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Wada Resorts

SaffronStays Dhyana, Hide Out, Rajveer Villa, Pooja Farm Resort, Dani Resorts, Mayurvan Club & Holiday Resort, Lake View Resort, Anchaviyo Resort, Usha Resort, Wild Camp Resort.

There are quite a few resorts in Wada which is a taluka or a township in the Palghar district in Maharashtra, India. These resorts offer comfortable accomodation at close proximity to the tourist spots so you don’t need to travel too far for sightseeing. Resorts like SaffronStays and Prasanman are popular tourist hangouts with private pools and beautiful surroundings where you can spend some amazing moments with your friends and family.

At the Wada resorts, you can take part in indoor and outdoor games and enjoy the delicious local dishes. From these resorts, you can get beautiful views of the mountains, and the surrounding forests. Hide Out Resort offers an authentic village experience while Mayurvan Club & Holiday Resort is known for its luxurious amenities.

While looking for resorts near Wada, both budget and luxury resorts are available, and while the latter provides better services, you will get all the necessary amenities with the former, while also saving some money along the way.

Here is a list of resorts in Wada:

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Wild Camp Resort

Image Credit : facebook.com/wildcampresort
One of the best resorts near Wada, this resort is nestled atop a mountain range, in a calm and serene locale where you feel your worries melting away. It has picturesque cottages surrounded by vibrant flowering plants and dense forests.

The staff are extremely courteous and hospitable and cater to your every request. From here, you can catch a great view of the Khodala hills and watch the birds dance and sing.

Location: The resort is located in Khodala, near Thane. It’s just a 2.5 hours drive from Mumbai.

Amenities: Game room, pool, bar, conference room, and kids club.

Usha Resort

Image Credit : facebook.com/UshaResort
This is one of the best resorts in Wada built on a 4-5 acre land full of trees. This eco-friendly resort is a favourite of couples, teenagers, kids, and children. Many prefer this resort over others due to its natural surroundings and eco-friendly activities. It is committed to providing the best services to their guests and employs hygienic practices to ensure their safety.

Location: This is one of the popular resorts near Wada, located in Mahim Rd area, Palghar district.

Amenities: Outdoor activities, banquet hall, bonfire, night club, and medical services.

Mayurvan Club & Holiday Resort

Image Credit : facebook.com/mayurvanresort
One of the best resorts in Wada, Mayurvan Club and Holiday Resort has luxury facilities and beautiful surroundings. There is a large open area where you can sit and relax and breathe the fresh air. This place makes for an ideal weekend retreat, and many people from Mumbai flock here to enjoy some peace and quiet. It is one of the resorts near Wada where you can eat pure vegetarian food.

Location: Travelling to this resort from Mumbai takes about 1.5 hours and it is approximately 72 Kms away from Borivali.

Amenities: Outdoor pool, kids playground, balcony terrace, concierge, and safe.

Lake View Resort

Image Credit : resort-lakeview.com
This is one of the most popular resorts near Wada famed for its modern recreational facilities, hospitable staff, luxury service, and natural surroundings. The architecture of the place is also inspired by natural themes.

There are many popular tourist spots close to the resort, so you can explore them in your own time. It is one of the resorts in Wada where you spend some quality time with your partner and kids enjoying the natural beauty.

Location: The hotel is located 9.1 away from the Vikramgad city centre and is just 4 Km away from the Khand Dam.

Amenities: Pool, garden, gym, water sports, and kids club.

Rajveer Villa

Image Credit : facebook.com/Rajveervillawada
This picturesque bungalow in Palghar district is one of the popular Wada resorts where many people come every year, mostly from Mumbai, to spend some time with their friends and family, away from the noise of the city. Well-maintained gardens surround this villa, and you can take a relaxing stroll here. This resort is known for its good service and delicious local cuisine.

Location: This is one of the resorts in Wada on Wada-Manor road, in Kanchad, Palghar.

Amenities: Bar, guest rooms with balconies and microwaves, indoor games, swimming pool, pool table, and DJ party.

Pooja Farm Resort

Image Credit : poojafarmresort.com

There are many resorts in Wada Palghar, but very few of them provide you with the kind of experience this resort does. This eco-friendly farm resort boasts of a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Here you can find domesticated pets and birds, a fish breeding centre, butterfly garden, organic vegetable garden, plant nursery, etc. The ten well-designed cottages can hold 90 guests at a time. It is one of the be.

Location: The location of the resort is Sunpunde, in Kanchad village, in Palghar district of Maharashtra.

Amenities: Fitness centre, children activities, swimming pool, indoor games, and jogging track.


Anchaviyo Resort

Image Credit : facebook.com/anchaviyo
There are many Wada resorts but very few of them offer great few and world-class facilities like this one. Several fruit trees cover the property, giving the place a sense of tranquillity and calm. For those looking to enjoy luxury amenities during their stay in Wada, the Anchaviyo resort is perfect. It serves as the ideal getaway for a person living in the city, tired of the hustle and bustle.

Location: This resort is located in Kharivali village, near the Vaitarna river. It is approximately 90 Kms away from Mumbai.

Amenities: Wellness spa, outdoor activities, kayaking, motorboat ride, jacuzzi, pool, and concierge.

Dani Resort

Image Credit : daniresort.com
This is one of those resorts in Wada Palghar where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and heritage. It consists of 5 luxury villas and 24 rooms with suites which have the best amenities. The villas are built in the Mediterranean style and have balconies where you can sit and relax for some time. It is also one of the popular Wada resorts for holding weddings.

