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  • Begin your day on a sumptuous note. Each of these breakfast places in Bangalore permeates a distinct charm and offers delectable treats. Think golden masala dosas, crispy vadas, fluffy idlies, honey dipped waffles, sugary pancakes, delicious omelettes and a lot more!
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    Sree Sagar (CTR)

    You will find many food enthusiasts thronging here in the morning to get a taste of the famous Benne (butter) Masala Dosa. This golden delight that is crispy outside and soft inside has melted the hearts of many. Located in Malleswaram, near the Police Station, this is where you can head to for a quick breakfast.


    Featured on the television show ‘Globe Trekker’, MTR on Lalbagh Road has been functional way back since 1924. After a short shut down due to the emergency in the 70s, this restaurant reopened. Today, it is applauded for its hygiene and savoury South Indian food.   

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    Veena Stores

    Do not let the name mislead you. Having been in Bangalore since a long time, this small restaurant is a favourite breakfast haunt. Dig into soft fluffy idlies, crispy vadas and recharge with steaming filter coffee. Located on Margosa Rd, Malleswaram, you fill always find customers standing on the street and devouring the food.


    Synonymous with the framework of Bangalore, Koshy’s infuses an old world charm. Opened up in 1940, it said to be visited by bigwigs like Nehru and the Queen. The iconic restaurant has also been a favourite among the creative minds of the city. Located on St. Mark’s Road, come here for an English breakfast. Relish eggs in different forms such as scrambled, poached, fired and toast with a variety of toppings. The favourite ones among regulars are Bombay Toast and Spanish Omelette.


    Another favourite haunt for a South Indian breakfast is SLV. There are quite a few chains but the best one is said to be in Banshankari. Budget friendly, here you can enjoy melt-in-your-mouth idlis and crisp vadas. 

    Vidyarthi Bhavan

    Having established since 1943, this restaurant is considered amongst the landmarks of Bangalore. Located in Basavanagudi, make sure that you get here early to beat the queue. Especially famous at this place is the crispy Masale Dosa. Other South Indian dishes too do not disappoint.

    New Modern Hotel

    Located at the famous food street, VV Puram, this restaurant treats with savoury dishes. Though named as New Modern Hotel, this is where you can head to relive Bangalore nostalgia. Get a delectable dose of South Indian cuisine. Noted here are the Masala Dose and Idli.

    Ganesh Darshan (Dosa Camp)

    Visit here and be amazed at the superfast pace at which dosas and other dishes are whipped up in a matter of seconds. Located in the busy town of Jayanagar, be prepared to be a part of the crowd. For this popular restaurant has many patrons. It is also referred to as the ‘Dosa Camp’.

    Vasudev Adigas

    A name that is synonymous with South Indian dishes in Bangalore is Vasudev Adigas. Get your breakfast fill here. The good part about this place is that there are chains opened up across the city that maintain the same quality and standards.


    A quaint little stand and eat place, Brahmins has a rather large following. Do not get mistaken by its look as the eatery cooks up quite a storm when it comes to South Indian cuisines. Located in Basavanagudi, this place is one of the must ‘things to do’ when you are in Bangalore.

    Hole In The Wall

    In the hip area of Koramangala, Hole in the Wall treats you to an array of delights. A winsome place with indoor and outdoor siting area, this is where you can lap up a widespread of English breakfast. Devour omelettes, fresh toasts, hash browns. Satiate your sweet tooth with pancakes and waffles.

    India Coffee House

    Offering taste and quality, the Indian Coffee House in Church Street is where you can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast. Delight in masala dosa, scrambled eggs, cutlets, bread butter and a whole lot more. And not the mention the flavoursome coffee!


    A legend in its own right, this hotel rings a bell with Bangloreans who have been here since a long time. Located at Kumara Krupa Road, you can go here for your breakfast fill of South Indian food. We hear that the dosas, especially Sagu Masala is a must try.  Other favourites of patrons include filter coffee and Badam halwa.

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