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  • Highly pampered are our Punekars, blessed with several places to visit in Pune . The metropolis that is banked beside river Mutha , has an ambient weather throughout the year. Being in close proximity to several tourist spots, Puneites enjoy luxurious stays to thrilling road trips.

    The city portrays the rich Maratha culture in its heritage; know more about it by visiting the forts, temples and caves here. The Jadhavgadh fort, the Sinhagad Fort and several others are highly enticing. The serenity at the Dagdusheth Halwai Temple, the temples at Junnar and the cave temples at Kamshet is spellbinding. 

    Hikers and Adventure buffs should explore Rajmachi and Tapola. For those who are seeking thrill, the theme park- Adlabs Imagica is the right place to visit. Also, mesmerise yourself in the lush green vicinity of hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Lavasa and Panchgani.
  • Places to Visit in Pune with Family and Kids

  • 01Osho Ashram

    Osho Ashram
    Image Credit : Priyan Nithya - Flickr

    Also known as Rajneesh Ashram after its founder, this spiritual meditation centre is one of the most frequented places to visit in Pune by foreign tourists. One can tour the premises to view the Meditation hall and Osho Samadhi besides opting to undergo a meditation session there. There is also an adjacent Zen garden called Osho Teerth which is full of lush green flora and is an ideal spot to relax in.

    Timing: 9 am to 3:30 pm

    Entry Fee: Rs 40

    Photography Allowed or not: Organized photo tour during certain times of the day

  • 02Pu La Deshpande Garden

    Pu La Deshpande Garden

    This lush garden is also called the Pune-Okayama Friendship garden since it is inspired from a garden in Japan’s Okayama. The expansive grounds of the garden consist of beautifully landscaped lawns and it even has a children’s play area. One can unwind amid the green locales of this place and return back feeling refreshed.

    Timing: 6-10:30 am and 4-8 pm

    Entry Fee: Rs 5

    Photography Allowed or not: no

  • 03Pataleshwar Cave Temple

    Pataleshwar Cave Temple

    This historic temple that stands in the heart of the city dates back to the 8th century. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this structure was carved out of a single piece of basalt rock resembling the Ellora caves in design. This temple also houses statues of other Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

    Timing: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

    Entry Fee: none

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 04Katraj Snake Park

    Katraj Snake Park

    Also known as Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and one of the most frequented places to visit in Pune, the Katraj Snake Park initially housed only snakes and other reptiles. However, it is now a full-fledged zoo with a lake within its premises where one can enjoy a round of boating after touring the park. A mini-train runs through the zoo which appeals to young visitors.

    Timing: 9:30 am to 5 pm

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 05National Defence Academy

    National Defence Academy
    Image Credit : Abhishek Kumar - Flickr

    This training ground for India’s armed forces stands in the Khadakwasla region, on the outskirts of Pune. Set amid a green terrain, this academy also has an architectural masterpiece in the form of Sudan Block, standing within its boundaries.

    Timing: only on Sunday (with prior permission)

    Entry Fee: none

    Photography Allowed or not: no

  • 06Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

    Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

    Out of all the historical and religious places to visit in Pune, the most important is perhaps the Dagdusheth Halwai Temple.Popular all over Maharashtra for its prosperous and benevolent idol of Lord Ganesh, the Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Temple has pulled in a huge number of devotees and tourists alike, to its pious halls ever since its inception. 

    Not only is the temple a symbol of devotion and love,but it is also an active open trust, that does welfare work for the city.The stories say that, that the temple and its idol was set up by  Dagdushet Halwai and his wife LaxmiBai after they lost their only child to an epidemic of plague. 

    The temple  houses a lovely deity and the premises are serene regardless of being amidst city's first and busiest market streets.

  • 07Parvati Hill

    Parvati Hill
    Image Credit : Andy Hay - Flickr

    Parvati hill, about 2100 ft high, is located in southern Pune has a temple dedicated to the Hindu Gods at its summit. After climbing 100 steps to the peak, one can view the skyline of Pune as well as the scenic hilly backdrop. Apart from the temple, built by the Peshwas, there is also a small museum with artifacts dating back to the rule of this Maratha dynasty.

