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  • If you’re looking for a weekend getaway from Mysore, one of the best visits is to the several waterfalls near Mysore. Trekking, picnicking, photography, meditating amidst nature, going for a dip, be it anything you want to experience, you’re sure to find it here! While touring the green city, you can rejuvenate along the sparkling falls and give your eyes a feast.

    All the waterfalls around Mysore are distinctive in their own way. Be it the Arripara and Meenmutty Falls for their unbelievable height of approximately a 1000 feet and more, the Chunchi Falls and the Shivanasamudra Falls for their roots steeped in history, or the Abbey and Jog Falls for the mesmerizing sights they offer. The extensive range of waterfalls, that Mysore and the neighbouring areas are home to, are truly sights that are unmissable!

    Here are some of the best waterfalls near Mysore:

  • 01Iruppu Falls

    Iruppu Falls

    Meandering along the Brahmagiri Range, the Iruppu falls are a picturesque sight. Tourists from all over visit for some sheer bliss and to gaze at the grandeur of the falls, but primarily for the mythology that surrounds the location. It is believed that while Lord Ram and Lakshman were passing through the range, Lord Ram asked Lakshman to bring him some water.

    When Lakshman shot an arrow through the hill range, it created a river, now called Lakshman Tirtha. It is believed that a visit here will rid you of your sins, owing to which devotees are spotted here especially on Shivratri.

    Location: Brahmagiri, Kurchi, Karnataka 571250

    Distance From Mysore: 120 Kms (3 hours)

    Height: 170 feet.

  • 02Abbey Falls

    Abbey Falls

    One of the finest waterfalls near Mysore, the Abbey Falls is truly a spectacular sight to behold. Cascading down a rugged cliff, the falls are nestled amidst lush greenery serving as the perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

    The 200-step long walk leading to the falls takes you through coffee plantations and spice estates that store cardamom, pepper and a lot more. Bang opposite the scenic falls is a bridge from where you can get a glimpse of the Abbey Falls, as the soft breeze brushes against your face and a sprinkle of water hits you.

    Location: Abbey Falls, Madikeri, Hoskeri, Karnataka 571252

    Distance From Mysore: 129 Kms (3 hours)

    Height: 70 feet.

  • 03Chunchi Falls

    Chunchi Falls

    Although situated in one of the most remote areas around Mysore, the Chunchi Waterfalls are a sight worth witnessing! Originating from the Arkavathi and flowing for over a 100 feet, the name is derived from an ancient tribal couple, Chuncha and Chunchi, who is believed to have given Lord Rama shelter during his stay in the town.

    The road leading up to the falls is laden with greenery and while it may seem like a simple place with not much to do around, it's great for a short picnic with the family. Make sure you visit it during the monsoons or the winter so that the heat doesn't wear you down.

    Location: Kanakapura, Karnataka 562119

    Distance From Mysore: 97 Kms (2 hours)

    Height: 66 feet. 

  • 04Chunchanakatte Falls

    Chunchanakatte Falls

    With River Kaveri as its source, the Chunchanakatte Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls near Mysore. It is believed that Lord Rama, in need of peace, once cursed Sita saying that a woman's tongue may never be sharp. Kaveri, being considered a woman too, was silenced in the sanctum since then. Which is why, to date, the thunderous falls can be heard all over except in the sanctum close to it.

    Legend also has it that when Sita wanted to bathe, Lakshmana struck the river with a bow, letting it split into three, with shades and scents of turmeric, shikakai and oil, for Goddess Sita's bath. Visitors believe that even today the shades are visible in the waters. All in all, a unique experience etched in history, awaits!

    Location: Chunchanakatte, Haleyuru, Karnataka 571604

    Distance From Mysore: 55 Kms (1.5 hours)

    Height: 66 feet.

  • 05Soochipara Waterfalls

    Soochipara Waterfalls
    Soochipara is a three-tiered waterfall that flows down a height of about 656 feet and is situated in the Vellarimala mountains. As you reach the destination you can spot a needle-shaped rock here, from which the name Soochipara is derived. You can also get a glimpse of the magnificent Chembra Peak.

    The falls are surrounded by beautiful tea estates and dense forests and if you’re lucky you might even spot some wildlife here. A huge rock, called the Sentinel Rock, about 656 feet in height, gives the sight an adventurous touch, making for a perfect spot for rock-climbing.

    Vellarimala, Kerala 673577

    Distance From Mysore:
    143 Kms (3.5 hours)

    656 feet. 
  • 06Hogenakkal Falls

    Hogenakkal Falls

    Often called the Niagara of India, the Hogenakkal Waterfalls near Mysore are accessible by a short boat ride. The place derives its name from the Kannada words ‘Hoge’ translating to ‘Smoke’ and ‘Kal’ translating to ‘Rocks’, owing to the Carbonite rocks all around the waterfall.

    While the best time to visit Hogenakkal is June to October, do note that boat rides aren’t available during heavy monsoons. But that’s when it’s a great time to go trekking and check out Coracle riding here, which is one of the most popular attractions.

