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  • When it comes to camping or trekking, the first thought that comes to mind is planning a trip to the Himalayas or someplace in North. But, in recent times one place which is selling like a hot cake amongst campers and is on the bucket list for majority trekkers. Camping in Chikamagalur is full of adventure and fun. It’s like a poem’s rhyme and a camper’s paradise, for use of better words-peace center within the chaotic city life.

    Steal deal: 2 Days Camping At Ballalrayana Durga at Rs. 3499/-  

    Deal of the day: 2 Days Mullayanagiri Trek at Rs. 3300/- 

    A small town situated in Mullayanagiri Range of Karnataka state, Chikmagalur town is famous for its coffee plantations and serene climate. With its easy accessibility through air/road transportation and lots of options for accommodation as per one’s need, Chikmagalur takes you on a different natural trip altogether with its abundant flora and fauna.

    Close your eyes, now imagine sitting in a balcony, opening out to trees while sipping on a hot cup of coffee with interminable natural beauty. This is what you’ll experience when in Chikmagalur Hilltop Homestay at Flat 21% Off.

    In a single sentence, camping in Chikmagalur is like ‘Keep calm and plan your camps in Chikmagalur’. So, pack your bags, fill up your water bottles, build upon your stamina, gather your friends/family and get ready to embark on one of the most memorable camping trips of your life.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of camping places that offer their own individual experiences to their campers/trekkers/adventure lovers. It comes as no wonder that Chikmagalur has been uniquely titled as ‘The Camper’s Paradiso’.

    Here are some of the best camping experiences in Chikmagalur: 

  • 01Camping in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur - Flat 14% Off

    Camping in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur - Flat 14% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lSakleshpur
    • NNNNN171 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About Sakleshpur:
    Sakleshpur is a beautiful hill-station in Karnataka and loaded with natural beauty like slopes of tea, dense canopies hill, coffee plantations, fog, botanical beauty, wooded forest, water flowing streams, chirping birds and variety of flora and fauna. The beautiful trekking trails and canopy of trees are wonderful to look at and attracts thousands at a time.

    About the Camping:
    Sakleshpur is one getaway that will charm you to no end and the campsite is perched at a high altitude. It has a temperate climate surrounded with lofty green hills full of coffee, cardamom, pepper and areca nut plantations and you can enjoy scenic beauty of the untouched nature right here.

    About the Stay:
    The stay is marked with 1 standard room that can have 5 persons at a time, 3 economy rooms that can have 12 persons at a time and 15 tents that have to be shared among 3-4 people. The campsite can accommodate 101 people at a time.
    Check in: 12.00 PM
    Check out: 11.00 AM

    About the activities:
    The activities that can be undertaken in the campsite are games like volleyball, cricket, badminton etc. Along with outdoor games, indoor activities like chess, carom, cards are also here. For some trilling time, you can go for a 2 km guided trekking, campfire, music and nature walk to refresh your time away from the city life.

    How to reach?
    The campsite is located at a distinct location and can be reached by private or shared vehicle as public transportation will not help you in reaching here. The details will be shared with you right after the booking confirmation.
    - Minimum number of people required to book this package is 2.
  • 022d/1n Camping in Sakleshpur - at 28% Off.

    2d/1n Camping in Sakleshpur - at 28% Off.
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChikmagalur
    • NNNNN149 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About Chikmagalur:
    Chikmagalur is one of the most visited places in the Western Ghats of Karnataka is a highly favorite hill station in southern India. And one of the most famous attractions of Chikmagalur are the Baba Budangiri Hills. This homestay in the middle of Baba Budangiri range is located at a height of about 4500ft above sea level, and is situated in a patch of untouched land, maintaining its true beauty.

    About the Stay:
    The stay is marked by 10 normal size comfortable tents that can be accommodated by 4 and 2 large tents that can be accommodated by 5. Along with the same, you get to use common washrooms which are very hygienic for your safety. The total capacity of the site is for 30 people.
    Check in- 12.00 PM
    Check-out- 10.30 AM

    About the Activity:
    Arrive at the homestay on your own and check-in to your accommodation. Now you can enjoy Coracle Ride, campfire, tube rafting, Rope Activities, Bird Watching, Nature Walk, Kids activities like trampoline, Sports, River Crossing and Mud volleyball.
    Paid activities: 
    Motor boat, kayaking, natural jacuzzi, banana ride and bumper ride at extra nominal charges.
    - Minimum number of People required to book the product is 2.

