as sleds toboggans and rafts. The Snow Park also provides jackets and boots at no cost.

Address: 30/31 Sangdewadi, Khopoli-Pali Road, Near Lonavala, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203

Timing: 10.00 AM- 07.45 PM on all days of the week.

Price: Ticket prices start at Rs. 249

Treks Around Pune Explore All (15)
Explore All (15)

Torna Fort

Situated a little outside Pune is the Torna Fort or the Prachandagad. This was the very first Fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj at the age of 16, and forms the nucleus of the Maratha Empire. The Fort is situated at a height of 1400 metres above sea level, and the destination is perfect for organizing picnics or trekking. The trek to the Fort is fairly steep, and is better avoided during monsoon weather.

Address: Rajgad - Torna Trek Path, Char hat Wade, Maharashtra 412212

Timing: The Fort is open during all the time of the day, on all the days of the week.

Price: There is no entry fee required to visit the Torna Fort.


National War Museum

Built especially for the martyrs at the Kargil War, the National War Museum in Pune is a tribute to the brave soldiers who died in the battlefield. The Museum was established in 1997, and is the only museum in South East Asia to be built entirely on citizens’ funding.

The war Museum showcases a detailed display of the military history of India from as early as the reign of the Maratha kings. Roomed with wonders, the Museum is a befitting Place for kids to visit in Pune, especially for those interested in war history.

It houses a variety of photographs, artefacts and captured war equipment, including guns and models of military tanks and rockets. The museum also has a memorial ground dedicated to the martyrs, with around 1200 marble plaques erected as a tribute to each soldier lost.

Address: Prince of Wales Dr Rd, Ghorpuri Lines, Dobarwadi, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Timing: 09.00AM-05.30PM on all days of the week.

Price: The entry to the War Museum is free of cost.

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Mahatma Phule Museum

The Mahatma Phule Museum in Pune was originally the residence of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, the renowned Indian social and women’s rights activist. Following his death, the residence was turned into a museum in the year 1890.

Apart from its stunning collection of items dating back to bygone eras, the museum has a special section dedicated exclusively to a taxidermy display. It has an entire section dedicated to the display of amours and war memorabilia from the Maratha era. The Museum also has a spacious library, boasting of rare and unique books, and is one of the befitting heritage Places to Visit in Pune for Kids.

Address: 1204/10, Ghole Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Timing: The Museum remains closed on Wednesdays. On all other days, the Museum remains open between 08.00AM to 05.30 PM.

Price: There is no entry fee required to visit the Museum.


Joshi’s Museum Of Miniature Railway

Children loves trains, and this makes Joshi’s Museum one of the most popular Places for kids to visit in Pune. Established by Bhausaheb Joshi, Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway is the only miniature rail Museum in India.

The museum hosts a number of miniature railways, moving through a miniature city and accompanied by a son et lumiere show. The exhibit features a total of 11 types of trains, including a bullet train, a steam engine and a mini sky train. The Museum also finds mention in the “Limca Book of Records 2004” as the only one of its kind in India

Address: 17/1, B/2, Late GA Kulkarni Path, Next to, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038

Timing: 9:30 AM-5:00 PM

Price: Entry for children below the age of 3 is free. For children above the age of 3 and adults, the entry fee is Rs. 90 per person.


Blades Of Glory Cricket Museum

Established by former U-19 player Rohan Pate, the Blades of Glory Cricket Museum. The Museum boasts of rare cricket memorabilia, information about the evolution of cricket in India, and autographed cricket items. It also houses signed memorabilia of five triple centurions- Virender Sehwag, Michael Clarke, Mahela Jayawardene, Sanath Jayasuriay and Chris Gayle.

Visiting the museum is one of the most popular Things to do in Pune for kids with a passion for cricket. Blades of Glory also prides in its collection of cricket balls autographed by each of the 22 members of the 300-Test wickets ‘club, barring Malcolm Marshall and Fred Trueman.

Address: 3rd Floor, Govind Gaurav Apartment "C, Swanand Society Lane 1, Sahakar Nagar 2, Pune, Maharashtra 411009

Timing: The museum remains open between 10.30 AM to 07.00 PM on all days of the week.

Price: The tickets are priced at Rs. 100 each.


