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Best and Unique Places to Stay in Madikeri


Best Places To Stay In Madikeri

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About the activity: Witness whirling trails, picturesque tea and coffee plantations, numerous trekking routes and the hilly environs of the Scotland of India; Coorg and enjoy a fun and exciting two day tented camping experience here. Embark on a guided waterfall tour and discover the fascinating cascades situated in one of the private estates in Bettigeri.Enjoy camping at night and relax by the bonfire and enjoy delicious barbequed snacks. Explore the wilderness of Coorg and take a nature walk around the landscape of the beautiful southern hill station before you leave camp towards home.Y
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About the Destination: Whether you are adventure lover, traveller or nature lovers, Kodagu or Coorg will lay a claim to your hearts as soon as you get here. Nestled peacefully on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, the terrains of Coorg are hilly and green. The wooded slopes, the scenic vantage points and a rich and colourful local life captivates the imagination of every tourist who comes here. A heaven of sorts for coffee lovers, the drink is locally grown and if stories are to be believed is best tasted in the hills of this dreamy town. The northern region of Coorg is bedecked wit
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About the Activity:Rejuvenating romantic stay at Kadkani will let you immerse in peaceful experience on the banks of river Cauveri. Have a pleasant night in this well maintained resort.The resort is located near Kodagu in South Coorg and it is 290 kilometers away from Bangalore, the bewitching sights around the resort will definitely revamp you from the bottom of your soul.Enjoy the pristine location that is inhabited by coffee plantations and an amazing lake. The resort houses deluxe AC cottages with a master bedroom and an aesthetic sit out and Den AC cottages which are circular cottages with
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Traveller Tales From Madikeri



14 February 2017

"Fantastic experience!! We went in the summer(may) , still the weather was very pleasant and cloudy. Spending 1 day among those hills without any gadgets has given me a lifetime memory. The weather has changed so many times which made me feel like a couple of days have passed. Best part is camping and trekking, it was a moderate trek, but the leeches tortured us a little, the camp location is breathtaking, calm and beautiful. Highly recommended for nature enthusiasts and adventurers!! ????"

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Raveena Ravindran

28 March 2017

"AMAZING place and experience... the organizer and the property where the base camp was there was just worth every penny... nature, thrill and satisfaction is guaranteed????????"

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Elmo Yeldo

26 September 2017

Awesome trip.. Great experience.. The host is fantastic.. The camping, trekking, jeep safari, zip lining, overall unforgettable experience.. highly recommended..


Raagav Raagav

08 July 2017

"Had great experience. Pleasant stay, with good food, and friendly guide. "


naveen vege

08 October 2016

"it's an awesome experience staying in nature camp unforgettable coorg \n"


Devagya Jain

23 July 2015

Nothing can beat the beauty of Coorg and trekking through this stunning region was a taste of paradise in paradise. Great place, loved the climate and camping was the best part. This was my first camping experience and I must say sleeping under star studded sky is much better than sleeping in a 5 star hotel.

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Naaz Ghani

20 May 2015

We were a group of 4 friends looking to have an adventure in Coorg and thrillophilia gave us just that. We found a camping package Called Coorg express that fit our expectations perfectly. The entire staff took care of us like we were their own family. We had a wonderful stay and a beautiful trekk. One night in the wilderness was a great start to our stay in Coorg. Beautiful views and scenery, the weather was amazing. I would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for an adventure in Coorg.

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Anjali Naik

07 January 2016

i had a very good trek an had a good fun and another thing we noticed was that some trekkers were returning in between the trail. They may have found it difficult for reasons unknown to us. I was pretty sure that they missed the “larger-than-life” experience of getting on top. so please complete this awesome trek

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Ayush Aggarwal

17 January 2017

"good place to have a different experience, person who organise is nice to meet. place is also near to market and city"

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