    Timing: 5 am to 8 pm

    Entry Fee: none

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 08Saras Baug

    Saras Baug
    Image Credit : Kuruman - Flickr

    The Saras Baug temple is one of the most iconic landmarks of Pune. Constructed way back under the rule of Peshwa and Maratha rules, the temple was completed 1784. The temple in itself is a stunning structure that lies at the foot of the Parvati Hills, which was the seat and residency of the rulers of yore. The 25 Acre comples of the temple is also called ‘TalyatlaGanpati’ meaning the Ganpati (A Hindu Elephant God) in the lake.

    However, do not be fooled by the history of religious offerings at the temple, it was also the site of military discussions between Maratha empire to fight the Nizam and the East India Company. At that time, the Mula- Mutha River was the only source to approach to the temple and the leaders used to travel by boats. 

    The temple is especially spectacular during the days of Diwali as thousands gather here for the ‘Deepotsav’ i.e. Festival of lights and the lawns and temple premises are decked up with thousands of glittering lamps. 

  • 09Khadakwasla


    The Khadakwasla Dam is located on the Mutha River and is one of the most popular places to visit in Pune. The dam is also one of the major water sources supplying drinking and potable water to the city of Pune.  This fortification lays on the approach road to Sinhagad Fort and os a much loved picnic spot in the city.

     This dam was built in the masonry fashion in 1879, and was the first of its kind in the world. The dam’s walls sprawl to a length of almost 1939m and rise to a height of 32.90m. The Central Water Power Research Station also lies a few minutes ahead of the dam reservoir.

    The road around the dam further leads to popular weekend getaway destinations such as Peacock Bay, National Defence Academy and the twin dams of Varasgaon and Panshet as well as the villages of Kudje and Neelkantheshwar. The area surrounding this structure is lined with various foodstalls which supply street fare in pure Puneri style!

  • 10Vetal Tekdi

    Vetal Tekdi
    Image Credit : DraconianRain - Flickr

    Staying true to its pseudonym, ‘The city of Hills’ Pune is surrounded by a number of elevations that become the breathing spaces of the pollution-clogged city climate. One of the popular places to visit in Pune, The Vetal Hills or VetalTekdi, is amongst the most prominent. It is the highest point within the city limits and rises to an elevation of 2,600ft.

    The hill derives its name from a temple that is situated on its summit called the ‘Vetala Temple’.A popular spot amongst young and old of the city to escape the hustle and bustle, the VetalTekdi is bordered by Pashan suburbs, Symbiosis Society campus and the temple and hills of Chatuhshrungi.

      The campus of automotive Research Association of India is also located on the hills. The jungles are of a semi-deciduous and dry variety, but truly deck during the monsoons and winters.

  • Historical Places to Visit in Pune

  • 11A Journey through History in Pune

    A Journey through History in Pune
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 2494748
    • 7% Off7,500
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    About the Activity:

    • With a long-drawn history stretching back to 2000 years, Pune is a trove of cultural evolution.
    • The four Hindu, Muslim, Maratha, and the British eras have left an indelible presence through architecture and local customs.
    • This day-long tour is bound to amaze with its sheer depth of history and iconic places such as Pataleshwar Rock Temple, Dargah of Shaikh Salla, Lal Mahal, and Kasba Ganapati.
    • Join this tour and embark on a cultural exploration of Pune to trace complex and layered influences throughout the city.
    • This is a great tour for those interested in photography.

  • 12Aga Khan Palace

    Aga Khan Palace

    The heritage structure of this palace is an architectural marvel constructed in 1892 and finds special mention as the place where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned along with his wife, during the freedom struggle. Apart from its beautiful architecture, this is one of the tourist places  which also boasts of sprawling garden where visitors can stroll around.

    Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

    Entry Fee: Rs 5 for adults and Rs 2 for children, Rs 100 for foreign tourists

    Photography Allowed or not: Yes

  • 13Peshwa Udyan

    Peshwa Udyan

    This garden is a perfect for families since it has a zoo besides a mini-train and park for children, which makes it quite popular with young visitors. On a picnic to this garden one can also look forward to going on animal rides and boating or simply relax amid its picturesque surroundings.