Chokhi Dhani

A franchise of the Jaipur based Chokhi Dhani, the Chokhi Dhani Village in Pune provides an ideal ethnic village experience. Chokhi Dhani is one of the famous places to visit in Pune for kids with an amalgamation of rich folk entertainment. Sprawling across an area of 7 acres, Chokhi Dhani offers a typical Rajasthani experience through its dining options, its village décor as well as a number of traditionally Rajasthani cultural activities such as the Ghoomer or Kalbeli dance, or the Tilak and Kachi Godhi Swagat.

Visiting the village is one of the most entertaining as well as educative Things to do in Pune for kids. Chokhi Dhani also provides its activity area to organize school picnics, themed weddings, and corporate events.

Address:  Nagar Highway, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra 412207

Timing: 05.00PM- 11.00PM on all days of the week.

Price: There is no entry fee required to visit Chokhi Dhani Village. However, the individual services availed here will require its respective charges.


Inorbit Mall

Once a bustling multistoried Shopping mall, Inorbit Mall is now known only for its cinema services. The PVR Complex housed within the hall boasts of a top class cinema experience in HD quality, at a considerably cheap ticket prices. The PVR Cinema space also has a food court of its own, serving delicious snacks and finger food.

Address: Fiserv Office, Survey No 35, Nagar Rd, opposite Hotel Park Estique, Kargil Vijay Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Timing: 09.00AM- 11PM on all days.

Price: There is no entry fee to the Inorbit Mall. Prices of movie tickets vary.


Krushnai Water Park

One of the best Things to do in Pune for kids is to visit Krushnai Water Park. Set amidst 15 acres of verdant green landscape, this amusement park is one of the best entertainment options of the city.

The Water Park has a number of different water-based attractions and rides, for adults and children alike. A variety of pools, adventurous rides, and slides of different sizes and heights make this a befitting abode for thrill-seekers and leisure-mongers alike. Apart from the water area, the Park also has an entertainment arena, with fun ride options like the Dashing Cars, the Bull Ride and a Gaming Zone for young visitors.

Location: Gate No. 186, Donje Gaon-Sinhagad Road, Sinhagad Base, Pune, Maharashtra – 411025

Timing: The Park remains open between 10:00 AM and 06.00PM on all days of the week.


Weekday ticket prices (Monday-Friday):  Rs. 500 for kids below the height of 4 feet.
                                                                 Rs. 600 for adults

Weekend ticket prices (Saturday and Sunday): Rs. 600 for kids below the height of 4 feet
                                                                           Rs. 700 for adults.

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Panshet Waterpark

Panshet Water Park is located in between the Varasgaon and Panshet Dam. It is known for its adventure sports opportunities and activities. The Water Park is known for its kayaking, windsurfing and boat riding opportunities.

It also has a number of water rides and slides, and enough attractions to cater to visitors of all ages and interests. Its special attention to children’s attractions make Panshet an ideal Place for kids to visit in Pune.

Address: Panshet Water Park, Near Khadakwasla Dam, Pune, Maharashtra - 411024

Timing: The water park remains open between 10.00AM to 06.00PM on all days of the week.

Price: On the weekdays: INR 250 for adults

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Appu Ghar Amusement Park

Image Credit : appugharpune.com

Alternatively known as the Indira Gandhi Udyan, this amusement park is located at the foot of the Shri Durga Devi Tekad and is one of the most stellar adventure parks in Pune. It is also known as the Mini Disneyland of Pune, and caters especially to the interests of children. The Amusement Park has rides like toy trains, buggy rides, tea cup rides and many more. 

Address: No.23 Pradhikaran Sector Indira Gandhi Udyan Nigdi, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411044

Timing: The Park opens at noon on all days of the week. On weekdays, it closes at 08.30 PM and on weekends, remains open for an extra half an hour.

Price: The entry fee to the Park is Rs. 30, but each ride has to be paid for separately.

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SkyJumper Trampoline Park

Packed with fun and laughter, SkyJumper is one of the most entertaining Places to Visit in Pune for Kids. Housed within Fountain House, SkyJumper Trampoline Park is a cutting edge Entertainment Park, the first of its kind in India.

