20 One Day Trips from Delhi: 2021 (With Distance & Best Time)
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One Day Trip From Delhi
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Amusement Parks In Delhi

One Day Trips near Delhi

Rishikesh, Jaipur, Agra, Pushkar, Mussoorie, Nainital, Damdama Lake, Manesar, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Suraj Kund, Gurgaon, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and many more.

Planning a side trip from Delhi? Make sure you visit these promising one-day trips from Delhi to relax and rejuvenate in a short span of time. The socio-political and historical city of Delhi is known to have scores of beautiful tourist places nearby. Be it adventure sports, wildlife parks, religious sites, forts or hill stations, India’s capital city has it all!

In fact, these amazing
places to visit near Delhi promises the Delhiites the much-needed break they crave for. Consider seeing from a host of places of interest around the city including Haridwar, Damdama Lake, Sariska national park and Agra among others.

Below is a list of tourist marvels that you can count on if you are looking to de-stress yourself from the dreary everyday life and peacefully revel in the solitude of nature.
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Best Places for One Day Trips near Delhi


Rishikesh - 233 km from Delhi

Rishikesh - 233 km from Delhi

Beautifully nestled on the foothills of Himalayas, at the holy sangam of Ganga and Chandrabhaga, Rishikesh has always charmed spiritual and adventure travelers. It is one of the famous hill stations near Delhi and this holy city offers divine views of scenic landscapes and a lush green valley.

Rishikesh is home to ancient temples, spiritual gurus and a host of ashrams preaching yoga, spirituality, meditation and Ayurveda. It is well connected to other important devotional places like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri and is looked upon as a prominent camping site. Major attractions in the city include Gita Bhawan, Laxman Jhula, Bharat Mandir and Triveni Ghat, among other places of religious significance.

Triveni Ghat marks the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers and is one of the most worshipped bathing spots in Rishikesh. Apart from being a spiritual getaway, the small hamlet is also famed for thrilling adventure sports like white water rafting on the rapids of Ganga, cliff diving, body surfing, rock climbing and others.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 233 km

Route: Via NH 334

Best time to visit: September to November and February to May

Things/activities to do:  Ganga aarti, white water rafting, rope walking, mountain biking, flying fox, bungee jumping and nature hiking.

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Jaipur - 286 km from Delhi

Jaipur - 286 km from Delhi

A 3-hour drive to the pink city of Jaipur will transform you into a unique blend of architectural excellence, cultural heritage and modernity.From a plethora of opulent forts, palaces, vibrant bazaars and shopping areas to urban chic neighborhoods, holy temples and beautiful gardens, Jaipur offers its visitors abundance of tourist places and activities and it is one of the beautiful places for one day trip near Delhi.

Major tourist attractions in Jaipur that speak out loud of the city’s cultural heritage include the iconic Amer Fort, enthralling Hawa Mahal, observatory site of Jantar Mantar, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and Birla Mandir. If you are looking forward for one day trips near Delhi then Jaipur is the best place to make your vacation memorable.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 286 km

Route: Via NH 48

Best time to visit: October to March

Things/activities to do: Sightseeing, camel safaris and shopping

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Agra - 214 km from Delhi

Agra - 214 km from Delhi

A city with a vast contribution to India history, Agar is found in the beautiful state of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from housing the world's 7th wonder, the Taj Mahal, it is also home to a variety of monuments and ancient structures with a rich narrative of Indian culture and tradition. All this and more make Agra among the most preferred places to visit by tourist for one-day trips from Delhi. 

Distance from Delhi(bus Stand): 214 KM

Route: Via Taj Express Highway.

Best Time to visit: In the winter season between September and February.

Things/activities to do: Visit Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Tomb of Akbar, Taj Museum, Enjoy local delicacies, Esphahan, Mehtab Bagh

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Pushkar - 415 km from Delhi

Pushkar - 415 km from Delhi

This old world charm is often mistaken to be purely religious. But Pushkar has multiple aspects to it that are unheard of. The annual cattle fair in October, magnificent Brahma temple, sprawling pristine ghats on the banks of holy Pushkar lake, Man Mahal, the lively bazaars providing a sneak peek into the incredible Rajasthani cuisine, art and culture are few things you can’t afford to miss and it is one of the best destinations for one day trip near Delhi.