    Timing: 9 am to 5:30 pm

    Entry Fee: Rs 1 for children and Rs 2 for adults

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 14Shaniwar Wada Palace

    Shaniwar Wada Palace
    Image Credit : Kuruman - Flickr

    Once the royal residence of the Peshwa rulers, this palace is a unique blend of Mughal architecture and Maratha craftsmanship. Standing near the Mula-Mutha River, this is one of the historic places to visit in Pune because it was ravaged by a fire in the early 19th century which destroyed much of its structure. However, one can still view the splendid gardens and the remaining structures besides attending the sound and light show conducted every evening within the premises. Additionally, one should never forget to visit numerous hill stations near pune along with their family and friends.

    Timing: 8 am to 5 pm

    Entry Fee: Rs 5 for Indians and Rs 125 for foreign visitors

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 15Shinde Chhatri

    Shinde Chhatri
    Image Credit : Ramnath Bhat - Flickr

    Built as a tribute to a Peshwa commander, this monument is built in Rajasthani design. There is also a Shiva temple in the complex apart from the three-storied memorial, both reflecting exquisite construction style.

    Timing: 6 am to 9 pm

    Entry Fee: none

  • Museums to Visit in Pune

  • 16National War Museum

    National War Museum

    This war memorial is dedicated to those army personnel who sacrificed their lives in defense of the country in post-independence India. The main structure is around 25 feet tall and there is also a MIG aircraft on display here. This entire monument was funded by residents of Pune in memory of the heroes of Indian army.

    Timing: 9 am to 5:30 pm

    Entry Fee: none

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 17Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

    Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

    This museum exhibits an ancient but eclectic collection of everyday items as well as unique art pieces collected by Dr Kelkar. With items ranging from earthenware to musical instruments and lamps, paintings and textiles to weaponry and ivory, one can catch a glimpse of the artifacts sourced from all over the country. 

    But what makes this one of the most unique places to visit is the recreated room of Mastani mahal.

    Timing: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

    Entry Fee: Rs 5 for kids, Rs 20 for adults and Rs 200 for foreign visitors

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • 18Darshan Museum

    Darshan Museum

    This biographical museum is meant to introduce audiences to the life and mission of the scholar Sadhu Vasvani, the founder of the Vasvani Mission. It includes an interactive sound and light show wherein interactive technology has been used to make the experience more engaging for visitors.

    Timing: 11 am to 7 pm

    Entry Fee: none

    Photography Allowed or not: yes

  • Places to visit near Pune in One Day

  • 19Day Picnic in Bhor near Pune

    Day Picnic in Bhor near Pune
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 5816968

    About the Activity:

    • If you are planning for a day outing near Pune, then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Once you reach the camp site at 09:00 Am, you will be welcomed with some hot beverages and snacks.  
    • Then spend a day out in the open and indulge in team building activities or a fun day with family. 
    • Indulge yourself in an array of activities like trekking, zip lining and group games including cricket, volley ball and football.
    • No camping is complete without an outdoor barbecue grill, so enjoy the same to make the best out of your tour.
  • 20Adventure Day Out at Yeoli in Taluka Bhor

    Adventure Day Out at Yeoli in Taluka Bhor
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
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    About the Activity:

    • Enthrall in an amazing experience of adrenaline sport activities at Yeoli in Taluka Bhor.
    • Spend a day out in the open and indulge in team building activities or a fun day with family.
    • Rejuvenate yourself with this perfect outing.
  • 21Camping in Velhe near Pune

    Camping in Velhe near Pune
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lRaigad
    • NNNNN3 reviews
    • Hemant Vavale
      Hemant Vavale
    Spend overnight at a perfectly arranged and comfortable camping with your family, friends or colleagues.Experience the joy of bonding close to nature in a unique and an exciting way through camping.
    This is an ideal place for loads of fun along with entertainment like never before. You can just relax by spending time around the campfire and gaze at the night sky or you can be a part of few of the nature sharing activities.
    You can also bring along your favourite games and play them in the camp. All the necessities are taken care of at the camp along with food. Have fun and spread the joy with your near and dear ones in this amazing camping along with campfire and barbecue.
    Spend an eventful night at a perfectly arranged camping ground in Pasali village.
  • 22Weekend Camping near Pune

