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  • Phuket in Thailand is famous for its white sandy beaches and rain-forested mountains. The lush greenery nestled amidst clear blue waters adheres to the mind of each visitor of the island so easily. Check this list of 13 best Phuket nightlife places where you can mingle with an energetic crowd and get entertained to the maximum.

    The beach will be transformed into an enigmatic spot every night with the amazing group of people comes to just chill and enjoy with music, drinks, dance and what not.

    To add more charisma to the shining, cabaret dance performances, dance and theater show etc are also there in different locations around Phuket. The island pulls each and every one of its visitors to experience a next level enjoyment with its electrifying nightlife. A stupendous climate prevailing on the island always is one of the ingredients that makes the nights lively.

    Here are some of the best places to experience Phuket Nightlife:

  • 01Soi Bangla

    Based in the heart of Patong Beach, Soi Bangla or the Bangla road is considered as the prime attraction of Phuket Nightlife. As the sun sets on the beautiful Andaman Sea, the beach with its exuberant nightlife comes alive. The happening Bangla Road closes to traffic but welcome guests to visit the line up restaurants and bars on both side of the road and enjoy a lavishly entertaining evening. Soi is usually referred to the narrow lanes that connect the main Bangla Road. A larger number of bar and nightclubs are available in Soi Bangla. The enlightening ambience and the fascinating music, the beautiful dance performances and the exotic food and drinks all combines to provide absolute entertainment in every way. One can also enjoy bar games in this location.

    : Exciting music shows and beautiful wine

    Location: Soi Bangla, Patong, Kathu, Phuket

  • 02Night Clubs

    Nightclubs are one of the key attractions that make Phuket such an alluring holiday destination for people across the world. Areas from Beach Road including Bangla Road till Rat- U Tit Road consist of almost 80% of the famous nightclubs of Phuket with the rest in Phuket Island. Among the popular ones Tai Pan Niight Club, opposite to Bangla Road attracts a lot of visitors every night for a number of reasons like splendid ambience, small dance floor, live band, female dancers in scanty clothes and magnificent collection of drinks. Even Banana Disco is worth a visit especially for its lucrative design making it look one of the longest nightclubs in Patong. Based next to Bangla road on the beach front this nightclub posses a huge dance floor, provides live music with comfortable arrangements for enjoyment till midnight.

    : Free for Tai Pan, 200BHT for Banana Disco

    Location: Near Bangla Road Phuket

  • 03Beach Clubs

    Phuket has always been popular for its exotic nightlife. To experience the thrill of that nightlife, beach club is an excellent option especially for the sophisticated visitors. The destination holds an array of well facilitated luxurious beach clubs which provides an excellent option to mingle and enjoy meal, cocktail and some good time. Nikki Beach Club at Bang Tao Beach is an excellent club whose key attraction is the ever changing entertainment activities which successfully holds interest of the visitors.

    Having a Mediterranean flavor, Catch Beach is another prominent beach club with class décor, luxurious arrangement and famous DJ live music till midnight. Be it drinking, dining or spa treatment, it’s all available in these beach clubs.

    Location: Choeng Thale, Thalang, Phuket for both clubs

  • 04Sunset Bars

    Phuket has some of the best sunset bars but the spectacular view of the island is best fetched from the hilly road that connects Kata Beach and Nai Harn Village. Some of most popular and splendid sunset bar and restaurant is located in this place where visitors can enjoy nature’s panoramic beauty in the relaxing ambience of the restaurant. Afterbeach Bar is one such place where one can come all sun burn, enjoy superb meals some quick drinks and enjoy music of Bob Marley.

    For good sea food and some soft soothing melodious tunes and whisper of hilly breeze care to visit Baan Chom View where one can experience mouth watering delicious formal dining and enjoy nature at its best. Apart from this other popular joints include Som Tam Kit, Sabai Corner, Small Viewpoint etc which can also be explored for good food and relaxing environment.

    Location: Near Kata Noi Beach

  • 05Simon Cabaret

    Image Credit : Wahyu Wijanarko

    Since its opening on October 18, 1991, Phuket Simon Cabaret has built up itself as a business sector pioneer of expert amusement venue. For sheer entertainment, the set outlines are exceptional supporting performers adorned in lavish outfits and glamorous artists. In this, rich and personal theatre with high-tech sound and lighting facilities along with special effects – the show is genuinely universal highlighting cutting edge and customary acts from around the world in English and option dialects. While the visitors come here in search of entertainment but often leave the theatre in a confused state as the show highlights a staggering musical floor show performed by the world renowned "ladyboys" of Simon Cabaret. The greatest "transvestite" supper club show to be discovered privately.

    Image Credits : Wahyu Wijanarko

    Location: Phuket Simon Cabaret, 8 Sirirach Rd. Patong beach, Kathu, Phuket Thailand.

