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About Madikeri

Established right in the lap of the divine nature, Madikeri city is located in Karnataka between Mysore and Mangalore. Amidst the lush green forests, the town encapsulates a number of scenic landscapes, dazzling waterfalls, temples, monasteries and other tourist places in Madikeri. Furthermore, travelers from around the globe visit this beautiful destination for not just its vast nature delight but also the calm and soothing environment. A variety of ancient buildings, cultures and interesting traditions also make Madikeri an instant attraction.

Madikeri tourism blossoms all year round but the perfect time for a vacation to this hilly town is between July and September. During this time the weather is calm with a hint of rain and the temperature is on point for a peaceful stay. Additionally, waterfalls like Abbey falls shimmer around this time of the year and the tropics tantalize. Individuals who love architecture and enjoy temples and monuments would definitely love the Tibetan Monastery, Raja's Tomb and Madikeri Fort. These places are an emblem to the traditions and cultures of the city that have sustained throughout the years. Furthermore, they also contain some very intriguing architectures that the travelers will admire.

For nature enthusiasts, parks like the Kote Betta and Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation are a must-visit. The parks provide an opportunity for individuals to gaze upon the vast greenery and rich flora and fauna that extend up till the horizon. All attractions and places of Madikeri are spot on for a family vacation and prolonged holidays. In a nutshell, there are a number of monuments and architectural glees, natural joys and a bag of fun activities like trekking in Madikeri and rappelling that make the city an ideal destination for wanderers to visit. So, if you are thinking about a weekend getaway plan for the monsoon season, then Madikeri city is an option you must consider.

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Madikeri FAQ's

Travel Advice

  • The easiest way to get here is by road. You'll need to drive down from the railway station or the airport to reach here.

  • You can find hotels of mid range to luxury budgets.

  • Once you reach this place you can take taxi to run errands for sightseeing in and around the hill station.

  • The weather is usually cool and breezy throughout the year.

  • Get your sports gear and sleeping bags if you are up for outdoor activities.

  • You can either travel from Mysore or Banglore to Coorg.

  • Carry warm clothes along with you, as this place is situated at a higher altitude.

  • If you are travelling during summer, carry sunscreen, shades, and headgear along with you

  • Since, this is a hilly area, wear shoes that have a good grip. Avoid wearing high heels and flip flops.

  • Ensure that you have storage space in your baggage to carry the aromatic coffee and spices from this place.

  • Carry a camera, so you can capture the most scenic moments at this place.

  • This place has movement of elephant herds and you must be careful to watch yourself when taking walking trails in any area of this hill station.


Tipping rules here are the same as that of any other region in India.You can follow the standard tipping etiquette of 10% of the billl when dining at the resorts.

Drinking Law

Coorg serves alcohol. Make sure that you do not carry it along with you while leaving Madikeri. Avoid drinking before taking up adventurous and outdoor activities.

Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

Outdoor activities
People usually choose this place for rappelling, mountain safaris, adventures, camping, water rafting at Barapole, taking plantation trails in the coffee fields, bird watching at leisure, and more. Madikeri is a place in Coorg where you can find more than 1000 species of birds as you visit the places nearby.

Abbi falls
Waterfalls are a pleasant view. There is something about sightseeing water bodies that is always a spiritual experience and has a calming effect. This waterfall joins the Kaveri River. It is easier to drive in cars up to the entrance of these waterfalls and take a dive in the nearby water body. 

Tombs and forts
Visit the Raja’s seat during sunset and enjoy the spectacular sunset at this place. You will also see this place adjoined by Blue Mountains adding to the beauty of this place. Visit the 17th Century old Madikeri Fort and get a view of the Mudduraja’s architectural delights. Also, take a tour of the Raja’s and Gaddige Tomb to get a complete insight into the life and lifetime of this king after whose name this place has been cited.

Temples and camps
Omkareshwar temple has a unique architecture and is built in Mohammedan style.  There is a large tank that overlooks this temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is closed in the afternoon. You can visit this temple in the morning as early as 6.30am and late in the evening as late as 8.00pm. You can also visit the Bhagamandala temple which is a confluence of three rivers in Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishu, Subramanya, Ishwara, and Ganesha. The Dubbare Elephant camp is also an interesting place for family picnic and taking boat rides.

What you will like there?

Sightseeing and trekking
There are more than three spots for starting outdoor activities; something that Coorg has always been famous for. You can enjoy long walking trials and trekking in places like Brahmagiri, Pushpagiri, and Nishanimotte. 