    Weekend Camping near Pune
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • NNNNN7 reviews
    • Milan Wadkar
      Milan Wadkar

    About the Activity:

    • Wai is one of the calmest and historic places for camping near Pune, and is an exciting fun-packed weekend getaway destination. 
    • Plunge into the clear waters of River Krishna and indulge in an exhilarating bamboo rafting or swimming.
    • Also spend time by engaging in Barbecuing, campfire and music along with luscious food.
    • Engage in some activities such as Air Rifle, Archery, Bamboo Raft building to make your day eventful.
    • Bullock cart ride will add more energy to the eventful days at the camp.
    • The package includes food, accommodation and fun activities.
    • There would be two options available; 1) camping 2) homestay accommodation. 
    • The homestay properties are located 12 kms from Wai city, which is en route to the famous hill stations Panchgani and Mahableshwar. 

    • Check-in at 12:00 noon and check-out at 12:00 noon, the following day.
  • 23Maval


    If you are one of those people who seeking for the quieter places to visit near Pune, then the best choice for you is Maval. A gorgeous and rustic hamlet, it is located along the beautiful green and dark ranges of the Sahyadris. The village is also one of the most prosperous biodiversity regions in Maharashtra. 

    It is here that you can not only spot vegetation but also wildlife in all its glory. While the awe inspiring ranges of the Sahyadris add a good measure of beauty and diversity to its backdrop, the quiet and clutter free life of the villagers presents  for a getaway in the arms of nature.

    While in Maval, you can also enjoy various adventure activities such as kayaking, river swimming and crossing. For the adventurists whose soul keeps asking for more, there are also more intensive adventures such as Tarzan swing, skywalk, net climbing, tunnel crawl, commando walk and several others.

    Group Adventure in Maval, Takve Lake

    Group Adventure in Maval, Takve Lake

    NNNNM32 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlLonavala

    Starting from


  • 24Kamshet (Distance: 48 Kms)

    Kamshet (Distance: 48 Kms)
    Image Credit : Karthik Chandrasekariah - Flickr

    This scenic hill-town is a renowned paragliding destination near Pune. It's striking locale is surrounded by small villages, cave temples and medieval hill fortresses making it a preferred weekend getaway.

    Location: Western Ghats, close to Lonavala and Khandala

    Best time to Visit: October to February

    Attractions: Vadivali Lake, a large waterbody at a height of 2200 ft, about 12 km from Kamshet is where one can enjoy a boat ride or bump into several waterfalls in the region. Kondeshwar temple and Vidveshwar temple, Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa caves are other tourist attractions in Kamshet.

    Activities: Trekking and exploring the nearby caves, paragliding, rock climbing and rappelling are organized by several adventure camps located here.

    Type of destination: trekking, pilgrimage, adventure activities.

    Paragliding in Kamshet

    Paragliding in Kamshet

    NNNNN32 Reviews

    h20 MinuteslKamshet

    Starting from


  • 25Adlabs Imagica (Distance 88 kms)

    Adlabs Imagica (Distance 88 kms)

    The much publicized theme park called Adlabs Imagica is the latest addition to the list of popular places to visit near Pune in one day. The park has a wide range of shows, water rides, thrill rides and much more.  

    Location: off Mumbai-Pune expressway

    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

    Attractions: Thrill rides like ‘scream machine’, ‘nitro’ and ‘gold rush express’ are sure to induce an adrenaline-rush. Family and kid-friendly rides include ‘Bump it boats’, ‘splash ahoy’, ‘the magic carousel’, ‘happy wheels’ and ‘humpty’s fall’, that will make a family outing to this place a worthwhile experience.

    Activities: Try the various rides available at the amusement park, meet and take pictures with the cartoon characters on the grounds, enjoy performances by magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers and clowns.

