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  • Whenever a Human Resource department plans a corporate event within the city area, they always think up of resorts near Pune for team outing. Pune is strategically located and hosts hundreds of breath-taking resorts with the best of amenities and well thought out infrastructure in terms of your comfort and a stress-free stay. A place where you can rejuvenate and resuscitate your nerves to a place of calm and get armed with all the goodness in your soul to forge ahead with the humdrum of the corporate life again.

    There are various resorts which are akin to your sense of being close to nature and are being hailed as eco-resorts, which is much needed to beat the trials and tribulations of a city life. With the outskirts of the cities more rich in natural greenery, more and more people seek to get close to nature and exercise their need to become one with it, while throwing in a few adventure sports mixed with hikes and treks amidst the jungles and the mountain trails.

    These team outings are a much-needed break from work mode for colleagues to interact in informal settings and to get to know each other so as to form great bonds outside of work. This not only helps them to forge a much better work relationship with the other but help empathise with a colleague's situational dilemmas at the workplace. This helps in giving the employees a sense of belonging to the organisation while helping increase productivity at work. A win-win for everyone. That is the sole reason why most organisations have solid and firm HR policies in place whereby they invest a certain amount of time and money to build teams through these team outings and team building activities.

    Let’s have a look at all the amazing resorts near Pune-

  • 01The Machan Resort

    - About the resort- Situated in the scenic Jambulne, around 17 km from Lonavala, this beautiful eco-resort is amongst one of the 25 biological hotspots in the world. It is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune both, making it an ideal spot for a team outing. The Machan hosts a wide range of tree houses overlooking the precipice and boasts of unique architectural designs making it eclectic and modern yet infiltrated with rustic environs, with plenty of natural light and sounds of nature pouring from all the sides.

    - Activities- The resort encourages its guests to enjoy the scenic nature by way of trekking, birding, cycling, stargazing, visiting the surrounding historical sites, lazing in the hammocks reading a book, or doing yoga.

    - Amenities- An impeccable spa makes the stay worthwhile, with unique tree houses around 30-45 feet above the forest, nestled in the greens.  

    - Location- Private Road, Ativan, Maharashtra-401401

  • 02The Corinthians Resort

    - About the resort- Corinthian is a breath-taking and a wonderful pearl amidst the city with a huge expanse of property surrounded by greenery to help you forget your stress from the daily hustle bustle. It has an eclectic mix of Grecian-Egyptian architecture and is a bastion of luxury and elegance as it transports you into another world altogether.

    - Activities- There are many indoor and outdoor activities offered by the resort for your leisure activities like billiards, PlayStation, Paintball, Archery, Power Cricket etc. which keeps you engaged for hours.

    - Amenities- The first microbrewery in India was established in this resort which till date is a popular place to hang out. There is a kids’ jungle-gym play area, making the resort viable and interesting for kids to hang out. A poolside restaurant with amazing luncheon buffets is popular at this resort.

    - Location- Nyati County, NIBM Annexe, Mohammadwadi, South Pune- 411060
  • 03Saj Resorts

    - About the Resort- Saj Resorts have two properties, one is in Mahabaleshwar, by the Sahyadri Mountains and the other one is near the Malshej Lake near Ahmednagar. Both the resorts are set in a scenic and pristine environment and offer a pause button from your hectic work life. Both the resorts are nearly equidistant from Pune.

    - Activities- With many indoor and outdoor activities the resort is a great setup for a team outing with or without the family. You can explore the huge expanse of the property with your team, or go strawberry picking and enjoy being one with nature.

    - Amenities- The resort boasts of a great spa where you can rejuvenate your tired bones, an indoor gaming area to engage with your team, a kid’s park, pool and a great banquet hall to engage your team activities in.

    - Location- Metgutad Village, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar- 412806

  • 04Malhar Machi

    - About the Resort- Set against the backdrop of the Sahyadri range in Mulshi, this resort boasts of modern architecture with a hint of rustic and homey feel to it. With mute earthy tones, this comfy resort offers great rooms and cozy cottages for a tryst with nature. Explore the mountain ranges in solitude or in the company of your colleagues for a stronger bonding.

    - Activities- Indoor games like a pool table and chess, etc. are available for people who want to engage in a bit of rest and recreation. People can explore the outdoors like the lake and the Mulshi dam along with the mountain ranges and take part in some adventure sports.

    - Amenities- With open grounds around the resort filled with relaxing venues like an open amphitheatre, hammocks and swings spread outside, with a great conference room for meetings and team activities, this place is ideal for a quick getaway.

    - Location- At Post Valne, Taluka, Mulshi, Pune- 411040
  • 05Ambrosia Resort

    - About the Resort- This ten year old resort in Bavdhan is a beautiful property oozing serenity with pristine surroundings, which will bring an instant sense of calm to your otherwise hassled brains. Not too far from the main city, this place is surrounded by the greens and the architect is an eclectic mix of the Eastern and Western design elements.