Consider buying traditional footwear, hand-woven fabrics, artefacts, paintings, home decor products and rose pulp. Most of these items are moderately priced and are also worth the pick.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 415 km

Route: Via NH 48

Best time to visit: November to March

Things/activities to do: Camel safari, photography, hot air balloon, road trips and desert sand dunes

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Mussoorie - 284 km from Delhi

Mussoorie - 284 km from Delhi

Claimed as the "Queen of Hills", Mussoorie is a hill station in Uttarakhand. Its mesmerizing hills and scenic landscapes make it the perfect destination for one day trips from Delhi. This beautiful town is found at an elevation of close to 6500 ft above sea level making its weather absolutely perfect for a weekend getaway all around the year. Mussoorie is considered to be one of the perfect holiday destinations in the Indian State of Uttarakhand that is home to some of the most tranquillizing natural beauty.

With untouched nature and perfect holidaymaking experience, Mussoorie attracts zillions of visitors from all over the world. It is known as the Queen of the hills as it stands tall at 7000 feet above the sea level. If you want to get amazed by the beautiful sight of the rolling green slopes with some snow capped mountain peaks of Himalayas, then this is the place for which you need to pack your bags from Delhi, the capital of India. It's a couple of hours drive from Delhi and you will have great time driving through the amazing roads.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 284 KM 

Route: Via National Highway 307 and Saharanpur Road. 

Best Time to visit: Between April and June is probably the best time to visit the town. -Temperature here during this time is around 20°C to 28°C 

Things/activities to do - Lal Tibba Scenic Point to paragliding and shopping, things to do in  Mussoorie are in a variety.  Furthermore, hiking, wildlife safari, paragliding, and winemaking are some of the highlight activities to enjoy in the town.

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Nainital - 280 km from Delhi

Nainital - 280 km from Delhi

Found in the state of Uttarakhand, the beautiful town of Nainital is enveloped in the density of a vast flora and fauna. Amidst the stunning hills, Nainital is widely famous for its captivating lakes, monasteries and magnificent landscapes which makes it perfect for one day trip near Delhi. Additionally, it is found at an elevation of about 2084 m from sea level, making its weather calm and soothing all year round. In other words, an excellent reason for a weekend getaway trip. Nainital is yet another charming hill station in the state of Uttarakhand.

Situated at an elevation of about 1938 meters above the sea level, this happens to be the epicentre of astounding natural beauty and colonial structures. Delhiites consider it to be one of the perfect weekend getaways because of its pleasant climatic condition all through the year that entices families and honeymooners. It is also known as the city of lakes where you can relish boating in the middle of surreal natural beauty. If you want to spend some time in the hills and get back with an imprint on your mind that lasts for a long period of time, then this is it.

Distance from Delhi(bus Stand): 280 KM

Route: Via NH9

Best Time to visit: Between April to September and November to February for anyone who loves the snow. 

Things/activities to do: Tour of Lakes, Visit Snow View to take a glance of the Himalayas, Nainital Zoo, Cave Garden, Rock Climbing, Tibet Market, Boating.

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One Day Trips near Delhi within 100 km


Damdama Lake - 41 km from Delhi

Damdama Lake - 41 km from Delhi

Popularly known for boating and the amazing rocky surroundings of Aravali hills, Damdama lake makes for one of the best one day trips from Delhi as you can enjoy outdoor picnicking, family outings or camping near Delhi

The scenic lake was authorized for rainwater harvesting by the British in 1947 and has an average depth of 20 feet which goes up to 50 feet during monsoons and winters. The lake covers a vast area in advance of 3,000 acres and has a serene, rural and peaceful vibe associated with it.

TIP: Don’t forget to take your binoculars; you may be lucky to spy few vibrant migratory birds.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 41 km

Route: Via NH 48

Best time to visit: Year-round 

Things/activities to do: Paddle boating, camping, bird watching and rock climbing

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Manesar - 51 km from Delhi

Manesar - 51 km from Delhi

This fast growing industrial town is home to a number of factories and a sought after destination owing to its lush greenery, rugged rural landscape, panoramic views of the Aravali hills and relaxed offbeat experience. It is one of the best places to explore near Delhi within 100 kms and spend some quiet time at the handful of resorts and spas, revel in the local experiences and visit the host of sightseeing attractions.