    Location: Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Road, Dist, Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu 636810

    Distance From Mysore: 172 Kms (4 hours)

    Height: 820 feet.

  • 07Siruvani Waterfall

    Siruvani Waterfall

    Hidden amidst greenery and thick forests, the Siruvani Falls are located in the Siruvani Hills of Tamil Nadu. Situated close to the Siruvani Dam, it is from these falls that the city of Coimbatore gets drinking water, owing to the fact that the water here is clean and has a slight sweetness to it.

    Breathing in the beauty from the foot of the falls is recommended, as the steep cliffs may prove to be dangerous. It is also advisable to visit the falls and return during the day, as they are located in a relatively remote area.

    Location: Noyyal River, Booluvampatti, Tamil Nadu 641114

    Distance From Mysore: 228 Kms (6 hours)

    Height: 187 feet.

  • 08Chelavara Falls

    Chelavara Falls

    Tucked away amidst peaceful greenery and coffee plantations, Chelavara Falls are enchanting as they gush down 150 feet onto a large tortoise-shaped rock. The winding road leads up to breathtaking beauty, as the water splashes against your face and the breeze blows you away, metaphorically.

    While these waterfalls around Mysore are great to explore in the monsoons, make sure you do not enter here for a dip. The falls are 100 feet deep and extremely risky, so it’s best to admire the beauty from afar.

    Location: Cheyandane Village, Chelavara, Karnataka 571212

    Distance From Mysore: 128 Kms (3 hours)

    Height: 150 feet.

  • 09Shivanasamudra Falls

    Shivanasamudra Falls

    Ideal for a day trip from Bangalore, the Shivanasamudra Falls are twin falls, also called Sivasamudram, translating to Shiva’s Sea. As the Kaveri River divides into two streams, they form the Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki, which together are called the Shivanasamudra.

    The former is a horse-tail shaped waterfall and two parallel streams that cascade through a rocky region. Barachukki too, meanders through the rocks, forming a host of streams which add to the beauty of the sight. The falls are best viewed from the Shivanasamudra Watch Tower, especially during the monsoons.

    Location: Mandya District, Karnataka, India

    Distance From Mysore: 78 Kms (1.5 hours)

    Height: 322 feet.

  • 10Mallalli Falls

    Mallalli Falls

    Known to be one of the best waterfalls near Mysore, the Mallalli Falls appear milky white and are truly mesmerizing! They fall from a height of over 1000 metres, originating from River Kumaradhara and flow towards the Arabian Sea. Once here, you can witness a panoramic view of lush greenery.

    It is believed that the only other falls that can compare to its beauty are the Abbey Falls. Mallalli is a great place to trek to, with the heavenly roar of the falls ringing in your ears and the cool water splashing against your face. An ideal weekend getaway, we’d say!

    Location: Kumaralli, Karnataka 573123

    Distance From Mysore: 138 Kms (3.5 hours)

    Height: 200 feet.

  • 11Pykara Falls

    Pykara Falls

    Located in close proximity to the Pykara Lake, the Pykara Falls break into two streams and flow down rocky terrain over 180 feet and 200 feet.

    Enveloped by greenery, as the water meanders gracefully and drops down, thundering along its way, watching the sight is an absolute treat! Another wonderful spot for nature lovers, trekkers and photographers, alike, the falls are also safe with barricades cordoning off the dangerous spots.

    Location: Pykara, Sholur, Tamil Nadu 643224

    Distance From Mysore: 134 Kms (3.5 hours)

    Height: 180 feet and 200 feet. 

  • 12Jogi Gundi Falls

    Jogi Gundi Falls

    Jogi Gundi Falls are unique in their own way! Unlike other falls that flow from heights or rivers, the Jogi Gundi Falls flow out of a dark cave. While that may not sound as exciting, the thought of water mysteriously flowing out through a cave is thrilling enough, we believe. 3 km of the road leading to the falls can be driven through, while the last stretch has to be trekked on via a narrow, steep trail.

    The area, surrounded by rocks and lush plantations makes for a great spot for bathing and swimming, amidst nature. Make sure you cross over the stream to the other end, to get a good view of the gorgeous landscape.

    Location: Agumbe, Karnataka 577411

    Distance From Mysore: 292 Kms (7 hours)

    Height: 20 feet.

  • 13Meenmutty Waterfalls

    Meenmutty Waterfalls

    Flowing over three tiers of rocky hills, the Meenmutty Falls begin from a height of over 800 feet. The first tier can be reached conveniently after walking for about half a kilometre. The second one needs to be trekked to, and even if you aren’t a fan of treks, the picturesque views around make the journey worth it.

    The third tier might require immense effort as you tread along slippery rocks and walk through, holding onto thick ropes. Once at the top, the views of surrounding valleys is absolutely astounding. The mesmerising sight of the Banasura Sagar Dam and the falls in their full glory is what makes this tourist spot a favourite among the waterfalls near Mysore.

