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  • From songs being penned to movies being shot around it, a Mumbai to Goa Cruise trip has been alluring tourists and locals like for a few years now. Youngsters from in and around Goa make sure to travel once, twice, a couple times or more than that from Mumbai to Goa on an adventure filled experience. Most travel through road trips with friends or a picturesque and nature oriented train journey and the sophisticated fly to and fro in just 45 minutes, but the best and most calming experience to this land of sunshine and sand is a Mumbai to Goa Cruise trip. 

    Travelling by cruise introduces you to a journey filled with the peace and serenity of the vast blue ocean and you pass each city and gaze at the fading Mumbai skyline in the distant. Often if not always, you’re treated to the sight of cute and adorable dolphins diving in and out, giving you ample opportunities to take perfect shots of these friendly creatures. You might even sight upon a lonely shark swimming past in search for its catch of the day or a school of unique fish that you can only see when traversing deep waters.

    Goa is a gorgeous state with its golden beaches, dense jungles and ancient ruins and monuments forming the primary points of attraction to all its visitors. Tourists from all over the globe make it a point to spend a few days in Goa when touring India, and they definitely don’t leave back disappointed. Known as the Vegas of India, Goa has every possible attraction and thrill of adventure to completely delight you for a few hours, a day, a few days and definitely for a lifetime. The Goans are friendly and hospitable people making it comfortable to converse with them and they try their best to ensure you feel completely at home in this paradise land.

    After an overnight Mumbai to Goa cruise trip can be done in the luxury of a suite room or a 4 passenger cabin with a package of delicious and sumptuous meals to keep your tummy content. A cruise trip is a perfect way to interact and socialise with new people from all walks of life and create a bundle of memories till you land back in Mumbai.

    Some of the best Mumbai to Goa Cruises:

  • 01Mumbai to Kadmat Islands and Goa

    Mumbai to Kadmat Islands and Goa

    This cruise that departs from the Ballard Pier at Mumbai departs on a pleasant Sunday morning and will take you to the beautiful and sun kissed shores of the Lakshadweep archipelago at Kadmat Islands. Kadamt Island, one of the most stunning and wonderful tourist spots in Lakshadweep, is one of the few islands that is a major place for trade, transport and economy. The palm fringed shores of this atoll will be visible to you right from the sea and will definitely enchant you in its magical beauty. It is here that you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling and other water related adventures.

    From here, the cruise will depart towards the sun splattered land of Goa. As soon as you see the coconut palms swooshing on the shores, know that the music, culture and hippie vibe of Goa will surely cast its spell on you. The moment you go, you can just disembark and see this beautiful state with its characteristic laid-back nature and happiness. Cool your heels at Anjuna, party the night away at Baga or set yourself for a chilled out session at one of the many beach shacks.

    Enjoy the voyage and head back to your port of origin on the 3rd day and carry back memories of a stunning journey that will remain fresh in your memory forever.
  • 02Mumbai to Kochi to Goa Cruise

    Mumbai to Kochi to Goa Cruise

    This cruise that originates at Ballard Pier in Mumbai reaches Cochin on the southern shores of India. The cruise departs Mumbai on Day 01 and reaches Kochi on the same day. The port of explorers, as it is often called, Kochi plays host to a number of explorers, traders and holidaymakers from across the globe. The Chinese fishing nets are the first sight that will catch your eye. The placid port of Cochin will draw you into its charms. The 400 year old synagogue, historical mosques, old houses and the ruins  of an old heritage that is a mixture of Portuguese, Indian and Malabari cultures.

    While here, you can take in the true culture of this port city by going to one of the home stays, talking to the locals and sampling some of the greatest coastal cuisine that will leave you smacking your lips in appreciation.

    From this awesome city, the cruise will depart for the coasts of Goa on day 04. Disembark here to see the beauty of this gorgeous state that will regale you with its mystical beats and stunning coastlines that is home to a number of beach shacks. The culture of Goa is mixture of Portuguese, Maharashtrian and Konkani ethnicities and traditions. Stay awake and watch the stars play a stunning dance of hide and seek with the sky and let the whoosh of the waves lull you to sleep.

  • 03Mumbai to Lakshadweep to Goa

    Mumbai to Lakshadweep to Goa

    Let the sight and sounds of the Indian coastline take your breath away with the best and world class Mumbai - Lakshadweep - Goa cruise trips. These 4 night cruise trips introduce you to a journey filled with beauty and serenity in the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Spending 4 days at sea will surprise with the mysteries and wonders it has to offer. Most people choose to travel to the gorgeous Lakshadweep Islands by air but a cruise trip is a different and unique experience altogether.

    The Lakshadweep Islands are known as the ultimate exotic diving location that lies two hundred and fifty miles off the southwest coast of India in the Arabian Sea. This island destination comprises of the 36 islands that are scattered like emerald green jewels in the sea. The beaches of Lakshadweep are a paradise for divers, but out of Lakshadweep's 36 Arabian Sea coral islands and islets, most islands are inhabited, and just two, Bangaram and Kadmat, are open to visitors. On a cruise trip to these islands, passengers are taken to the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Minicoy and Kadmat for day excursion and coral reef programme.

    A Mumbai - Goa - Lakshadweep cruise trip is an amazing experience taking you first to one of the most gorgeous states in India, where you can indulge in some sightseeing and bask in the rich culture and beauty of this shining and glorious land before you set back into the ocean onto your next destination. So planning a vacation to Goa or the Lakshadweep Islands? Now you know the best way to travel and embark on an experience of a lifetime with your loved ones.
  • 04Guidelines for the Mumbai to Goa cruises

    Guidelines for the Mumbai to Goa cruises

    1. Please carry enough sunscreen as the reflected sunlight of the ocean is slightly more harmful than the normal.

    2. Carry sunglasses, hats and comfortable clothing for the ease of embarking and disembarking.

    3. Please be in touch with the contact person on the ship when you depart for a port.

    4. Make sure you carry medications for sea sickness and water purifying tablets.

    5. Eat food that you can trust. An upset stomach and sea sickness can be a hazardous combination.

    Note: At the time of research, the cruise services from Mumbai to Goa were defunct. The page will be updated as soon as we receive any update on the same. 

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