Manesar is also home to a number of recreational options including Camp Mustang, Flyboy air safari, Sultanpur bird sanctuary, 32-acre golf course and local market where you can savor the delectable regional cuisine and shop for some beautiful utility wooden handicraft items like gift boxes, toys and home décor.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 51 km

Route: Via Dwarka expressway

Best time to visit: October to March

Things/activities to do: Photography and hot-air balloon ride. Also, try staying overnight at one of the many farm tourism resorts to experience the rustic farm life.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - 52 km from Delhi

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - 52 km from Delhi

Established in Haryana just a few kilometres from the capital city, the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is perfect for one day trips from Delhi. The sanctuary is home to more than 200 varieties of migrating bird species including ducks, flamingos, vultures, eagles, Sunbird and many more.

In other words, if you are looking for a weekend getaway destination with family, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is the place to be. 

Distance from Delhi(bus Stand): 52 KM 

Route: Via NH 48

Best Time to Visit: Between October and February which is the winter season. 

Things/activities to do: Birdwatching, Picnic, Visit the Library, Interpretation Center and Walking along the park.

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Explore All (11)

Suraj Kund - 30 km from Delhi

Suraj Kund - 30 km from Delhi

A 10th-century reservoir, Suraj Kund is found in the Aravalli religion of Faridabad. The place is famous for its scenic beauty and annual Mela, where more than 10 lakh tourists visit to enjoy and celebrate craftsmanship. Additionally, the captivating beauty of the Aravalli hills with tranquil lakes in the nucleus make SurajKund the ideal location for one day trips near Delhi.

Distance from Delhi(bus Stand): 30 KM

Route: Via NH 44 and Delhi - Chennai - Delhi Highway. 

Best Time to visit: During Monsoon between July and September. 

Things/activities to do: Picnic at Surajkund Lake, enjoying at Suraj
Kund Mela


Gurgaon - 37 km from Delhi

Gurgaon - 37 km from Delhi

A growing attraction among tourists, Gurgaon is a city engulfed with a variety of clubs, hotels, malls, entertainment zones, sanctuaries and tourist attractions. Gurgaon also carries significant importance as a technological and financial hub of India. In totality, the city’s hip and diverse culture makes it one of the best spots for one day trips near Delhi with family and friends. 

Distance from Delhi(bus Stand): 37 KM

Route: NH48

Best Time to visit: During the winter season from September to February. 

Things/activities to do: Appu Ghar, Sector 29, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Damdama Lake, Ambience Mall, Kingdom of Dreams.

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One Day Trips near Delhi within 200 km


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - 195 km from Delhi

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - 195 km from Delhi

Home to over 350 species of birds and 380 varieties of plants, Bharatpur bird sanctuary has emerged as one of the most popular one day trips from Delhi for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. One can spot many rare and endangered migratory birds like Sambar, Siberian Crane, Boar and Chital during the winter season.

The sanctuary was formed 250 years ago and was named after the Keoladeo Shiva temple located in the premises. It is acknowledged as one of the most popular birds feeding and breeding grounds and was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1985.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 195 km

Route: Via Taj Express highway/Yamuna expressway

Best time to visit: August to November and October to February

Things/activities to do: Bird watching, boating and nature photography

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Sariska National Park - 207 km from Delhi

Sariska National Park - 207 km from Delhi

Renowned for the majestic Royal Bengal tiger, this national park and tiger reserve is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan and is home to a profusion of flora and fauna. It is one of those places that you can count on if you are looking to de-stress yourself from the hustles and bustles of daily life. You can also book wildlife tours in Delhi if you want to explore the true beauty of nature & wildlife.

The reserve encompasses ruins of the ancient Kankarwadi fort and a Nilkanth temple from where you can get a panoramic view of the Aravali hills, grasslands, rocky cliffs and temperate deciduous forests. It served as a hunting ground for the maharajas of Alwar and duck shoots were arranged annually in honor of the British royals.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 207 km

Route: Via NH248A

Best time to visit: October to April, early mornings 

Things/activities to do: Wildlife photography, safari and tiger spotting

Neemrana Fort Palace - 128 km from Delhi

Neemrana Fort Palace  - 128 km from Delhi

Looking for yet another promising getaway near Delhi? Head to this beautiful heritage luxury resort which is a perfect blend of contemporary and ancient endowment, celebrations and colors situated amidst the grandeur beauty of nature, and one of the idyllic one day trips from Delhi with family or friends.

