Scuba Diving In Pattaya (For Beginners)

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Scuba Diving In Pattaya highlights

  • Enjoy a beginner-friendly scuba diving adventure in Pattaya, where crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life create an unforgettable and safe environment for first-time divers.

  • Experience the thrill of kayaking and paddleboarding, getting up close to sea life while soaking up the sun for a perfect, adventurous day on the water.

  • Set out on a thrilling 5-hour snorkelling or diving excursion with Manta Marina, offering expert guidance and unforgettable underwater experiences.

  • Indulge in a full board package that treats you to a delicious local meal, complete with tasty snacks and refreshing drinks, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.


Hotel Location in Pattaya City Center
Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Scuba Diving In Pattaya cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Scuba Diving In Pattaya overview

About Scuba Diving In Pattaya:

Scuba diving in Pattaya, specially tailored for beginners, introduces you to the breathtaking underwater realm of Thailand's eastern seaboard. This immersive experience allows you to explore vibrant coral reefs filled with exotic marine life under the careful supervision of PADI-certified instructors. The clarity of Pattaya's waters, its gentle currents and its cute inhabitants make it an ideal setting for your first scuba adventure.

About the Activity:

  • Experience the thrill of scuba diving in Pattaya's crystal-clear waters, where gentle currents and expert instructors make it a perfectly safe and unforgettable experience for beginners.
  • Discover why Pattaya is celebrated as one of Thailand's premier spots for snorkelling and diving, boasting vibrant marine life and breathtaking underwater scenery.
  • Embark on an unforgettable 5-hour snorkelling or diving trip with Manta Marina, whose PADI-certified instructors ensure every moment is filled with fun, discovery, and adventure.
  • Add variety to your aquatic adventure and enjoy kayaking & paddleboarding to get closer to Pattaya's rich sea life, all while basking in the sun.
  • Enjoy a holistic experience with delicious local cuisine, snacks, and drinks, keeping you fueled and refreshed for a day of exploration.
  • Let your body loose in the clear and gentle waters of Pattaya which offer a safe and welcoming environment for new divers, making it the ideal place to start your scuba journey.
  • Feel confident and secure under the watchful eyes of PADI-certified instructors who prioritize your safety and provide support, ensuring a smooth diving experience.
  • See Pattaya's vibrant underwater world, where colourful coral reefs and diverse marine life make for an unforgettable adventure.

Scuba Diving In Pattaya faqs

What is the best time to visit for Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

The best time to go Scuba Diving in Pattaya is from September through to February. During these months the conditions are ideal for Scuba Diving in Pattaya. It is neither too warm nor cold and the sea is usually flat. It is important that viz range from 10m to 20m so that you can have maximum fun in the water. Remember that if there are too many waves or the tide is super low, you would not be able to enjoy the water as much — though people do continue to Scuba Dive all year through.

Which are the best island for scuba diving in Pattaya?

Some great places for scuba diving in Pattaya include:

  1. Koh Larn: Also referred to as the Coral Island, this palace is famous for the wide variety of coral it has around it. If you go diving here, then you will be providing yourself a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of corals as well as the splendid marine life.
  2. Koh Sak: shaped like a horseshoe, this beach is known for its beautiful lights and as well as the panoramic view one can enjoy from here. This location has a big collection of colourful fishes as well as corals, therefore there is a big chance that you might stop and watch octopus and sea horses floating around here.
  3. Ko Khrok: One of the most famous sites for scuba diving in Pattaya, the Ko Khrok is the perfect place for you to watch the wide variety of the fish as well as sea turtles.
  4. Koh Rin: anyone who is in for some adventure must visit: around the month of November as well as December. Around this time of the year, this typing site will provide you with some of the most beautiful use of the colours as well as schools of fishes floating around you.

What is the age limit for scuba diving in Pattaya?

You are required to be aged 3 or above to go for a session of scuba diving in Pattaya. Anyone aged below 3 will not be allowed to go for the activity or indulge in any kind of relative experience.

For how long does my session of scuba diving at Pattaya is going to last?

Your session for scuba diving in Pattaya will last for around 8 hours in which you will get a chance to uncover the splendid scenery of the cross and the rock formations which this deep sea has to offer.

Can we click pictures during Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

Yes, it is possible to click pictures during Scuba Diving in Pattaya. Ideally, you can take your own camera — if you have one and do the needful or ask one of the instructors or the fellow divers for the same.

However, most people don’t have such specialized equipment and thus they hire photographers who are easily available.

These photographers will take the pictures and deliver them to your hotel. You can inform the agency or the company you are going Scuba Diving in advance for the same.

Can I eat anything before going Scuba Diving in Pattaya?

It is essential that you don’t go scuba diving on an absolutely empty stomach. On the day of the dive, you should try to have a small breakfast. Remember it is important to keep the stomach almost full, not completely full. You should also carry a snack with you because the drive to the site is usually long.

You can take some nutrition bars or nuts and of course water. Along with this, post the dive you should eat because the entire ordeal is going to make you hungry. Usually, the scuba diving agencies do provide for lunch so make sure that you check your package for the same.

What are the other water activities available in Pattaya?

The water activities which you will be enjoying in the tire include:

  1. Banana boat ride: if you want to have some fun with your loved ones and a group of friends then this is the perfect activity for you. A banana boat can accommodate up to 6 people at a time and is tied to a speedboat which takes you through some of the most beautiful areas along the shore.
  2. Snorkelling: just like scuba-diving, snorkelling is also one of those activities which lets you explore the beautiful marine life long close. In this activity you will be staying in shallow water while your head would still be outside the surface of water.
  3. Kite Surfing: if you are an adventure enthusiast and want to take an adrenaline rushing session of activity then kite surfing is the perfect spot for you. In this activity a large kite is used to get over the water and the high speed of wind lets you so shower it and experience an unmatchable thrill.
  4. Jet Skiing: get ready for fun as well as adventure as you take part in a session of jet skiing along the shores of beaches of Patel. Riding a JetSki is truly one of the coolest as well as a fun way of exploring the ocean.