Fishing in Langkawi

Fishing in Langkawi is considered as one of the most thrilling activities these days. Langkawi, one of the smallest districts in the Andaman Sea, is one of the top spots for fishing due to its rich underwater heritage. Tourists often make a visit to the island with family or friends to enjoy the game of catching fishes. If you too want to experience the thrill, you can come alone or with your family. Private boats are available for a group of people and the boating trip packages generally range between Rs 15000 to Rs 30000. If you purchase a package, besides boating you get extra advantages too. For example, a boating trip doesn’t essentially mean fishing. You can enjoy the delicious lunch offered to you and sail on the water with your group. Watching the beauty of the islands, the crystal clear water, and capturing them in the camera lens is a good idea. So, why not try to take a private boat and unleash the photographer within you?

The water body is rich in different species of fishes. While you go on a fishing tour in Langkawi, there will be cabin and crew to instruct you on what to do. Other than fishing, you can also enjoy complimentary services like the availability of various beach clubs at places such as Paku Takis, Tanjung Rhu, etc. The inclusions in a package vary from package to package. However, you may expect common things like a towel, water bottles, fishing rod, fishing bait, cooler boxes, life jackets, etc. As you can see, with all these facilities provided to you, you can enjoy a memorable fishing in Langkawi trip. So, bring your family or friends, book a private cruise, and start sailing while enjoying a fishing tour in the island.

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