Bhadra Dam Overview
Bhadra Dam is a magnificent place that one must visit on their vacation to Chikmagalur for a thrilling experience. Surrounded by beautiful hills, Bhadra Dam is known for the Bhadra reservoir and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. It supports the lifeline of the region and offers many benefits from irrigation, drinking water, industrial use and hydro electricity generation. Bhadra Dam is one of the most attractive Chikmagalur tourist places where you can appreciate the beauty of ecology. 

It is a hot spot for many of the rare and diverse flora and fauna. It offers some of the best views of the landscape and one can’t help but wonder the beauty of nature at its small islands where many migratory birds are spotted. Tourists here can partake in a number of exciting activities like sailing, kayaking, boating, water cycling, water trampoline and sport fishing. 

• Location: Bhadra Dam, Karnataka

• Best Time to visit: The best time to visit here is during the monsoon months of the year 

• Timings: It is advised to visit here from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is at a distance of 78 kilometres from Chikmagalur 
Bhadra dam is a beautiful dam built across the river Bhadra, and hence the dam derives its name. This location crowns itself as Chikmagalur’s key tourist attraction. Bhadra Dam is at a distance of 78 km from the mainland of Chikmagalur. 

To amplify the agricultural prosperity of the surrounding region, Bhadra Dam project was undertaken by the National Water Management Project. It was mainly intended towards increasing rice cultivation. Today, this place serves as a significant irrigation source for the locals of the surrounding region to produce electricity.

Besides its primary purpose, this dam of Chikmagalur features some astounding views of the surrounding lush green hills. There are many small islands representing the unique creativity of the reservoir present here. As you move across one of those islands, you will be able to spot several migratory bird species endemic to this region. 

There’s a wildlife sanctuary here through which flows the Bhadra river. It homes to an imperial green pigeon, emerald dove, Malabar parakeet, black woodpecker, hill mynas, wild boars, and so on. If you are fortunate enough, you could even spot various butterfly species hovering here and there. It is also a part of the famous Project Tiger, meant for protecting the tigers all across. A wide array of floral and faunal species makes this place a perfect one-day family outing destination. 

Bhadra Dam hosts a wide array of water activities such as kayaking, sailing, water trampoline, water cycling, and boating.  
Apart from Bhadra Dam, Chikmagalur homes to other sightseeing adventures such as Mullayanagiri Hills, Baba Budan Hills, Hebbe Falls, Mahatma Gandhi Park, Kere Anjaneya Temple, and Inam Dattatreya Pitha. 


Bhadra Dam is constructed along the borderline of Tarikere and Bhadravati and forms a part of the western region of Karnataka. 

Entry Fee:
There are no entry fees to reach the Bhadra dam. 

Bhadra dam is accessible for all 24 hours. Yet, it is recommended to visit the dam location between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Best Time to Visit:
Monsoon is the best time to visit the Bhadra Dam. The months from June to November account as the filling period for the dam. Also, the surrounding beauty is mesmerizing with its lush green grass cover. 

Average Temperature:
The average temperature in the region surrounding the Bhadra Dam lies in the range of 24 to 28 degrees. 
Distance from Chikmagalur: 
Bhadra Dam is located at a distance of 78.4 km from Chikmagalur. It will take around two hours to travel between these two points. 

How to Reach Bhadra Dam:

By rail:
Tarikere is the nearest railway station to Bhadra Dam. 

By road:
Bhadra Dam offers good road connectivity. You have both cab and bus options to reach here. 

By bus:
You have many state-run buses to travel between Chikmagalur and Bhadra Dam. 

Places to Visit near Bhadra Dam:

Here’s a list of places to explore after your visit to the Bhadra Dam:

Kudremukh National Park
This national park is located amidst a range of mountains and is accounted for its scenic beauty. You get to explore many endemic floral and faunal species here. Lion-tailed macaque, spotted deer, langur, gaur, sambar, barking deer and so on are some key species to be spotted here. 