This magnificent fort cum resort is replete with history dating back to the 15th century and encompasses 2 swimming pools, 3 restaurants and a spa and wellness center, and the views that one gets from this place are just breathtaking.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, photographer or a plain nature lover, this amazing place will provide you with opportunities to spend your share of time with nature and appreciate it. For history seekers, the imperial palace presents an excellent opportunity to explore and learn about the mystical beauty of the architectural form prevalent at that time.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 128 km

Via NH 48

Best time to visit:
July to March

Things/activities to do:
Photography, flying fox and zip lining

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Vrindavan - 181 km from Delhi

Vrindavan - 181 km from Delhi

The historic city of Vrindavan on the banks of Yamuna, is regarded as one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage for the followers of Lord Krishna, who is said to have spent his childhood here. The city houses numerous temples dotted across the thick forests and dense greenery, the most famous of which is the Banke Bihari temple.

The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated with much zeal and vigor on a grand scale in this region, and attracts tourists and pilgrims in huge numbers from all over the world every year. The magical phool ki holi celebrated on the Ekadashi before Holi is a sight to behold and celebrations are spread over a week.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand):
181 km

Via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna expressway

Best time to visit:
October to March

Things/activities to do:
Sightseeing and aarti 


Kuchesar Mud Fort - 129 km from Delhi

Kuchesar Mud Fort - 129 km from Delhi
Image Credit : Mudfortkuchesar.com

Head to this exotic heritage hotel located in Kuchesar, for an ultimate and fun-filled weekend getaway near Delhi with family. This magnificent fort is replete with history dating back to the mid 18th century and has historical ruins belonging to the British era. The fort served as the former neighborhood of Jat kingdom of Uttar Pradesh and offers a gateway to India’s exotic civilization, and is excellently preserved and well looked after. 

The architectural marvel is situated amidst a picturesque landscape in the fecund plains of Ganges basin and counts high on the list of one day adventure trip near Delhi.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 129 km

Route: Via Eastern Peripheral expressway and NH9

Best time to visit: Year-round

Things/activities to do: Bullock cart ride, pottery, village walk and kite flying 

Mathura - 182 km from Delhi

Mathura - 182 km from Delhi

This colorful pilgrim city is well-known for its religious significance and is visited by devotees from far and wide looking to seek spiritual enlightenment, especially during the festival of Janmashtami and Holi. Also called ‘Brajbhoomi', this native place of Lord Krishna is situated on the banks of river Yamuna and has an engrossing mythological story associated with it.

Mathura is dotted with temples scattered on the ghats on the banks of river Yamuna, that are reminiscent of its Braj culture, Raslilas and Sanjhees. Two most important temples that you should mark off your list on your next visit are the Dwarkadheesh temple and the Gita mandir.

TIP: The best way to explore the city inside out is by walking through the busy streets, narrow lanes, rustic architecture and deteriorated remains of old houses.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 182 km

Via Taj Express Highway

Best time to visit:
October to April

Things/activities to do:
Sightseeing, evening aarti, boating and photography

One Day Trips near Delhi within 300 km


Haridwar - 222 km from Delhi

Haridwar - 222 km from Delhi

Situated in the heart of Uttarakhand on the banks of river Ganga, lies one of the most revered destination thronged by devotees from across the world, who come to take a dip in the holy river and get rid of all the paap and achieve absolution and blissfulness.

Tourists can partake in the stunning Ganga aarti that happens at the Har-ki-Pauri ghat every evening or visit the Jairam Ashram, Vaishnav Devi temple, Manasa Devi temple and Chilla wildlife sanctuary. Once in every 12 years, massive celebrations are conducted at the Kumbh Mela that invites lakhs of pilgrims from all over the world and is considered one of the most religious gatherings in India.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 222 km

Route: Via NH 334

Best time to visit: February, March and August to October

Things/activities to do: Ganga aarti, beach camping and trekking near Delhi

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Fatehpur Sikri - 244 km from Delhi

Fatehpur Sikri - 244 km from Delhi

This notable city featuring bold red sandstone topography was established by Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th century, and makes for an interesting one day adventure trip near Delhi.