This resort is located in Wada, Palghar, near the Wada Bus Stand. It is centrally air-conditioned and has a swimming pool. Medical services, power backup, and a parking area are also available.

Location: Manor Wada Road, Suponde Road, Kanchad Village, Wada-Manor Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Amenities: Swimming pool, Rain dance, Amphitheatre, Indoor Games, DJ, Cycling, Fine dining room.

SaffronStays Dhyana

If crowded valleys of Karjat and Lonavala are too much for you, you can go for a tranquil experience in Wada. SaffronStays Dhyana is one of the best resorts in Wada, tucked away into a quiet corner, where you can get some much-needed peace and quiet. If you are travelling from North Mumbai, it will take you about 2 hours to reach here.

Location: In this resort located in Vikramgadh, on Malawada Jawhar Road. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is 91 Km away from here.

Amenities: Kitchenette, concierge, refrigerator, swimming pool, board games, etc.

Hide Out

You have to enter this resort via a green tunnel which will take you to the farmhouse. Among all the Wada resorts this one offers the most authentic village experience. It is a place of quiet reflection where you can live in harmony with nature.

There are a few workshops here you can attend to learn about homeschooling, natural birthing, organic farming, soul-repairing food, etc. There are also detox camps and seminars held here.

Location: The resort is located in Thappar pada, Vikramgad and is one of the best resorts near Wada. It is a two hour drive from Mumbai.

Amenities: Children activities, wellness centre, shared kitchen, mosquito net, and iron.
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People Also Ask About Mumbai

  1. Which are the top budget Wada resorts?

    1. Swapna Bhumi Farm Resort: Located on Manor Road, Wada, this is one of the popular budget resorts with amenities like geyser, CCTV, housekeeping, first air, etc.

    2. Kalyani Village Resort: This resort is just 30 km away from Borivali, Mumbai and has a serene and peaceful ambience. Amenities include LCD TV, water heater, split AC, etc.

    3. Shubha Vilas Villa Resort: 100 Km away from Mumbai, this resort allows you to bring your pets and provides amenities like a pool, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

    4. Silent Hills Resort: This is a family-friendly resort providing amenities like bar, pool, fitness centre, water park, and children activities.
  2. Which are the Wada resorts with swimming pools?

    1. SaffromStays Ekant: This resort is located in Vikramgadh, which is close to Mumbai, making it a popular tourist getaway spot. It features a swimming pool, lush green surroundings, and indoor games you can enjoy.

    2. Villa Autumn: This homely villa offers comfortable accommodations in a scenic setting. Apart from the pool, they offer facilities such as indoor games, balcony terrace, luggage storage, medical services, etc.

    3. Gunwant Holidays: This resort is committed to providing the best experience for its guests and it has all luxury amenities and well-decorated interiors. The swimming pool is a great place to take a cool dip.
  3. Which are the resorts in Wada for family?

    1. Waterfront Resort and Club: This resort is well-known for its hospitality and aims to provide an effortless living for its guests. It has features like CCTV camera, Gym, multicuisine restaurant, intercom, luggage storage, and swimming pool.

    2. Neesa Farmville: This is one of the popular family resorts in Wada where you can get a taste of the rustic village life. It has a swimming pool where you can go for a swim or sit on the side sipping on a drink from the bar.

    3. River Rich Village Resort: This is a popular resort is Wada with features like children’s activity area, pool, etc.
  4. Which are the resorts in Wada for couples?

    1. Anchaviyo Resort: Offering a beautiful view of the Vaitarna river, this resort is the ideal couple's retreat, with chalets and treehouses where you can spend some quality time with your partner. It offers amenities like a pool, jacuzzi, and water activities.

    2. Wooden House by Vista Rooms: Staying in a natural environment with your partner makes for a romantic experience, and at this resort, you have a garden and trees surrounding the property, and a splendid lake view.

    3. B-24 Spring: This picturesque resort has an outdoor pool and a terrace where you can spend some time with your loved one.
  5. What is the best time to visit Wada?

    The best time to visit Wada is in the winter season when the temperature is comfortable, so you can go on long sightseeing tours. From October to March, this place sees the crowd flowing in. Some people visit this place during the monsoon to enjoy the enhanced beauty of the surrounding greenery.
  6. What facilities will I get at Wada resorts?

    The facilities offered by the Wada resorts will depend on your budget and what kind of resort you're staying in. Some of the facilities include a swimming pool, kids play area, bar, indoor games, medical services, wellness centre, pool table, DJ party, jacuzzi, etc.
  7. What activities can we do in Wada resorts?

    Most of the resorts in Wada provide for outdoor activities and games. You can take a dip in the swimming pool if your resort has one. There are a few resorts which offer water activities like boating and kayaking. And of course, you can arrange parties and visit the fitness centre. Other activities include indoor games like pool and carrom. Kids activity centres are also present at some resorts. You can also enjoy a waterboard ride and a relaxing time in the jacuzzi.
  8. Which location has the largest number of Wada resorts?

    Most of the resorts in Wada are concentrated around the Wada Manor Road. Here you will find luxury and budget resorts to stay in. The resorts are usually full during the peak season where many people, especially from Mumbai, come to visit this place. You can easily reach these resorts by road.
  9. Which are the lowest & highest price resorts in Wada?

    There are many resorts in Wada providing quality services at affordable rates. If you are short on budget, you can get a room for as low as 2000 rupees per night, as in the Sai Flora. Sajan Nature Club is another affordable resort which charges 3500 rupees per night. If you choose to stay in a villa or a luxury resort, it would cost you more. The costlier resorts such as Jag24 and SaffronStays charge about 14,000-16,000 rupees per night.

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