15 Best Places to Visit in Mysore in One Day - 2020 (Photos)
When you’re looking for places to visit in Mysore in one day, you’re packed with a list of amazing destinations to explore. Be it with your friends or family, you can find an adventurous location at one end, and a historical monument on the other end. Thus, Mysore serves all age-groups’ travel needs and fulfill their one-day journey with tons of exciting moments.

For one day trip in Mysore, tourists can visit some of the major attractions like the magnificent Mysore Palace, Sri Chamundeshwari Temple, Karanji Lake, etc. and also do shopping at the end without much tension.

As Mysore is one of the famous tourist places in India, every backpacker across the country tries to visit the City of Palace at least once in his/her lifetime. Here, one can witness excellent architectures, shrines and scenic places within a day and return with lifelong memories.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Mysore:


Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

Inspired by the Dravidian style of architecture, Chamundeshwari Temple is among the most-visited pilgrims in Mysore. Many rulers have contributed immensely to the temple’s development and given valuable ornaments to Goddess Chamundeshwari. The Goddess Chamundeshwari is an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Travellers, who want devotional places to visit in Mysore in one day, can add this great temple in their bucket list. It is located on the top of Chamundi Hills at a height of 3,489 ft above sea level.

Other than temple devotees, many explorers and architecture enthusiasts also visit here and get stunned with the unimaginable architecture right from the entrance.

Location: Chamundi Hill Road, Mysuru.

Timings: 7.30 am – 2.00 pm, 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm, and 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm.

Price: No Entry Fee.


Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

Mysore Maharaja Palace is located at the heart of the city, is a standing exemplary of Mysore Kingdom. The Palace is the official residence of Wadiyars, the royal family of Mysore. This significant masterpiece has undergone nearly four renovations over the period, adding creative features and extensive pavilions.

The Palace has a perfect blend of Hindu, Islamic, Rajput, and Gothic architectural style, also known as Indo-Saracenic. The place is encircled with a colourful garden, filled with numerous flowers and plants.

Since millions of tourists embrace this alluring beauty every year, one cannot afford to miss this place in his/her one day trip in Mysore.

Location: Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysuru.

Timings: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm.

Price: Rs. 20/- for children (10 – 18 yrs) and Rs. 40/- for adults.


Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills is popular mainly for its Chamundeshwari Temple, followed by two other temples dedicated to Lakshmi Narayana Swamy and Mahabaleswara. Each temple carries great mythological and historical significance throughout the period.

Patrons, who plan for important pilgrim places to visit in Mysore in one day, can cover these three famous temples and get God’s blessings.

The average elevation of the place is 1,000 meters where one can have the best panoramic views from the top of the hills, seeing Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore Palace, Karanji Lake, etc.

This tourist spot draws millions of tourists during the Dussehra festival, to mark the end of Durga Pooja or Ramlila.

Location: It is situated 13 km east of Mysore.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Price: No Entry Fee.


Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Are you ready to witness the wildest animals of the planet? Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden introduces you to some of the exquisite species in close vicinity. This oldest zoo in India is home for a wide range of flora and fauna.

Since its inception of 1892, the then Maharaja had collected rare animals from different countries while he travelled abroad. Moreover, this place also serves as an educational center about the conservation of wildlife.

Tourists, who watch birds singing, elephants trumpeting, and chimpanzees chattering, they will seek a great weekend respite from this place.

Location: Zoo Main Road, Indiranagar, Mysore.

Timings: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (except Tuesdays)

Price: Rs. 30/- for children and Rs. 60/- for adults during weekdays.


Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens

Famous for the symmetric design and illuminate terrace, Brindavan Garden is inarguably one of the best terrace gardens in India. For those who are planning for a one day trip in Mysore, should visit Brindavan Gardens at least once. Otherwise, the trip won’t be well pleased.

By covering an area of 60 acres, the place contains an alluring entrance, spread with chic fountains, parterres, lawns, and illuminations.

The place is wholly inspired by Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir, the ancient Mughal style. Here, the main attraction for tourists is the Musical Fountain, where water gushes out from the bottom syncing with the flow of music.

Location: KRS Dam Road, Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, Mandya, Karnataka.

Timings: 6.30 am to 9.00 pm.

Price: Rs. 5/- for children and Rs. 15/- for adults.


St. Philomena’s Cathedral

St. Philomena’s Cathedral

St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church, previously called the St. Joseph Chavez, and built in 1840 by the Mysore ruler for the European residents. With the majestic view, it captivates every visitor with its great architectural excellence.

In the itinerary of places to visit in Mysore in one day, one must include St. Philomena’s Cathedral as well for its huge religious and historical importance. It is sure to unearth his/her intellectual thirst instantly and give valuable insights.

This second largest church in Asia can boast nearly 800 people in its hall. Furthermore, the impressive sanctum accentuates beauty to the Church and gives an elegant touch.

Location: Lashkar Mohalla, Ashoka Road, Mysuru.

Timings: 5.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Price: No Entry Fee.

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Explore All (19)

Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery and Auditorium

Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery and Auditorium

By hosting many important occasions, Jagan Mohan Palace stands firmly as one of the marvellous palaces of Mysore.

Historically, after a fire burn occurred in the Mysore Maharaja Palace in 1861, the then Mysore Krishnaraja Wodeyar III constructed an alternative house for the royal family to reside. Then from 1897 to 1912, the royal family resided safely in the Jagan Mohan Palace.