    Type of destination: family and kid friendly

    Tickets to Adlabs Imagica

    Tickets to Adlabs Imagica

    NNNNM6 Reviews

    d1 Day

    Starting from


  • 26Panchgani (Distance: 101 Kms)

    Panchgani (Distance: 101 Kms)
    Image Credit : Kiran SRK - Flickr

    Set in the depths of the Sahyadri ranges is the quaint hill station of Panchgani. With a pleasant climate throughout the year, it appealed to the Britishers who established this place as a summer retreat and it continues to lure tourists till date.

    Location: Satara district of Maharashtra, near Mahabaleshwar

    Best time to Visit: September - May

    Attractions: Sydney and Parsi Points both overlook the majestic river Krishna and the Dhom dam. Table land, which is the longest mountain plateau in Asia covering 95 acres and stands 4550 feet above sea level, is the place from where one can spot the Devil’s Kitchen caves.

    Activities: A visit to one of the several strawberry farms dotting this region is not to be missed. You can buy products like jams and squashes in these farms too. 10 km from Panchgani are the Rajapuri caves which make a fun day outing spot.

    Type of destination: Family and kid friendly, trekking

    Offbeat Stays and Camps in Panchagani:

    1) Weekend Stay In Panchgani

    2) Tent House Stay In Panchgani

    Camping in Panchgani

    Camping in Panchgani

    NNNNM27 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlPanchgani

    Starting from


  • 27Jadhavgadh Fort (Distance: 30 Kms)

    Jadhavgadh Fort (Distance: 30 Kms)
    Image Credit : bhautikjoshi - Flickr

    This 18th-century fort, named after a strong and loyal Maratha general in the Peshwa army, is one of the places to visit around Pune in one day where one is drifted back in time. This heritage structure now has a five-star hotel running on its premises. The historic structure has closeted inner structures including a Ganesha temple as well as a small museum.

    Location: South-east Pune

    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

    Attractions: The massive fort, with now converted to a hotel, standing atop a hill appeals to everyone. This fort has been renovated to offer luxurious modern comforts to its patrons.

    Activities: Take a walk around the fort area, go for a bullock cart ride, enjoy the Ghazal night held every Saturday or visit the museum to see the old exhibits on display.

    Type of destination: family and kid friendly, heritage sightseeing

  • 28Panshet Dam (Distance: 42 Kms)

    Panshet Dam (Distance: 42 Kms)
    Image Credit : Runa Bhattacharjee - Flickr

    This dam built in the early 1900s is not only a source of water for Pune, but a favoured spot for a weekend outing with family and friends. Water sports are a dominant recreational activity enjoyed by visitors here.

    Location: Southwest of  Pune, on River Mutha

    Best time to Visit: October to May

    Attractions: Panshet is one of the places to visit near Pune where one can indulge in water sports like wind surfing, kayaking, speed boating and pedal boating at the water park located here. One can also view the Sahyadri Mountains from this spot.

    Activities: Enjoy boating and other water sports, go for a picnic or family outing in this destination surrounded by the Sahyadri range.

    Type of destination: family and kid friendly, trekking

  • 29Rajgad Fort (Distance: 50 Kms)

    Rajgad Fort (Distance: 50 Kms)
    Image Credit : vivek Joshi - Flickr

    A former capital of the Maratha Empire, this fort stands on top of the Murumbadevi Mountain. This historical tourist spot has many tales since the famous warrior Shivaji resided here for many years.

    Location: southwest of Pune

    Attractions: The fort hosts palaces, water cisterns and caves thus attracting several history enthusiasts. One can also look forward to hiking up to this destination.

    Activities: Trekking to the fort followed by indulging in some sight seeing around the fort.

    Type of destination: family and kid friendly, historic, trekking

  • 30Visapur Fort (Distance: 60 Kms)

    Visapur Fort (Distance: 60 Kms)
    Image Credit : Dinesh Valke - Flickr

    Visapur Fort was constructed during the reign of the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire and has several Hanuman temples on its grounds. Being located on top a hill, the fort overlooks breathtaking green thickets.

    Location: Northwest of Pune, near Lonavala

    Best time to Visit: June to August

    Attractions: Bhaja and Karla Caves can be included in a day trip to this place. The hill station of Lonavala is 20 kms away that is suitable for trekking and sightseeing because of its numerous waterfalls.

