Fishing in Male

Fishing tours in Male make the best vacation tours for the anglers worldwide. An activity such as fishing in the crystal blue waters of Male is completely unmatchable. Covering an area of almost 6 square km, Male is the capital city of the Republic of Maldives. An island surrounded by sparkling blue waters of the Lakshwadeep or the Laccadive Sea, fishing is one of the primary occupations here. Fishing experiences and adventures in Male are plenty. Whether it be at Guraidhoo islands or South Atolls or Fuvahmulla – there are numerous fertile fishing grounds here. One can rent a boat and sail the crystal clear, aquamarine waters and enjoy quiet afternoons fishing.


Or if one is looking for some adventure to make their blood boil and the hair at the back of their necks stand, they can go for whale or shark watching tours. In some areas, they may even go swimming with them by being dropped inside the water in cages. A quaint little city, Male has a rich history and a beauteous bounty of natural wonders endowed upon it. It also has one of the highest population densities in the world for a city of its size. It is packed to the brim with humans.


However, tourists still flock to it like bees to honey because it features a unique charm that differentiates it from other islands. The city is such a crucial part of this group of islands that the entire country got named after it – Maldives, meaning the islands of Male.There are planned fishing trip and sightseeing tour packages for varying budgets and timelines. These packages also include interesting activities like swimming, water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and kayaking. One can rejoice in the coastal beauty, sit back and relax in the calming activity of fishing and then go on to reward their palettes with the brilliantly scrumptious local cuisine here. Water lovers, don’t wait any longer. Come and take the plunge in Male and you won’t regret it.

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