Mullayanagiri Hills
This place is accounted as Karnataka’s highest peak. Rising up to a height of 6330 m, this is the top-rated trekking destination of the state. There’s a tomb of Mulappa Swamy atop the summit, and hence the hills derive its name. 

Inam Dattatreya Peetha
This holy site is present atop the Baba Budan Hills and is equally visited by both Hindus and Muslims. Urus is a 3-day annual festival here which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. 

Sri Sharadamba
Sri Sharadamba Temple is home to a golden idol of Goddess Saraswati. There are huge pillars here displaying carvings of different deities. Also, there’s a gold floor covering with eight panels. Each panel represents one significant figure of Astha Lakshmi.

Baba Budangiri
This mountain range lies in the northern part of Chikmagalur region. Baba Budangiri is renowned for its Baba Budan shrine. The forest that surrounds the area is famous amongst hikers and trekkers to put all their skills to test here. 

Apart from these, Hebbe Falls, Mahatma Gandhi Park, and Kere Anjaneya Temple are other key attractions of Chikmagalur. 

Things to Do in/near Bhadra Dam:

A good spot for a One-Day Outing
Bhadra Dam has got some serene lush green cover surrounding it on all four sides. The presence of this lush greenery creates a pleasing atmosphere and makes this place an ideal one to plan a day outing. You can organize day camping here with your family, friends and relatives. Just make sure that you do not litter here and there. 

Enjoy Water Sports
Bhadra Dam hosts many water adventures. You can enjoy kayaking, sailing, water trampoline, water cycling, and boating activities with your little ones. 

Explore the Wildlife at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhadra Dam has a wildlife sanctuary close to it where you get to see myriads of floral and faunal species. To name a few of them are an imperial green pigeon, emerald dove, Malabar parakeet, black woodpecker, hill mynas, and wild boars. As this wildlife sanctuary is a part of the Project Tiger, you can bring in your children here to educate about the conservation of wildlife heritage.

Other Important Information: 

Places to Stay near Bhadra Dam
Oyo DV Residency: The rooms at Oyo DV Residency have wooden furniture and bright cushions. Equipped with all essential amenities, this place promises you a comfortable and affordable stay. 

Hotel Jai Maata Grandeur: 
There are both soundproof suites and family rooms available here. Every room is equipped with an air-conditioning system and has a desk with a tea/coffee maker. Free parking and high-speed internet connectivity are add-on services.

Green View Clarks Inn: 
This property features air-conditioned bridal suites and regular suites. The staff here is known for its 24/7 customer dedication. You have free car parking, internet connectivity, and 24/7 front desk assistance here. Besides, they do offer conference facilities for all your business meets. You will be served with bottled water throughout your stay here. 
Royal Orchid Central: Royal Orchid Central offers non-smoking suites and family rooms. Every room has an air-conditioning system, 24/7 room service & front desk assistance, flatscreen TV, tea/coffee maker. Amongst other services, this hotel offers conference facilities, business centre, and a minibar for all their guests. 

Places to Eat near Bhadra Dam
Meenakshi Bhavan: This place is known for its authentic Indian style delicacies and meals. Masala dosa is best to try here. 

Royal Orchid: 
Royal Orchid is the next best option for Indian style meal. You get both veg and non-veg food varieties here. They have a luxurious ambiance. 

Hotel Shubham: 
This is an affordable place to try Indian and Asian authentic food varieties. South Indian cuisines are their signature serving. 

Rice Bowl Restaurant: 
Here, you have the choice amongst Indian, Chinese and Asian food servings. This place is good to visit on weekdays as the weekends are usually crowded here. Moreover, food is highly affordable. 

Tiger Trail: 
Tiger Trail serves both Indian and Asian style food. This is a decent dining option for a family meal. 

Transportation facility
Bhadra Dam is well-connected with other major destinations of the state both via roads and railways. 

Medical Facilities
There are no immediate medical facilities available at the Bhadra Dam. To seek medical assistance, you need to visit the hospitals located in Tarikere town. 

Network Connectivity:
The network connectivity at the Bhadra Dam is not so good.
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