Karighatta is situated 24 km from Mysore and 6 kms from Srirangapatna.Karighatta is a religious place that has found its name mentioned in the Purana as Neelachala meaning the mountain in Sanskrit. There is a temple at the peak of Karighatta which lures pilgrims in thousands every year. An interesting feature of this place is the long and sharp grass called dharbe in the local language. From the hilltop, the views are of magnificent green trees and faraway land. The tributaries of Cauvery and Lokapavani flowing together are a wonderful sight from a high altitude. One can either drive to this place or take a tourist bus that runs on the Arkere-Bannoor route.

How to Reach : Bangalore - Srirangpatna - Karighatta

Exact Location: Karighatta is located near Srirangpatna in the Mandya District.

Nearest Town: Srirangpatna (6 km), Mandya (28 km), Mysore (24 km)

Distance from Bangalore: 126 km

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year.

Other Information

Srirangapatna: It is supposed to be one of the largest temples in the state. This place is also Tipus death bed.The summer place of Tipu sultan called was built here in the year 1784. It is made of teak and is now a museum which houses thing owned by Tipu and things from his era.

Mysore: There are endless things to see and do. There is majestic Mysore palace, beautiful Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, Art Galleries, The mysore zoo and several other places that will make visit to Mysore a memorable one.

Nanjanagudu: Nanjanguda is a religious spot. It is known for its Srikanteshwara temple. The legend of the temple is that Shiva consumes poison and Nanjunda digested it and became Vishakanta.

Balmuri: It is almost like receiving a water spa therapy sitting under a natural waterfall. It is located on the Mysore-Bangalore highway, just 15-20 kms from Mysore.