Mid range accommodation
You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash when you visit Madikeri in Coorg. You can have the most delightful adventurous, serene, and spiritual experience without burning your pockets when you visit this place. All the hotels offer mid rage prices for staying and dining. Most of the restaurants have a bar attached and you can get a taste of the local liquor. If you love relishing on Pork, you will find the best of this cuisine at most of the restaurants. Vegetarians too can find a hotel or two for themselves when staying at Madikeri.

Religious and cultural delight
This place has a unique history. For those who have a zeal for history, culture, and architecture, you can take temple and tomb tours in and around Madikeri. 

Road trials and wildlife
If you love walking amidst greenery and love the , you will be amazed at what this place has to offer. You can also get a peek into the Tibetan art present at the Golden Temple. At the Fauna Nagarhole National you can find humongous species of wild animals like , parakeets, reptiles, bears, eagles, jackals, and many other species of birds and animals. wild lifeParkdeers.

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Coorg: The Land of the Kodavas by Jeanette Isaac and John Isaac

How far is Madikeri from Bangalore? How can I go there?

Madikeri city is at an approximate distance of 267 km from Bangalore which can take up to 5h 30 minutes by road. The travel options available includ

1.By public transport - Bus service is available from Bangalore bus stop to Madikeri. 

2.By Self Drive - This is the fastest option by road and takes less than 4 hours to reach. 

3.Train - Trains run from Bangalore Junction to Krishanrajanaga. The journey takes up to 3 hrs and 30 minutes. 

Which are the famous tourist attractions in Madikeri?

1.Mandalpatti: Tucked with a vast sweep of green, Mandalpatti is a wonderful place to trek in the midst of flourishing trees stretched throughout the calm and peaceful region. The best time to visit the place is just after the rains when the land is cluttered with a vast canopy of dense flora and fauna.

2.Talakaveri: Recognised as the commencing point of the river Kaveri, Talakaveri is found on the hills of Brahmagiri. Standing at an amusing height of 1276 m from sea level, the place also occupies a vast variety of temples. Talakaveri is recognized as one of the holy places in the Madikericity and tourists and worshipers often visit this place to take a dip in the holy Kaveri river.

3.Kote Betta:Famous among trekkers, Kote Betta is established at an escalation of 5400ft making it one of the highest peaks. The place also offers a rich history with an ancient Lord Shiva temple located in its premise. During the festive season, the place is occupied with worshipers and devotees of Lord Shiva. 

4.Abbey Valley: Located in the dense tropics of Madikeri, Abbey Valley is encapsulated with a variety of trees and bedazzling waterfall. The attraction is best visited during the rainy season. Along with the scenic view, there are a number of stalls outside the place that offer delicious fast food. 

5.Omkareshwar Temple: Travellers who enjoy learning about new cultures must visit this temple. Temple of Lord Shiva, the Omkareshwar temple is not just a place to spend some time in divine intervention but also enjoy the local history that the temple carries. 

6.Raja's Tomb: Also known as the Gaddige tomb, the place residences the remains of the Kodava ruler. Raja's tomb also delivers a mesmerizing view of the complete Madikeri City. Overall, it is an excellent place to relax and enjoy some rich history of the town. 

Is it safe to travel to Madikeri?

Yes, apart from the heavy rains during the monsoon season when a lot of roads may be blocked, Madikeri Tourism is safe. Travelers are also encouraged to be readied with proper trekking equipment and first aid kits.

When is the best time to visit Madikeri?

You can visit Madikeri during any part of the year; it is an all-weather destination, which is a rarity with Hill stations that offer a variety of climate throughout the year.

December to February: People who miss the chilling winters of North India can take resort in this hill station of South India. During these months, the temperature falls down to the levels of 14 Degree Centigrade and it will remind you the colds of north India.

Months of Monsoon: The monsoon patterns of Madikeri are not aggressive, they are pleasant in their own way and lush greenery of the town and the hills can add a visual delight in your selfies and other family albums.

Months of summer: It is a hill station to beat the heat of the summers; summers are the peak season for this hill station.

How to reach Madikeri?

State Highway 88 connects two big cities of Mysore and Mangalore. Madikeri is located at the same highway with a distance of 120 Kilometers from Mysore and 136 Kilometers from Mangalore. These two cities can also be considered as the junction points when you wish to reach to Madikeri.