It caters to both children and adults, and has scores of trampolines, ball pools, and scaling walls. The park also provides a perfect entertainment space to organize parties, corporate events, and picnics.

Address: FOUNTAIN HOUSE, LEVEL-02, CREATIVITY MALL, Shastrinagar, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Timing: Monday-Thursday:12:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M
                           Friday:12:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M
                           Saturday:10:30 A.M to 11:00 P.M
                           Sunday:10:30 A.M to 10:00 P.M

Price: On Weekdays- The tickets start at Rs. 350 for half an hour, and increase at a rate of Rs. 200 per half hour

On Weekends and Special Days- The tickets start at Rs. 450 for half an hour, and increase at a rate of Rs. 200 per half hour

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Khadakwasla Dam

Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Built on the Mutha River and leading to the Khadakwasla Lake, the Khadakwasla Dam offers a scenic picnic spot for people from all over Maharashtra. The scenic locale, is a perfect and much visited spot for city dwellers.

The lush green ambience acts as a stress buster. One can explore the locale for photographic purposes, cycle or stroll along the verdant landscape, or simply enjoy the street food stalls that line the place.

Address: Mutha River, Maharashtra

Timing: Sunrise-Sunset.

Price: There is no entry fee to visit the Dam.

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Situated in Katraj, Maharashtra, this place is an exciting outing for lovers of nature and wildlife. It is one of the most famous Pune tourist attractions and offers an excellent tour of fascinating wildlife spotting various snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. Katraj Snake Park is home to more than 22 species of snakes and garners interest from both children and adults.

One of the most favourite attraction for the tourists at Katraj Snake Park is 13 feet long King Cobra. A park is an intriguing place where people are educated about snakes by clarifying their doubts and allaying their fears about snakes. Katraj Snake Park has been known for hosting a number of snake festivals, one of the most famous beings during the Nag Panchami. A visit to Katraj Snake Park is an educational experience where you can have fun and enjoyment with your family and friends with a bit of adventure.

  • Location: Pune-Satara Road, Opp. Katraj Dairy, Katraj, Pune, Maharashtra 

  • Best Time to visit: One should plan a visit here in the rainy season from the months of July to September

  • Entry fee: The entry fee at Katraj Snake Park is INR 3/ USD 0.05

  • Timings: It is open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm for the tourists. Tourists should avoid Wednesday as it remains closed on that day

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Empress Garden

A famous garden and one of the surreal places to see in Pune, this place is the Empress Garden managed by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India. Since 1880, the Empress Garden was under this society and it has been maintained well with the aim to nurture and protect the rare flora of the region. Sprawling across an area of 39 acres, the garden encompasses many varieties of trees, plants and flowers. Also, there will be flower shows and other similar programmes organised by the Agri-Horticultural Society in order to create an awareness among the people regarding the conservation and preservation of the rare species of flora and it is one of the best places to visit in Pune for kids.

The landscaped garden is a piece of beauty that amuses the visitors well and it displays lush green lawns, different types of flora and fauna collection, a play area attracting kids as well as a snack shack. There is a stream of water flowing throughout the garden which adds more beauty to the garden than we can imagine. The history of the garden says that the ownership of the garden was passed onto the hands of the Government in 1838 and later in 1845, it was further changed and came into the hands of Sir Charles Napier. Then on, the garden bore another name as the Garden of Dr Don. Afterwards, the garden was named as Empress Garden in honour of Queen Victoria when she won the title, Empress of India.

During the colonial period under the British, it was one fo the famous places in Pune for British as many of the British soldiers used to come and visit the garden for recreational purposes. Thus it started known as the Soldier’s Garden. The garden was well protected and still, it amuses the visitors with its non-decayed charm and spell. To penetrate into the much-awaited peace and tranquillity and thus evaporate the boredom of the mundane life, people arrive at the garden on a large scale.

Entry timings: The garden is open on all days from 09:30 am to 06:30 pm.

Entry fee: The entry fee is Rs.10 per person above 3 years old.

Location: Near Race Course, Kavade Mala, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India.

Weekend Ahead? Plan a visit for the team outing places in Pune with your friends.

