Fishing in Karnataka

Have you ever wondered how fishing in Karnataka would be? Well, it could be fun if you choose the right fishing package. Karnataka is known for its countryside villages, lakes, and water bodies full of different species of fishes. And there can be no better place than Karnataka to provide you a great fishing experience. So, if you are willing to engage in some fun activities, you can opt for fishing tours in Karnataka. Places like Gokarna, Coorg, etc. are the best when it comes to fishing in the state. The Gokarna fishing tour starts around 10 am in the morning, which is also the perfect timing for fishing. While you can engage in fishing activities in the area, you can also get yourself immersed in the serene beauty of the coastline area. To make the trip more fun, you can take your own things; cooking items, etc. cook on the spot and enjoy your meal. You will be charged for your activities, booking of a boat, and borrowing the fishing equipment.

Coorg, the place located in the backwaters of the Cauvery River, is also a perfect place for fishing. The place is full of natural forests that present you with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The mystic feel, the beautiful landscape, and the rare fishes hiding in the water bodies of Coorg are the perfect attractions for tourists. The fishes found here include the maps, eels, murals, mahseer, etc. With so many rare species of fishes to hunt down; fishing in Karnataka is bound to get exciting. The fishing tour package includes general fishing equipment and a delicious lunch. You can either take the trip on your own or can bring your family/ friends to have more fun in the soothing countryside atmosphere.

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