This 150-year-old palace is famous for its intricate carvings that embellish the entire building. It also contains the best gallery in South India, converted by Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV in the year 1915.

Location: Opp to City Bus Stand, Jagan Mohan Palace Road, Chamrajpura, Mysuru.

Timings: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm.

Price: Rs. 10/- for children and Rs. 20/- for adults.


Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake, pristine beauty of nature is located at the foothills of Chamundi Hills. This landing place was constructed by the King of Mysore as a percolation tank. It was earlier used for bathing, washing clothes, etc. by the local community.

The place includes a wide pathway to walk on the banks of the lake, surrounded by beautiful birds and exotic plants, gives maximum delight to its tourists. Among other attractive places to visit in Mysore in one day, one can cover this glaring spot peacefully without any hassle.

The lake authorities also provide wheelchair facility for differently-abled people.

Location: Chamundi Hills, Adjacent to Mysuru Zoo, Mysuru.

Timings: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (Tuesdays closed)

Price: Rs. 5/- for children and Rs. 10/- for adults.


Railway Museum

Railway Museum

Made open in the year 1979, the Railway Museum depicts the evolution of Indian Railways right from the pre-independent era. Tourists, who planned for a one day trip in Mysore, will come and get goosebumps after listening to its various stages of development.

Besides other galleries, Chamundi Gallery has more attractions for its extensive range of paintings and photographs of Indian Railway.

For family trippers with children, they’re rewarded with a battery-operated mini-train, which takes their kids a short ride on the ground.

Location: Krishnaraja Sagar Road, Near Mysore Railway Station, Mysuru.

Timings: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm (Closed on Mondays)

Price: Rs. 10/- for children and Rs. 15/- for adults.


GRS Fantasy Park

GRS Fantasy Park

Want to get soaked in the waterfall? Come to GRS Fantasy Park and get wet in some of the enthralling water rides. A nice yet entertainment loaded place, where one can delve into amazing activities and get timeless memories with their family and friends.

With all due care, the park ensures its visitors the joyous holiday. From the first-aid kit to ambulance service, the staff have all safety measures. So, one can enjoy all the thrill rides without any boundary.

When it comes to kids, they provide a variety of rides including a carousel, baby train, ramp slide, and many more.

Location: Off KRS Road, Metagalli, Mysuru.

Timings: 10.30 am to 6.00 pm (Upto 7.00 pm during weekends)

Price: Rs. 649/- for children, Rs. 749/- for adults, and Rs. 499/- for senior citizens.


Mysuru Sand Sculpture Museum

Mysuru Sand Sculpture Museum

A privately maintained museum, Mysuru Sand Sculpture Museum depicts close to 16 varieties of themes including the Dasara procession, Wildlife, Disneyland, Ancient Civilisations, etc. This awesome place gives a calm environment to see and understand every sculpture satisfactorily.

The main attraction here is the 15-feet height Lord Ganesh idol made of sand, welcomes tourists to visit this astonishing place. Travellers, who want unique places to visit in Mysore in one day, can visit this museum and get mesmerized with the human’s ever-growing creativity.

Please remember, this tourist attraction is closed during heavy rains as it may damage the sand sculptures easily.

Location: Chamundi Hill Road, KC Layout, Mysuru.

Timings: 8.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Price: Rs. 20/- for children and Rs. 40/- for adults.




Krishna Raja Sagar Dam locally called as KRS Dam, is one of the most famous dams in South India. Bestowed with the scenic views of the colourful garden, musical fountain, and an extensive water body, one should never miss this man-made wonder while travelling to Mysore.

During June to August, the water flow attains its peak due to heavy rainfall, makes it an ideal time for travellers to enjoy their weekend with dear ones. In addition, when the water level rises beyond a certain limit, it will be kept closed for tourists.

Needless to say, its engrossing architecture is one-of-a-kind which is sure to surprise the first-time visitors.

Location: Krishnarajasagara, Mysuru.

Timings: 6.30 am to 9.00 pm.

Price: Rs. 5/- for children and Rs. 15/- for adults.

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I visited Mysore with my family and this joyride was the experience I was the most excited for. While we were almost done exploring the great historical monuments in Mysore, I kept this ride for the last day. My mother was a little nervous about the ride but the instructor assured her that there was nothing to worry about. He was such a kind person. The aerial view of the city from the plane made us see how beautiful and how green Mysore and its surrounding areas are. I am glad I took the decision of booking this joyride with Thrillophilia.
Satish Achari Mysore Aircraft Joyride
There's something about Mysore that I can't resist. So, when I heard about this package by Thrillophilia, I just couldn't say no. And undoubtedly, I enjoyed every bit of it. Mysore looked even more beautiful and heart-warming from up there. The pilot was a really pleasant man and his live commentary about the places we were covering had us engrossed. The colors of this regal city looked scenic from the chopper. Thanks to Thrillophilia for this!
Another safari another miss !! kabini is beautiful, nice lake, beautiful forest and also spoted few deers, elephants and other animals. we missed to spot the big cats, tiger!! this was my second safari to this place. the tour was good actually avareage, the food was okay, place was compfortable . overall a great place to be and at a very good price. must do this tour
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I loved everything about this package. From the aircraft to the ride. And yes, the pilot's highlights. Worth the price!

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