    Timings: Three show is held at 06:00 PM, 07:45 PM, 09:30 PM

    Price: The approximate price starts from 700 THB per adult and 500 TB per child (Maximum height for a child should be strictly 130 cm)

    Ticket to Simon Cabaret Show at Phuket

    Ticket to Simon Cabaret Show at Phuket


    h2 HourslPhuket

    Starting from


  • 06Trip at the FantaSea

    Image Credit :  Travis Longmore

    Inspired by Thailand's rich - colorful legacy,Phuket Fantasea Show,not only just showcases the appeal and magnificence of Thailand, but additionally enhances outdated Thai conventions with the marvel of technology and other impressive special effects both digital as well as manual.The outcome of the above mentioned skills and additions is a staggering 140-acre theme park, stuffed with a huge number of activities and entertainment sectors: a Carnival town with amusements, crafted works and shopping; a 4,000-seat themed restaurant offering a great Thai buffet and other scrumptious cooking styles from all over the world; and an amazing Las Vegas-style theatrical show, where best in class innovation and special effects improve the effortlessness and magnificence of Thailand's myths, riddles and enchantment in a wondrous spectacle sure to charm the entire gang.

    Image Credits : Travis Longmore

    Location: Kammala, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, Thailand 

    Timings: Phuket FantaSea Cultural Theme Park is open every day except Thursday (If Thursday falls on a public holiday, the park may be open as normal). Operating hours are 05:30 PM - 11:30 PM. 

    Price: The approximate price starts from 2200 THB per adult and 200 THB per child

    Ticket to Phuket Fantasea

    Ticket to Phuket Fantasea


    h3 HourslPhuket

    Starting from


  • 07Go Go Bars

    A visit to the Go Go Bars is one of the prime attractions of Phuket’s nightlife. When it comes to enjoyment for the adults these bars are absolutely worth a visit. Though the bars are majorly directed for the men but couples also visit more to experience the show and to have something to talk about back home. Most of the Go Go Bars are present on both sides of Soi Seadragon almost in the central part of Bangla Road.

    Some of the popular Go Go Bars here are Suzy Wong’s A Go Go which is famous for its punch marvelous ambience and complete entertainment, Harem, a relatively new addition with excellent interior décor and lovely drinks and Devi’s Playground, a place to enjoy sizzling dance performances. All three of these Go Go bars along with others usually remain open for 4 hours from 10pm till 2 am in the morning.

  • 08Live Music

    In Phuket, Patong in the centre of nightlife and here one can find many popular destinations which entertain their guest with live DJ music. Be it folk, hard rock, hip hop or house there remains a host of options to enjoy good music and pleasant ambience with relaxing drinks and delicious food. Hard Rock Café Phuket can be a nice choice on Ruamjai Road to listen to some soul searching music that puts mind and soul on Livewire. The Café is a 300-seater bar and restaurant with world class music entertaining always. Molly Malone’s is another popular joint to enjoy good entertainment from talented musicians. New York Live Music Bar is also an excellent option on Bangla Road with relative small place but huge crowd.

    : 10pm to 2am

    Location: Near Bangla Road

  • 09Gay Phuket

    For the gay travelers, Phuket is one of the best holidaying destinations considering the wide number of gay bars present. While Patong, provides the nightlife with female dancers, the mirror opposite
    Paradise Complex provides the same with male dancers and bar boys providing entertainment like every other nightclub.

    The Boat Bar is one of the popular gay joints with fantastic music, light, sound and excellent furnishings. A cabaret show is a major attraction here. Zag Club is another very popular gay GO Go bar where shower show, happy hours, topless Tuesday are major events. The pricing for each is different and the timing usually stays from 9pm to 2am in the morning

  • 10Learn the Ancient Art of Muay Thai

    Muay Thai, also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” is the national sport of Thailand. It is a hand-to-hand fighting technique developed by Thai people thousand years ago to defend themselves from invading countries. Tourists from all around the world visit this country to get the training on Muay Thai. Thailand has more than 60,000 professional Muay Thai fighters, providing lessons on the same.

    Location: Every city of Thailand has umpteen training camps, providing lessons on Muay Thai to the visitors. Cities like Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, etc., are the major destinations for Muay Thai lovers.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 3000 Baht

    Training in Muay Thai Gym in Pattaya, Thailand

    Training in Muay Thai Gym in Pattaya, Thailand


    d7 Daysn6 NightslPattaya

    Starting from


  • 11Siam Niramit Theatre Show

    Image Credit : kthypryn
    A Guinness World Record holder, Siam Niramit theatre show is the world’s highest stage, which can accommodate around 2,000 guests and occupies more than half of the whole theatre space. Once here, you get to see the three acts, which include: Journey Back into History, Journey Beyond Imagination: The Three Realms, and Thorough Joyous festivals. The theatre show is renowned as a ‘World?class Spectacular Show’ in the whole Bangkok. The show primarily displays the history, customs and cultural treasures of Thailand to its guests and is around 80 minutes long.

    Location: The theatre is located in the central Bangkok.

    Things to keep in mind: While visiting the theatre, it is advisable to you to reach 
    at least 30 minutes before the show time or you will only be allowed in the show after the break.

    Timings: The show starts from 8 PM daily.