Now a UNESCO world heritage site and an eminent tourist attraction, it is a fine masterpiece of Akbar's architectural adeptness. Jodha Bai's palace, Jama masjid, Buland darwaza  and a tomb dedicated to Salim Chisti are few of the places to visit and see around. This Indo-Islamic monument is also featured in the masterpiece Akbarnama, written by Abul Fazal.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 244 km

Route: Via Taj Express Highway/Yamuna expressway

Best time to visit: September to March

Things/activities to do: Sight seeing and photography

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Bhangarh Fort - 283 km from Delhi

Bhangarh Fort - 283 km from Delhi

One of the most haunted places in Northern India, Bhangarh Fort, in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, is located on the way to Jaipur and is famed for its archeological significance, historical ruins and astonishing ghost stories.

The fort was built in the 17th century by one of the Navratans of Akbar's darbar, Man Singh I for his grandson Madho Singh I, and is a great monument of mystery. Within the fort, there are temples, royal palaces, and havelis. Walk through the imposing entrance of the main fort known as ‘Bhoot dwar’, and climb up for a whole rewarding view.

Spend the evening shopping along the streets, enjoying the sight of havelis and historic ruins that are still remaining.

Distance from Delhi (bus stand): 283 km

Route: Via NH 48

Best time to visit: October to April

Things/activities to do: Photography, sightseeing and historical tours

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10 July 2015
Got the chance to meet some really friendly people on this trip and we had a nice time going all around Old Delhi with our friends. Cycling tour started early morning and we cycled to ghats of Yamuna river. We also indulge in boat ride and seen a church. At the end of the trip we had nice breakfast. It was very well organised tour. Our guide was very good and had awesome knowledge of the city.
04 September 2018
I must say that it was an amazingly superb experience.. the Segway ride was too good and the guide was very polite and nice to us.. we thoroughly enjoyed each and every second of our ride.. I want to honestly thank Thrillophilia for being such a good platform for finding these adventures and rides!! Hats off to Thrillophilia.
"It was an amazing experience. The entire trip is a memorable experience. \nThe arrangements were made nicely. The guide was very helpful and fun to be with. \n Also the arrangements at the top exceeded my expectations. It was clean and comfortable and food was also good \n\nThe only problem i faced was the gap between travel buses and the trekking team. As my bus arrived late i had to rush to catch the team\n\nOverall i am very happy with the package"
Gurgaon has a lot of party hubs but this one stands out. With unlimited food, drinks, music, and dance, Smaash Cyberhub created a special place in my heart. Every New Year's party I spend somewhere near Gurgaon or Delhi. And this time also, I didn't find a better option than this. I took my friends to this place. Reasonable price for what they provided us. Great group of people having so much fun. Staff seemed very professional and lovely. Service was impeccable. I completely enjoyed it and recommending this place to those who love parties.
13 October 2020
Perfect place for family outing with kids
Great facility and a very enjoyable experience. The carts and track are in excellent condition. Very reasonable charges. Our kids loved the outing. Strongly recommended.
06 January 2021
Very Good
Nice trip, made new friends enjoyed alot.
"Trek was awesome with supportive tourist guides but hotel was very bad at service and providing rooms "
The itinerary was very fulfilling and satisfying, the hotel was a good one, our guide was very well-known about each spot we visited, The journey was safe, we get to learn about the place culture, traditions, and its people life-style...
27 October 2020
Being my first solo trip, I was too nervous prior to boarding the bus to Kasol. But man, what a trip. First of all, I encourage all the readers to try going solo at least once especially on the mountains. The experience was overwhelming. I met other people as well in my journey that came via thrillophilia that made my trip pretty interesting. I enjoyed every bit of it. Whether it was on road, at Kasol or the kheerganga trek, I enjoyed every moment. Since it is October, the weather dropped significantly at Kheerganga, which was surprisingly pleasant for me. The trek was pretty hard but my guide helped me reach the destination comfortably. He was a lot friendly too.. I enjoyed the food as well. The best part was the bonfire at kheerganga to loosen us a bit. To sum it up, each and every moment of my trip was something I'd relish for a long, long time and I just can't wait to plan my next trip again. Thanks Thrillophilia. Cheers!

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People Also Ask About New Delhi

  1. What are the best Hill Stations to visit near Delhi with family?

    Here is the list of best Hill Stations to visit near Delhi within 600 km. Discover More!