    Location: Padinjarathara, Kerala 673122

    Distance From Mysore: 134 Kms (4 hours)

    Height: 984 feet. 

  • 14Balmuri Waterfalls

    Balmuri Waterfalls

    Leave behind the bustle of city life and head to this charming waterfall just a few kilometres away from Mysore. This man-made waterfall (yes, that's surprising) came into existence because of a check dam built on the Kaveri River. When the water flows over the dam, it cascades down graciously.

    The name is derived from the right turn it takes while flowing down, as ‘Bal’ translates to ‘Right’ and ‘Muri’ to Turn’ in Kannada. While the water flowing down over only 6 feet doesn’t sound as exciting, the Balmuri makes for a convenient spot for a picnic or for a simple boat ride as you take in its beauty. There is also a Lord Ganesha temple nearby, which is often flocked by tourists.

    Location: Balumuri, Yadathittu, Karnataka 571606

    Distance From Mysore: 16 Kms (30 minutes)

    Height: 6 feet.

  • 15Arippara Waterfall

    Arippara Waterfall

    As River Iruvanji flows down rocky hills, into the sparkling pond at its foot, it forms the Arippara Falls, which are waterfalls around Mysore, that serves as an alluring sight. The fresh spring emanating cool water and the rocks and pebbles are strewn around make for a picture perfect scenery.

    This very cool, bubbling water plummeting from a height of over 1400 feet and comprising eight levels is what’s unique about the Arippara. You can sit at the bottom, at a level called Shwasakkuzhi, watching the descending waters and soaking in the sight.

    Location: Anakkampoyil Rd, Kerala 673603

    Distance From Mysore: 177 Kms (5.5 hours)

    Height: 1400 feet.

  • 16Catherine Falls

    Catherine Falls

    Situated in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, the Catherine Falls plunges over a height of about 250 feet, proving to be one of the most majestic waterfalls near Mysore. Set against a backdrop of eye-pleasing forests, the falls offer a perfect spot for a picnic with friends and family, or simply sitting around for some serenity and calming atmosphere.

    A breath of fresh air and water hitting the rugged ground, adds to the beauty. This stunning work of art by nature is best viewed from the Dolphin’s Eye if you want to get an idea, holistic view.

    Location: Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu 643201

    Distance From Mysore: 166 Kms (4.5 hours)

    Height: 250 feet.

  • 17Muthyala Maduvu

    Muthyala Maduvu

    Located in the heart of the hills, Muthyala Maduvu is for any and every adventure enthusiast. A 400-step descend opens the gates to what might probably seem like heaven! As you walk, right through the middle of the forests you can hear the soft flow of water as a silent stream enters your pathway.

    This is what is aptly called the Pearl Valley. An epitome of serenity, Muthyala Maduvu has numerous myths around it and is frequented primarily by those who enjoy trekking. The final waterfall is a multi-layered one, flowing down gently on beautiful rock formations.

    Thammanaikanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562106

    Distance From Mysore:
    149 Kms (3.5 hours)

    100 feet.

  • 18Jog Falls

    Jog Falls

    The second-highest plunge-waterfall of India, Jog Falls, with its spellbinding views is a major attraction. Formed by the Sharavathi River, the falls come gushing down over 830 feet and fall to the bottom with a single plummet.

    It lies within wild beauty and vegetation. The smooth and strong flow is used to harness hydroelectric power which serves the state of Karnataka. With spectacular rainbow-like sights, this is truly an experience of a lifetime!

    Location: Shimoga, Karnataka 577435

    Distance From Mysore: 354 Kms (7.5 hours)

    Height: 830 feet.

  • 19Chethalayam Waterfalls

    Chethalayam Waterfalls

    Not as popular as the other waterfalls near Mysore, Chethalayam Falls are slowly gaining popularity with their pristine surroundings. They are home to some of the finest trekking trails within the area and also to exotic fauna, which makes the location worth a visit.

    Chethalayam Falls serves as an ideal spot for trekking as you bask in the beautiful glory of nature and view landscapes adorned with bright blue waters and scenic slopes. Make sure you visit it in the monsoons for the best experience!

    Location: Chethalayam, Kidanganad, Kerala 673592

    Distance From Mysore: 140 Kms (4.5 hours)

    Height: 984 feet. 

  • 20Kaigal Falls

    The Kaigal Falls, also called the Dumukurallu Waterfalls are situated in the midst of sprawling forests, abundant with fauna. Ideal for nature lovers, the sound of the gushing falls resonate with the sound of stones falling from a height of over 40 feet. Watching as the water originating from the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary flows into a pond below, is a soul-satisfying experience.

    A Shivalinga nearby is what attracts tourists here most often, especially during Shivratri. Make sure you visit this spot after the monsoons as the highways are inaccessible and your only option might be to walk to your destination.

    Location: Devadoddi, Andhra Pradesh 517415

    Distance From Mysore: 280 Kms (6 hours)

    Height: 40 feet.


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