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Tribal Museum

A major tourist attraction in Pune is the Tribal Museum, symbolising the countless, unrecognised faces in the state, their artworks, their masks and their tools. The indigenous group of people who live far away from the limelight is brought to the public through the presentation of their talents and cultural diversity at this unique museum. The photos and the collected items on the display here throw light upon the lifestyle and differences between each tribe, their food habits as well as spiritual concepts and beliefs. Masks used by them, instruments, materials belong to them etc are the highlights of this museum that opens its door to those who are intrigued to know about the unknown sect of the society.

The museum came into existence in the year 1962 along with the philosophy of preserving the traditions and culture of the indigenous people in the state of Maharashtra. The Aboriginal groups in the region are introduced through the displays here; while you walk around, you will come to know the secrets of their art and artefacts. There are multiple musical instruments, jewellery, tools and other items are on the list of items represented at the museum. Papier mache festival masks are one of the main highlights that are pressed against a white wall and they show the confluence of bright colours.

Also, the visitors will get to read about them via the informative plaques beside each object displayed. The tribal groups including Korku, Kolam, Katkari etc are being portrayed through their apparatus, idols, crafts and other items at this world famous museum. The exact location of the museum is south of the Yerawada Bridge that crosses the river Mula.

Tribal Museum entry timings: You can visit the Museum any time between 10:30 am and 05:30 pm on all days of the week.

Tribal Museum entry fee: For Indian citizen, the entry fee is Rs.20 and for foreign nationals it is Rs.200.

Tribal Museum location: 28, Queen's Garden, Near Old Circuit House, Band Garden Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411001.

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Literally meaning the Lion Fort, Sinhagad Fort is one of the most famous historical places to visit in Pune which is believed to have been built about 2000 years ago. It is getting more beautiful as it is ageing and rain adds more to its beauty. Being at its best, a hot cup of coffee with your loved one amidst the mist surrounding this magnificent heritage in rain would be perfect.

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Peshwa Udyan

An escapade from the boring city life is a choice of everyone and it does not relate to any particular city. To keep the stress and workload aside and sink into a retreat to get rejuvenated are a necessity in the current world. Pune city is also not different when it comes to mundane lifestyle. The natives as well as the tourists of Pune find solace at an ideal location that is Peshwa Udyan in Pune that promises relaxation and calmness for sure. It is a zoo as well inviting kids in large numbers to explore the intriguing world inside.

The park and the zoo boast of rich collection of rare fauna and flora. The habitat of some wild animals has been transformed to become the zoo and they attract quite a lot of people every day toward them. During spring, the garden just amuses all with the enlarged landscape filled with multi coloured flowers and it is a pleasant view or visual for every one coming here. There is a beautiful temple also existed inside the park dedicated to Lord Ganesh and the history proves that the temple dates back to 17 AD. For kids, there are a number of attractions like toy train ride and similar activities.

The garden maintained by the Pune Municipal Corporation is located next to Saras Baug and it houses a variety of things. The Peshwas were the ones who planted trees here at this place years ago and afterwards, when PMC came into existence, it built the garden and the zoo at this place and named it is Peshwa Udyan.

Peshwa Udyan entry timings: You can visit the garden and zoo on all days of the week from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm.

Peshwa Udyan entry fee: Rs. 2 for adults and Rs. 1 for children and for the joy ride Rs. 1 to 3 per person.

Peshwa Udyan location: Near Saras Baug, Pune, Maharashtra 411009, India.


7 wonders Park

As the name suggests, the Seven Wonders Dream Park is one of the best places to visit in Pune for kids. A great place for educational development, young kids can learn about the world and its precious wonders.

Spanning over an expansive land, the park has ample greenery, set in which are all the important monuments that have been given the title of ‘Wonders of the World’. There are pyramids from Egypt, the Statue of Liberty from America, Eiffel Tower from France, Taj Mahal from India, among many more.

Location: Pratibha Society, Sivadarshan Poorgrasta Vasahat, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009.

Timing: 6:00 am – 10:00 am | 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Entry Fees: INR 20 per person.

Butterfly Park

Situated opposite Aranyeshwar Mandir, along a canal, the Butterfly Park is one of the few places for kids in Pune where they can interact with nature and be amazed by the colourful butterflies that fly all around.

There are about 60 species of butterflies that can be seen in the park. Filled with dynamic vegetation, this park is also home to an interesting ecosystem of insects, birds etc. So, make sure to plan out a full day as it may take you some time to go round this place and explore it fully.