    How to reach?
    Located at a distinct location, it is easily reachable by road. 1 km before the campsite, you have to pass through dirt road. You have to park your vehicle 300 meters from the campsite. The exact location will be shared with you right after the booking confirmation.

  • 03Chikmagalur Camping at Great Monsoon Retreat - Flat 18% Off

    Chikmagalur Camping at Great Monsoon Retreat - Flat 18% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChikmagalur
    • NNNNN64 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About Chikmagalur:
    Chikmagalur is one of the most visited places in the Western Ghats of Karnataka is a highly favorite hill station in southern India. Travelers from all across the world hit this exotic location for adventure as well as peaceful activities and enjoy some time in solace.

    About the Campsite:
    The most amazing part of the camp is that it is designated as one of the highest ranker in 'Great Monsoon Retreats in India' and 'Winter escape'. Moreover, it is a host in natural beauty of western ghats and preserve the rich ecosystem very well. The campsite is only accessible by a 4X4 jeeps which is at an extra cost.

    About the Stay:

    The stay is marked by 9 normal size comfortable tents that can be accommodated by 2. Inside the tents, you get enjoy comfortable carry mats, cotton/foam mattress & sleeping bags which are provided fro your comfort. Along with the same, you get to use 2 common washrooms which are very hygienic for your safety and has 24 hours hot water running facility. 
    Check in- 12.30 PM
    Check-out- 11.00 AM

    About the activities:
    Arrive at the homestay and check-in to your accommodation. Now you can enjoy sunset hike, waterfall visit, campfire and wildlife watching. You get to enjoy photography as well when you visit the site.

    How to reach?
    The campsite is only accessible by 4X4 jeeps due to its extreme offbeat and serene location. You will be specified the exact meeting location right after booking confirmation.
  • 04Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur - Flat 14% Off

    Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur - Flat 14% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChikmagalur
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About Chikmagalur:
    Chikmagalur is one of the most visited places in the Western Ghats of Karnataka is a highly favorite hill station in southern India. And one of the most famous attractions of Chikmagalur are the Baba Budangiri Hills. Travelers love to be here from all over the world to experience the peace and solace.

    About the Campsite:
    You can experience camping on a 100 acre paddy field located a couple of minutes away with the mighty Hemavati river. Camp under the stars with an uninterrupted view of the horizon. There's much to do around our campsite but it's also perfect for lazy do-nothing weekend. 

    About the Stay:
    The stay is marked by 5 comfortable tents that can be accommodated by 2. Along with the same, you get to use 1 common washrooms which are very hygienic for your safety and has hot running water for 24 hours. At the same time, dormitories with 2 washrooms are available at the site as well.
    *NOTE: Minimum number of booking required for tent- 2 and for dormitory -6
    *NOTE: 24 hours check in check out 

    About the Activity:
    Arrive at the campsite on your own and check-in to your accommodation. Now you can enjoy trekking, Burma bridge, Badminton, Mud volleyball, Cricket, Bonfire, Music system access via AUX and photography nearby.

    How to reach?
    Located at a distinct location, it is easily reachable by road. The exact location will be shared with you right after the booking confirmation.