    Activities: Trekking around the fort is the prime activity here.

    Type of destination: Historic sightseeing, trekking

  • 31Khandala (Distance: 69 Kms)

    Khandala (Distance: 69 Kms)
    Image Credit : ddasedEn - Flickr

    Another hill station not too far from Pune, Khandala stands in the Western Ghats on the Mumbai-Pune highway. It is a popular weekend holiday destination due to its natural charm. Residents of both Pune and Mumbai find it a convenient weekend getaway.

    Location: On the Mumbai-Pune expressway

    Best time to Visit: October to April

    Attractions: The two viewpoints Tiger’s Leap and the Duke’s nose, which is a cliff shaped like a nose, overlook the ravishing valley. Bhushi dam and the lake that is formed by its backwaters are the most visited tourist spots during peak season.

    Activities: Exploring the caves nearby or trekking in the forests deep in the valleys are prominent activities here. One can even go for family picnics here.

    Type of destination: trekking, family and kids friendly

  • 32Rajmachi (Distance: 78 Kms)

    Rajmachi (Distance: 78 Kms)
    Image Credit : Ravinder Singh Gill - Flickr

    This obscure village is one of the tourist places near Pune that is hidden within the Sahyadri ranges. A fort stands in close proximity to this place which is frequented by hikers and adventure buffs. Come rains and this expanse of land is covered in lush greenery along with several waterfalls and small streams.

    Location: Between Khandala and Lonavala

    Best time to Visit: September to March

    Attractions: Rajmachi fort, with two fortified structures called Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan fort, is the prime attraction here.

    Activities: Trekking and camping are conducted by adventure groups throughout the year.

    Type of destination: Trekking, historic

  • 33Junnar Caves (Distance: 90 Kms)

    Junnar Caves (Distance:  90 Kms)
    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar - Flickr

    Not too far from the Shivneri Fort is the town of Junnar that has a rich past. Enveloped between the mountain ranges of the Sahyadris, this place was ruled by several dynasties in succession.

    Location: Base of the Sahyadris, north of Pune

    Best time to Visit: December to February

    Attractions: Apart from the temples in Junnar, one of the prime attractions of Junnar are the 200 individual rock-cut caves here that display fine architectural work on their ceilings.

    Activities: Visit the Shivneri fort, about 4 kms from Junnar and pay obeisance at the Lenyadri and Ozar temples dedicated to Ganesha. Manikdoh and Vadaj dams closeby are other tourist attractions in Junnar.

    Type of destination: Family and kid friendly, historic, pilgrimage

  • 34Satara (Distance: 112 Kms)

    Satara (Distance: 112 Kms)
    Image Credit : bhautikjoshi - Flickr

    Standing at the confluence of the River Krishna and its tributary Venna, Satara was once the capital of the Maratha Empire. Being a renowned heritage site, it is one of the places to visit near Pune in one day where one can come across several remnants of the past.

    Location: South western Maharashtra, near River Krishna

    Best time to Visit: July to February

    Attractions: Satara’s Ajinkyatara and Sajjangarh Forts are a delight for history buffs while the Kas plateau and the lake form prime tourist attractions for nature lovers. Thoseghar waterfalls and Vajrai waterfall are other must-visit sites between Satara and Pune.

    Activities: Go sightseeing within the forts, bathe in the scenic rapture of the terrain, go for picnics to the Kas plateau and nearby waterfalls

    Type of destination: Family and kid friendly, historic

    Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau

    Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau

    NNNNM14 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlSatara

    Starting from


  • 35Mahabaleshwar (Distance: 120 Kms)

    Mahabaleshwar (Distance: 120 Kms)
    Image Credit : ddasedEn - Flickr

    Mahabaleshwar is a hill station standing on an extensive plateau and enclosed by valleys on all sides. This tourist destination near Pune is also said to be the site where the River Krishna originates in the prehistoric Mahadev temple.

    Location: South west of Pune, in Satara district

    Best time to Visit: October - June

    Attractions: There are several viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar including Arthur’s Seat, Kate’s Point, Needle Hole Point, Wilson Point and the 3 Monkey Point. One can view the rock formations, valleys, and the immediate terrain of Mahabaleshwar from these places to visit in Pune. A mere 22 km from here is Pratapgarh Fort which is another tourist spot here.