Location: 11, Aranyeshwar Marg, Aranyeshwar Nagar, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009.

Timing: 6:00 am – 10:00 am | 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Entry Fees: INR 5 per person.

Pimpri Chinchwad Science Park

It is a non-formal science learning centre located in the industrial township of Pimpri Chinchwad. This is among the foremost Places for kids in Pune where they can enjoy learning about the important discoveries and aspects of science.

Sprawling on 400 square metres of a lush garden, this establishment has been developed with support from the government to increase and build interest in teens and young children towards applied sciences. There are several exhibits, a 3-D Science Show as well as a Taramandal Show to attend here.

Location: Kalewadi Road, IBMR College Rd, Science Park Marg, near Auto Cluster Exhibition Center, Chinchwad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411019.

Entry Fees:
- Entry Tickets To Centre- Children below 15 years: Rs. 30/- | Person above 15 years: Rs. 50/- | School student in a group: Rs.20/- per person.
- Tickets for 3D Science Show- Children below 15 years: Rs. 20/- | Person above 15 years: Rs. 30/-
- Tickets for Taramandal Show- Children below 15 years: Rs. 20/- | Person above 15 years: Rs. 30/-

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  1. Which are the best places to visit in Pune for kids at night?

    1. Shaniwar Wada: This is an important attraction in Pune that speaks of the triumphs and rich galore of the Maratha Kingdom in the region. The foundation stone was laid by Bajirao Peshwa in 1791. In the present age, tourists visit here to take a tour, have a picnic and spend the evening enjoying the light and sound show.

    2. Chokhi Dhani: A franchise of the Chokhi Dhani Resort in Jaipur, the one in Pune is a carbon-copy that brings the two cultures and world collide. Spanning over a vast area, within the resort are traditional Rajasthani elements, village games, themes, cultural performances and delicious food that one can enjoy during a fun evening with their kids.

    3. Koregaon Park: This is a one-stop commercial district in Pune that houses an array of restaurants, entertainment outlets, shopping facilities and other fun establishments. If you are planning to spend an evening with your family, make it a point to visit Koregaon Park.

    4. Velhe: If your kid is big enough, then Velhe is a place that would be a delight for an overnight camping adventure. Velhe is a small hamlet near Pune which is best known for its many campsites and a glad chance to come close to nature.

    5. Shinde Chatri: Dating back to the 18th-century, Shinde Chatri is a memorial built of three-storeys. Although one can visit her all day, it is the charm and delight of the illuminated edifice in the evening that makes it one of the best Places To Visit In Pune For Kids.
  2. Which are the famous amusement parks in Pune for Kids day out?

    Pune amusement parks will definitely make your day , Checkout for more places

    1. Adlabs Imagica

    2. Diamond Water Park
    3. Sentosa Resorts and Water Park
    4. Krushnai Waterpark
    5. Panshet Water Park
  3. Which are the best museums to visit in Pune for kids?

    1. National War Museum: Opened in 1998 in the cantonment area of the India Army in Pune, the War Museum is among the best places for kids in Pune. It is a dedication to all the martyrs of the war. Presented as a memorial, the information of 1200 soldiers and the war they were in are displayed here.

    2. Mahatma Phule Museum: Originally the home of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, an Indian social and women’s rights activist. His residence was later turned into a house museum in 1890, after his demise. There are many different collections of items and artefacts of the yesteryears, as well as a collection of taxidermy worth seeing.

    3. Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway: The holder of Limca Book of Records in 2004, Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railway is an interesting point of interest. Opened in 1998, the place has since garnered traction for its comprehensive and elaborate collection of the Railways, such as - trains, bridges, tunnels, engines, tracks and more.

    4. Tribal Museum: Established in 1962, the Tribal Museum is an import part of the places to visit in Pune for kids. Highlighting the indigenous communities and groups in India, this educational institute is great to learn about the cultural heritage, artistic and poetic contributions, everyday objects and more.

    5. Blades of Glory Cricket Museum: Dedicated to the world of cricket, the Blades of Glory Museum is one of the most interesting Places To Visit In Pune For Kids. Some exhibits and collections shed light on the sport, prominent players over the years and historic wins and matches that the Indian Team has been a part of.
  4. Which are the best kid friendly resorts in Pune?