  • 05Camping at Ballalrayana Durga

    Camping at Ballalrayana Durga
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • NNNNN133 ratings
    • Clement
    About the Activity:
    • Ballalrayanadurga is a famous fort on top of a dense forest in the Western Ghats which was built in 12th century by Hoysala Empire.
    • Get picked up from the specific locations in Bangalore and start the overnight journey to the site.
    • Walk through the colourful valley situated at the height of 5000 feet, witness the mind blowing sunset over here.
    • An ideal place for trekking and camping, the location is rich with greenery. The trek starts at Mundaje and goes onto the Bandaje Arbi before you reach the ruined fort.
    • As this is a challenging trek, this is one of the favourite spots of trekkers.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
  • 06Monsoon Camping and Trekking Experience in Chikmagalur

    Monsoon Camping and Trekking Experience in Chikmagalur
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lChikmagalur
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    Monsoon trekking and camping experience in Chikmagalur brings you on the doorstep of Kyatanmakki, which is a peak in the Kudremukha range of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Embellished with the natural beauty of the Western Ghats, this beautiful trekking trail is a rather untouched paradise in Chikmagalur, just waiting to be found. 

    Set in the greenest environs in the region, this trek also includes camping nearby, adding another alluring factor of charm to the whole experience. Also, the challenging factor of the trek is what attracts the enthusiasts to the trek, and the reward at the end of the trek is the scenic view that awaits you at the end. 

    You will be picked up from designated pickup spots in Bangalore and will be dropped back to the same spots at the end of the trek.

    About the Activity:
    - Get picked up from your chosen spot in an overnight bus, that will bring you to the destination early the next morning.
    - Get your breakfast and then start the trek to the top. Spend some time there before descending back down.
    - Enjoy a wine party with a warm bonfire. It will be followed by dinner and an overnight stay. You will wake up to a beautiful morning and have a delicious breakfast.
    - You will then check-out and visit the nearby Mydadi waterfalls, post which you will return to Bangalore and bring the experience to an end.

    Facts about Kyatanmakki:
    - Located in Kudremukha Range of hills in Chikmagalur, Kyatanmakki is one of the highest peaks. The top can be reached by a 4x4 vehicle, but the real adventure is hiking to the top from amidst the clouds. 
    - Located 8 kms from the nearest town of Horanadu in Chikmagalur district, Kyatanmakki is a hill station as well. 
    - The height of the peak is slightly over 5500 ft above sea level. 
    - The trek is one of the greenest spots in the area.
    - On the way, you will find a small temple of the Goddess Annapoorneshwari, which offers scenic views of the Kudremukha Region, and also acts as a resting spot.
    - The view from the top offers a 360-degree panorama of the beautiful Kudrenukha, Horanadu and Chikmagalur.
    - Not far from the hill is the Kudremukha National Park, which is the home to the beautiful Lakya Dam and the Kalasa Temple, which are both worth a visit as well.
  • 07Bhagavathi Nature Camp

    Bhagavathi Nature Camp

    Ever wondered about taking your pet to a nature camp that is pet friendly and offers amazing rooms to stay, then start planning your camps in Chikmagalur Bhagawathi Nature Camp. Kudremukh National Park is the home to Bhagavathi Nature Camp and favourite spot for pet camping as well. The view it offers is like walking in a beautiful painting where everything is perfectly placed with no place for mistakes.

    It is also a catchment centre of Tungabhadra and Netravati rivers origination point. It is also a preparatory point for many trekkers and is famous for in-camp birding. Encircled by fairy like forests and never ending sweet aroma of cardamom, areca and coffee plantations, this park offers boundless rounds of pleasure to its visitors who come in search for nature in its best form. That’s not all, with a plethora of jungle and activities in Chikmagalur, this place makes sure your trip to Chikmagalur is one of your most amazing memories; 

    The refreshing bird calls mixed with the reviving sound of streams as you sit under the quilt of stars creates a perfect movie like scenario where you wake up like the king of the jungle and explore endless possibilities of nature.

    If camping is not your cup of tea, you can checkout  best resorts in Chikmagalur

  • 08Bhadra Nature Camp

    Bhadra Nature Camp

    A humble yet adventurous abode in the circuit of nature. Waking up to melodious sound of peacock or sleeping to silent jungle nights with only crickets cricketing in rhythm. This homestay is a mix of modern and traditional values and just an hour away from Mullayanagiri and Kemmangundi ranges. With the likes of trekking in jungle, bird spotting and photography, river rafting, coracle riding and many other adrenaline adventure sports are available on demand and availability. 