  • By Air: Mangalore Airport is connected with rest of the India with frequent flights, International tourists can find a better connection in the form of Bangalore which is located at a distance of 250 Kilometers from the Madikeri.
  • By Road: In general, we can say that it enjoys an easy accessibility from three major cities of South India. These cities are Mysore, Mangalore, and Bangalore.

What are the different things/activities to do in Madikeri?

We can divide the set of activities in three levels. Sightseeing, visits to waterfalls and adventure activities. Madikeri has limited options to offer, however, all the options are worth it in many ways. We have listed amazing activities in Madikeri you must try:

  • Visit waterfalls and listen to the music of nature: Chelavara falls and Kote Abby are two waterfalls in the area. Plan a picnic and enjoy yourself in an amusing water world.
  • Sightseeing options: Have a stint with the great history of this place, walls of Madikeri fort will tell you the tales of bravery and deceit and “Raja’s Seat” will take you to a trip of the luxury of a bygone era.
  • Launch a venture full of Adventure: “Pedal with Poonch” is a bicycle tour that covers some unexplored areas of Madikeri, Hiking trails of Kotebetta can also take you to a different land of adventure and natural wonders.
  • Coffee, Cuisine, and Golf: Add an aristocracy in your travel plans while visiting local coffee shops. You can try your hands on golf sticks in the local golf course and have a feast of local cuisines.

Which are the best resorts to stay in Madikeri?

Madikeri in itself is a big nature's resort located in the district of Coorg in Karnataka. Big tourism giants are stepping into this place and coming up with some exotic resorts to add a new luxury in the stays of tourists.

  • Club Mahindra Resort: Mahindra Holidays has developed a chain of resorts at many unbeaten tourist destinations. Club Mahindra Holidays is one such property where you can expect an international standard of services and feel the luxury of nature's lap.
  • Vivanta By Taj: Vivanta Chain of Resorts has set a high standard of services and relaxation facilities in all their properties. The Resort at Madikeri is not far behind; you can feel a local south Indian hospitality delight during your stay here.
  • The Ibniee: A tranquil place to cool your heels and heads, avail the services of the in-house spa and transport you in the world of soothing sensations. If you are tight on budget then bargain for a package before winning this ticket to a tranquil world.

What are the best public transport modes to commute around Madikeri?

Madikeri is an upcoming town that remains abuzz with the activity during the peak seasons only. This is why a consistent flow of public transport services is missing from the town. Local cab service providers are filling the gap and you can avail their services.

  • State Owned and Private Bus services: Madikeri has its own share of “mass public transport”, however, you cannot rely on them completely because there is no fixed timetable for them.
  • Auto Rickshaws: You can cover short distances in the town with the help of Auto Rickshaws and availability is great.
  • Local cab Operators: Hire them for excursion tours and sightseeing, rates are almost standard, however, you need to put down an extra bit of effort in order to find the standard rate card.

Which are the best places for shopping in Madikeri?

Standard Souvenir shops, local flea market shops, and weekly flea markets are three options that give you an access to shopping facilities in Madikeri. Things are definitely cheaper here because the pricing of the goods is done in accordance with the purchasing capacity of local people.

  • Virajpat Market and Shopping Hub: Try your hands with some local handmade products of southern India and bring home some organic delights.
  • Friday Market in Madikeri: Term it as moving factory outlet where local manufacturers sell their goods at lower prices, during the evenings you can also expect some great deals in this market.
  • Wildlife Society Shop: Ideal for Souvenir shopping, here you can get an access to some unique handicraft items.

Which is the best local cuisine here? Where can I get to try it out?

Madikeri follows the cuisine style of Coorg district since it was a royal kingdom during the medieval era. The experimentation with the cuisines gave rise to a different culinary culture weaved around the locally grown food items.

  • Hotel Capitol: Try Pandhi Kari loaded with chilled beer, you will love the ambiance along with the taste of the local foods.
  • East End Hotel: Start your meal course with cold buttermilk and end it on the same note. In between, enjoy the delicacy of spicy Chutneys that forms the flavor of south India.

What are the best places for outdoor activities in Madikeri?

Outdoor activities options are still under making, big institutions have some pipeline dreams about incorporating regular adventure activities in the area. Still, currently, there are some spots where you can go for outdoor activities.

  • Mercara Down Golf Club: Ditch all that expensive membership charges and try your hands on the golf stick on this golf course.
  • Kotebetta: Nice place for small trekking options where you can explore local flora and fauna.
  • Mandalpatti: Enjoy a Jeep Safari to this place, it can be a great option during the rainy season when trekking options confine them to minimum levels.