    1. Mantra Resort: Situated close to prominent attractions near Pune, like Rajgad Fort, the Mantra Resort is a fine accommodation and getaway retreat. Surrounded by lush greens on all sides, you would instantly feel rejuvenated by the fresh air, pampering, excellent hospitality and an array of world-class facilities.

    2. Sentosa Resort: This resort cum water park is a delight for families. Located near Pune, many visit here over a weekend for some fun and leisure. There are pools with slides, games area, villa accommodations and scenic views to enjoy.

    3. The Lake Weekend Resort: This is an eco-resort near Pune that offers a pleasant escape from the city-dwelling into the lap of untouched nature. Surrounded by Sahyadri Hills, at the Lake Weekend Resort guests can experience great food, activities and a relaxed stay.

    4. Corinthians Resort: This is a premium resort close to Pune which is well-liked by families and couples alike. At this massive recreational property, one can enjoy staying in tasteful accommodations, access the pool, yoga centre, games area and more.

    5. Rutugandh Resort: This is one of the best places to visit in Pune for kids for a day outing and a fun picnic. Located near Pune, in the verdant outlooks, Rutugandh is a family compatible resort that features lavish rooms, a pool, children’s play area, among other features.
  5. What are the best things to do in Pune for kids?

    1. A day at the Waterpark: Pune is surrounded by many water and amusement parks. And if you are with a child, looking for an activity to indulge in over a weekend or on your sojourn, then Imagica, Della Adventure Park, Panshet Waterpark, Diamond water Park etc. are the best places for kids in Pune. The rides, slides, pools, roller-coasters and more would induce a sense of thrill and joy.

    2. Camping: Pune despite being a metro city has been gifted with plenty of naturalness. Surrounded by small hamlets and hill stations, one can plan an overnight camping trip to places like Rajmachii, Tikona Fort, Velhe etc. for fun and relaxation with their kids.

    3. Interact with wildlife at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park: Also known as Katraj Lake, the Rajive Gandhi Zoo is a place where you can spend a lazy afternoon, engaging with the diverse and majestic wildlife that harbours within. One can take tours and spotting safaris here to see Asiatic lions, white tigers, sloth bears, Indian elephants, among other wildlife.

    4. Picnic at Pashan Lake: Situated in the Pashan Hills, the Pashan lake is an artificial basin built during the British Raj Era. This place since then has become quite popular as a picnic and recreational spot, especially among families with kids.

    5. Attend a light and sound show at Shaniwar Wada: The Shaniwar Wada is a Maratha Mansion built in the early 1700s. It is an important part of the Peshwa kingdom of the Marathas. Once a magnificent edifice, it still holds the same grandiose which one can enjoy by taking a tour or attending the evening light and sound show.
  6. What is there to do in Pune this weekend?

    Pune is a perfect holiday destination when it comes to weekend getaways. One can organize family picnics in the lush green settings among the mountains and lakes. One can also choose to spend nights camping on the banks of the Dams and lake areas.

    Alternatively, Pune has multiple trekking trails that cater to both expert and beginner trekkers. Pune is also popular for its vibrant nightlife, boasting of multiple clubs and live music gigs that take place around the city on weekends.
  7. What can I do in Pune for 3 days?

    If one is planning a three day trip to Pune, it is best to visit the tourist attractions of the city. One can dedicate an entire day visiting just the different forts that Pune has to offer. One can also spend an entire day trekking and camping. Alternatively, one may decide to visit the entertainment options offered by Pune, including the adventure parks or restaurants.
  8. What is famous in Pune for eating?

    Maharashtrian street food is extremely popular among people in Pune. Misal Pav, Vada Pav and Bhel Puri are some of the must-try items if one wants to try the local cuisine of Pune. Among restaurants and cafes, the most popular in Pune are Yana, Purepur Kolhapur, Aba Cha Dhaba, George Restaurant and very famous German Bakery.
  9. What can we do in Pune at night?

    Pune has an extremely vibrant nightlife. One can spend their nights visiting city’s various bars and pubs, or the multiple live music venues that Pune has to offer. One can also choose to spend their nights camping under the open skies in places such as Velhe or Bhor.