    Depending upon the number of people, one can choose a room, tent or a cottage and avail amazing room services. Sightseeing in Chikmagalur is about full moon nights, spotting of night creatures like white owl, flying squirrel, snakes gets easier and exciting too, giving you lots of stories to talk about while you sit around the campfire. Accommodations start from 2000/- INR per head for a tent and go high depending upon your budget.

    It’s one of the favourite camping spots for school/college students as they get a chance to leave the hustle bustle of the city and indulge in plethora of activities in Chikmagalur, while learning rules of the jungle. This place is as natural as it can get with its authentic jungle grown food to camping in a tent near the river.

  • 09Ranger Camp

    Ranger Camp

    Resting in the lap of nature, Rangers Camp is located in Kemmanagundi and is one of the finest places to camp when one thinks about camping in Chikmagalur. However, there is a to do list for arrival in Ranger camp

    - Cell phones away

    - Energy level-High

    - Explorer level- Over the roof

    - Jungle spirit- Like a king

    Once you check this list off, you are ready to hit the forest with your gang and have the time of your life. With an easy access, this place is reviewed as one of the ‘Most preferred camping place’, people also quote ‘Never expected to have so much fun along with home cooked food’. As the sun passes the evening horizon and the night sets in, one is able to see a trail of fireflies making its way past dense trees and exotic coffee plantations. Visit to this place will make your Chikmagalur trip one of the best one of your life.

    If you ever wonder how does it feel to find your way in the dense dark jungle, try forest walking during full moon and follow the trail of stars next to the riverfront, the smile on the face itself describes everything.   

  • 10Jungle camping Devigiri Coffee Estate

    Jungle camping Devigiri Coffee Estate

    Ever imagined camping at a place where the air is filled with the aroma of coffee or singing your heart away in front of bonfire amidst a beautiful coffee estate. Well, imagine no more because both of these fancies will come true at jungle camping at Devigiri Coffee Estate. With a fairy tale like setup amidst Western Ghats, this camper's haven is 4,500 feet above sea level situated in Baba Budangiri range in northern Chikmagalur. 

    In spite of being in a jungle, this place offers a plethora of facilities to make the guest’s stay comfortable while they explore the untouched side of nature. If you are planning for camping in then this homestay  in Chikamagalur is your one stop destination for unlimited fun and frolic both indoor and outdoor. If the guests are lucky enough during daytime and they encounter rainfall and stark sun rays simultaneously, the calm river appears like a huge mirror that reflects sun god’s magnanimity. 

    With accommodation at affordable rates and ethnic food available, camps in Chikmagalur are always refreshing and rejuvenating with lots of beautiful memories to ponder upon once the enthusiastic traveller reaches back home. A part of jungle stays back in the heart every time a visitor sets foot on this land of coffee estates.

  • 11Japavathi River Camp

    Japavathi River Camp

    What is the first thing to pop up in the mind when one thinks about camping near a river? Well to start with, a huge river bank with lots of tents/rooms as per one’s choice, breathtaking view of mountains, sweet aroma of nature and lots of peaceful nights, this is just the crux of the staying experience at the Japavathi River Camp. One of the top things to do in Chikmagalur is camping and trekkking. When it comes to choices to camp  in Chikmagalur, Japavathi river camp is heaven during rainy season. Here's the ultimate list of things to do in Chikmagalur.

    Calm yet fierce river, green yet fog covered mountains, away from home but living at a homestay is Japavathi River camp. The rates start from 1900 INR/night along with a virtuous food menu for both veg and non-veg food lovers. Excellently reviewed almost every single time by its visitor’s people often term this homestay as an ‘Amazing place to get lost’ or ‘a place to come back again and again’ and that's what makes it a must visit place in Chikmagalur.

    For pet lovers who feel pet sick while camping, the place also has two adorable canines to play around and be friends with.  This river camp is the ‘hidden gem of Sakleshpur’ and every part of it has a beautiful story to tell to its explorers.