    Activities: Boating in Venna Lake and visiting these viewpoints that offer a breathtaking view are things that one can do here.

    Type of destination: family and kid friendly, historic

  • 36Malshej Ghat (Distance: 120 Kms)

    Malshej Ghat (Distance: 120 Kms)
    Image Credit : Kiran SRK - Flickr

    Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats flourishing in varied flora and avian fauna. Impressive views of the valleys and a wide variety of wildlife are the main attractions here.

    Location: In the Western Ghat range, north of Pune

    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

    Attractions: Harishchandragad is an ancient fort near Malshej which hosts several caves and temples. The areas around the plentitude of cascading waterfalls make ideal a picnic spots. Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of the Maratha ruler Shivaji, is around 30 kms from Malshej and can also be included on your itinerary.

    Activities: Indulge in some bird watching and wildlife viewing in the forests, trek around the forts and enjoy stunning views of the valleys and waterfalls.

    Type of destination: family and kid friendly, historic

  • 37Raigad (Distance: 125 Kms)

    Raigad (Distance: 125 Kms)
    Image Credit : ganuullu - Flickr

    Once the capital of the Maratha King Shivaji, Raigad fort stands at an altitude of 2700 feet. In order to reach this citadel one has to climb up nearly 1737 steps or take the cable car which also allows a panoramic view of the region.

    Location: Southwest of Pune, near Vagholi

    Best time to Visit: September - November

    Attractions: Among the ruins within the fort, one can view the queen’s chambers, main palace, three watch towers, the market area, granaries, the public ‘durbar’ and an artificial lake.

    Activities: Trek to the fort and get a bird’s eye view of the terrain below. Observe the historic structures within the fort that was once the home of the famous Shivaji.

    Type of destination: family & kid friendly, historic, trekking

  • 38Kaas Plateau

    Kaas Plateau
    Image Credit : bhautikjoshi - Flickr

    The Kaasplateau is located in the Satara District of Maharashtra and is one of the best places to visit near Pune. This vast flatland reveals a true wonder of natural beauty as over 850 varieties of flower bloom over here between the months of August and September.  

    The sprawling carpets of flowers present a wonder filled sight for the sore eyes. The area around Kaas provides a closer look at the rural lifestyle of Maharashtra.

    The unique landscape and its various sights has resulted in the area being declared as a UNESCO biodiversity hotspot. In order to preserve the purity of the air and maintain a nourishing climate for the flowers to bloom, vehicles have been banned in the area and visitors have to walk across the beautiful landscape, which is a joy in itself.

    Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau

    Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau

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  • 39Harishchandragad

    Image Credit : Nagraj Salian - Flickr

    Located in the blissful environs of the MalshejGhat, Harishchadragad is one of the popular places to visit near Pune and is a historic hill fort. The fort has played a significant role in guarding the surrounding area effectively.

     According to studies, the fort dates back to no less than 6th Century, many ancient texts and puranas speak of its existence. The relics discovered at the fort, point to the existence of Microlithic man here. Established during the Kalachuri dynasty’s rule, the citadel of the fort dates back to an ear long bygone.

    There are various caves on the top of the fort, which can be dated back to somewhere around 11th Century. The construction styles and carvings on the fort point to that fact that it was ruled over by many different dynasties over the years. The Kedareshwar Cave is one of the must-see structures on top of the hill fort and is a sight of a local legend!

  • 40Tapola

    Image Credit : Amit Manohar - Flickr

    There are so many more places to see near Pune that just Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar!A little drive away from these popular destinations lies a small destination called Tapola! So charming is this destination that it is often called ‘Mini Kashmir’ of Maharashtra. 

    Decorated with lakes and water bodies it presents an ideal opportunity for the water sport enthusiasts to indulge in adventures!

    The most ideal approach to arrive is to hire a car or take one out and cruise down to this destination from Pune, which is only 150km. You can also take the winding village pathways and explore the nearby forts and forests like Vasota, which are known for their excellent landscapes and noteworthy sanctuaries.