    Alternatively, one can spend their nights at the culture center of Chokhi Dhani, or simply enjoy a scrumptious feast at the city’s late night restaurants.
  10. What can kids do in Pune?

    Pune boasts of a number of attractions that will simultaneously, educate as well as entertain young ones. Count butterflies at the Butterfly Park or go strawberry plucking at the Green Tokri Farm, one is spoilt for choice here.

    There is a number of adventure parks here, such as the Della Adventure Park or the Seven Wonder Park. One can also trace the rich heritage and history of Pune through the multiple forts and monuments that the city houses.
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22 July 2019
Place: The scenery there is really breathtaking. All the hills and the lake view is amazing. The place makes you stay there for life long. If you really want a peaceful, beautiful and close to nature place then this place should be on your bucket list. Hospitality: The host Rahul Slave was really humble and a cheerful person to talk. They will try to give their best by providing all kind of basic needs and anything you could ask for at such a remote place. Food: The starters are really amazing. I enjoyed the food as a non-vegetarian. I was really impressed with the tea and poha breakfast. I recommend you to try the breakfast. Activities: They have multiple activities including DJ, Bone Fire, Cricket, Archery, Boating, Badminton, Karaoke etc.
06 May 2015
Charuchandra Patil Bhimashankar Trek
We had a great time at the Bhimashankar Trek. The trekking was quite good and interesting. It was awesome. We had a really lovely time here. It was so worth every penny spent. The trek trails, the surroundings, the backdrop were all just WOW! It was completely worth every penny spent. I personally want to visit here again. The trek was well organized too; thus enhancing the whole trek experience. Thinking back there are no negative experiences at all. It was perfectly a great and a nice experience. The rates were also not that costly and it was definitely worth the time and money we spent on this vacation. I am so recommending this to everyone out there.
Rishabh Rishabh Andharban Trek
"it was an excellent trip.well organised. food was excellent"
Shubhra Ray Andharban Trek
"For a long time I was planning to go for a trek but could not find the time. this independence day I just booked a trek to andharban trough this app. the place is wonderful I would say this is the best trek if you are a beginner. Going through dense forest through Giant waterfall and breathtaking scenery. This place Will defenately make you hungry for more of such beautiful exploration. Believe me it is lot better to go out and do something rather than just sleeping in weekends. Go Green."
10 August 2015
Gandharv Malik Bhimashankar Trek
We had a good trekking experience here in Lonavala. Pune and Lonavala are places that can be viewed in a couple of days. While we planned for a long vacation here, we chose to have a beautiful planned itinerary which involved this trek, and we are super glad that we took it. Regarding the trek, it was a great experience.
Baladitya Varman Ashtavinayak Tour From Pune
I booked the Ashtavinayak trip from Pune and we visited all the eight temples of Lord Ganesh and the temples were renovated very well and there is also a lake Shree Vighnahar Ganpati Temple where boating is available.
17 February 2020
Chaten Dutta Bhimashankar Trek
It was our first experience there on trekking. Thrillophilia package includes guide so we have a good guide there and he helped us well during this entire trek. The food they gave is quite nice and delicious. Bhimashankar was my personal favourite place in this trek. Our group was of 12 people but we all enjoyed it nicely. Good place and Highly recommended.
21 February 2020
Dinesh Mukhopadhyay Bhimashankar Trek
Very beautiful place with lots of scenery, the relaxing and calming sunrise was mesmerizing and we loved it. Our guide was a funny and amazing person, he was also taking care of the group and briefed us well about the way and do’s. we had a group photo at the top and the trek was very memorable, will look to do these types of treks again. Thanks
26 February 2020
Jyotis Ganaka Bhimashankar Trek
Nice place with a well-mannered guide, I booked it from Thrillophilia for me and my sister, the trek went super fantastic and we had a good company there with us. The only problem was waking us early but as u reach the Bhimashankar, you will feel alive. Must try.
13 March 2020
Pushti Nambeesan Bhimashankar Trek
The guide was nice and the food was also up to the mark. The trek was amazing and you must carry your torch with you as the place needs your full attention. Thanks to Thrillophilia and the guide because without them it wouldn’t be possible.

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