Adventure in Chikmagalur

Trekking in Chikmagalur

Camping in Chikmagalur

Homestays in Chikmagalur




One of the most spectacular attractions in Chikmagalur is Mullayanagiri that is known for its jaw dropping natural beauty. With its calming ambience formed by lush greenery, misty weather and rugged rocks, Mullayanagiri is a heavenly place to relish your vacation. Mullayanagiri Peak is a heaven for adventure junkies who wish to partake in a number of thrilling activities like road biking, trekking and mountain biking. 

This place is also renowned for a small temple dedicated to Tapasvi Mullappa swamy and a trek to the peak takes one through many landmarks like some caves, a stream and a Nandi statue. Mullayanagari is one of the few places to visit in Chikmagalur where you will find yourself at loss of words as you behold the most majestic views of the landscape. 

Height: Mullayanagiri is at an altitude of 1950 metres above sea level

Location: Baba Budan Giri Range of Western Ghats, Chikmagalur, Karnataka 

Best Time to visit: One can visit here for the best experience from late September till early March.

Entry fee: Free

Timings:  It is open throughout the day. However, it is advised to avoid visiting during the dark hours of the day. 

Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is located approximately 20 kilometres away from Chikmagalur Bus Stand 

Kudremukh National Park

Get ready to feast your eyes with the charm of wild and natural beauty at Kudremukh National Park. This place is notable as one of the most visited Chikmagalur tourist places and offers a refreshing getaway. It is appreciated for its scenic splendor and houses some of the most gorgeous flora and fauna in the state of Karnataka. The word Kudremukh means a horse face and gives the name to the peak located in this park which is often hailed as a thrilling trekking place.
Kudremukh National Park is a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers who wish to escape the worries of life in the most wonderful surroundings. This place is nestled between beautiful tea and coffee plantations and offers a rejuvenating trip in the midst of mesmerising wilderness. 

• Location: South Kanada, Udupi, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

• Best Time to visit: December to February are the best months to visit Kudremukh National Park 

• Entry fee: INR 200/ USD 3 for Indians and INR 1000/ USD 15 for foreigners

• Timings: The advisable time to visit here is from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is approximately 130 kilometres away from Chikmagalur Bus Stand


Escape into the serene surroundings at Kemmangundi in Chikmagalur which is known for its panoramic views. This beautiful hill station is popularly known as KR Hills and was known as the summer retreat for the Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. One of the best places to visit in Chikamagalur, this place is known for its beautiful gardens and spectacular views.

For the most enchanting visit, Raj Bhawan in Kemmangundi offers a gorgeous view at the time of sunset making it a pure photographer’s delight. It is also a hotspot for nature lovers with beautiful waterfalls, gurgling streams and verdant valleys. Some of the famous attractions that one must not visit in Kemmangundi are Z Point, Rose Garden, Hebbe Falls, Mullayanagiri, Baba Budangiri etc.  

• Height: It is at a height of 1434 metres above sea level

• Location: Kemmangundi, Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru

• Best Time to visit: The months from September to May remain the most pleasant time to visit here

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: Kemmangundi is at a distance of 60 kilometres from Chikmagalur


Ballalarayana Durga Fort

Take a dive into the past with a visit to Ballalarayana Durga Fort when you are in Chikmagalur. It is known amongst the most popular Chikmagalur tourist places for history lovers and boasts of an exciting adventure for thrill seekers. This isolated but intriguing fort in Chikmagalur was built in the 12th century by the wife of Veera Ballala l who was the king of Hoysala empire. Today, this fort is nothing but ancient wonder standing in ruins and testifies to the history of the region.

The most outstanding feature of Ballalarayana Durga Fort is its soothing ambience where one is away from the clamour of city life and surrounded by lush greenery. Trekking to Ballalarayana Durga Fort is one of the most sought after experiences in Chikmagalur due to its panoramic views and challenging nature. One must look forward to visiting Ballalarayana Durga Fort at the time of sunset to behold the most captivating views of your vacation. 

• Location: Ballalarayana Durga Fort, Madugundi, Karnataka

• Best Time to visit: November to May is the most ideal time for tourism at Ballalarayana Durga Fort

• Timings: One could visit the Ballalarayana Durga Fort from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm any day of the week.

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is located at an approximate distance of 50 kilometres.

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