    - Activities- With the resort being so close to Dagdusheth temple and Shaniwar Wada Fort, it makes it easier for people to visit these historic places and take back memories of the stay here. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities which the corporate teams can engage in with infrastructure in place. The cosy resort gives a feeling of comfort and personal approach.

    - Amenities- The amenities include a bar, café, few restaurants, and a spa which offers many services to help you relax and rejuvenate.

    - Location- Survey No. 38/2, Bavdhan Khurd, Pune- 411021
  • 06The Fern Samali Resort

    - About the resort- This tranquil resort is located in Dapoli around 200 km from Pune, amidst the lush green Western Ghats and in the laps of the Arabian Sea at its feet. This beautiful resort still retains remnants of the architecture from the British era and is surrounded by the pristine view. This is a haven away from the hustle bustle of city life, surrounded by paddy fields with cosy cottages and suites galore.

    - Activities- The lively surroundings offer an array of activities for its travellers like the Dolphin show, parasailing amidst the clouds, sightseeing of historic forts and heritage temples close by.

    - Amenities- Amenities include a lovely Jacuzzi and spa, a yoga centre for meditation and exercise, a lovely amphitheatre where they showcase local skits and folk dances, a kids play area and a huge banquet hall.

    - Location- Survey No.83, Hissa No.2A, Burundi Road, Chandranagar, Dapoli, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415712

  • 07Soma Vine Village

    - About the resort- This lovely resort with its beautiful villas is nestled amidst a huge vineyard, boasting of its collection of feature wines like the varieties of Sauvignon Blancs, Chenin Blancs and other varieties like the Zinfandel, Shiraz etc. This labour of love offers amazing view and stay to not only its wine aficionados but non-drinkers too. With a rustic natural green backdrop, the resort boasts of many amenities and activities for its guests and a lifetime of memories.

    - Activities- There are plenty of activities for the guests here not only within the resort like wine tasting, indoor games, etc but also great sightseeing opportunities with many tourist spots closeby like Trimbakeshwar temple, Panchavati etc.

    - Amenities- The resort boasts of a vino spa, gymnasium, lavish pools, an amphitheatre to keep your entertainment bone tickles, and adventure sports for adrenaline junkies like ziplining, rock climbing, go karting etc.

    - Location- Survey No. 1, Village Ganghavare, Gangapur-Ganghavare Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422222

  • 08Monteria Resort

    - About the resort- Monteria Resort is located in Khopoli, on the outskirts of Pune and is strategically located with it being close to the city as well as Mother Nature.  It offers a great getaway for people wanting to relax and enjoy the calm as well as enjoy some team activities like adventure sports, visiting nearby attractions etc.

    - Activities- With corporate packages on adventure sports and one-day picnics, this is ideal for a team setting. There are many activities that you can indulge in like zip lining, swing crossing, air crossing, rifle shooting, archery etc.

    - Amenities- With a look and feel of home away from home, this resort helps corporates plan their team outings by offering amenities like conference rooms and organizing corporate workshops and off-site visits helping the team get a little closer in an informal setting.

    - Location- Adjacent to Nishiland Water Park, Vinegaon, Khalapur, Maharashtra 410206

  • 09Della Resorts in Lonavala

    - About the resort- A huge luxury resort set up in Lonavala, a beautiful hill station close to Pune, it transports its guests to a different world altogether. With luxurious hotel rooms and amenities amidst nature, this place boasts of many themed restaurants and 24-hour amenities open for exploration by its guests.

    - Activities- Della prides itself in providing more than 50 activities to its guests like ATV rides, Motorcross Dirt, Aqua Zorb, swoop swing, paintball etc. A full range of activities at its adventure park, keeps you occupied and gets your adrenaline pumping all day long. Enjoy all this while nestled in the lap of nature.

    - Amenities- With both indoor and outdoor massive venues, corporate team activities get a proper platform to showcase its activities and team building exercise for its employees. Besides the corporate venues, they also have amenities like the gym, spa, pools etc.

    - Location- Kunegaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401
  • 10Radisson Blu Resort and Spa in Alibaug

    - About the resort- Surrounded by local beaches like Varsoli and Nagaon, this beautiful resort is huge with many luxurious villas to accommodate you and your team and provide you with the much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. With tasteful manicured landscapes and huge ground space for exploration, this resort provides you with a much-needed dose of serenity and excitement.

    - Activities- Being a beach destination, it is a no-brainer that most of the activities are sunbathing, beach surfing etc. There are those who seek pleasures indoors by playing air hockey, cards, foosball, carrom board etc provided by their entertainment lounge. There are plenty of water sports being offered on their beaches.

    - Amenities- One of the few resorts who contain not only the basic amenities like the Spa, fitness centre, entertainment room etc. but also a library well stocked up, food for the solitary and seeking the quiet.

    - Location- Raigad District, Alibaug, Maharashtra 402209

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