    - Dehradun: 266 km (Best for sightseeing, trekking)
    - Kasauli: 287 Km (Best for Camping, Sightseeing, Trekking, Paragliding)
    - Nainital: 296.8 km (Best for sightseeing, backpacking, camping, birdwatching, amusement park visit, etc.)
    - Mussoorie: 280 km (Best for trekking, sightseeing)
    - Shimla: 343 km (Best for trekking, sightseeing, etc.)
    - Dharamshala: 481 km (Best for sightseeing, old temples, trekking, cycling, etc,)
    - Manali: 538 km (Best for trekking, sightseeing)
  2. Where can I spend a day in Delhi?

    Your day in Delhi will be well-spent with some of the most happening places in town. We have listed the places below.

    - Red Fort
    - Qutub Minar
    - Jama Masjid
    - Nizam-Ud-Din Shrine
    - Old Fort
    - Jantar Mantar
    - Chhatarpur temple
    - Safdarjung tomb
  3. What are the places to visit in Delhi?

    There are many amazing places to visit in Delhi like:

    - Red Fort
    - Humayun’s Tomb
    - Qutub Minar
    - Lotus temple
    - Lodi Gardens
    - Akshardham temple
    - India Gate
    - Chandini Chowk
    - Jama Masjid
    - Rashtrapati Bhavan
    - Purana Qila
    - Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
    - Raj Ghat 
  4. What are the places to visit in Delhi at night?

    Delhi nightlife is active and colourful and some places where you can visit here in the night are:

    - Costa Café
    - Little Owl Café
    - Mocha Art House
    - Pandara Road
    - India Gate
    - Bun Butter Chai
    - JNU
    - Shivaji Stadium
    - Late-night Theka
    - Jain Chawal wala
    - Perch wine and coffee bar
  5. What are the best places to visit in Delhi within 100 km?

    Within a range of 100 km, there are many places that one can visit like

    - Sultanpur Bird sanctuary
    - Damdama Lake
    - Murthal
    - Manesar
    - Dhauj Rock
    - Pataudi Palace
    - Surajkund
    - Okhla Bird Sanctuary
    - Paintball adventure at Aravalli
    - F9 Go-Karting in Gurgaon
    - Thakran Farms
    - Botanix Nature resort Gurgaon
    - Pratapgarh Farms Awesome farms
  6. Which place is the best for shopping in Delhi?

    There are several places in Delhi you can shop like:

    - Delhi Haat
    - Janpath Market
    - Khan Market
    - Sarojini Market
    - Lajpat Nagar
    - Chandini Chowk
    - Connaught place
    - Karol Bagh
    - Paharganj market
  7. Where should I go for a 2-day trip near Delhi?

    Delhi is located around a number of tourist destinations of North India. You can go for a short trip with your loved ones on weekends and return before Monday to join your regular life. Check out some of the places that you can visit from Delhi for a 2-day trip:

    - Palampur
    - Shimla
    - Kasauli
    - Orchha
    - Varanasi
    - Dharamshala
    - Lucknow
    - Khajuraho
    - Udaipur
    - Jaisalmer
    - Jodhpur
    - Dalhousie
  8. Where should I go for a 3-day trip near Delhi?

    If you are looking out for places near Delhi where you can go for a short trip with your most treasured ones, then here are some of the places that you should visit from Delhi for a 3-day trip:

    - Chandigarh
    - Shimla
    - Mount Abu
    - Jammu
    - Gwalior
    - Sanasar
    - Srinagar
    - Pushkar
    - Vaishno Devi
  9. What are the places to visit near Delhi for the weekend?

    Here are some of the places that you can visit near Delhi on weekends:

    - Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
    - Vrindavan
    - Haridwar
    - Mathura
    - Rishikesh
    - Bharatpur
    - Agra
    - Jaipur
    - Jim Corbett National Park
    - Mussoorie
    - Lansdowne
    - Hansi
  10. How far are Morni hills from Delhi?

    The distance between Morni Hills from Delhi is about 277 Km. There are mainly three routes that connect Morni hills with Delhi and it takes about 5 hours to cover the distance.
  11. How far is Neemrana from Delhi?

    The road distance between Neemrana and Delhi is about 116 km and the flight distance between the two cities is about 107 km. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance. You can get direct buses and trains to travel in between the two cities.

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