    Price: The price for the theatre show starts from 756 THB and children below the 90 cm height are admitted free of cost.
  • 12Presley Guesthouse & Elvis Bar: Presley Guesthouse & Elvis Bar

    If you are an Elvis Presley fan then obviously, the first and foremost choice of accommodation and dinning would be none other than Presley Guesthouse & Elvis Bar. With lots of Elvis memorabilia, Anne and Ross the owner of the place have given a nostalgic ambience to the whole place. About a 10 minutes’ walk from the busy Bangla Road, this is a place away from the buzzing nightlife where one can enjoy solace and heartfelt pleasant soul searching music. Nice icy drinks and snacks are available at Elvis bar and one can enjoy a good time here. There’s option of car and motor bike rentals from this place, arranged within a half day notice. Apart from this other facilities like beauty Salon, massage salon are also available here.

    : Soi Bonzaan, Patong Beach, Phuket

    Price: 550 Baht to 1500Baht, based on season and type of room selected

  • 13Ratri Jazztaurant: Jazz Music

    Overlooking Kata Beach, Ratri jazztaurant is one of the trendiest and funkiest locations to spend some quality time. With enlightening and foot tapping, soul felt live jazz music warm ambiance, excellent furnishings with touches of Malaysian and Thai culture; this is an excellent location to enjoy fine dining and good entertainment. The place is quite casually decorated but the real charm is the hill side vistas that make it so warm and romantic. The Italian bar and grill provides the ever popular Italian bistro dishes with excellent taste that stays on the mind for long. It has also splendid drinks to compliment the cuisine.

    : Live jazz music

    Location: Patak Road, Kata Phuket

    Price: 145Baht to 345 Baht approximately Timings: 6pm to midnight.

  • 14Have a Fabulous Evening of Dining and Entertainment at The Palazzo

    Opened in 2010, the Palazzo is an ideal location to enjoy dining watching a show. Based near Phuket Water Ski located at Kathu, this traditional theatre restaurant combines light entertainment shows with lip smacking dinners. The restaurant offers a set menu of four courses and along with this one can enjoy fabulous shows of live music, drama and comedy.

    Though not fine dining, but the food served here is quite delicious keeping separate menu for vegetarians and kids. The price of the evening is not much and can be considered as value for money.
    The shows organised here is done by eminent artists from all over and are truly good in their art. With music, acrobatics, magic shows the place is an out an out entertaining destination.
    Location: Wichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuke
  • 15Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

    Image Credit : dj1471
    Chalong Bay rum distillery is the brainchild of two French citizens who sought to create a hand- crafted rum distilled from fermented local Thai sugarcane. It is the only rum distillery in Thailand not associated with the vastly dominant distilleries. The production process miraculously combines the traditions of Thai and French techniques — this can be checked out by a visit to the factory. During such visit, you will not only learn some of the secrets of rum production but will be invited to taste the spirit and a variety of cocktails it is added to.

    Image Credits : dj1471

    Location: Located near TambonChalong in AmphurMuang

    Timings: Opens between Mondays to Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

  • 16Surf House Phuket

    Surf House Phuket has completely revolutionized the game at the most popular destination of Phuket.

    There is possibly no reason why surfing lovers and adventure seekers shouldn’t make a visit to the Surf House. It has taken surfing to a completely new level with retail, world class gastronomy and phenomenal audio-visual experiences. Besides being a prominent surf attraction, Surf House also caters to everyone in one way or the other.
    Surf House Phuket

    Location: Surf House Phuket is located at Kata Beach Road (4 Pakbang Road), Ban Kata, T. Karon, A. Muang, Phuket, 83100, Thailand

    Timings: Surf House Phuket remains open from 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

    Price: At the Surf House Phuket the 1 hour surf session will Price you about 1000 Baht and 2 hour surf session will Price you 1800 Baht, 3 hour surf session will Price you 2200 Baht and an hour of private session will Price you 7000 Baht.
  • 17HQ Beach Lounge Phuket

    HQ Beach Lounge Phuket is the most stylish and exciting contemporary beach lounge of Phuket.

     HQ Beach Lounge Phuket lets you enjoy the fine splendid seaside experiences in chic simplicity. You can celebrate wonderful company here with sensuous wines, light beach side fares, eclectic soul music and true cocktails. You can come here for a relaxed dinner or a light lunch by the sea. Order anything from the menu and the culinary offerings of the HQ Beach Lounge are certainly going to enliven your every sense. Some of the best menu highlights of the lounge include light grills, fresh and succulent salads, magnificent pasta and flavor full seafood.

    Location: 100/210 Moo 3, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

    Timings: The HQ Beach Lounge Phuket remains open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

    BEACH MAT: THB 1’500 per Beach Mat / Day incl. Beach Boy Service, HQ Towel and Food & Beverage value of THB 1’500
    BEACH SALA: THB 3’000 per Beach Sala / Day incl. Beach Boy Service, 2 HQ Towel and Food & Beverage value of THB 3’000
    BEACH NEST SALA: THB 5’000 per Nest Sala / Day incl. Beach Boy Service, 2 HQ towels and Food & Beverage value of THB 5’000

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