What are the best destinations for camping in Madikeri?

Camping is not a standalone activity in the region of Madikeri, many packages are available where camping enters as a component of the main package. Listed are popular camping destinations in Madikeri :

  • Brahmagiri Trek with Camping: This trek is an apt trek for hardcore adventure seekers, camping during the night is an activity.
  • Bittangala: Camp deep inside the jungle right next to waterfalls and rich flora, try this trek of Bittangala where camping is an activity of the main package.
  • Pushpagiri Trek: Trek, where clouds will greet you and climate, will add an energy into you. Camping during the nights is an additional part of the trek.

What are the famous historic monuments in Madikeri?

Madikeri has a great history associated with it that covers four centuries of the medieval era. The historic monuments of Madikeri are a living testimony of this glorious history.

  • Raja’s Tomb: It is a place dedicated to the Kings and brave chieftains of Kodva kings, behind the scene stories of this place will mesmerize you.
  • Madikeri Fort: The interiors of this fort are made of Granite. This place has a history that can be dated back to 17th century; throughout its tenure, it remained a matter a symbol of victory for all the rulers who ruled this area.
  • Nalknad Palace: Exteriors of this palace will discourage you; however, the interiors will transport you into a royal world. You will come back with a dream to own a place like this because of the simplicity of this structure.

Which are the famous hill stations near Madikeri?

Madikeri is a hill station in itself, if you want to extend this experience of western ghat hills then a list of hill stations are also available. Just like Madikeri, they all have their own unique USP's.

  • MM hills near Mysore: Complete your quota of adventure activities right after visiting Madikeri at MM hills where you can go for Trekking and other equipment based adventures.
  • BR hills Near Mysore: Just like MM hills BR hills also offers many adventure activities for various hardcore adventure activity lovers.

Which are best destinations near Madikeri for biking adventures?

The connectivity of Madikeri with the roads is amazing; this is why urban crowds sometimes treat it is a biking destination as well.

  • Mangalore: Hire a bike from Mangalore and plan a weekend in Madikeri
  • Mysore: A nice starting point to start a biking adventure trip to Madikeri.

Where can one enjoy a Jeep safari in Madikeri?

Nagarhole national park near Madikeri is an apt destination for Jeep Safari. Apart from it, you can also hire jeep safaris to visit certain other points near Madikeri and enjoy nature in its full swing.

  • Jeep Drive to Mandalpatti: This jeep drive can take you near to the Mandalpatti peak which is an advantage point of sorts to watch the panoramic views of the wild.
  • Off-Roading Drive to Nishani Hills: A travel to Nishani hills and the path will keep you closer to nature throughout.

Madikeri Reviews

Reviewed: 24 Jan 2024
The weather and the location was beautiful. You would really feel like sitting in the lap of nature. Coffee plantation around adds to the beauty. The flowing river and chirping of birds sound melodious and relaxing. No luxury but the greenary of the surroundings makes it worth it.
Reena Reena
Reviewed: 04 Feb 2021
We had the best gateway!! It was very peaceful with mesmerising view. Add on was the stay and the staff was very kind and helpful. We also had camp fire which was cherry on the cake. Would recommend this stay to all and book through thrillophilia
reena reena
reena reena
reena reena
reena reena
reena reena
reena reena
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Jasmit Bisoi
Reviewed: 19 Aug 2023
Food would have been little better. People staying in tents must not be given common baggage rooms, atleast each tent must have common baggage rooms near by to avoid theft and shelter in heavy rain. Needed bit more hygiene with washrooms. Everything else was good along with experience there.. Owner ... Read More
Raghav Goel
Reviewed: 25 Apr 2023
We liked the ambience and tent and facility provided... River was very clean
Vandana Manohar
Reviewed: 13 Jan 2021
Based on the good review of Riverside Home Stay, we booked a 2 day trip to Coorg. It's a wonderful place, far from the hustle bustle of City Life. We found the service and response of the Home Stay to be excellent. All our queries were promptly responded by Thrillophilia. We had a nice time during... Read More
Aadinath Somayaji
Reviewed: 24 Jan 2021
Stayed here with my family and everyone was happy with the location. Since this place is completely surrounded with trees and the coffee gardens, it got a respite from the heat. The best part was the live bbq that we enjoyed together. Thrillophilia was of great help in getting the bookings done at t... Read More

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